Unforeseen Consequences

Author: Brutecatus
Version: The Game 0.10 hotfixed
Last Updated: 2021-04-05 14:30:57

Review by toastylee123
Version reviewed: The Game 0.10 on 2021-04-04 22:31:07

Early days with the game version but i can see potential, few bugs i noticed;


Katie seems to start in room 25 (seems she is hardcoded to do so on line 1447), which doesn't exist so cannot be found / cannot move about.

If the player owns josh, it then throws out an error about an undefined variable any time he is then encountered (missing $ prior to "Player" on line 3893).


Otherwise looking forward to seeing where this goes, in addition to the CYOA branch

Review by CrawlingMadness
Version reviewed: 0.02 on 2020-12-27 20:09:46

I approve of the inspiration list, mutagen 26 is a good one, and so far it's looking a bit more like Goo-manji. Not much more than one sequence and no alternative paths yet, but I like the premise. As someone else said, stitch some related paragraphs closer together and it should be easier to read. Looking forward for more! 

Review by mattpantyhose
Version reviewed: 0.01 on 2020-12-27 13:09:27

The inspiration is quite impressive, but including The Company there is rather misleading. Although one could admire your ambitions ;-) your game is a different genre. CYOA instead of a more open world of The Company. But I'm just nitpicking. :-)

There isn't much content so far and it's hard to jugde anything from the little that's available. The writing is decent, descriptive enough so far. The ratio of graphic to text is also good in my opinion, I don't like games overloaded with graphics and videos, these tend to distract from the text too much.
If there's something to improve about the writing, I'd say that you don't put each new sentence in a separate line. Gather them in short paragraphs instead, so that an intermission means there's a slight change in the content.

Colours are basic which makes the screen clear and easy to look at. No weird experiments with fonts or colours.

I wish the author good luck and hope that he'll actually work on this game, unlike many of his predecessors.