The School

Author: sampka
Version: 0.0.18g(Patreon)
Last Updated: 2022-10-01 22:02:18

Review by lohu1
Version reviewed: 0.0.18g(Patreon) on 2022-10-03 13:39:42

So far it shows a lot of promise.

It's obvious that a lot of stuff are work in progress, stuff such as empty stores, and there are bugs like how exiting the destination dialog in Beach subway station will cause the game to softlock. Currently some dialogs are full of typos and punctuation errors ("their" instead of "there", or a 30-word sentence without any commas in the middle) so if you're a grammar police, you should hold off playing this game for a while.

But overall the idea is plenty solid and the execution is very good considering the game is in early development.

Review by TotallySane
Version reviewed: 0.0.18f(Patreon) on 2022-09-25 19:30:06

Review by pingguo:
English is definitely not the first language of the author. That said it is not bad. The story was told by not English but a foreign language written in English, say, it said, "The school was not happy." which probably means "Everyone in the school wasn't very happy." I actually like it this way. Very cute and easy to read. It feels like listening to Korean Pop songs... 

While there were a few spelling mistakes and minor grammar errors, the authors grasp on the english language is pretty good. Not only the writing but also the pacing is good. I did not notice mistakes that went far beyond having a verb in the wrong tense and even that not very often. And the school feeling happy is intentional if you read the intro:

All that care, all that attention, can have an effect. At Hill Street High School, it did. The place gained something of a soul of its own. It took care of the students...


Review by theusernameistoolong
Version reviewed: 0.0.18f(Patreon) on 2022-09-25 16:41:15

I am on Mac and for some reason whenever I try to boot up the game it crashes. I have made the MacOs document an executable, does anyone else know why I could be having this issue?

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.0.18b (Patreon) on 2022-09-14 22:12:21

version 0.0.17b

30 minutes into the game and I have something to say


This game is built on MZ the latest RPGMaker engine. Lets say it is so much better than the old interface. It actually is a combination of the modern look with the old rpg interface. Everything looks great and neat. Love it.

Con (or may be not)

English is definitely not the first language of the author. That said it is not bad. The story was told by not English but a foreign language written in English, say, it said, "The school was not happy." which probably means "Everyone in the school wasn't very happy." I actually like it this way. Very cute and easy to read. It feels like listening to Korean Pop songs... you only have some idea what they are saying and you have to do a lot of guessing but somehow it just feel good.


Many things including swimming, tennis, football try out on the first day are not implemented yet



Went home in my gym clothes. Cannot leave the room on the next morning because the school uniform is left in the school.

Review by NOTAVPfan
Version reviewed: 0.0.17e (Patreon) on 2022-09-12 20:06:49

My review as of Version 0.0.16a.

I'm really sorry if this comes off as rude or nitpicky but you name dropped Secretary which is one of my favorites and it was the reason I tried the game.  I liked Secretary due to the amount of control and agency the player has on content and MC actions when playing, which I'm sad to say that I didn't see that at all in this game.

Played until Day 3, where the game got rid of the male gym socks and shoes yet didn't give the feminine versions, solftlocking my progress so I couldn't continue the game (not in locker or inventory either.)


I have two main reasons for disliking this game.  The forced MTF and other mistaggings, and the forced M/M with no warnings or ways to opt out.

While I love Feminization, Sissy, and Sissification tags, I hate the M2F tag especially forced and without warning.  I thought M2F was optional as having the Sissy tag means that the MC is a biological male with male 'equipment' and identifies as male while looking feminine and wearing feminine clothing (usually with no breasts).  This game does not follow the Sissy tag as currently implemented.  Nowhere in the the summary states that this is a forced TF game or a hypnosis game, yet the school is forcing the MC to change both mentally and physically...not my cup of tea, especially mental TFs.  The mental changes are also way too fast imo for the Slow tag.  Every character I have met so far has been purposefully misgendering my male character who was wearing male clothing while self-identifing as male and who blatently states he is male.  This is coming from a person who usually doesn't care about that type of stuff.  This is all before crossdressing started, if it happened after wearing feminine clothing or if the MC didn't complain, then I wouldn't complain, but it happened before crossdressing and the characters still misgender him even after he corrects them. Yes, I know the magic school is brainwashing everyone (no warning of this content in summary) but it still feels scummy.

I had to stop playing at the beginning of Day 2 and put it down for a while as the game is heavily forcing the player to into a M/M relationship with the blue haired boy (whose personality/masculine appearance I find annoying and want nothing to do with). Kenshin forcibly following the MC around Day 1 and the MC constantly thinking about him throughout Day 2 is infuriating, with no player choice in the matter.  Not even mentioning I don't like M/M where one M is masculine, and hate forced M/M content.  Again, no warnings in any form in the summary that this content is apparently the focus of the game. On both days saying No to Kenshin during lunch does nothing, he still latches onto the MC.  Does No mean anything to him?  Then I either have to sit next to him, hell no, or sit next to the girls.  I don't mind the second option if it was later in the game but why can't I sit at the third table thats nearly empty?  In a game with choices, never force a romance, unless you explicitly warn players.  And characters that forcibly tag along are always annoying, moreso if they aren't likeable.


