The University

Author: helipop
Version: 0.1.2-april-fools
Last Updated: 2021-04-02 11:38:44

Review by Centrophy
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 2021-05-13 23:19:29

Honestly, I'm with some others on this one. The player character is pitiable and I hope at some point there's some way to reverse the situation on the bully (and others) even if it's just at the end. So far none of the characters seem redeemable in my eyes but I could see everyone being mindcontrolled into doing what the university or the bully wants to the player character. Give me some drama but don't give me an unavoidable tragedy. The dignity checks give me some hope for now but I've been burned before by many of these games. Mechanics are well done but this game is very media light which I'm not a huge fan of and is reminicent of Secretary. Give it a shot, but be prepared to be mad unless you want to play it as a guy that always deep down wanted to be sissified.

Review by SU2AR
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 2021-05-04 18:22:02

honestly I didn't really like the story and characters but with more content and choices it'll be a very good game eventually regardless. the style and quality makes up for a lot of cons but still frequent pauses waist a little too much time.

Review by Danlab185
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 2021-04-03 13:29:03

Really love the loss of control element and how it's been implemented gameplay-wise.  Really well done.  Looking forward to more.  Also, just overall, some nice polish.  Good work, Dev.

Review by trasha
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 2021-04-03 02:14:32

I really liked this game. Nice interface and skill system.  After the first party the ratio of click to content goes up, but I suspect this will be improved as content will be added. I like the good boy gets coersed/forced plot.

Review by Hawkster
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 2021-04-03 00:42:02



The game is very well put together. The UI is very well thought out, easy to use, and looks nice. The pictures and images are all well done. The skill system that the game has makes for an easy to understand way to gain certain skills to unlock content down the line, but overall there is a slight odd feeling to the game. 

I have to agree with the review by Bodyhunter, and my reasoning as to why this is has to do with how the player is treated. I think for me the reason as to why I really dislike the feeling of the game, specifically the way the character is thrust into the sissy life, is because how they end up coming to be punished. 

In a game like Perverted Education the player is punished because he deservies it, they peek on their mother in the shower, they touch their mother in her sleep, they try to bribe themselves out of a punishment. The player character does things which warrent their punishment, but The University I don't feel as if the player deserives the punishment they were given at all.

The player is sad because he is going through a breakup where he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, and someone he just opened up to in his grief shot him down. He was at his lowest so he screwed up and said fuck you, but I didn't think it warented such a big punishment where the bully literally changes his whole life. Rather than getting excited for what is to come from this punishment it made me pity the main character, which is only reinforced because other characters in the game are also pitying him; all the while because he has been mind controlled he is in a state where he doesn't understand what was happening to him. 

The game made me want to get revenge on the bully and everyone else who was punishing him excesivily all because his girlfriend cheated on HIM!

The game isn't bad, in fact I would recommend playing it yourself and putting your own opinion together, but the way the whole conflict is set up just doens't feel right to me.


Hope this helps  


Review by Bodyhunter
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-james on 2021-04-02 07:58:45



I can't really put my finger on it, but somehow this game gives me a bad vibe...maybe because it's not so "surreal" like other games, Secretary for example or Perverted Education.

Not that it is bad, no, it's actually well done. the texts are great, the mechanics are working, the minigames are fine. But the situation the player is in. Other games put you in like a "kinky" surrounding and you are curious how you will transform or how it will turn out. But people looking at you feeling sorry for your situation, apologizing to you and all the things around make me want to get out of this. You were just looking for some friends, there is a feeling of betrayal around. Maybe i am putting too much thoughts in it but i miss the "curiosity" the player has to get involved into this by himself at first.

It's like people are messing with you, all are involved and you don't have any choice to avoid what they plan.

Overall it's a great game for people who like this stuff, I maybe have to give it another go...



Review by Rabena
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-james on 2021-04-01 15:12:54

Sorry, but I dislike this game.

