TF Slot Machine

Author: Surume
Version: 0.03 difficulties
Last Updated: 2022-08-06 17:37:34

Review by Veave
Version reviewed: 0.02 boobies on 2022-08-04 13:10:50

Well hello there!

The game is off to a great start so far! For the most part, the best plan to get anywhere is to immediately try to transform both of the ladies, the bonuses currently do not seem that large but any little bit helps. After playing it once again, I still find the grind to break even will usually take around 100+ turns. I think a few small Quality of Life changes and other general suggestions you could consider for the next update would be:

It might be the time to make the confession that I have not yet beat the game. The gameplay loop is still somewhat short for me and the goal of getting 5000 credits is actually more difficult than it looks. Despite getting 1200 credits each orgasm, the amount of credits it takes to get the orgasm usually equals the amount you recieve.