Alone Amongst Demons

Author: gjbindels
Version: Final Version Bug fix
Last Updated: 2016-04-27 01:53:46

Review by relattic
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2020-02-14 01:17:29

after years of playing games on this site and finally getting around to this, I can confidently say that this is BY FAR the best game on this site.

Review by willowsimmons1
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2019-04-15 21:50:23

Favorite game on the site. Some grindy battles earlier on, but great pacing and writing.


For those looking for a link to the final version, see my post on the last page of the forum thread.

Review by Shayoko
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-10-25 12:00:23

This needs a lot of improvement

Thoughts Spoilers
The start of the game made no sense because you build up a character that you won't be using for the core of the game.
there should not of been any pointless battles to waste time on something that will be useless later.
which is even worse later because a lot of enemies don't even give experience! and when you are a single party member with no hit all ability. the game becomes slower than it should be.since you almost always fight 2-3+ enemies a battle.

The dialog needs a large amount of improvement with grammar and punctuation.
even the events needs improvement. seeing dialog from characters that you are not controlling or not in your party.
i dropped this because it needs too much improvement.

regardless i did enjoy the atmosphere of hell and playing as a succubus. this has potential to be a good experience. but right now i wouldn't recommend it.

Developer forgot to remove saves (should be a installer so that doesn't happen)

Immersion breaking things like having a chest with money outside your house even tho in the story all you had was what your mom left you.
or having butterfly sprites instead of bee sprites which was even worse because some were not encounters.
also when you are arrested it does not make sense to keep the money you stole.
or how your succubus friends say you have not had sex for months which is wrong because she did it with you before she took your body. which was only 1-2 days ago.

The dialog needs a lot of improvement.

there is delays when getting into battles and the after battle part.

You can remove the equipment from Tiona (Paladin you find) and use it for yourself.

You can go back into the haunted house after escaping. this not only makes no sense. but you can see dialog with the girl who is no longer in your party.

When you go on the mission to kill the leader of the undead. you're character still asks what they are supposed to do like she was never told.

After breaking one of the sealing stones the cave entrances dialog does not change.

too many undead near the leader...if you rushed passed them. you get surrounded and the cut scene is annoyingly interrupted with battles.

game needs more restriction events so you don't go where you shouldn't
^slime dungeon and area to right of dorms after you get control of shina again are some examples.

after controlling the healer succubus and switching back the game still thinks you're playing as her so a lot does make sense.

dialog needs more punctuation

Review by Brigantrino
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-10-12 12:28:02

Love it , the story , the music , the twist ,it did had some issues and there was room for more but great game overall, hopefully Mone will show up The Change, I wanna kick some angel butt.

Review by stevee1742
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-08-21 08:58:54

first off i very much like the story here. it is well written, and well told. however the combat is next to impossiable. again and again i ran into situations where bosses will instantly kill you and send you to the game over screen. i had to save cheat in order to over over the huge health bars of both the bosses and the endless waves of mobs. further it seems that most of the game has you clearing whole maps of mobs to progress, which ultimately is just a time sink. then what ended the game for me is fighting the undead queen (the 2nd time), where she will just cast darkness. for those who don't know this does about 900 damage or in other terms one shot evey one in the party in one go.

other than this gripe there are a few minor bugs that have you closing the game and reloading. mostly standing in the wrong place before tlaking to a npc, as they are going to move where you are standing and thus can't leaving you standing there forever unable to move. other than this there is no quest log so trying to find where you need to go next is just a matter of wlaking around clicking on everything till something happens.

great story, very bad gameplay.

Review by Volendi
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-08-09 03:56:52

First, the good: Very good game, good concept, great story (especially near the end, where *SPOILER* reveals she's *SPOILER SPOILER* and *SPOILER* *SPOILER*!), you can really tell a ton of work went into it. It is also complete, story-wise, not just marked as such.  HUGE bonus, especially on this site... seems like the unfinished games graveyard sometimes  T_T.  Music was good, have it all dl'ed to my ipod =^_^=.  

now, the bad: typos and misspellings out the wazoo (everywhere), and some weird /PB/ sign popping up in dialogues everywhere.  Also, frequent game-freezing glitches in many places (last elf before top left forest switch, first confrontation with green-suited guy if not entering screen just right, several more...), as well as some smaller ones.  Cowfarm clock disappeared after the second time and never came back, and music/sounds glitched a couple of times to where I had to endure through the battle, and save/reset to refresh it (only time I remember for certain when it happened was first succubus battle after castle had been attacked, the single one at the crossroads).  Also, the game only acknowledged 2 of the elf maids when the main character talked about them in the utopia dialogue... all 3 showed up when the rooms were unlocked, but panicked and went back through from orc village quest to utopia, and it still did it.  Played through, and everything was alright.

