Slugs and Bugs: Conversion

Author: Anaximanes
Version: 0.0.5
Last Updated: 2021-04-16 18:06:35

Review by midsan
Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 2021-05-03 23:28:42

This is one of a kind a very unqiue game. If you want something extreme tranformation and corruption. This is it! and in top notch quality.

Review by Danlab185
Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 2021-01-20 13:43:23

It goes without saying that parasites, aliens, demons, etc can be polarizing when it comes to erotica.  If it's not your thing, this probably ain't your game.  But if it is your thing, then you probably already know this author.  His work is quality and he cares.

This game is far from finished, but shows a lot of promise.  Right now, you can only partially corrupt one character and the fight mechanics aren't really implemented yet, but the renders are good, the corruption methods are varied, and the characters are pulled from his other work (so if you find a girl you like, there's more where that came from).

This is a 0.0.2 so it's early, but I couldn't be more excited about where it's headed.

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 2020-10-31 07:01:04


the game idea is not bad at all

the graphics has their own "charm"

the music is fitting to the game

the monster art and sex needs a lot of work before my eyes does not rot away seeing it.

also the game limits to the first two corruption lvl in 1 character (i do not think its intended)

the game has its promise but do not make it this ugly(it kills the mood)