Star Knightess Aura

Author: auradev
Version: 0.18.3
Last Updated: 2022-05-20 20:03:03

Review by FAFNSucks
Version reviewed: 0.17.3 on 2022-04-16 15:13:28

This game is the slowest of slow burns, so be ready for that. If you play the intro, you will probably play for about 2 hours without seeing any adult content, and the first thing you have access to is an NTR date that doesn't really even lead anywhere. However, I enjoyed this game regardless, and felt like it's one of the better entries on this site. The corruption mechanics are incredibly well thought out and should be a gold standard for other games to follow, if they have the time to do so. You don't just corrupt aura across all things at once, you can choose specific aspects of her personality to change, and each one is supported by a small management game to make it more interesting than "press a button to make her slutty". The gameplay outside of the "adult content" stuff is pretty good too, its a generic RPGMaker game, however it feels like more effort was put into actually making it balanced and interesting than other ones i've seen on this site. There's already lots of questing and dungeon crawling to be had despite the game being fairly incomplete.

The writing is okay. I don't know if this is intentional, but they really made the main character hatable, it kind of inspires you to corrupt her more. Everything is kind of cheesy and over the top, but considering the plot is a pretty self aware isekai, it's to be expected. I haven't gotten far enough to get into lewd scenes that involve actual sex (once again, a slow burn), so i'm not sure how the writing is on that front, however the adult content so far has been pretty well written in terms of the slow mental changes. At one point I unlocked the choice to flash people, and there wasn't any art for it- it just cut to a black screen. Maybe stuff like this will be added in the future, but for now there's not a ton of porn in the game (at least that I've found)

Overall, i'd say that if you want an actually fun game with very interesting TF/corruption mechanics, check out Star Knightess Aura, but if you are here just to jerk off quickly then you might want another game. I was kind of annoyed with how much people were talking initially because I had that mindset, but once I got used to it I actually grew to liking this one quite a bit. I hope it gets completed someday and we see the full potential it has.

Review by Dsanchez
Version reviewed: 0.17.2 on 2022-04-13 21:34:15

Awesome game that has a great story line, very well written dialogue and premise, the world (what there is right now) is all well connected and flows together. This is very close to the more main stream rpgs out there and it reminds me of the great 2D Rpg games of back in the day.

I really like the whole premise of what is going on, the battle that is happening (trying to not give too much away), the progression. There is a decent amount of lewd/sexual content but even without it this game holds its own just on the story alone. The sexual content also does not come out of nowhere (for the most part) and it flows into the story and why you might decide to go that route, however if you choose to try to avoid it, you can do so for most of it with some extra effort.

This game also makes you think about all your inventory, how you're going to use items, the gold that you have and how to best utilize it. There is really a lot of thought put into every aspect of this game, and the player can put a lot of thought on how to best utilize what they have to achieve their goal.


The only suggestion i would have is to let some of the monsters in areas re-appear and drop a little bit more useful items and it would give the player a little bit more to do in between major events. Even on normal this game is pretty tough if you are not managing your resources very well, so a little extra resources would give the player slightly more breathing room.

This seems to be mitigated later on with the options that appear replayability is available to perhaps produce a better result (whatever direction you think that might be)

This is one of my favorite games on this site and probably the best one i've played of its type so far


I can't wait for more content to this game to be released!


Review by Atlas
Version reviewed: 0.17.2 on 2022-04-09 15:23:59

Seems like one of the few games on this site to actually have some potential. I played through the latest build and like the slow progressison;  I like the slow corruption here instead of just banging every thing she sees. While the game still seems to be in early development, it seems to be an acutal game instead of most of the sissy garbabge that this site is now infested with. Kudos Auradev. 

Review by Stormaggeddon
Version reviewed: 0.13.2 on 2021-12-11 00:34:26

So far after over an hour of playtime absolutely zero adult content.......well i did get to see her panties lol.  The plot is good, but the dialog makes me feel like I am watching Goku build up the Spirit Bomb for 3 episodes against Frieza.  Oh well going to keep playing a little longer see if it changes any

Review by Rydan
Version reviewed: 0.11.3 on 2021-10-16 06:19:35

Overal a good game, but the Boss Fight in the Greed Festival could do with a few save points in it.

It is a bit irritating to redo all those fights, just because you lost one of them.

Review by Volendi
Version reviewed: 0.11.0 on 2021-09-26 09:24:41

Edit, ver. 0.11.0  Many versions later, and I feel compelled to update this.  It's getting really really good!  Still incomplete af, but you can tell the hugs progress that's been made! Even found a forest area not revealed as being put in yet, with 3 miniboss enemies! A crow, a goblin shaman, and the ogre commander... oh and that pesty spider queen again!  ATM, chapter TWO can be accessed, albeit no story there yet that I found... poor Rose tho! Not saying anything alse tho, bc spoilers...  oh, also!  The artwork is VASTLY improved. Where before it looked crudely drawn, now it looks very polished and sharp! Kudos to the artist!

