Tentacle Ball

Author: ArcDragon
Version: build 7-2a
Last Updated: 2022-07-02 20:49:32

Review by ggkgedhjoyv
Version reviewed: build 7-2a on 2022-07-03 16:06:50

This game is lily's magical girl contest without the tg, but fleshing out more content beyond a simple cyoa. The tf system is very well done, although some scenes are missing. Game was fun for the time it lasted, about 2 hours.


The Good:

-Well written

-Good TF system

-Plot is fine for the type of game

-Character Progression makes sense and relates to the game's themes very well.


The Sad:

-Got about 50 days in before I started to run out of content. Were more sections to explore but it didn't seem like they added anything new. Could be wrong.

-Was really hoping a pregnancy route would be completed or at least have a tf. I let monsters take me over and over but all I got was a sleep message about morning sickness and nothing else. Went about 50 days spamming and nothing came up.

-360 days is a lot for the amount of content currently present. I could see there being a lot of content that was good but I never saw because I wasn't willing to play another 5 hours to reach it.


Overall, a solid entry for now, could easily progress to being top tier. Would like to note to the author that I read the version history in the game and I agree those notes seem to be 2 forward 1 back. I personally think just commiting to moving the plot and game forward would be the best rather than trying to perfect the earlier work done, but it's your game!