Sabotaged Dreams

Author: fever.dreamer
Version: 1.10
Last Updated: 2018-09-23 16:00:56

Review by topheavy
Version reviewed: 1.09 on 2014-06-11 02:19:09

Easily one of my favorite games. I do wish there was more to the primary plot and the possibility to use the pills earlier in the game if possible. 


Either way greatly enjoy the game would love to see more like this one. More interactions with targets or maybe even sequel.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.09 on 2014-05-04 11:28:37

you can safely ignore any reviews of anoneemuss through out the site. 


Sabotaged Dreams is a game too big for most. I am on day one and I nearly gave up already if not for the detail step up step walkthrough. 7 victims which you need to get to on 7 days. Each only available on certain days at certain location. Thats too much information for a light hearted game.

Look up a walkthrough by the author in the game hint link. Save you to figure out the 300 steps you need to do.

Chapter 2, in my opinion, does not live up with chapter 1.

Review by anoneemuss
Version reviewed: 1.09 on 2013-12-30 11:05:19

not into puzzles, nor the engine.

Review by Jesse
Version reviewed: 1.09 on 2013-11-01 12:08:26

Perhaps the largest of all of the DayDreamer games so far. What seems like what may be the full game turns out to only be the opening chapter to a 9-chapter game. Each of those chapters, save the first, and the last, each have their own content theme, such as BDSM/Objectification, or Science Fiction themed transformations.

Even if the RPG section of the game may not have been so enjoyable as the others, I found that each chapter really feels unique, and each is enjoyable in their own way.

With tonnes of enjoyable and fun bad ends, and a huge variety of content, this game should take a lot of your time away from you.