The Estate

Author: ramblingdeviant
Version: nv0.2.1
Last Updated: 2021-04-09 13:34:51

Review by sappho
Version reviewed: nv0.2.1 on 2021-04-12 07:31:39

What's here so far (April 2021) is fine.

Story is good, interface is good, character portraits are great. I'm interested to see where it goes next.

However, it is completely linear. I think I noticed three (tiny) choices in the content so far. So long as you go into this thinking of it as a piece of fiction to read, rather than as a game to play you should be fine!

Review by rubberdolltami
Version reviewed: nv0.2.0 on 2021-04-09 11:42:57

I have to say, I was hesitant going in, given some of the earlier versions reviews. But I am glad I decided to give it a go! The story is excellent, and while it could do with a few more non-linear events/choices the journey is well worth a play. Looking forward to the next version!

Review by mercysend
Version reviewed: nv0.1.1 on 2021-03-01 13:38:35

I actually love this game/chyoa. It's still in the beginning stages. I cannot wait to see how it.progresses. I am hoping the MC ends up embracing the changes.

Review by rypperdoc
Version reviewed: nv0.1.1 on 2021-03-01 03:30:43


This is the start of a semi-visual novel.  Enjoy the ride on the railroad if you want, but I'mm getting off, and burning down the station.

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: nv0.1.0 on 2021-02-28 14:37:33

I can't comment on the schedule of releases like others have, because I didn't even know this existed until now.  We don't know what is going on in the author's life, and I'm sure there are other priorities, so I'd counsel patience - although I'd love it if we got regular updates too.

Someone else said in a review that this is not a game that is here to get sexual gratification from, and that's both true and okay.  The story is a bit fucked up, and if you read earlier reviews, you can take a guess at what's fucked up about it.  One thing I appreciate is that the characters themselves acknowledge that it's fucked up.  There doesn't appear to be any sinister intent - just a really misguided and fucked up choice that doesn't appear to be reversible - at least so far.  It has been interesting to see how the characters deal with the consequences of this choice and I look forward to how things progress.

If you're looking for sexual gratification, move along.  There's nothing for you here.  There's not even a "orgasms cause transformation" trope in play here.  There's no sexual activity in the game at all.  I can't say when or if that will change.  We'll have to wait and see.  If you're looking for a game about someone's gradual transformation and how that person and the people around him deal with it, check it out.

One last thing:

I've seen people before complain about games not being games, because they don't give you choices.  You CAN make some choices, but they don't appear to be that significant.  You can decide how to talk to people and how much your character accepts his growing feminimity.  The more accepting of it he is (demonstrated by choosing more feminine clothes rather than just having it thrust upon him), the more your character's feminimity will increase.  The game has not progressed enough to show us how significant this is, but I'm sure it will become significant in time.  For the most part, though - this is more of a story being told to you rather than a game that gives you a lot of choice...but that reflects how much choice your character has in regards to what is happening to him, I suppose.

Review by Thunder Ash
Version reviewed: nv0.1.0 on 2021-02-28 05:21:34

This is more of a comment than a review as i haven't gotten super far into this new version yet but it'd be helpful if you could edit text size, or just make it a bit bigger and call it a day. ^^

Review by parya
Version reviewed: nv0.1.0 on 2021-02-27 22:06:06

another one never-ending-story. Half of the year passed and ot a big progress :(

Review by Volendi
Version reviewed: nv0.1.0 on 2021-02-27 21:31:12

Second Review, nv 0.1.0

... ... ... Chapter one is done!  Liking where this is going, but the abrupt cliffhanger is killing me!  This is like the end-season "part one of two" episodes of Star Trek TNG all over again!   Like, do we rlly have to wait for a whole other season to come out? Whyyyy....?


