X-Changeā„¢ Life

Author: kokopelli
Version: 0.14b
Last Updated: 2022-01-14 05:45:37

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: 0.14b on 2022-01-14 22:24:46

Things have improved since I last tried this game.  There is an XP system, you can turn the music off, and you can play a black guy so you can interact with the woman who only dates black guys.


The game's major weakness in its current state is that after a while the game gets to be a repeditive grind.  It's great if all you want is to play some minigames and see porn videos...but there's no story to give you a reason to continue that.  There are new outfits, but there's no reason to bother with them.  What are you working toward?


In a real RPG, you level up your skills so that you can do something new or better to help move the story forward.  The only reward that I see here is that if your skill is higher, you have a better chance of success if you roll the dice to skip a minigame.  In other words, the reward is to have a better chance of success if you want to skip playing the game.  In the meantime, it looks like there's a long grind to level up your skill for that meager reward....which at some point leads to the question: "why am I bothering with this?"


There are some intriguing questions to answer also:

- why would you take the pills that make you a woman permanently?  They appear to only lock you out of content (you can't use the other pills for sales demonstrations if you're already a woman)

-will taking pills besides the x-change basic pill sold at the mall lead to more content or just limit your options?  If you're a woman, you cannot do the sales demonstrations, for example, because you can't take the pills you're trying to sell.


-what will the pills that you can't sell yet lead to?


-will an actual story be added to give you goal/reward to be working toward besides watching short porn videos to keep you interested in continued play?


Review by rubberdolltami
Version reviewed: 0.14b on 2022-01-14 10:46:17

Great game until you have to save, cryptic and wonky save and load proccess lowers this from a 9 or 10 to a 5 or 6. (It is so damn frustrating to lose your game)

Review by navigator_dan
Version reviewed: 0.14b on 2022-01-14 10:20:30

One of the best.

Just wish there is a shemale content (besides the minigame pictures).

Review by motmot589
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2022-01-11 21:44:36

An absolutely fantastic game that I am glad is still growing. 


There is only one "negative" thing I have to say about this at it's current stage. And that's it's almost to much content in some places. I love the different options for your character, but unfortunately that leads to a huge download size. Nothing major but other people have mentioned it. It's basically the graphic content for like 10 games because of all the different choices you get just for your starting character. Each with their own unique videos throughout. 


Shows fantastic dedication and development of the game. I only worry that it may get to a point where the dozens of character options end up slowing down updates, because the author needs to find over a dozen good videos for every scene that has the character in it.

Review by jt84
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2022-01-11 19:38:20

I'll start by saying there's huge potential here with a few minor issues that'll hopefully be ironed out or expanded upon.

The product demos at work add nice variety to the TF's although if you take a longer lasting gender change pill at the pharmacy sadly you can't give demonstrations until it wears off. 

As for quick-time events it'd be nice if there was an option to disable them entirely as a personal choice.

The chat events in the bar don't seem to go anywhere if you're already female but maybe something broke on my playthrough?

Overall quality for what's there is 10/10, I'd like the option to go further than just BJ's with the randoms you can encounter but either I didn't reach that point or I imagine it'll be in a later update. The videos are good quality but I encountered some issues with them occasionally freezing up after 5-10 seconds.


Great foundation considering this is only 0.14, I'm really looking forward to future updates!

Review by vanya
Version reviewed: 0.14 on 2022-01-11 15:39:27

Too big to download. Online website is not working (or too slow. not opening)

Yet, the game is good. I expect story to deepen and more changes in the life of the protagonist. Abuse by her stepsister and stepfather.

Also the relationship with ladies does not allow development. The possibility of dating with them and loosing manhood and a decline in relations. From seperation to cuckoldry.

The game has great potential. But a game must not be more than 1 GB.  

Review by MsBooks
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-12-07 12:05:00

So I absolutely adore this game!  The gameplay is fantastic, the minigames during the sex scenes add an elemnt of interactivity that isn't always present.