Some other things I disliked during playing:

The choices don't matter.  Why even have them?  Kenshin will follow you, you can't skip PE during parent day, etc.  Also, the choices are WAY too polarizing, either its Im nOt A gIrL! or YeS Im A GiRL!, no in between, and even then the Im not a girl option is often ignored by the NPCs AND MC inner-dialogue!  

The intro led me to believe that there were no girls in the school, yet there's at least six other female classmates?  The map is very confusing and too large, imo.  After being warped to the restaurant to do the dish minigame (no warning or walkthough and had to figure out it was mouse controlled not keyboard) I got lost and had to pull up the map twice to find my home, but then walked into the other house first because I didn't know which house was mine.  The musics too loud even at 10% so I had to turn it off, but then its eerie silence.

The paperdoll would be nice if it didn't cover ~1/3 of the screen, so I had to close it, but now I can't see whether or not my player is changing, and you can't open it during cutscenes like the first time you get the apron.  Also the doll looked too masculine to me to be called androgynous, especially with the hairry arms so people constantly calling him a girl is odd.  Also the MC has dark skin while the mother and father are both light skinned...either change one or both parents or change the MC as most people hate cheating/NTR.

The U.I. just feels bloated and clunky and theres no Quest tab yet theres a useless Status tab?  Why do I need to know my HP Regen or elemental affinity in an apparent slice of life game with zero combat?

The biggest gripe I have are the tags and summary.  See above for detailed reason.  Having the Sissy tab as well as the M/F tags led me to believe that my MALE character could have a relationship with a female as well as stay a male yet be feminine and crossdress.  Yet the game's direction begs to differ.


Stuff I'd want to see if I were to consider playing again:

Either add an actual Sissy/Femboy path to the game or remove the Sissy tag.  I.E. MC still thinking they are a boy and NPCs refering to him as such when told to yet liking feminine clothing and actions (femboys do exist and identify as such please stop erasing people's identities thank you!)

Warnings to what content is forced or is completely avoidable (as in not affecting gameplay at all instead of just having players click through content they dislike).

Customizable MC skin, eye, and hair color would be nice, but otherwise clearly mention/state the MC was adopted or make the parents and MC match looks.

Getting rid of MCs constant Kenshin thoughts, and a way to ignore said character.

Dialogue that actually reflects the player choices, as well as MC's thoughts reflecting said choices. 

Actual overworld quest markers so people won't get lost and a Quest tab for people with small attention spans like me lol.




Start of day two and evening: trying to talk to mother made her spin around with not dialouge box appearing (happened start of D3 as well)

Day two at lunch: after Kenshin forcibly latched onto MC for lunch, accadentally went into Home EC room, yet coundn't leace as game said I had to talk to teacher to leave, yet even doing that still locked me into room and I had to restart the entire day...

Day 3: softlock where game took my male gym shoes and socks but didn't give me replacement so I couldn't leave the locker room, making progression impossible and I quit playing after that because reloading the game to the start of the day didn't help, the bug just happened again.


Again, I'm sorry if this comes of as rude (not my intention) but the the description and tags as well as mentioning Secretary did not match the game content and I felt like it was a bait and switch.  I can see the foundation for a good game, either with all the stuff I dislike still in or without it (though I hope for an option for Sissy/Femboy path instead of M2F).  At the very least please just make a more detailed summary on the actual content of the game as well as tags that more accurately represent said content.


Review by svmd
Version reviewed: 0.0.17 on 2022-09-10 13:05:37

I see a lot of promise with this game. Once the story and maps are fleshed out, I think this will be a great game.


Overworld is vast and maps are very detailed

Lots of different characters

It nice that you can actually see the clothes you are wearing outside of cutscenes.

Interesting premise, I like the gradual mental changes.


It is very easy to get lost since there are so many areas and you have to rely on the verbal directions given to you.

I got soft locked because some of the gym clothes disappeared from my inventory and I couldn't progress.

The game is far from complete so a lot of maps are empty and there is not much to do outside of the main gameplay loop of going to school/part-time job/sleep.

Review by custardscone
Version reviewed: 0.0.17 on 2022-09-08 20:54:44

The most potential I've seen in a first release since The Good Son. Adding to this the developer has already shown rapid progress aswell as quality of life improvements that have shown they listen to the feedback better reviews than mine gave. Worth playing for sure.