Original ver. 0.4.1... A good start!  I just wish there was more to it already...  Have always liked this kind of game, and it's been well done into a RPGMaker format in a (in myopinion) unique way!  Great start, and good luck!

Review by takeme
Version reviewed: 0.10.0 on 2021-08-31 01:49:32

Great game! Very well thought out slow corruption mechanics, great brainwashing analogies and progress using said corruption and interesting impacts in both worlds. I would maybe like to see a little more reactivity from the fantasy world, such as if you hit the pink scenes a reaction irl the following day, or Alicia reacting to them irl etc. But as it stands it is excellent anyways.

Combat can be tricky if you don't figure out the enemies, but once you do it is fine, also always pay attention to in world hints in orange text, they come up later and are useful to know.

Overall I love this game, and will be closely watching updates.

Some suggestions:

All of the brainwashing room triggers seemed based on the real world interactions, would be good if there were a couple from the fantasy world, such as those pink scenes, some loses, etc impacting things like the secondary interests, maybe something on the mental computer things like that. As I said, I lvoe how it is currently set up, would just be nice if there was a little more fromt he fantasy world adding to the brainwashing rooms, though I know that is currently int he form of corruption, so maybe it is fine as it is. SPOLIERS: I am thinking of things like both of the pink maid scenes affecting the real worlkd in some way in a conversation or thoughts of the mc, or creating a secondary interest based off of it things like that.

Next would be connecting the irl scenes a little more with what has already happened with some of the other rooms, I know there is interactions and triggers for later brainwashing as a requirement, but acknowledging them in the speech for events that have happened even with a few lines may pull it together more. But I also understand this would more work so maybe something to think about further down the development.

Anyway, love the game and looking forward to more!

Review by JNBackup
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2021-07-13 12:58:04

now THIS is interesting story writing, every character feels deep and alive!
in terms of other areas of the game they're pretty good, love the unique corruption as well as the flow flow of the game.

its rare for a game to have gameplay were you are both pressed for time, want to win, but also want to lose.

i definitely want to see more of this!, although a few repeatable events to mess with MC would be nice as i was originally goody two shoe.

Review by MichealRein
Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 2021-06-28 20:14:43

Really love the game so far, pretty good implementation of the mental corruption. There's not a ton of hard progress on the TF aspects yet but the few lewd scenes in it are good and it seems to update pretty frequently.

Review by JaradLichLord
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2021-06-11 18:05:07

I am really liking the game, but there are some weaknesses.

Art: the mix of sprites and 2d renders is nice and the new renders for Aura and Alicia are fabulous, however it seems we are continuing with the girls having all the same body type. This is less of an issue than it was orriginally as they now appear more visually distinct, but it still reduces the overall feel of the game from what it could be. I look forward to when we see more updated renders for the other characters as thes are  none the less  major improvements. They are all extreme hourglass figures with such heavy breasts as to be commical and honestly uncharacteristic of young adult women. This means that the only differentiation between the characters is their clothing/ color pallete and faces. Giving the player more variety in these renders would drastically improve the game.


Story: I love the story and find the overachiever, impossible task dynamic to be compelling. That along with the corruption mechanics (which I will talk about later) make this a truly unique game. Unfortunately it is frustratingly difficult to ensure you see a great deal of the Isekia world content before you get the bad end.(I will also discuss this later.)


Battle Mechanics

The combat balance of the game is toward the difficult side. It might be nice for there to be a difficulty selector that would make the early game enemies less frustrating and deadly. That or a better area to aqcuire gold so that you can buy supplies, train your character, and improve your gear. As it stands right now the game feels like you are a level 1 character that has wandered into a level 15 area by mistake. 


Corruption Mechanics

The interaction between the Isekia World/Inner Mind/ and real world is brilliant. This is my favorite part of this game and is what keeps bringing me back to it. By gaining corruption while Isekiad you allow your foe to corrupt you by chaning deep parts of your personality and mental processes representend in (presently) 4 novel rooms with their own sub mechanics. Each change cost some amount of corruption. The changes in the mental realm the unlocks and affects storyline in the real world. Again well done and executed. 

If this was the extent of the corruption system then the game would be on really solid footing. Unfortunately there is a major issue that makes this game really problematic and troubling and NEEDS TO BE ADRESSED.


Game Over

The game has a new game over mechanic that serves the same function as the previous function without the negatively charged and disturbing impact.


The game's flow leaves something to be desired. As the reviewer bellow me said I should not have to wait through each portion of the day to see if an even fires. Just have the appropriate events fire and give a banner that says what time of day that occurred. It is frustrating to watch a repetive do nothing cutscene everday when I just want to get to the content.




This game is promising and worth a play and keeping tabs on. 



Review by HiddenJune
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2021-06-07 10:29:05

This game is already pretty amazing, and if the author completes it, I can only see it getting better.

