Unholy Arts

Author: DeepInteractivity
Version: 0.3.3
Last Updated: 2021-11-19 12:08:22

Review by Darkfeenex
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2021-08-23 23:31:24

Initial thoughts: Great game with a rich storyline and a fun but grindy system


Writing/Storyline: I think the writing in this game is pretty dang good. I really do feel like I'm there in the scenes and having the scenes unfold in front of my own eyes. The storyline is also pretty well done, it really creates a personality of each of the characters and really created a very enjoyable interactions between characters. The system of having to learn the lore via the library is a pretty nice touch considering the storyline of how each tribe doesn't interact with each other. Overall the writing is very well thought out and very enjoyable. 8.5/10


Gameplay: The gameplay itself is quite grindy but personally from reading the game description and after the introduction I kind of expected it. I think with the interactions you can do between characters and the leveling system of the game it kind of had to be grindy which I am ok with. If you aren't that into grinding then maybe give this game a try for the first couple of days then see if you like it or not. In my opinion the grindiness is very much worth it. The gameplay itself is very unique and creates a different take on the original 'fights' and 'sex fights' and combines it together. There are some times where actions can be kind of weird in terms of things not supposed to be able to do. One example that another reviewer mentions is that u can grind dicks while one of the dicks are currently fucking someone. It might just be a slight overlook and just needs a quick fix but there are a couple of other bits like this which kind of seem off. Otherwise I enjoyed the gameplay thoroughly and reccomend this to everyone even if you aren't too into the grindy aspect. 8.5/10


Transformations: This do be TFGames so I gotta include this section in. The transformations are only minor at this stage (growing a dick). I noticed that the author plans to create more transformations in the future but I think after playing this game, this isn't a game with hundreds of different tfs and hundreds of different branching paths, and you shouldn't expect it to be. This isn't one of those games.


Overall: Overall this is a great game with a rich storyline which I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend this game to everyone, even if you think the grindy aspect might turn you off this game you can give it a try, play a couple of days and then always delete it. It is a great game at the current stage it is in and I can't wait to see where this game goes. 


Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 2021-03-28 21:20:49

Interesting idea, but the sex/combat is grindy and silly at times, like when it lets you French kiss and trib at the same time.  Might check this again after a few updates to see if things become less of a grind.

Review by zarock
Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 2021-01-24 12:59:29

Good concept and start, but feels a bit grindy. Both the conversation and sex systems are rather slow-paced, and get repetitive after a bit, and the main gameplay loop feels a bit directionless.

Review by wolfsbane010
Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 2020-12-12 21:31:48

Although this game is still in its beginning stages, it's off to an excellent start!  The characters are all very well written, each with their own distinct and enjoyable personalities.  The dynamic sex system is pretty intuitive, though it does seem to drag a bit at times when the NPCs don't feel like changing positions.  Use of magic is always a plus, so I look forward to seeing new spells and scrolls added in time.  Overall, I give this game a solid 8.5/10 for its beginning, and I look very forward to seeing what comes next!

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 2020-11-20 15:00:02

i canot say mutch about this game(not my cup of tea)

Only that its a decent text(dont be fooled all the image in this game are pesent on the first page here) game with rudimentary sex system


Review by Tilla
Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 2020-07-17 04:24:06

Really interesting start. Strongly defined characters and such. Will watch the development for sure