Almost Average

Author: Krl1
Version: 0.03
Last Updated: 2020-05-25 13:14:31

Review by Zoeylicious
Version reviewed: 0.02 on 2020-05-22 07:20:53

Love it so far and I'm definitely keeping an eye out for any updates on this game. Keep it up <3

Review by BrandiSundays
Version reviewed: 0.01 on 2020-05-20 11:01:39

Decent start. You have a good storyline going with the sister. I hope you make it a bit different, because so far it feels like some of the others on this site, as far as the forced fem from the sister. I have high hopes for you though! Maybe add a percentage of 75% to the image (from the element) for the female college rep photo, as it fills more than the width of my screen.

Review by Memers
Version reviewed: 0.01 on 2020-05-19 15:27:46

The writing is a bit rough, theres barely anything here so it's hard to even review. I would check back with this game in a few months before giving any real rating

Review by Aggressive Zone
Version reviewed: 0.01 on 2020-05-19 11:47:35

So far very interesting start.

I have tried out a few paths very currious where this wil lead in to
Subscribed and hope to see more of it quickly <3

Review by boober
Version reviewed: 0.01 on 2020-05-18 18:25:00

I like the start. The sister seems like someone I will love. Very short and many spelling errors, but I will enjoy seing how this develops. Good work.