The focus, at least at the moment, is more on the psychological changes and the interactions between the characters across the two worlds. The mind bending influence is made to be complex and drawn out, reflecting the difficulty of actually brainwashing someone, and the gradual building of effects and the impact they have on Aura's interests, friendships, and lifestyle are delightful to see. There's a lot that shown but "Not Implemented" as yet, so I'm looking forward to more being completed.

The graphics are mostly standard RPG Maker fare, with some drawn or CG images of the main characters. If I had a criticism, it would be that the mixture of the two styles is distracting - but I saw that the author is working to update them, so that's a temporary problem. Adding special images for the kinky interactions or the significant mental shifts would also be great.

The combat is fairly standard as well, with a high cost "screw you" button for tough fights or when you want to hurry the corruption along for fun. 

The biggest issue anyone might have with the game is that's it's currently light on the outright lewd material, but I think that's to be expected with a slow transformation which starts with a fairly sexually conservative character. Presumably, as the game continues, you'll have the option of dragging Aura down into sexual depravity. Or keeping her as pure as possible if you're into that sort of thing.


Overall, I'd give the game at 8/10. Definitely recommended, and support if you can, because if the author can finish this I'd fully expect it to become 10/10 by the end.

Review by ffmaniak
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2021-05-11 09:53:04

The game has a interesting concept, but I think that there are a few things which might be improved at least to test the game:

1. The enemies are partly hilariously difficult and really creazy grinding is neccessary. I think that there should be possibilities to test the game faster. There is the corruption increasing collar removal, but how can I then test the game faster? If the game is intended to cause frustration there should be  a warning. The pig stealing winged thiev requires creazy amount of pre-training...

2. The story modes between  the game which shows girls psychology is hilariously long. If I do not induce into corruption causing acts and did not even open some rooms which might change the corresponding scenes it is just waste of time. There should be a fast forward mode, but the emicons really take time.....

3. I ususally like surprises but when it is always negative or not intended then it can really induce frustration. Also in this game there I need bombs and similar to remove some blocks from path, and after I used it up, I see not inserted. It feels like I am beeing fooled.

4. It would be nice to use the smith as a finish day bonus after adventure not book him for the whole day, then next day I need to book for following day. This is practically waste of time and adds to frusttration and does not want me to play the game more...

If it gets less frustrating it could be fun actually...


Edit: Errors:

1. There are multiple writing errors in the game. Especially at the end.

2. After the first spider task is fulfilled and you go without reporting to end the day, the other heroes sleep forever and Charlotte is partying in the club forever.

3. What are the pink scenes mentioned?? I did not find such scenes although they are mentioned to give 1 lewdness.

4. The author should check the code. There are some cases which permanently reduce the agility. Maybe fights or armor upgrades? I hat over 13 agility and suddenly only 7.

5. In the last scene of the current content when you go back into the room the door can become invisible.


Tip: There should be a case how to increase lewdness to get stat upgrade or a debug checking tool or some cases like a house of chaots where you can modify stats easily to check for cases. Also aura should have more options to accept e.g. slime bonding when she can even cheat and lie in beginning of game...

There also should be a possibility of aura to convert Alicia, as aura is clever and alicia is actually afraid of Richard... so to turn them against each other and get alicia over. The story mentions that alicia is afraid of richard.


Edit 2:

6. After dealing with the sick workers, when you go back to the trading union, there is no reaction from the union guy, and no reward.... I did not see any results and no answers also no upgrade from the workers.

Review by relattic
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2021-05-10 05:13:29

this is one of the best games on here, it is just great on all levels.

I disagree about the previous reviews bashing of the game balancing and the bad ending. those are conscious and genius decisions.

love everything about the game and am looking forward to more 100%.

Review by MayxMarzo
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2021-04-12 14:39:46

The concept and execution of the game is done really well and I can see this game becoming very fleshed out in the future. The dynamic between the heroine and villainess of the game is honestly really well written and despite the game not being finished, my main enjoyment ended up with the relationship and inner monologues between these two.


The way the game's corruption mechanic works means that you will need to end up changing the heroine and if you don't it can result in a bad end. The gameplay makes you have to balance certain abilities to progress with gaining corruption points and the current balancing of the game really seems fair.


One of the few games on here I'm more invested in the story then the transformation theme, and those sorta games end up being really great.

Review by Jellotath
Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 2021-03-20 04:32:14

Holy cats, what an intro! This is gonna be one of those corruption games where I like the protagonist too much to let her lose, but I'm feeling pretty okay with that.  Excellent work so far!

Review by Firestar4555
Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 2021-03-08 07:38:56

i enjoy this demo of the game, but with no way to spend courption after doing the few options you have, the game will always end with commiting sucide eventualy

Review by steph869
Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 2021-03-07 21:45:22

Although early in devoplement .I am super impressed with this game .i havent been excited about a new game release in a good while.i so reccomend this game .I myself just became a paetron i like it that much look forward  to the next chapter .