The game calls itself a demo, but it's foundations are way more developed then most of the games out there.  That it is shy on some elements usually found in tf games (a clothing system, for example) the level of refinement in the game overall more then makes up for it.  The only frustration with this game is that there isn't MORE content for it.  Going through its pretty easy to see where places have been put in for future expansion (the secretary pill for example... I'm dying to give a demo with that one).

Top notch game... tons of fun... looking forward to the wonderous content to come!

Review by Mario64
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-22 18:33:46

For a 'demo' this game is amazing. Obviously there is content yet to come but there is quite a bit here already and it's very good.

The MC's job unlike a lot of games isn't tiring and since it pays well the player has plenty of time to enjoy the games content without grinding for cash. If there is a grind it's to level up the MC's stats which gets a little slow at higher levels and also to make the MC more feminine. 

There's a few features I'd like to see. I'd like to see an option to level up faster. At one point I took the X-xchange x-ra and got stuck unable to do a product demo for a long time. If there were a change back faster pill I'd have bought it. Finally it'd be good to have a hints menu that points players towards content. I saw the tips jar and it was helpful but it could be worth adding a hints button along with the inventory and menu buttons. One of the difficulties with sandboxier style games can be finding certain content. It be good to have a menu that points to content like 'Stepdad - Don't do your chores.' 'Unknown Character - Good to the mall with your stepsister.'

Generally speaking, this game is fun and well written. Some quality of life updates could be useful but otherwise, nothing needs to change much IMO. Can't wait for new content. I'll be keeping tabs on Discord :)

Review by FookinDegenerates
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-21 05:15:44

Loving it so far. Interesting decision to decide everything for the day at the start, but works well. The minigames are a great decision. Most of the games on here add gameplay by adding repetitive, grindy jobs that only involve clicking a button to start working & nothing else. This game has blackjack & arrow key minigames, although you can also automatically dothe action if you're good enough. Only complaint is that the arrow key ones are kind of difficult on mobile.




Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-18 00:45:27

For a demo... nice.

Quite a bit of content already, although certain effects of pills aren't scripted in yet. In the future I hope that we'll get more of a diversity in clothing choices other than being a preset pornstar model and all, but I suppose that will come after the core pill mechanics are in place.

All in all it's a great and easy way to create dynamic content in a semi-believable game universe. And what a great way to involve the community in discord to suggest doing the work to have their own custom scenes put into the game. Absolutely genius, and it will help the author spend less time writing scenes, and more on developing the actual game functionality.

UI: 3/10, could use a complete overhaul, hotkeys, etc etc

Visuals: I mean it's porn, so, 10/10 by default

Audio: Why is it even a thing? ?/?

Content: 7.7/10, I need MOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR

Overall: 6.9?/10? I mean what did you expect from my shitpost? The game is good, now shoo, go fap to it!

Review by SecretSilver
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-17 12:26:37

Version 0.13c

This is a pretty great game! It's more sex-positive than many other MF games and while it, like most porn, still seems a bit misogynistic it never feels like it's trying to shame the MC or player (beyond the written feelings of internal shame). I absolutely love the writing and how most scenes are conditional on a variety of factors.

The elaborate sex scenarios with their own mechanics work very well. The mini-games are perhaps a bit long at times but do allow an appreciation of the individual scenes and acts. The conversation/pick-up mechanics work fairly well, and have a decent variety, but not being able to actively pursue male characters while transformed seems a bit lacking. Also, being unable to clean yourself seems to be a mechanic-driven design decision but makes little sense -- I appreciate that, unlike other games, bathrooms don't feature prominently in scenes but they would still exist and allow the MC to freshen up. Lastly many scenes are very randomization dependant. In particular the product demonstrations can vary wildly in what the customer asks for. I will say that, and this is a bit of a personal annoyance in the design of games like this, doing worse tends to result in more scenes but even that is unreliable and can lead to simply failing the sale. I do like attribues being temporarily affected by tasks you do and that certain acts while in certain transformations can have dangerous side effects. It works well for a TF game and makes what you spend your time segments on matter. I particularly appreciate that the scenes can still be very explicit as the penalties don't come from any sex act but only specific ones the player is warned about. However while I'm not very far into the game (I think), and it is an incomplete alpha, is there a way to actually improve your attributes permanently? There are definitely ways to lose them, and hints of being able to fix that, but I do not see a way to improve them...