Review by DogIdleDays
Version reviewed: 0.0.17 on 2022-09-08 18:43:08

My first thought was that this seemed like an ambitious RPG Maker game that would have a strong start, and then probably fizzle out in about a month. But the bones are there, and I'm pretty optimistic about this one- seems like the developer has an end-goal in mind, and is working towards that, and I'm quite excited to see it completed.

Review by Angeloflight
Version reviewed: 0.0.16a on 2022-09-07 18:50:25

This game is an annoying broken mess. First of all there's no quest system. That's a pretty basic feature and comes in handy in a lot of other RPG maker games I've played. Another annoying thing is no magic circles or sparkles on the ground to tell you where to go. Say in the classroom, you have to sit at a specific seat. The game doesn't tell you this and you just have to guess, another basic quality of life element missing. The game just kinda tells you vaguely where to go and other times your just stumbling around wondering wtf to do. This game is terrible thus far. It does have poential but that's all this game has going for it. For example the game tells you that you can goto tryouts.........where? Where are the tryouts? The game just doesn't tell you at all. 

As much as I really want to like the game since it's styleized, has a lot of work put into it and isn't just another PE clone, it's also completely jank and not fun to play. Maybe it'll be better in a couple of updates, but I would wait around before downloading this busted mess as it's really just fustrating. 

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 0.0.16a on 2022-09-06 23:59:13

Even though I hate RPG maker games, this one isn't so bad, or at least the start of it. I did have trouble navigating through the school maze the first day, but it seems once you memorize the locations, it's not too bad. At the moment the game is pretty barebones, at least when it comes to interactions as well as story progression. However, every map location has already been built, I guess it just needs to be interactive, and then the game will feel a lot more fleshed out. I especially liked the clothing store selection, it shows that there will be a lot of items to come in the future, whenever that will be.

Overall, I'll subscribe and like in hopes that the author will continue with this game and give us something unique. As far as a Japanese high school setting being a little cliche, yes, I agree, but the feminization storyline as well as the school projecting some sort of mass hypnosis to make them feel like the MC is better for it were they transition to a more feminine persona... well, that is certainly an interesting twist I want to see more of. I especially like that the MC can embrace or dissociate from the changes, which would make it interesting later on - will the school punish a disobedient pupil it tried to bring to a path the school spirit found "more aligned" with MCs "natural" persona? I'm very curious indeed.


nice work, hope to see more of this

Bug report:

If you let blue hair kid follow you to lunch and you find yourself accidentally go into home ec, the prompt when leaving will ask you to speak to a teacher before leaving, but no matter how much you speak with the teacher, you still can't leave the classroom. The school is cursed, I tell you, cursed!

Review by JustSomeSissy
Version reviewed: 0.0.16a on 2022-09-06 20:33:52

This game is really early in development but everything is showing a lot of promise. There are some rough patches, like teachers staying in their class. But overall it was good. I like the writing, its nice and clear. There is a good feminization progression, though maybe some choice and character reactions would improve this. I like that the girls in the school see you as a friend, and that being developed would be really cool. Also more love interests would be good as the story develops.

great work!

Review by SnowCones
Version reviewed: 0.0.16a on 2022-09-06 18:18:43

Would love to play more but I am pretty sure the windows version is bugged since the first class soft crashes as soon as it starts. You sit down and several of the students sit down but others just stare at their chairs for all eternity.

So far though, it looks very high quality and I am looking forwards to being able to play more of it!

Review by Shadow Rave
Version reviewed: 0.0.15 on 2022-09-05 14:20:54

Like the other reviewers I too see a lot of potential.  


That said, there are some issues.  Putting on and taking off clothing is clunky.  I was really wishing for an auto option that allowed me to put on and take off clothing sets.


Some of the dialogue is already assuming things of Louis that wasn't immediately apparent, like his objections with his class schedule.  I wouldn't have known about it until the office lady brought it up first.  That needs a bit of rework. 


Interaction with the students seems okay, if a bit short.  Some of the teachers praise you for good work in their classes despite not attending them yet.


The map only covers one floor.  The grass feels a bit jarringly bright.  


And a small technical issue.  Generally unless there's an elevator that can be used, it makes more sense for a cafeteria to be placed on the first floor of a school building, which makes it easier for vendors to deliver food goods to the cafeteria storage.


None of these are deal breakers and all around this is a good premise.  The game just needs a bit of polishing.  

Review by hailey345
Version reviewed: 0.0.14 on 2022-09-04 22:39:54

the game froze on the first day at the start of the very first class. hopefully you can fix this as i just got the game this version


Review by youisme01
Version reviewed: 0.0.13 on 2022-09-04 19:18:19

Really good start, little buggy so far but I see so much potential.