That illusion, that you have choice to take control of your own destiny, is really wrong for me. And typing again and again things and thoughts i hate, is frustrating.

Review by rooiehaan
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-james on 2021-04-01 14:52:56

Frst problem, i couldnt play the game without pictures or videos after loading the whole thing.

Second problem, it has sound built in. 

Third problem, it seems to be about a guy with a chastity cage. Again one of those games.

I would suggest in the future to release a game that's playable, that has options, that caters to different individuals, and thats not just another version of all the other games we have on this site at current. Whats your niche? Whats diffferent about this game? What makes it better? What makes it unique?

Review by knotwrite
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-james on 2021-04-01 14:10:36

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Review by Yaflow
Version reviewed: 0.1.2-james on 2021-04-01 11:23:39

Great game, lots of fun.

0.1.2-James is the best thing that happened to this game. With James, this game becomes so much better.

I hope this game will keep it's high quality until the end of its developpment.

The look of the game is simple, but easy to use.

I particularly like the minigames. They are really unique and unlike most games on this site.

10/10, would james it again!

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 2021-03-10 01:19:22

I am happy to see the early development of another stylish game quite like Secretary.

Just like Secretary, The University has level up meters to character statistics and a refined invertory gui. You gain experience doing certain actions, which in turn earning new events with more advanced statistics. Yet the game is in its very early development, so some critical parts are missing right now, such as a statistic summary page.

Unlike Secretary, the main plot of the game lies heavily on mind control and it has a really good vibe in term of force sissification. I think everyone should give this one a go... or save it for later when it is more ready.

Review by lickelmeallover
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-10 18:08:11

I really enjoyed the alpha of this game. It has a good UI, combined with being fairly easy to use and navigate. The story is great IMO, I like the mind control aspect of it, that it isnt just like go put on VR or see a whole bunch of gifs etc. I am always cautious of the forced side of mind control/feminization, so hopefully it isnt too much more of it and is just more choice based on how quick or slow you transform.

A couple of things that bothered me personally were the SPH, I understand that its in there but its not really super necessary to the story so I wish it was an optional thing, the cuckolding, which i think is actually necessary for the story and makes the whole setup seem more genuine rather than oops this just happened, and finally the typing. The typing is honestly to me both a good and bad thing, its fresh and new and does add soemthing to the game but I do think it needs to be used sparingly, in this case I think less is more here, and it should only be used during the important scenes.

Like others have said its kinda railroady right now, you don't have a choice even if it brings some up, they eventually lead to the same scene or a close enough one. We will see if that will change but I don't think it needs to, just remove the choices! Overall its a great start and this is one of the few games Im really looking forward to seeing grow.

Review by Aphrodite
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-10 16:09:41

I really like the structure of this Alpha. The characters are fun and storybeats pretty good thus far (if somewhat common). I really like the way you've set up the mechanics - the typing out is a neat mechanic I haven't really seen done before, and the way the UI changes as time progresses is very fun. 

If I had a critique at this point, I would say for my personal tastes things happen a little too quickly going from 0 to 100. But that can work out just fine depending upon the later story beats. Looking really forward to future updates.

Review by austinhaney6969
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-10 03:28:53

Not much to see yet, but what is there is pretty good. Technically speaking, it's a great game (needs some more content, but that comes with time).

Review by dsgafS
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 14:58:59

Love what is there so far, runs really well and the dev seems to know what they're doing.
Keep it up! <3

Review by Goctionni
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 11:47:49

The technical quality of this game is excellent, up there with the best on this site.

The writing quality is also quite good.

The story is quite heavy on rail-roading you, I would've liked less of that, but if it opens up more later that's fine. If it doesn't, that's still okay; a good game can be very linear. But if that's the design for the whole game I would definitely include that in the game description.

I didn't have a problem with the inventory system, though I did think the distinction between wardrobe and inventory is perhaps now explained to the player very well. I find the "dress-up" system probably better than that of most games. I can imagine it becoming cumbersome when you collect more clothes.