Additional note about attribute loss/gain which has spoilers: I like the fight between losing and keeping control affecting whether stats are lost, it works very well in the "don't cum" demonstration, but the penalty for the strip show is a bit extreme. Simply letting them cum hurts your stats. It's supposed to be a fine balancing act of giving them an enjoyable show while making enough money and avoiding both you and them getting too turned on but making a "happy ending" for them a "bad end" is just frustrating. Descending into an uncontrolled gangbang should probably have consequences but helping them finish shouldn't.

The media design of the game is also quite good. I like the filter the videos and pictures have been run through as it makes them feel more consistent than other games that use recorded photos and videos rather than illustration and animation. The problem is that not all of the pictures and videos have been run through it. I assume that this is simply a matter of time. Putting the visuals directly behind, but not disrupting or really distracting from, the minigames is a great move and I strongly encourage players to leave the audio on as it adds even more excitement. I do find the music to feel a bit like filler background sound than being a real part of the scenes. There also seems to be a technical issue where multiple music tracks can be playing over one another. The sound effects all greatly enhance their respective scenes.

A small issue, and I've been running into this in other games (notably The Good Son using Madds Mikkelsen and, coincidentally, Idris Elba), is that using known non-porn actors makes some scenes really awkward. I like the actors and the characters they play but I don't want my in-game choices and experience influenced by the meta of seeing the boss as Steve Carrel/Michael Scott. It's just... Uncomfortable...

Finally, the game needs a save to disk/hard save/backup saves option. Currently if the game is run in an incognito browser window all saved data is deleted when the window is closed.

Tips for players:

Nearly everything, including many story scenes, changes if you are transformed. Experiment!

You get more xp from the button-matching minigame the higher the multiplier is when you finish, maxing out at x10. Take your time and enjoy the scene.

Making money is very, very easy so if you want to look for scenes caused by being short of funds try to find them early on.

Review by Candy51
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-16 11:43:57

This game is very addictive ,good design ...can't wait to see what else you do with itt  . the inteface is clean and simple . very responsive

deffinatley a keeper ............As i have played further in i see one odd flaw in your game Mechanic ......i mean you in the mall you suck  guy off he blast all over your face ,it says you felt no shame ,if you dont clean off , or even if you do the next guy you blow suddenly you have shame ??? HUH


or the guy comes up offers you 80 bucks to blow him you say sure ...But it says you are not horny enough yet ..a few ass slaps later some jerk offers you $5 and suddenly you can't say no  ??????? or tell him it costs more than that ya cheap ass fuck ......


so is all of that some roll of the dice random too , or do your actions mean anything ???????/???


0.13c noticed a bug  popping up where the debug screen randomly pops open after you have 30,000 in sales ...it happens during the scenes where you are giving blowjobs at the mall or beach 

things i would like to see: more chances for sex not just blowjobs  , more interaction with stepdad after the maid event turns to sex ,more pills for more thrills ........sexy ways to get promoted at work..or exploited at work .......more sex scenes  for variety ........


Review by Shilar
Version reviewed: 0.13c on 2021-11-14 15:51:27

Quite cool, but limited to men liking women, and vice versa. Also, if stuck as a woman, you can't use other drugs in demo. I'd like it if they added lesbian scenes and situations, and make the pills do more if already a woman. Also, If a woman, all the guys want are BJs, where demonstrations get everything. Lastly, can't wait for the breeder to be more useful.