If you can't guess, it was good.  Like, Spice and Wolf good, or Hayao Miyazaki good, not just Futurama or Andy Griffith good, you know?  Stay safe, and thank you for an enjoyable chapter one!  =^_^=


First Review, 0.5.0:

rlly not much here... I think the 0.5.0 is something other than a "50% complete" marker... possibly progress in different ways, like some other games on-site.  Just to clear up misconceptions.


Now, as for what is there... it's awesome! I like it, the whole "desperate parents want a child by any  means" thing is something I read in fictionmania, but haven't seen in a game.  It is one of my fave tg types, the whole "regress them and raise them as our own" trope.


Keep up the good work, it's awesome so far!

Review by TVMonika
Version reviewed: nv0.1.0 on 2021-02-27 17:51:30

Really well written, fascinating story. Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Review by TAJocelyn
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2020-12-26 21:46:32

This game is not about getting off on your sexual fantasies.


The story is engaging with a few plot twists. I hope to see a lot more when the author has fleshed out the story more.


The game revolves around your handling the situations without losing yourself or maybe just discovering a part of you that you never thought was there.


Do you want a second chance at life?

Can you accept a pair of loving strangers as your mom and dad?

Can you handle wearing a training bra?!!


If you like having your heart-strings pulled and own a box of tissues to wipe away the tears then I highly recommend giving this a try.

Review by DarkDaemonX
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2020-12-23 13:32:24

I think this game is really interesting, and although I'm pretty sad that the other routes are gone, I understand the reason wy it had to be done, and they'll be getting their own game later anyway.


I disagree with austinhaney6969's review, they made it seem like the need for chastity is something that is required for every game with feminization, but maybe they meant it more as a personal preference, in that case, to each their own, but I don't see chastity as something that would fit in this story, it's not a sissification story after all, I think it's better if chastity was left out of it, but some experimentation with anal masturbation would be a nice touch in the future.

Review by austinhaney6969
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2020-12-23 09:29:37

Good start, needs some more visuals, but I spoke with the author and they're coming.

No chastity though so, it automatically loses points for that.

Review by burnin8trxx
Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 2020-11-24 04:19:52

Really glad you're sticking with the inheritance pathway, can't wait to see how it goes. This is one of the better games on the site and I'm enjoying it a lot, although the creepypasta dream part came off as more funny than scary, however I wouldn't really enjoy a screamer image or anything so it is fine as is. 

Review by Smite
Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 2020-11-22 16:59:09

The Good:

The Not-As-Good:

In summary: yet another game with lots of potential to keep your eye on and arguably worth a playthrough in its current state (0.6.1 at time of review), but the best is (hopefully) yet to come.

Review by anaisnon
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2020-10-03 12:35:27

A LOT of work has obviously gone into this, but it needs an editor to come in and throw away 90% of it. It's just screen after screen of long, tedious conversations with no player agency. I like the premise and there's some nice transformation that starts to happen, though. I generally like slow transformations, but the play has to be interesting along the way - this one felt like a slog. With the amount of effort and attention to detail that's gone into this, I'm sure it could become good, it just needs to be ruthlessly pared back, first.

Review by CreoErgoEst
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2020-09-23 13:30:50

Not a fan.


Crazy, crazy slow.   Huge swaths of uninteresting text.   Not actually a game at all, just click through story with few images.


Wouldn't bother.

Review by AloneTaco
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2020-09-22 14:12:15

For a game that's supposedly '50% complete' this only has the intro...

Anyway. The 'game version:0.5.0' is extremely misleading. It shouldn't be 0.5.0. It should be 0.0.5

Review by aegis7
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2020-09-22 06:15:49

Let me break it down like this. Should you play this game? If you like slow, detailed transformations, absolutely. The heiress storyline in particular is novel for this site and has tremendous amounts of promise.

Should you play this game right now? Maybe not. Right now, what's there is enough to get you hooked, and then the content ends. This isn't a criticism per say. Every game has to start somewhere, and what we have rivals the best on the site. This is the inherent problem with slower paced games like this. Making the time to properly set everything up and get the ball rolling is crucial, but results in a few promising but weak early releases. Keep in mind, the payoff for this is all the more vaulable for it.

