Wasteland Lewdness

Author: IcyViridian
Version: 0.4.3
Last Updated: 2021-08-01 05:14:09

Review by klumzee
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2021-07-30 17:30:31

Fantastic start and great concept. The idea of a Fallout style sissy game is just cool. I like the ideas for the different paths as well, very creative. Looking forward to future updates for more content.

Review by austindarkfire
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2021-07-17 04:29:25

A good Start. I think this game could be quite good once it has more content; it's definitely has an interesting setting so I'd like to see more in the future.

Review by JaradLichLord
Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 2021-07-16 22:30:53

The transformations are not well implemented yet. You can read scenes that suggest that they occur but then after the scene ends you have 0 indication that those scenes occurred. It is very early and might become something.