Review by goemunn
Version reviewed: 0.13 on 2021-11-10 21:34:38

this is one of the most fun and engaging games on the site! i have lost too many hours to it recently, it really is that good. there is already a fair bit of content here for a game in alpha state. sure some stats dont really matter yet, but that is ok you wont even mind. some optionss are a bit unintuitive in the sales calls, but they wont stop you from having fun and making sales.

i was coming on here to give it a review and low and behold, a new update already... guess i am diving back in!

one of my only complaints was that i wanted a slightly harder challenge option, and turns out the dev added one in this update lucky me! i like it when a game fights back and maybe you get a "bad end" that's not so bad after all ^_^

Review by Upsetti
Version reviewed: 0.13 on 2021-11-10 21:14:24

I am a big fan of the game, the gameplay loop is additicting, I enjoy preparing for a sale, and attempting to make it, I highly recommend trying it out, for at least a sale or two. I think the biggest issue with the game is that it is still in development and not all of it is there, this is acknowledged in the game description of course but that just leaves me guessing when I've finished for the moment, you might be able to snoop around files to determine that, but that could ruin surprises. It seems any other issue I could complain about is answered with an "I'm working on it." So I'll withold them for the moment.

Keep up the good work!

Review by vinrar
Version reviewed: 0.13 on 2021-11-10 05:33:59

The Dev has put in a lot of work and it shows.But the mini games are quite tedious, especially for a disabled person. I don't understand the point of those. Hope there's an option to skip them without missing out on the content is provided. And the job requires you to remember a lot another minus.

Review by firefly.red
Version reviewed: 0.12a on 2021-10-31 18:53:03

There are some really good gameplay elements here, and it definitely has some sexy factor going for it.  I would love to see additional situations you can get into, ways to build stats, and just more variety of gameplay in general.  Regardless, this is an excellent start and an impressive demo from a programmimg standpoint.

Review by Althalus
Version reviewed: 0.12a on 2021-10-31 15:06:37

I actually like this game a good bit so far. The wireframe gender morph is pretty cool too.

I’m looking forward to pregnancy content, and move pill types. Hopefully there will be more “demonstration” content, and more stuff to do outside work.

That said there are a number of things in this game that I don’t like.

The sales job is tedious, having to screenshot the stats for the company and the pill type. There’s no reason to not have that information available all the time during the sales pitch other than artificial difficulty.

The blackjack RNG is incredible frustrating, especially on the bimbo pill, but additionally on the sales job.

The effect on all the media is not my thing; I’d prefer the unfiltered/modified images.

There should be some sort of countdown when using the month long pills.

Getting totally locked out of playing with your sister because of one mistake due to the arrow game is also really frustrating.

I’ll never play a game with sounds on; I’ll either mute them or mute the whole game, I'm glad you have the option to turn them off, but I’d also recommend putting a download that doesn’t have the sounds to help folks with slower internet.

I’d rather pick my stats and have an associated score multiplier than relying on RNG. RNG sucks.

There needs to be a way to improve stats. If it’s possible to lose intelligence on certain pills you should be able to raise it back up again should you wish.

Review by Ironstag
Version reviewed: 0.12a on 2021-10-31 03:00:34

I really want to see how this game develops. It's light on content at the moment, but I like that the creator is trying some new ideas and really pushing Twine to the limit. Hopefully it doesn't stall out, this could be a classic.

Review by TotallySane
Version reviewed: 0.12a on 2021-10-30 19:12:51

I have chronic wrist tendonitis, if there is no option to skip/auto-complete the minigames its literally painful for me to keep playing.
That's an issue for me because I actually like the game and I want to play it, but the more I play it the more painful it gets.

Hopefully it gets something like a 'story mode update'.

But to healthy people I'd definitely recoomend you to try it.

