The Experiment

Author: RobynRed
Version: 0.4.1
Last Updated: 2022-06-24 09:36:32

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2022-04-29 21:53:33

The Experiment is a game that has different themes, depending on the "room" you join in the game. The game is mainly in text, not overwhelming but you definite need to do some reading. There is a well made western style avator with changable body parts which is quite impressive. The UI itself is prelim but neatly done.

You are drawn to an experiment of some sorts for no reason and was turned into a redhead along with some other changes in no time, which the character feels totally okay.

Then you are given a laptop to pick a room to run through. I picked the second room. It is a rectangular shape area with blocks of rooms with different random? encounters. There is a hint of Trap Quest but not as intensive and focused. Without a target (trap quest: look for the stairs, or altar, or explore the map) it quickly becomes confusing if not a bit boring. I have to find my own way to entertain myself. say, should I do it anticlockwise, clockwise, or stay in the middle rooms? They are all random encounters in a big rectangle so there seems like little point exploring the map. So I went North, West, South, East and investigate anything that was thrown at me.

The lewd part of the game is okay. body transformation, femdom, penis growing and chastity, bondage, etc. more themes in that other room I did not explore. if this is your main focus, give it a go.

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 2022-04-29 00:41:05

This seems to be one of those dungeon explorer type of games, similar to Trap Quest.

Althought at the moment the game is more textual than visual, there is a concerted attempted by the author to provide their own artwork for the game which is admirable. Though I'd highly suggest a clickable map for exploring/navigating the dungeons, although I do like that each dungeon room also shows completion status, so perhaps just add a visual minimap in the top right corner of the screen?

I'd also like to see hotkeys for navigation, maybe if you do make the dungeons traversibe, one could navigate using WASD keys, and search the dungeon with spacebar? That'd surely be more streamlined for the end user, and then you could just focus on the dungeon-specific content.

The author is jokingly harsh on themselves, when you go to equip items, they self-shift blame for being lazy and only adding a single outfit. Bah, don't worry about artwork for now, just focus on adding more dungeon varieties, perhaps some semblence of a story behind it all. Either way, it has been years since I played Trap Quest, I'm positively excited about what this game can become. But what I can say with certainty is that you can supplement the drawn artwork with pictures from the web, at least until you find the time or outsource the artwork. Hand drawn is a nice touch, but I'm cautious of it eating away precious dev time.

So, overall, glad to be the first reviewer, the game already has working dungeons so check them out, although it's definitely an early beta.