Goo-Manji 2: The Good One

Author: bobmiginnis
Version: 0.0.3
Last Updated: 2020-07-26 13:32:47

Review by Aggressive Zone
Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 2020-07-11 20:58:11

So the first game was very interesting.


I just really doubtfull he should have released this so early.

The game all it has is a ground layer. For the rest nothing!
It has basicly no content. 
If i was the creator i would have probably waited until i would have some content to show for.
Cause atm its all ground layers. 

But he took a big job this game is certainly way more ambitious then the 1st one he had.


So im currious to see where this is going

Review by mwarrior777
Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 2020-06-29 19:49:12

This is exciting! the first game was really great. I love your writing style and I can't wait to see more!

Review by Uhhnonymoose
Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 2020-06-26 12:33:29

Gotta say, I loved the first game. To the author, you'll never be able to please everyone. However, know that if you make the game you want to make, then you succeeded.Good luck. Can't wait to see where this one goes.