Review by Centrophy
Version reviewed: 0.12a on 2021-10-30 01:59:23

A game still in early days with a lot of effort put into it. UI works and is not hideous, media selection is good, and it has audio. Writing is really basic but mostly works. Gameplay is based around daily schedules broken up into three blocks. Choices are made in the morning but there's other stuff that you do in the locations that you chose and may have a minigame or a choice. If you're into the fetish of voluntary TF into a woman through the use of pills and repetition then you'll probably enjoy this game for a bit. I'm not really into the voluntary stuff so this is automatically not for me but I'll still give a review based on what I experienced in the two or so hours I played the game before moving on.

You start the game as a man and your goal is to uhm.... get a job? Have sex? I don't know. There's no clear goals presented to the player and money is really mostly used to buy x-change pills (there's minor costs like buying drinks at the bar but there's no other big costs) so there's no real in character motivation to do these things unless the character was always wanted to transform into a female form. The problem with that "goal" is the feminzation rating which rises as the character gets groped or whatever while transformed. I guess it's supposed to color their thoughts towards feminization but as I said, the player character's only reason to transform is if they always wanted to feminize themselves but that's not really communicated to the player.

As a male character you can go get the only available job right now - sales, which I'll talk about later. Other midday activities involves going to the mall which really only has the pharmacy which sells the pills (possibly getting a random event with the stepsister character - 2 right now) and the cafe which temporarily raises a few stat when you buy coffee, going to the beach to explore the jungle and maybe find a random event (one random event), or doing nothing. Morning activities are doing chores for cash, showering (with random events with the stepsister), working out (which is an annoying minigame and as far as I can tell only temporarily raises starting stats - no permanent stat raises for you.) At night you can do nothing or go to the bar and flirt with 3 people and try to get into their pants. It's something like a voluntary sandbox.

The thing that really bugged me while playing was the sales job and how much it is reliant on keeping a text editor open to copy and paste the stats that are needed to make a sale. I can't stand how it feels too much like actual work with added RNG. The other thing is the file size. It's at 0.12a - early days and it's already almost a 3GB download. Contrary to the dev, I bet the media could be compressed even more with minor quality loss.

As for female gameplay I only played it a little since I went weeks as a man with nothing really happening outside of the stepsis events but I did play it for a bit. I went to work as a female and nothing happened (maybe you need to apply as a female to get an event). I went to the beach and could actually use it. Using it only means you'll get hit on and get groped. Doing anything will raise the feminization score. In short, play it if you want to play a female. Staying as a male doesn't add anything and since it doesn't there was no reason to not just start the game as a female character. Again, these are early days. Maybe this will change in the future but not for me right now.

Review by sappho
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 21:14:53

First of all - this is an amazing game and it's incredible how the author has pushed twine to such a degree.

Having said that, it's not for me at the moment...

I had fun playing for a few weeks in-game, but stopped when I realised

a) there's no FF content

b) the path to femininity is to take pleasure from being groped and molested

Neither of these play to my preferences, so it's not for me.

One other note - the QT is generally fine, but my computer runs a bit slow after playing for a while, especially with video in the background so I failed a couple of them despite hitting every key - it was just too laggy to pick them up in time. It would be great to provide an option to skip the QTs with something like 'pass' and 'fail' buttons so the user just chooses what to see next.

Review by elgrecko87
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 18:33:09

Loved it! Absolutely one of the best games at the moment. Especially since this is "only" on 0.12. Can't wait to see where you take it from here!

Since this is one of the bigger games, you should think about looking into doing updates instead of complete re-uploads. 

Review by Lima24Zero
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 18:09:47

The game is fantastic for what is here. Engaging enough to not just be a slide show, but not grindy enough to be boring. Its fun, I enjoy the overlay and the HUD, and the gif/audio is pretty solid too. One of the best experiences I've had here that's for sure. 

Curious though, I found myself capped at 35 Fem and not going up anymore beyond that. I know there's not a whole lot it changes (right now) but I thought I'd mention that in case there was an issue!