the semi-bad? (call it the ugly, keeping with the theme, altho not so ugly): Honestly, was very confused as to where to go and what to do before noticing someone else had made a guide in the forums. Got stuck so much!  Had to reset after finding the guide, missed the haunted house completely!  Maybe consider using their guide as a start to making an official one?  Or putting theirs up as an official walkthrough?  It was kind of bad as far as guide quality goes, but it was a HUGE help!  HUGE!  Also would've liked to see more about the angels you can encounter at a few spots in the story, as well as the green-suited poetry spouting guy!  Fight balance was a bit wonky in places, but more in an annoying kind of way (I'm looking at YOU, snakes!).  Not having to grind, and having levels given out at speed of plot was actually kind of a refreshing change!

All in all, thank you very much for this fun game, and please finish the other one, too!  Looking very forward to it!  =^_^=

Review by zarock
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-05-30 09:55:02

Sometimes it is unclear where you need to go or what you need to do, so the walkthrough is very much needed. I'd also recommend keeping a couple saves up at any given time, to be on the safe side. However, despite those issues it is my favorite game on the site, I love some of the characters, particularly Eveline, and think the story is very well-written. The combat is generally well balanced, though there are a couple annoying fights. I'd love to see more games like this.

Review by boh56
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-03-02 11:55:32

This game has some really annoying issues, there are parts where because I didn't do something the exact way the creator wants the game just couldn't progress, the first night when Evilina said I could go to sleep I went out to explore, came back, she's a few steps below her bed instead of in it, go to sleep, next morning she walks into a wall and the game crashes, you only have that one save? Well fuck you start over from the start, that one wasn't so bad, got back to there in an hour, first day of school same thing, I walked around before talking to her after the assembly, when I went to talk to her I was in the middle, so she couldn't move to talk to the one behind me and the game crashes, again not too annoying, the worst thing though is with the angel I freed from the statue, dunno her path, went straight to the cave, since I thought it was the escape point, I was wrong, no harm no foul right? WRONG. That boulder puzzle you needed to solve? Its only one way, no way back, I tried teleporting home, but now there are fucking guards preventing me from going back up, so I'm screwed, this is the DAY 5 QUEST by the way so all the time spent, is now useless, the creator just made no contingency for anything, he didn't make alternate walking paths for any character so if you happen to stan in an unexpected place the game will crash and you gotta start over, if you try to explore and come back to find the npc is not where its supposed to be, your game is gonna crash and you gotta start over, he didn't make any way to go back if you made a mistake, he just expects everyone to either use the walkthrough or get it right the first time, and if not, fuck you start over from the beginning.

The game is still really good despite the issues, so if you want to get it have fun, but those are just th issues I encountered, there might be more so prepare for frustration and the possibility of having to start over from the beginning if something happens

Review by kussms
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-01-06 18:37:15

Thank you for making this game!

Overall I really enjoyed the game... even with all the bugs I encountered. Fortunately I always had a save game to go back. The story was great and you had some cool ideas (e.g. the fight in your head *G*). Most negative points were outlined by the previous reviews already, so I don't go over them again.

What I like to add:

  1. When I had to kill the orc boss I had to reload a save game, since I helped the last elve after killing the boss. So he got transformed into a cow and back in the school the characters tells the teacher he got transformed into a sexdoll!? Better safe than sorry... I repeated the mission and helped the elves first.
  2. The dragon... he caught me and being able to stunlock him with the maid I whipped him and whipped and whipped and whipped... not funny. It took a long time and wasn't enjoyable.
  3. When I should go to the 1st trial, I went to the school and accepted the quest from the succubus in the library... "hello full party, could you please leave me alone, so I can enter the dragon land, tia!?". Save games ftw :|
  4. I managed to beat the triple succubus team with my 3rd try - paralyze was my friend (and rng I guess). I went to the final boss and well... after several exhausting tries I gave up. So I searched for a walkthrough and found out, that you can get a lvl boost from the fire spirit... GG! After getting the boost it was basically a "piece of cake" .____.
  5. On the final day the enemies are super fast, but you can always escape them... unless you get boxed by 4. I don't see the point in introducing such a game mechanic. It's annoying to get into a fight just to select the escape option.
  6. I had like -55 corruption at the end. I wonder how the game changes when you get a high corruption, but I can’t be arsed to play the game a second time to find it out. The replay value is just too low :(

For anyone who needs a walkthrough, you can find it in the forum.


Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-01-03 01:05:18


 Syranium, there is a sequel.  Just click on the author's name.



Review by Gangrel
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-01-01 19:11:02

Someone mentioned a walkthrough?  If the author permits, could a link to that be posted here?


I know the answer to Void's question, but the exact spelling of "He's In His Coffin" so that the game accepts it, eludes me.

Review by Syranium
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2017-01-01 08:07:29

Great game I was a bit sad when I realized there would probably be no sequel to this game. Lots of inconvenients bugs but really great story. I would love to see a sequel to this game.

Review by BobbyJoe52
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2016-12-30 09:52:03

I love this game so far the story was really brillant and the M2F plot was very good!!

I really will love to see more but I give up on Day 7 (at the Queen of the Undead Boss, it's seem that my game doesn't follow the Walkthrough. I only beat bones, no Undead Dragon or Undead Queen and when I go out of the dungeon, I am unable to find Tera.)

So yes... sorry,  but I  also hate this game.

Why ??

So so so frustrating  on many level!!!

The combat balance is very very difficult. Almost each ennemy is a PV tank, kill them are so long and boring. They also are very powerful and the only attack that is really effective is confusion but it also cost a lot of mana and you can't use it too much. On almost each turn you must heal you team because ennemies can kill you in two turn. Potion cost you a lot of money and Heal cost you mana. A fight generally reward you with a little money but cost you a lot of money in potions. So combats become quickly almost impossible. It's not fun, especially for casual gamers or for people who prefer to focuse on story than on combats. I'm sorry to said that, but for me the only way to go trough combats was Cheat Engine...

Fighting ennemies, give not you XP so you are all the time trying to avoid or escape combats (anyway like I said before they are too difficult). It's not fun again.

Objectives are sometimes confusing (the maid for example) and I want to thanks King Size for his Walkthrough. Without I would have given up long before. It seem that RPG maker doesn't have a quest log, so if it's possible, a good idea would be to place an NPC wich call you back your objectives when you talk to him.

I'm sad to be unable to see more of the game but anyway, I want to thank gjbindels for created this game, it's a huge work :) and I also hope the future games will be less difficult.
(maybe a "casual gamer" release with ennemies less powerful)

Thanks again and keep up the good work ;)





Review by Rilinku
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2016-08-29 18:18:21


I really like this game and I'm very glad that it was finally completed. I really enjoyed the plot and storyline, the characters were fairly interesting, and I was delighted by some of the unexpected twists and turns. You can tell that the author put a lot of time and thought into both the game and the world it takes place in, as I find myself feeling compelled to explore and learn more about that world. The soundtrack choice was excellent. The non-random battles wonderfully improved the gameplay over typical RPG Maker games. And I enjoyed the attention to the details of day-to-day life in the underworld that were depicted, such as eating, bathing, and daily routine.


The story-based leveling that takes place through most of the game is something I have mixed feelings about. I like that I don't have to worry about level grinding, but at the same time I don't like not being able to get stronger at will, especially when faced with difficult parts.


I hate to say it, but this game lacks polish, which is a shame considering how good it is otherwise. The grammar is a mess, a lot of the enemy and face graphics are distorted, a lot of the hentai is censored, many of the maps are blocky and excessively large, and there are plenty of bugs and glitches. Some of the dialogue feels very unnatural. Game difficulty can feel unbalanced and excessive at times. And that rock-pushing puzzle is absurdly counterintuitive.


I love this game, and I would love to see it reworked with a higher degree of polish. That's really the only thing keeping this great game from being a phenomenal game. I tip my hat to gjbindels and hope to see more content from them in the future, as they clearly have talent in game making.

Review by mfluci23
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2016-08-25 05:58:36

This game is sweet so far, but I just cant seem to understand how to pass the boulder pushing puzzle, the one you get after the priest scene.

It seems like its impossible to pass, could anyone help in some way please?

