Living in Kanazawa

Author: JonesI
Last Updated: 2021-10-15 05:22:06

Review by ssm0use
Version reviewed: on 2021-10-05 20:26:45

I like the look of the game.  The images all look nice.  On some of them I notice the halo around them a bit.  Wondering if the process you are using would be able to make the outer edge transparent?

Not really a game or even interactive story as yet.  I didn't get all the way through it.  TMDR.  Need to add some choices earlier on so we can participate and not just get a visual novel.

Review by JustSomeSissy
Version reviewed: on 2021-09-21 10:06:31

The game is just an introduction but its pretty good. Well written, the photos are good. I would like to see more and its good that the developer is working on it. Not a ton of content, but it gets to the transformation start.

Review by renee98
Version reviewed: on 2021-09-21 09:30:00

Nice to see this being worked on still! Looking forward to further updates and good luck with your writing.

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 0.08.20 on 2020-08-20 08:51:13

This is really a proof of concept in the first release. I think the storytelling would be improved a great deal if there were a variety of images for each character so that moods and expressions could be shown in the art. Without that, the images have limited effect.