Review by vasheed
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 17:04:19

It's definitely a uniquely inovative game.  Lots of great concepts and fairly well flashed out game already.  Things that are initially fun, get a bit repetitive.  Definitely one of the better games I've seen in a while.

Review by erinraven
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 12:22:41

For a demo, this is pretty successful.

Definitely needs a wider range of products for the sales pitch, because I sell the MAX almost exclusively.  The product demo concept is definitely interesting and could use some more/randomized content.  There's also the repetitive grinding aspect, which doesn't appear to be building to something other than a vaguely mentioned sales reward at the start of the job, with no indication that I'm getting closer to it?

Also, definitely make this more mobile friendly - you get a miniscule content area and the sidebars are non-scrollable and the text is not size adjustable.

Some issues to work out, but a lot of promise!

Review by scolni
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 11:28:20

Game is good in concept and seems to have lots of content but the constant minigames are really annoying. Each one takes a long time and makes you watch the same repeating scene. Needs a skip mechanic or just less minigames.

Review by MikeMike
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 10:34:07

As a demo it got potential to become an instat TF classic, and the foundation is fantastic as a fab game, but there are some balancing issues with the minigames, and while some minigames are done fine in the sales demonstration parts then they tend to fall flat in other areas when the game end up becoming a constant repetition of the mini games over and over again.It is something that obviously can be fixed down the line and I guess the repetition nightmare will even out when more content are added to the game so the player have more to explore. As of right now, a lot of the variables also don't seem to trigger any real noticeable changes in the character (gender levels, identity level etc) but could later become something absolutely great if it's handled right. I am excited for another x-change game to the family of x-change games, so I hope future updates will continue to expand on the universe that this demo promises and hope it gets to live up to the potential that the game got.

Review by Klotidlak
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 10:31:47


- It does feel right

- For demo quite a lot of content

- Did not find any serious bugs, gameplay feels pretty smooth, with only a bit of grinding


- Sex Minigames are fun, but after some play can feel a bit repetitive, more variations would be nice (something like the striptease adventure with money popping up, different timers, different difficulty)

- As a girl - generic encounters can take a lot of time and force you into actions, that feel like you get blocked a bit in your gameplay (this can be bypassed by adding safeword button at the start of the game)

- It seems to be going wide in terms of character creation (like 8-9 selectable characters), which might create longterm complexity in terms of sheer size of videos for each of character's actions


Yeah pretty much creme de la creme of TfGames already. Having some hopes here.



Review by Wokthrower
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-29 10:04:18


This game is FAR too big.


Considering the game heavily Punishes content of any kind --

as the player must look for button prompts in QuickTimeEvent minigames during "Scenes" --

this game would be perfectly fine, no, much better actually, as Text-Only



I for one prefer games where one can actually look at the stuff, instead of being forced to ignore it.


Review by bobsmith3872
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 23:20:07

This game is fantastic. Amazingly well made, solid mechanics, sexy, and fun.

Review by Maruda
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 21:30:29

Oh my god, this is great.

Please please please keep working on the game, because what this already is looks and feels amazing.

Review by detraks231
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 18:58:28

This game has great potential I look forward to see what it will become in a year or two.

Review by CrystalGeyser
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 17:59:55

A classic in the making.

There's enough content there to get a feel for the direction, plenty of steamy content, and some neat game mechanics that I've not seen before. Plus X-Change is a fun subject, and you've got the bonus of all the "knockoff" brands to really shake things up.

Unironically, the sales minigame is the MVP. I could see an entire game being built around that alone. It's a pretty basic thing, you have a client with a number of traits, you can choose to research those traits and use them to pitch the product to. The game even has a handy notepad to write down client info. As time went on, I found myself going from writing verbose descriptions of the traits, to incredibly quick shorthand notes that mainly consisted of symbols and single letters. Clients with a lot of employees are the big fish you want to go after since they purchase in large volumes, but you also get to go to a 1 on 1 sales pitch meeting where you take the product and "demonstrate" it's uses.
Honestly it's kind of an addicting mode if you're into that sort of thing. I definitely hope it gets fleshed out some more and has a bit more depth. Especially since right now there's no real incentive to go after the small clients, since you don't get enough money, but also miss out on the fun scenes.