Review by Tiffany~
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2016-07-03 08:08:54

It's always hard to find complete games of this type so the completion of this was a welcome change. The story is very engaging and I didn't see the twist at the end coming at all (I won't say which one). The only thing I will say is that some of the coding isn't the best at times, there's people in a few places at once etc and that the english isn't perfect, For a native speaker you shouldn't have any problem but it might be harder to infer some bits if you're not. Overall this game is really fun! It's rare to find an engaging story like this and it makes up for the comparative lack of porn in the game but that's not to say this game doesn't have it's moments! The characters are also really fun, especially the Queen but anyway, play it already!

Story- Great

Gameplay- Good with a few hiccups

Art and smut- A little lacking but still fun

Gametime- Decent, for me it was about 16 hours

Thank you for the game!


-Tiff x

Review by spadge
Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 2016-06-13 00:45:42

I have to agree that this is among the top five games on this site.  It's so beautifully done.  An interesting fully realized story, and simply a lot of fun to play from start to finish. 

Review by DeeAbel
Version reviewed: Final on 2016-04-26 03:19:24

Just came along to say that This game is one of the best games on this site in my opinion. it has a decent length to it sell constructed gameplay, consequnces to your actions and combat which is challenging but not impossible.


The only slightly difficult thing that people seem to have is the fact that it requires RPG Maker VX ACE to run this can be found here Hope this helps.

Review by myky92
Version reviewed: 10 on 2016-04-14 09:45:17

Amazing game, clearly a lot of hard work went into this. But there are two glaring downfalls, specifically, many times it is not very clear where you are to do, and the punishingly hard combat, especially if, paradoxically, you save too much. The game seems to assume you are always loaded with potions, and you can just brute heal your way tgrought anything.

In these kinds of games, in my opinion, combat does not need to be so hard AT ALL.

Review by w21dbb
Version reviewed: 10 on 2016-04-07 17:20:05


well what can I say about this game.. well heck a lot, but i'm going to make this short and sweet,

This game is fun, has tons of play time if you want a game that you can play for awhile this is one.

The story is good aswell not going to spoil anything, it will make you think about some of your actions.

Also the game can be taxing on a few (not many) tables but easy on destops and laptops.


Great game, look foward to more of your work.

Review by xvibex
Version reviewed: 10 on 2016-04-07 14:47:41

If I had a dollar for every mistake and bug I encountered in this game as far as I've played it I would not need to work another day in my life. 


"Damn afcourse i am in what i did last night. what came over me. how did i let it come so far why did i get so horny"

This window of text alone racks up over 15. Ranging from improper puctuation (or none at all) to sentances making no god damn sense at all. This isnt just some anal complaint about lazy English. This is elementary school quality I'd expect from a 3rd grader. To be honest, I'm surprised you even bothered to capitalize the D in damn.


I've seen enough, I'm out.

Review by Kalessis
Version reviewed: 9 on 2016-03-12 04:57:38

There are many RTP types on the net.

I have RTP ACE, VX and i believe one more instaled on my PC.

You need to have the exact version of the program not only the extension file.

I belive You need the ACE version to run this game but i honestly don't remember :]


BTW... awesome game, i'm still playing thou and i really hope that if the game is still being developed, that it won't end up abbandoned.

Either way cheers to it's maker and i really hope to see more in the future.


9.9/10 - there are some very minor things that i thing are kinda buggy, and there was this damn litle necklace that I only recently found due to lack of solid leads ;)

Review by sadarsa
Version reviewed: 9 on 2016-02-10 06:46:59

Havent been able to get the game to work, my first error was that i was missing RGSS202E.dll so after some searching on the net, i found it and added it into the game file. Then i stargetd getting an error saying that i was missing the RTP. searched for that, downloaded and tried to get it to work... that also failed, with it still telling me it was missing the RTP. Then i intergrated the 2 files and tried launching the game from the RTP folder itself... nope, still no RTP even though it's being launch from withing the bloody rtp itself...

i give, sounds like an interesting game... i may play it sometime when it works.

Review by rudeawaken
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-10-09 12:44:07

I enjoyed this greatly. especially the storyline that has had me wanting more

 Its been awhile since i reviewed this, since my first review the game, has come very far, with many more sex scenes and corruption chances as the game goes on, this game is amazing, and i hope gjbindels keeps up the good work.

Review by himekochan
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-09-30 20:07:21

I have to say I am not far in this game however just the context of the storyline has literally just made this one of my favorite games on this site, and I do not say that lightly this story and game is literally perfect and fits all my likes really. I know the story gets more involved and all and I REALLY love how this is going! so if you like TG and Succubus, and OH SO Cute hentai, with deeper story lines this game is perfect for you.