The pacing is overall pretty great, and I'm interested to see how it will transition going forward. The story is solid, and sets up a fairly reasonable situation for all involved, which is rare. The player avatar, while simplistic, is expressive enough and won't bog down development by requiring complex renders later on. To my mind, this is far better than beautifully rendered portraits that slowly strangle the game due to the sheer time it takes to make them. The overall potential is sky high, which is why the current end of content wall hurts so hard.

Keep a close eye on this game. It has potential beyond most of the games on this site, even at such an early stage. If the content continues to be released in such a timely manner, this game will certainly be worth your time in short order.

Review by Thelo
Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 2020-09-22 04:22:06

This is a fine story with good writing, but be aware that there is no meaningful gameplay or even any real choices in it. You pick one of two paths, and that's it basically. The few "stat-up" messages have no actual impact.

Review by Zeal
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 Hotfix on 2020-08-09 08:38:41

Wow, this may be one of the strongest starts to a story focused game I've seen on the site!

It's very early days so there's not a lot to go on right now, but if the current quality of writing can be maintained it bodes well for the future.

In terms of gameplay, there's not really much to it; you make some choices, those choices change the outcome of an event slightly, and occasionally adjust some hidden background stats that will presumeably play a part in later events.  It's simplistic, but works well for the purposes of the story the author seems to be trying to tell - and it's the story where this really shines. 

There are currently 2 paths in the game: A classic 'maid' path, which will presumeably introduce all the typical play on power dynamics and submission that we normally see from this kind of story (not a bad thing!); and a rather more original path that seems to be turning the MC into a young heiress.  I'm very interested to see where the latter path goes, due to the rarity of finding a feminisation story that puts the MC into a position of relative power.

I enjoyed what is currently available for both paths quite a lot.  The maid path is arguably slightly further along and can have the MC in a maids uniform before the current content ends, but they both give a sense of what to expect going forwards.  It's also wonderful to find a story where the premise is driven froward by encouragement and character motivation, rather than mindless cruelty at the hands of a master or mistress who doesn't give two shits the MCs feelings like so many other games.

This isn't a game for someone just looking to get their rocks off asap, but fans of well written, believable feminisation should enjoy it.  I look forward to seeing how it develops and what other routes the author introduces in the future!

Review by Zoeylicious
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2020-07-31 03:05:37

This game is also meant to be a very slow burn. Yes please!<3 
and from what I've read and played you're off to a great start. Thank you for the amount of effort you've already put in this, it really shows and it feels like you're keeping the bigger picture in mind. The writing is really good and paired with the interface and images gives great immersion. If this is a teaser for what to come, I can't wait to get more !

Review by Luna_blue12z
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2020-07-30 21:10:39

While still in it's early stages I like what's there so far. I really enjoyed both paths, Can't wait to see how this progresses.  

Review by Aggressive Zone
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2020-07-30 08:56:00

So first of all Great game!
Pretty good writing i quickly skimmed through it but so far i like the art its pretty attractive.

And the clothing options that hes going to wear its all good start for a decent feminization game.

I secretly hope that the nanites path is going to be an ABDL path, because their aint to much of those on TF site... 
((if that happens I probably concider becomming a patreon too but we will see ^^))
But even if that is not the case i will keep an eye on this game seems good so far.

Second i would love to mention that the best part you can do the time skip is to the start where the choices divert
Instead of at the start in to the first choice.

You have a pretty obvious moment where the story diverts and by the looks of it 2 more options in the works.
I would place the start skip there ^^

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2020-07-30 04:37:35


smart phone friendly

initial phase slow feminisation game

2 classioc rutes active

highly unfinished

minimal TF content

personal opinion: it does not add anything to the genre and i find the story telling booring.

It may improve in the future like any project given enough work and creativity(yet to find even a spark of it)