The Doll

Author: NandiBear
Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 2021-01-09 15:27:29

Review by Blauz.
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2021-01-10 13:23:01

Another classic game of the site ported to a more comfortable engine: how nice! 


I have first played this game years ago, and hope to see all of Nandi's games ported and completed in Twine: and I think everyone should play them. 


One cannot go wrong with Nandi's games. 

Review by Zoeylicious
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2021-01-10 10:36:10

Yay, a conversion of a game by Nandybear! The RAGS games were amazing.  I've played this version and though I enjoyed it , it really feels like a first release. The start was great and shows what Nandybear's RAGS games can work in html as well. I especially liked the images of the doll and the overlay of the other person.

Though after the first few pages it felt like the clothes and makeup came off and the rest of the game was dressed down. Probably because this is a first release, but the transformations came really fast and it felt like I was missing context, and the story skipped some steps.

Once the story and layout gets fleshed out this is going to be amazing <3

Review by relattic
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2021-01-10 08:08:02

So looking forwards to this. Nandibears old RAGS games are the best on this site and remaking them in HTML is going to be awesome.

Review by Jinseng
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2021-01-10 02:53:39

Looks good so far, no real content outside the intro yet, but it's a solid remake of the original with a smooth interface

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2021-01-09 16:59:25

My only question is why convert a perfectly working rags game into twine after 13 or so years?

Oh well.

Good luck.