Review by HohesHaus
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-09-30 03:24:26

A very promising game. The game has a very good and fresh setting. The story is interesting as far as I can say. Only downside are the bad resolution of the pictures and a few typos, at some parts of the game, the mechanics are a little bit rough, like disappearing characters after a trigger event. But there are no game stopping bugs. All in all a good work, and over time the game these teething problems will disappear.  The game is definitly worth a shot.

Review by Sarilia
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-07-08 16:08:31

Plus: I really liked the story line and the scenario. It had a few good twists that I wasn't expecting, like the Test. I wanted to keep playing to see what was going to happen next and where it was all going. I liked that the way enemy encounters worked, and the plot-progression style of leveling, in place of experience based leveling, was an interesting way to switch things up from the norm. I felt like I really had to work to get anywhere, especially after the first in-game week, but it wasn't so difficult as to be no fun. The main characters were interesting and had more depth than I expected them to.

Minus: The game had some really bad bugs that took away from the experience. Notable bugs were text being skipped past too quickly, the cowfarm timer interrupting battles, and a glitch which prevented me from completing the quest where you clear the orcs out of the easternmost part of the plains. Many scenes, locations, and dialogues could have had more depth, without much in the way of extra work. The writing was good, but bad spelling and punctuation took away from it a lot. Difficulty levels seemed to jump around a little. The "ewww, I'm gonna have to have sex, poor me!" mentality of Juka's was overdone and beaten to death, IMHO.

I'd rate this game 6/10, but if the author cleans it up it could easly be an 8 or 9. There is lots of potential here :)

Review by AoS
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-05-27 00:43:22

This is one hell of an awesome game. The combat is challenging, the music is pretty awesome, the erotic aspects are well done with good writing and images (Unfortunately the bottom UI window overlaps the images but such a minor detail) and the story is really cool. I'm not usually a big fan of bodyswaps prefering actual transformation of the PC but this is just fine and there appears to be more transformation planned for later in game so don't worry about that. 

What I love most is having a great story with slow corruption, either embracing it as it comes or resisting. Can't emphasise enough just how awesome it is, makes everything else have more weight and is the driving force of the game.

Unfortunately I completely missed the cowfarm but I'm assuming I just missed a que to talk to the right person.


I eagerly look forward to the day this gets more content and hopefully, eventually finished. (I have high hopes for Nora as well, need to check that out too)

Overall, love this game, one of the best. A huge thanks to everyone involved in creating and sharing this game. (gjbindels obviously :P)

Review by MangaGod
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-05-04 18:43:38

Felt I should add this even though it says nothing about the actual game.  The music bg for the game is AMAZING, it was uplifting when it needed to be sad when it needed to be.  Appropriate music can make or break a game and they did an amazing job!

Review by Jackthelycan
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-05-02 09:06:12

Fantastic game, combat can be a tad hard later on with no way to regain mana in certain area's other than that the game is -not- complete and has not had an update that I know of for a good long while which is a damn shame, whats here is brilliant and well crafted just be warned before you get too invested, you will be upset when you hit the abrupt end that will likely be there forever  6/10 score, again its a brilliant game but without being finished or given any more attention by the dev? Its a hard game to love when you know Its over before its time.

Review by fathar8
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-03-28 20:25:10

I think that this is gonna be a great succubus game, when finished. Might be almost at Monster Girl Quest game level or above according to how the creator decides to do with the game.

Review by NarutoUzumaki
Version reviewed: 8 on 2015-01-29 06:06:04

Keep Going! Gjbindels!

Review by nathanstorm
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-12-03 19:44:33

This is by far one of my favorite rpg maker games.   Let me just say the story is great the theme boy turned succubus awesome.  Most games in the rpg maker world come out and you can't get far because there incomplete...   This game is playable and it makes you want more...  So thumbs up to the Author of a great game.  I can honestly say I can play your game for days and want to play it again.  For a first game your doing great work...   And for those complaining that your not a native english speaker so you have some errors, those hammerheads are not obviosly aware that if English is not your native language it is not easy to pick up.   I believe if I remember correctly its one of the hardest languaged to get a good grasp on...   So keep up the good work and I will enjoy seeing more of this game and any future games you happen to create...  this is by far one of my favorites and believe me when I say I have played almost all of them...

Review by imperatrixxx
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-09-24 18:00:29

A well-made game, an interesting plot. It is worth to play.

