Succubus Stories

Author: OutsiderArtisan
Version: 0.8.1
Last Updated: 2021-05-01 04:32:23

Review by hallodaar123
Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 2021-05-06 10:50:03

okay. wow. how has this game so few likes?

ive been playing for easily over an hour. barely done anything repetitive or boring to me. I had the task to go and rest. so I did scared it was over. then I saw chapter one. I just played the prologue!!


honestly cant tell you how amazing this game is. its everything I could have hoped for out of a game like this. gameplay is awesome. story telling so far is great. only think id like improvement on is more renders. and maybe little more visual succubus stuff.  other then that. awesome. deffo a must play.


sorry its hasty but I cant wait to start chapter one. just had to throw that experience of surprise out there.

Review by verycoolname
Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 2021-05-02 21:24:11

A nice hefty game. Loads of semen and urine. Whether thats a negative or a positive depends on you.

Review by LegionLives
Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 2021-05-01 21:23:05

This is an awesome game.

I spent a couple of hours levelling up the sex skills, learning new potions, going to the different areas.   There are decent 3D models for all the action and a nice clean layout.  So clean, in fact, that I couldn't find how to save game or anything so I opened up the context menu.  It was there that I discovered the hint system and the first hint was to rest.   Since the MC doen't ever need to rest, I never really tried that option.   The result of this, is that I managed to play for hours before I even found the beginning of the game proper!

 At that point, I was thrown into a complex story of loss, betrayal, powerful nobles, bandits, witches and guards.   There are several NPCs each with their own secrets and different ways that you can interact with them.   There are sex scenes galore... but there is also a story with a few plot twists that kept it from getting stale.  Even if the identity of the true villian was pretty easy to figure out.    After going through all the different quests and sub-quests, I get to the ending and ..  it's To Be Continued.   But there is a lot of game before that point, and on that TBC screen it listed about 50 different things in the game that I didn't do.   A welcome way to give you an idea how much more there is.

The economy is a bit wack.   At the start, you wll need to scrape by but after a while money becomes trivial...and then even completely unnecessary.   One weirdness is that ale, of all things, is the most valuable thing in the world.    It's an ingredient of many potions, but there isn't any easy way to get it other that buying from the marketplace.   Even though the MC works as a barmaid!   After a while, getting literally gallons of cum, breast milk, and urine is trivial, but a bottle of ale?  That'll cost ya.  During a portion of the game you can't access the market at all, at this point two different quest lines required making potions with ale... annoying.

About that cum and urine... this is a squicky game if that bothers you.  There are options to hide that content, but it's literally just blurred out text, the events still happen and these are the main ingredients of the potion.   The TG content is also light, basically you can turn into a futa but only for the length of a single scene.  Neither of these were a problem for me, though, and if they aren't deal breakers for you, I suggest trying it out.

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 0.8.1 on 2021-05-01 15:42:51

This seems to have a good UI and lots of sex acts with art for each. There's plenty of actual game and it plays fine. I didn't go far into it but I'm assuming it is primarily a succubus (sex skills) game with a few TF potions and TF spells in the mix.