Fort of Chains

Author: darkofoc
Last Updated: 2021-02-27 12:23:08

Review by sgb69
Version reviewed: on 2021-02-21 21:48:06

It's a pretty solid management sim now.  There's enough to keep you busy for a while and it's very easy to add your own content, which has led to a ton of updates in a very short time frame.  There's some major improvements over a very similar game, No Haven, such as being done in a vastly better engine, a lot less willing to kill all your slavers on low level assignments, and simple assignments taking 1-2 turns instead of sitting there hitting for a week doing nothing.  Some things that could use some attention in the future though:

-There's still no ending, storyline or final goal, you just play until you're bored.

-Some races are far too rare.  There's basically one elaborate assignment chain for getting a single angel, fairy, and tigerkin.  The assignments can spawn again, but since they're hard endgame quests you're done with all the game content at that point anyways.

-There's really no interactions or events between the protagonist and the rest of the slavers.  It feels like 'your' character is just another slaver to assign rather than being the leader.

But yeah, this dev is has made a lot more progress in a much shorter time than patreon projects getting $1-2k a month and producing nothing.

Review by TenbatsuNo
Version reviewed: on 2021-01-26 15:22:41

The best HTML managment game here in my opinion. The only things I could advise to change would be in the slave pen, forge, shop and recruits pages, where the expire date messes up the windows of each element (I use android, and I have to use horizontal mode on these pages or I can't see anything since it's all squashed to the left of the screen). That and maybe adding a bit more transformative quests (with difficulty to make it hard to attain of course) like the bodyswap quest. Maybe one to switch or change race/gender, that'd be interesting.


Good work on the game, and good work and the frequent updates.

Review by art926
Version reviewed: on 2021-01-08 19:25:10

The game is great and has a huge potential!

Some recomendations:

1) The UI style might need a bit more work to look more pleasing to the eye (sometimes hard to read on certain backgrounds), please, ask a graphics designer for help.

2) It becomes a bit overcomplicated with the number of buildings and their roles.

  a) It shoul be simplified - like, upgrading the Fort only adds one more slot to build one more building or upgrade - why is that? That same price for the Fort upgrade could just be included into the new building or upgrade, and this would eliminate the need to click the same button (Fort upgrade) again and again.

  b) A lot of buildings with similar functionality could just be replaced with one type + upgrades for it, so, you'd not need to scroll through tens of repeaded buildings.

3) Roles of some transformations are unclear. Like, if you get a character who's fully demonic, they can't really do anything more than normal characters and they don't play any significantly different role in most quests.

Review by MugTreecko
Version reviewed: on 2020-12-23 17:16:20

A deep and worthy spiritual successor to Free Cities, it's nice to see a project like this really lean into the open source side of things and try to take advantage of that. There's plenty of polish here, though in my experience that started to wear off by mid-late game (circa building the Veteran Hall) where you finally unlock TF facilities for your Slaves. (Or at least the limited TF content comes up more reliably)

Reccomended if you like kinky management sims, but if you're here for the TF content maybe wait on this or even contribute yourself!



I can sense that while the engine is complete, much of the content I was here for isn't. 'Fleshshaping' as it's called is very limited and a) can't be used to grant the really big sizes that add value, b) does not affect your Slavers or PC and c) was actually quite difficult to unlock, given my bad luck when it came to recruiting the required Water Magi. Still other mechanics such as Custom Orders are quite rewarding to complete and are kinda fun in their own way though can be difficult to find come late game. Icons and UI design is actually pretty solid by this point which really helps uplift the rest of the game! (I especially like that art credits are easily found, credit where credit be due!)

Much of the procedual grammar is also very rough, adjectives inserted don't always make sense, the pronouns of a given NPC may switch on the fly or be plain wrong but it's easy to look past all that. Especically in late game / Southern Islands / Veteran Quests there's a few other rough spots such as passages not being visible for various sucess/failure outcomes, or it's possible to have your leader / PC be captured which I felt should be taken more seriously, especially given how a certain interactive quest line treats threats towards the PC. On the other hand, I do appreciate that quest results are rolled only when the week ends, so it's quite possible to re-roll a critical failure of a 4 week quest just to save on resources/time invested. Save before you do this, since not every page likes the back button!

A new player also may have problems navigating cetain quest lines too; if you aren't automatically generating quests for each location it can be tricky to figure out where to look to continue things like 'Choose your own Adventure' or 'The Noble Games'. There's also every chance my play style was quite different to what was intended and I'm simply missing a building / duty that'd solve any of the above problems, but in that case it's down to the game to let me know such mechanics exist or why I'd want to use them. Discovery is nice, but needing to invest in a structure you might not want and sacrifice a unit to make it work kinda puts the brakes on experimenting.

Review by JackJoe
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-26 20:38:17

Cool game, i hope there will be also more gender transformation for the MC and the other slavers and maybe some more interaction and creation that maybe mindalternation, mind control. Could be funny if there is a way for example a hulking male MC ends after a questline as a submissve triplet sexy girl, and his/her new "sisters" former slavers and one former slave now mommy has to "help" them. And they have to figure now stuff out or stay that way.

Review by belo
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-18 21:45:01

the new free cities, and with an user friendly creation tool, yep this is the best prject of the year but we will only see the results in a looong time.

Review by Ayrana
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-15 14:06:37

It is an interesting play game, but it lacks one very important thing it needs for even using the compact view modes. Namely scrollbar implimentation. Some how that window is completely missing the scroll bars so I can't see anything below a certain point. This is when I used F11 to maximize the window as much as possible on my laptop.

Review by mysteriousforce
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-08 16:09:33

It is very good for the first release, but while there's a decent amount of content in the questing and mechanical part there isnt much in the sexy part. What MC you pick doesnt matter really, the MC traits dont affect sex scenes at all (other than having penis/vagina making certain sex scenes available) and for the mechanical part MC is no different from other slavers. Slave traits only affect the irrelevant flavour text. E.g. a normal slave will suck you off. A submissive slave will suck you off... "submissively". The entire game is the loop where you do quests to get money and build new stuff that unlocks more missions for more money and more stuff... The game progression is long but it lacks width.

The game advertises addition of new content via GUI but from what I've read it implies only adding more quests (that I really dont care much about reading, first few quests are ok to read but after week 30 you stop reading everything except requirements/rewards and just click through), neither more camp interactions, nor making traits matter beyong giving a unit +500 cost and redistributing some stats.

While the game follows in No haven footsteps it feels far less alive and the gameplay is easy but grindy. Hopefully it'll get more alive as time passes and require actual strategizing to play instead of randomly assigning randomly assembled team being merely 5-10% less efficient than taking time to carefully pick an optimal one.

Review by Tilla
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-07 21:02:10

Interesting foundation as a take on No Haven without the limitations of RAGS. Right now hard to recommend for overall play but I'm interested to watch it develop. Right now it also needs a bit of UI polish - hard to see for example which stats are most relevant at a glance

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: on 2020-11-07 04:41:16

Its basicly a little sister of "No Haven" that does not try to fuck you up or has anoying engine problem like the big sister.

the game still requires lot more content and pictures but in the right track.

about tf content there is a few but its open source with event creator built in so your imagination is the limit.