Review by liniul
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-08-26 19:14:26

I think some of the reviews for this game have been very unfair, for a first effort at making a game it is a fantastic effort.


Some reviewers have said the writing is poor, there are grammatical errors,it boring  etc.This is very unfair.Admittedly, the introduction when you play as the male character is not that exciting and you could get a poor impression of the game.However, once you get transformed into a succubus and dragged to hell it is great fun and the story is very good, entertaining, and very funny at times.Yes, there is the occasional spelling error , but this is  I think rather spiteful to pick on the occasional spelling error when  the author has made such a good story. 


What is good about the game? Well as I said it can be very funny, and entertaining.I particularly like some of the characters in the game ,and love the whole going to succubus school theme after being transformed.I like the game a lot and I think the quality of the story is very high. It does have its flaws which I will get to later.


So what bad about the game? Well some times there is too much to do on a particular day and  sometimes its not clear what you have to do , or when.This can be very  frustrating.In other words the story, which is the most important thing, is not the problem.Instead it is the  authors inexperience and the early development stage of the game.I have noticed that in some rpg maker games when you enter a new area, the name of the area briefly appears on the screen .Perhaps meaningful names of the particular areas, and the occasional marker to guide the player could really help out with this, as well as doing less in a particular day?I'm just throwing out ideas.


Unfortunately there is not much hentai art in the game, but is doesn't distract too much from the game because the story is so good.However, it would make the game magnificent if the  author could get some good artist to collaborate with in the development of the games as there are some really excellent possibilities in the storyline.For example in one scene a fellow succubus cleans your back with her breast, now that  scene is practically begging for hentai art!I played a game recently overwhored where the art was fantastic perhaps  the author might ask those artist if they would help out? Again I am just throwing ideas out there.

So for the writing I would give the author 4.5 stars minus 1 for the frustrating factors = 3.5 stars overall.However, the potential for this game is huge and it would be very sad for the project to fade away.


Review by Jessie_Laurent
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-06-13 20:58:18

Genuinely, deeply, disappointingly overrated.  The sex is described in a stilting way, the dialogue is third rate, and the grammar is absolutely atrocious.  You may discount this review because I didn't play far, but I didn't because the music didn't fit the setting, the characters were flat, the combat boring, and as I said, it was simply poorly written.  Considering how much I looked forward to playing it, this is a huge letdown.



Review by codknight
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-05-05 00:28:52

Great game with very well developped plot.  My only real complaints are that the number of enemies in areas does not reflect the importance of said enemies and at certain points it's east to get lost since the last directions given are not the most specific.  Like at one point you are told yo meet in front of the dorms after exploring the town, but first you must do some side quests that are no where near the dorms or town, and is not implied at all.  Other than those two things there is also the minor issue of lag on screens with a lot of animation like with fire and lava.  Overall great game just with a few quirks that you can work around with enough time.

Review by Twinklecupcakes
Version reviewed: 8 on 2014-05-03 02:05:51

My favorite game on this site i cant wait for more updates

Review by Aleke01z
Version reviewed: 7 on 2014-04-11 13:34:02

Cant wait next upd

Review by HeWhoIsMany
Version reviewed: 6 on 2014-03-30 12:21:56

This is easily my favorite RPG maker game here on the site. The mental transformation is so slow, it really works in a narrative sense. It's occasionally a little difficult, but it's well-written enough for me not to care. My only recommendation: make more content! Soon!

Review by Ichigo3924
Version reviewed: 6 on 2014-03-09 00:06:06

My dear lord, this game is so well done, the slow progression of the main character getting used to their succubus body, and thus becoming corrupted is quite good. Only one word is needed for this: MOAR.

Review by gyromite
Version reviewed: 5 on 2013-06-17 01:07:54

The style of the game first flows with a tedious haunted castle with the potential bad endings that end up with little humor and doesn't feel that fleshed out, until you meet the succubus that changes the main protagonists world upside down. The element of the title is present when you get to a certain part of the game and only based on the actions you take are marvelous and witty, the balance of choice are rewarding hand you soon find yourself deciding on how your hero becomes based on yor decisions you take. 


There is the element of horrible battles you do not level up from and seems to be more tedious then anything in the game, asking yourself "what is the point I fighting if I get nothing in the end?" 


Overall, the story Kia the strong point in the game. Highly recommend this game if your looking for an in depth psyche of a hero who's still deciding who they want to become! Good job and keep up the good work on the game!