Cowgirl Dairy Farm

Author: Gardamuse
Version: 1.1.1
Last Updated: 2021-02-19 13:19:03

Review by MugTreecko
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-23 04:52:34

Idle TF games are a rather rare commoddity so it's very nice to see this one done right.

Only improvements I'd suggest would be some kind of notification when an item (eg High School Science, or Hormone Booster) is at full effect, especially for permanent effects that build up over time. That and add confetti or something for once the 'final' item was researched! We need more fanfare than a log message! :p

Gardamuse has a good track record for finished games with solid gameplay and it's very nice to see something new from them. Once you've got the mechanics down it's actually pretty interesting (regardless of how you feel about bimbofication) and surprisingly the graphics grew on me pretty quickly, in a quirky way. Give it a try!


(Save scumming for a 'Cuddly'-type first hire might make one's start a bit easier)

Review by Nobbl-D
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-22 07:17:22

This game has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it is quite fun and can entertain for a few hours.

Once you are done there's nothing to do, except for making your complete stock dumb, which looks nice.

Tip for beginners: Start with one, get some milk going, research the serum. After that: Expand.

Review by mimi69
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-22 01:13:58

It was fun, but i had to cheat because i kept running out of money. (I used a save editor and gave me more money to start)

I like it more than clicker kind of games, but it is hard to start and may need to be rebalanced. 

The art was super cute and fun. I did not realize that I needed to research stuff (OK, that was the easy part) but then also use the research on each character. 

Review by sgb69
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-21 21:14:45

It's fine for what it is but there's basically zero replay value.  There's effectively one way to play it if you want to get past the early game, and only two different character models.  It's worth a play if you want to kill an hour though.

Review by splingmer
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-21 02:29:06

It's not a bad idle game, and the graphics are okay, but it's very short. Once you understand the mechanics there's only an hour or two of game here.

Review by TotallySane
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-20 15:28:13

I'm probably to dumb, but I lose more money than I can make.

Review by verycoolname
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-20 02:14:45

Definitely worth a try, though the earlygame is a bit harsh. It can be tricky to get going at first. You need to pinch pennies and maximize profits immediately, and that means understanding all your options. But once you get going it is much easier and you can enjoy yourself.


The game is fun and the art style made me smile. 

Review by LordOfChange
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 2021-02-19 22:46:18

It's been a while since I have last written a review, but this game sure deserves more exposure.


Long story short, it follows the well known formula of idle games. You make money, you use it to improve/get girls and science. Despite this, it is completely different as instead of just mindlesly adding more "clicking power" you need to pay a little attention as the stats of your girls are actually quite important. All of your girls are slightly bimboesque to begin with and you have to decide what to do with them so you get the most out of limited staff. Are they smarter that average? Well then they are more suited for research, but if they are dumb... Well then you can start shooting them with hormones and send them in the pasture so you can sell their milk until you ultimately control the world.


Overall the game is well made, the art is interesting and unless you have a problem with extreme proportions, which are used for the last "hucow" tier, it is actually very nice. The mechanics are also interesting and the gameplay is short, but very fun once you get a hold of it.

My only grudges with the game are as follow:

"Winning" isn't really clear, you do the tech, it writes a tidbit of text saying you won but it's so discrete you don't really have the satisfaction from completing the last tech. Also, the difficulty curve is really bad, the early game is really hard to figure, but ultimately with enough luck and some knowledge of the mechanics which you will get with the small wiki and some trial and error, then once you reach a stable point (usually after the first few upgrades) it gets really easy.


Great game, very little to change and I hope to see more in the future :)