Author: Dollmistress
Version: 1.21
Last Updated: 2021-04-04 16:53:07

Review by Carrera
Version reviewed: 1.16 on 2018-04-14 09:01:14

This was/is a really good game that suffered a lot from "WTF was the author thinking?". The extra clicks needed to get around, like the elevator (if you've played it you know what I mean) is annoying as phuque!. Also, the distinct "WTF is that and WTF does that mean?" when trying to actually play the game is annoying.


BUT! Once you figure stuff out and you drug yourself up so the carpal tunnel in your wrist from phuquing clicking 14 times just to move 2 steps,,, the game is amazing.

Review by Butt-Man 3000
Version reviewed: 1.16 on 2018-04-12 03:52:32

It's very sad that this game's been abandoned, because it's very close to being something very special. The concept is awesome, as well as under explored, and there is actually a game here, unlike a lot of experiences on this site, not that interactive stories are bad, just that an actual game is ncie and refreshing.

But, this game does have some issues that make me wish that it was still being supported. Namely, over complexity and difficulty. There is a lot going on in this game, which is impressive that RAGS can ran it at all, as there is some real management gameplay here, but, that game is not very good at explaining to you what it is you have to do, and it is very easy to stuff it up, and loose the game before seeing any of it. I've put quite a few hours into this game, and yet I've barely scratched the surface, as the opening hurdle is so high, I have never been able to actually get into the game, because I always manage to mess it up.

If this game had some sort of tutorial, some different difficulty modes, a more complete guide to starting off, and possibly a debug mode, than god damn, this it's be definatly one of my top games on the site, patreon worthy. But at it's current, abandoned state, the game has a lot of issues. It's definatly a lot of fun, and a really cool game, but a flawed one.

It's very frustrating, because it's flaws aren't in it's concept, and could be fixed, but as this game's reaching 5 years without an update, it must be accepted that this is all we're getting. And god damn that is frustrating.

Review by Midnight_Omni
Version reviewed: 1.16 on 2017-07-12 05:54:50

This game needs cheats. The level of complication and difficulty snuffs out the erotic content, and while I can see the potential, it's just squandered on too much ambition.

Review by Nevermore
Version reviewed: 1.16 on 2014-03-17 02:01:48

 I wanted to like this. I really, really did. It had, and technically still does have, so much potential.


 First the good. The concept is one that I love, where you are, in essence, mounting a mind-control slaving operation that builds up your base in an effort to conquer a city. And perhaps more though I never got that far. It really lets you feel like a commander, a conqueror, and a dominator, seducing the city, building your army, and playing with the lives of innocent people for your own personal amusement. That might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was certainly mine, and I loved it. There is crafting, and research, you can attack facilities, and maintain a standing army. And it is wonderfully erotic throughout the entire process, with plentiful and varied pictures that you wouldn't want to share with your mother. The little actual sex writing I got to wasn't impressive, but it was easily overlooked amidst the ample suggestive content and nudie pictures. In short, this game had a lot worth experiencing for me... And then it punished me for experiencing it.


 The game thrusts you into command with very little help available. The help that is there at first looks comprehensive, but at second glance is mainly just story building and telling you what you can get later if you play your cards right. And while that is cool, a step by step how-to would have been nice. A lot of things you can figure out though, fairly quickly even, and then you can start doing things and owning your base! Only you don't! Because you have a mission that you have to perform or else you're toast! And that's fine, nothing comes with no strings attached, and it's a significant time in, so you have plenty of time to perform it... Except that you need specific buildings constructed. And you have no idea what building connects to what in your facility until you actually build them. The buildings needed for your missions will be reliant on other buildings, and they take time and money and slaves, and if you haven't gotten them built then, in the right order in plenty of time, you're screwed. Also, you need to go out and steal a car, without anyone telling you, before you start doing the occasional side-missions, because apparently they figured you'd know to build a garage or parking lot, then go scavenge until you found a car.


 Between not knowing what buildings lead to what other buildings, and the timelines for mission success, you're pretty much sure to fail. Everything feels like a mad scramble to figure things out, with stringent requirements that everyone expects you to already know without telling you. If you want to relax, and actually feel like you're in control, you first have to experiment and experience and build as rapidly as you can, JUST to figure out the building patterns, and then write it down so that you never forget and have to go through that pain again. And I could forgive that. It drove me crazy, but I could forgive it. I was actually willing to keep doing that, with ample breaks in-between to get my raging under control, so that I could figure things out, and thus get it all built in ample time to just have fun and feel like I was running the show. And then I got fired/mind-wiped/some combination of the two, for being too nice... ... ... Really? I'd been kidnapping girls and keeping them in my basement before mind-wiping them for storage purposes. That was too nice? It felt completely out of the blue and without proper justification, so I quit, and haven't played the game again since.


 So like I said, I wanted to like this game. I wanted to love this game. I could have easily spent weeks of my life playing it if it'd told me how to get the right buildings to do the missions, and just not actively looked for a reason to have me scrapped. But at the end, the feeling of power is a complete lie, your life is in someone else's hands, and that someone else happens to not only be a sadistic bitch (not in the fun way), but almost random in her decision making. In sum, this game has a lot to say for it. It can give you a good deal of pleasure. But it feels like it's actively punishing you for using it, and not in any of the fun ways. Play it for brief thrills, but don't try to get in it for the long hall... It won't let you.

Review by TimtheEnchanter
Version reviewed: 1.16 on 2013-09-28 19:41:55

I would like to give this game four stars, I really would. There are many usability issues, redundant actions, missing information and so on but to give it four stars would not be a fair representation of the game. It really is one of the most entertaining games I have played in a long time and I am including big budget games in that (although I have yet to play GTA V). The writting and attention to detail are excellent, the feeling of progression is superb and the idea behind the game is not only original but so well developed that I could not bring myself to mark down the game. This is the sort of game that I'm sure many other developers on the site wanted to make, tried to make and then got bored and abandoned it, there is so much effort that has gone into creating this that you cannot help but be impressed. Truly a must-play for anyone who has a few hours to spare and a lock on their door!

Review by ianopolos
Version reviewed: 1.0.9 on 2013-07-21 06:50:11

Long time i havent play this good game, one of better in Rags.

But i cant finish it its too difficult in day 40 i got call and then i was destroyed.

It has crashes also/

Review by Anon21
Version reviewed: 1.0.9 on 2013-07-20 16:10:53

I liked this a lot at the start, but found some usability aspects very frustrating.  I hope it is still being updated.

Review by Ancalador
Version reviewed: 1.0.9 on 2013-05-20 16:27:34

I like the game so far but would greatly appreciate being able to turn the music off while playing


*edit*: found that i can in fact do so eventually!


Complicated but enjoyable game.