Each major action in the game has a minigame associated with it. While I don't mind it at all, and kind of think it's interesting, I do see it getting annoying for some people. I do kind of hate the Blackjack minigame. There's places it does make sense, but the places it's in now really detract from the game as it takes too long to get back into the swing of things and it's associated with some more common actions. Hopefully something else a bit more skill based and engaging takes its place.
I also wish that 90% of the images didn't have an "oil paint" filter over the top of them. It just looks bad imo. I also wish that the UI was a bit more open about stats and stuff. I'm given all of these icons, but no real way of telling exactly what they mean, as well as some stats that are missing from the area (I think). Not to mention there's nowhere to check the traits you have, and saving/loading is a bit..... weird.
That being said, this looks to be just a big vertical slice of what the Dev is capable of, and what he has in mind, so I'm willing to give it some time to really nail things down.

But yeah, right now it's worth a play. It's a great bite of something that'll hopefully shape up to be a real heavy hitter down the line. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one.

Review by newsbox
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 17:54:24

Great game, well written and thought out. Your blackjack minigame needs a little work.


Really don't like that 30s followed by another 30s. Just let me skip that with a success or failure button.

I can see it is early but honestly I found it better than many games already complete.

Review by solipsistik2
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 17:48:22

Great game. Well worth playing. Excellent concept with decently long playability.

One suggestion would be to not condense the pictures and video so much because the fidelity is so low that it actually impacts the experience. Recognize the challenges that offers, but people would probably be willing to DL and play a bigger game especially if the content is high quality. It's well curated and a shame to see such effort wasted on low res material.

Review by Trueblades
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 13:24:01

This game has amazing potentional! Im really enjoying it so far!

Review by Xara
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 12:31:41

I've been waiting on a game like this, not only is the concept of X-Change amazing, but also the idea of being a salesman and actually have to think to earn money is appealing. Looking forward for the next updates. 

Review by SluttyDanny89
Version reviewed: 0.12 on 2021-10-28 12:16:13

This game is very well built and interesting. The actual minigames linked to the sales and to sex are pretty fun and make the experience more interesting than the average games on the site. I really like it so far.

Review by Broccolicauliflower
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2021-10-28 07:13:42

I've been on this site for years and have at least tried most of the games on here, this is immediately in my top 10 on here despite being a demo, my only complaint is that it's just a demo right now, really unique style and mechanics for twine.

Give this game some more time and it could easily be one of the best games on this site. (also noticed there's no bimbo tag even though there are bimbo transformations in the game)

Review by Jinseng
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2021-10-28 02:18:19

Really great first shot. excellent writing, fleshed out stats and "combat" system.  the only issue i've seen so far is some images not loading or appearing (especially during minigames where you need to memorize image sets) otherwise though i'll be looking orward to updates from this title

Review by MugTreecko
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2021-10-28 02:07:00

I really like finding the odd twine game that dressed up to the point where you don't realise it's a twine game; here's a great example of that.

Personally I'd prefer being able to download my save just so I don't lose progress, as well as an in-game way to disable music (ocassionally it was buggy or played multiple tracks at once)

The premise is very interesting, although Blackjack feels a bit over-done - as you progress the game maybe there might be a way to influence the game? Maybe unlock something that lets you count a 22 bust as a 20 etc?


Looking forward to seeing where you go with this and what new content gets added!

Review by kasra247
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2021-10-28 00:38:01

It's alright for a demo, but the minigames kinda get in the way. Especially the card game where it's more hit or miss and not really worth the time to play more often then not.

Review by foisd
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2021-10-27 22:14:21

Game is really good!


I'd suggest adding a download link aswell, as the videos were taking forever to load