Review by bisubsissyslut
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 11:40:04

Be prepared to type stuff. 

Personally I am not a fan of the typing.  I imagine it is for greater immersion into the game but for me it's a chore.  Other than that the game is fun but linear. 
The schedule should be cleaned up a bit.  I hope to see some things changed but overall I will definately be keeping an eye on this game.

Review by najika4097
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 08:01:58

I don't know what to think of this. While there are some real nice mechanics I have a hard time looking past the total mind control of the MC, and I also wouldn't say that the transformation is slow. Plus the fact that there are many sissies at the university seems to be given to the player way too fast.


The clothing system is weird and took longer than it should've to figure out. I also missed a class even though the time was exactly its starting point when I clicked the link, and there was no punishment or any real indication that I'd missed the class.

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 05:22:56


It's a fine 'game'

As of now its a linear forced sissyfication story

The game overall quality is fine.

The text format feels forced(like a cold machine)

This 'game' has some rare/innovative parts that help your immersion into the story.


Review by DarkDaemonX
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 02:35:39

I don't really like the sudden forced mental changes out of nowhere, at least give us an option to stay true to ourselves, but even with cheating some stats we can't, so I can already tell that we won't be able to play the way we want to play.

Review by TheJokeman
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 00:24:23

What an amazing start to a new game. The art is great. the UI is well though out and non intrusive while still giving you all the information you need.


I am very excited to see where this game goes!

Review by the Morrigan
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-09 00:11:26

The Inventory/Closet system is unintelligible and annoying. I quit five minutes in, specifically because I couldn't change clothes.

Review by johnnynod
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-08 22:52:58

Amaaaazing start and innovative mechanics here! I'm already looking forward to the next update!

Review by anaisnon
Version reviewed: 0.1.1m on 2020-12-08 22:44:27

Absolutely amazing start! Good writing and characters, and the way that horniness distracts you from class is really clever.

(A couple of things I'm not so keen on: I find the monospace font harder to read than it needs to be. And the typing tasks in classes seem pointless and annoying.)

Review by
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 20:08:41

This is off to a great start.  The user interface is very polished, and the game play and writing are top notch.  I'm very much looking forward to more.


Review by RM750
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 18:23:28

It's pretty good! New game so of course content is limited, but what's there is a really strong hook. The gameplay is interesting without being annoying (as life sims often can feel) and it's solidly written so far. Good UI and structure. Being forced to type was a tad obnoxious at first (since I thought it was just going to be classes) but I warmed up to the idea pretty quickly because I think it's really interesting what you're already doing with it later in the story and so I'm curious what else will be done in the future. Big thumbs up from me.

Review by mercysend
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 18:09:25

As someone without a pc I had to give you props for at least acknowledging those playing on mobile or console. I subscribed and can't wait to see what you create.

Review by myky92
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 16:56:28

Pretty sure this is my first review ever, but holy moly I had to! There is not much content here yet, true, but the production quality is off the charts! The game is amazing, with a lot of fun new mechanics, intuitive and responsive UI, and a very sexy story and writing style. As a fan of sissification and hypnosis, the story alone would have probably sold me, but this is phenomenal for a first release! All the architecture is in place, and I especially like the mechanic of sometimes having to type what your character is saying - which leads to an especially sexy scene (for me - nothing sexual happens but it does tap into the mind control/hypnosis fetish a LOT) where you have to type your character's words and it is used to an maazing effect! Certainly looking forward to more of this, although I will say right away - something like this MUST take time, so I am sure updates for this game will be far between - but I am also sure they will be worth the wait! Amazing job!

Review by bladestorm78
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 16:55:45

Good intro. I dont like the fact that we have to type out sentences. Overall, a pretty good introduction and can be a very good game with time. I would like to see more picture or gifs though.

Review by Vane
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2020-12-08 16:11:08

An early but high quality release. Reminds me of the game Secretary in style. Nice job!