The Lilith Device

Author: CaptainSkel
Version: 3.6
Last Updated: 2014-07-18 02:30:35

Review by anyoldguy
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2018-08-05 05:35:43

I can only reiterate what previous reviewers have said, in the hope that this game is tried out by more people. This isn't a smut game with incidental gameplay. This is a well constructed, lengthy adventure game with clever puzzles, lots of lovely ladies to recruit and some XCOM style base management woven into the plot. Try it out! The game is "unfinished" in the sense that the developer intended to add a further set of missions. What is there is complete and ends with victory over your current nemesis.

Review by pietro
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2017-09-10 12:02:25

Nice creative use of the SG photosets ;) The game is quite long, with lots of short bad endings that are worth investigating. Sex scenes are numerous but quite short, alternating with more traditional IF phases. As the game progresses, the management part of the game complexifies and you can feel the creator had increasing difficulty getting everything fit in RAGS (thesilentgod, you'll want to try empusa), which may explain why it was never finished. Still, the game kept surprising me with new hypno/doll mechanics and I recommend it :)


Review by thesilentgod
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2017-07-04 15:06:54

does anyone know the password for opening it in the rags maker. wanna see if i can expand the game

Review by mladko
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2017-07-04 10:17:57

love this game, pity its not finished

Review by Habef
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2017-05-31 18:57:20

This is one of the RAGS Games that brought me over to the hypno collective and tfgs, a all time classic you need to play.

Review by Sjoher
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2016-05-01 08:47:43

Keep in mind, this is my first review ever on a game on this site and this is my personal opinion.

This is a game that I found randomly while browsing through the site and decided to check it out. 5 hours later I realized that I was still quite into it and really enjoying what is there to play with. So what is good about it and bad about it in my opinion?



  1. The sexual content is quite impressive.
  2. I love the fact that you can make so many become a slave of your own.
  3. The puzzles can be quite challanging.



  1. There seems to be no male person in this universe
  2. Some puzzles are really hard to figure out because of lack of hints and some characters that you need in order to solve some puzzles are sometimes not found where they are supposed to be.
  3. The game gets really hard really fast. If you do not focus in the beginning on adding to your security team, prepare to loose all your money quite often because of raids.


Overall though I would give this game 8/10, big part of it is because I love games where you have a slave of your own to order around as you please or being an dominant person where people seem to fear you. This game has both aspects but perhaps lacks what exactly you can order your slaves to be doing and as mentioned, can get really hard really fast and that really gets in the way on earlier stages in the game.

Review by Atar
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2016-03-29 23:03:20

This game should be the gold standard against which all other RAGS games are measured.





Review by Dopefish
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2016-03-03 16:20:59

The Lilith Device is almost criminally underrated. It is a deep management game that revolves around capturing and brainwashing slaves. You capture a researcher and start to develop new technologies, which of course let you capture more slaves. All of this while avoiding your enemies - who all want to make you into their slave in return.

The story is well fleshed out and quite extensive, the base management mechanics are very fun and well made. At one point I ended up making a little spreadsheet to maximize my efficiency, but I think I went a little bit overboard there. The game also has several quite good puzzles, most of them are logical and work, although there were a few times where I was stuck for some time, and once I had to look at the forums for how to progress. It also has several cameos from Dollmistress' The Hive and Space Ditz, amongst other.

It is a shame that the game is not finished (and it looks like it never will be) - but there is still enough content to keep you playing The Lilith Device over the course of several days, and then play it again to explore the options you didn't try.

The Lilith Device is definitely a must-play. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, especially people who are into brainwashing, doll-making and lesbians.

Review by unknown16
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2015-07-26 06:09:30

An awesome game with it's basic content (recruiting slaves, tricking slaves and it's puzzle-like gameplay). Then made amazing due to it's XCOM style base management (research, base defending, role management and ongoing threats). Kudos CaptainSkel, not for making a good erotic game; but for making a game I'd enjoy without the adult theme. Looking forward for more content!

Review by AgentKGB
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2015-06-15 12:29:34


I'd love to review this game but it crashes every time I try to open it. :(

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2014-08-24 19:22:47

I'd like to try it, but RAGS crashes every time I try to load (and it's working on every other RAGS game I've got).

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 3.6 on 2014-08-10 12:43:15

Well, how should I put it? Until the latest development, chapter 5 is under way. I have to say that each chapter can be put into a single game, and they will be as awsome as many other games here in TFGS. So this is definitely a big game. There is a walkthrough in the forum in the related discussion thread, without it, it can be a difficult game.

About the content, well, writing are plenties. Game elements are good, too. At the first chapter you are busy to raise your stat, then you are busy stocking people, then the target change again, agains and again which I am not going to spoil the fun. Very clever, I have to say.

Chapter 4 and there were some loose ends. I have started to encounter bugs and missing discriptions. It is like that it is so big that even the author fail to handle everything. You still have 95% working materials, and I have encountered no killing bugs yet, so you can safely ignore it. It is just about playing the game for 3 big chapters without bugs and suddenly seeing some.

Up to this point, at the beginning to chapter 5, I pretty much lost all interests in "playing" the game. I follow the walkthrough and follow the instructions. I guess it is too big and the game fails to click anymore.

If I have to rate it, this one is sure top there breaking the meter, yet somehow I have that empty feeling about it. I do not know why.

Review by xvibex
Version reviewed: 3.05 on 2014-05-27 03:47:44

Its an alright game but its very black and white with 90% of your choices or actions like many maze choice games. But the maker makes it a little more interactive and gives you a slight illusion of choice by giving you some small choices and stats that can make you fail any choice you make if you do not have enough stats.

Early game you will notice immediately this roll of the dice of either you continue or you yourself get hypnotized and you start all over. I suggest saving often if you hate dead ends. Because there is a lot of them, and you will hit them, even if you think you've made the right choice.

Also make new saves when saving because there are a few long term choices that can result in a bad end no matter what.

In all the game is 6/10 You'll defiantely have some fun but you'll also rage quit often because of how grey your choices are or how completely backwards results from actions are.

Review by habilon
Version reviewed: 2.10.0 on 2014-02-04 05:33:06

By far one of the best Rags games I have played, I have only done one try....kinda turned into a slave, but I am going right back for more because of how good it is, hope it keeps updated and more and more content is added.

Review by Chop2005
Version reviewed: 2.10.0 on 2013-11-28 10:05:06

This game is being held back by not telling the players how to up their stats. If that was made clearer that would be great.

Review by tahkrj
Version reviewed: 2.10.0 on 2013-09-02 19:29:53

 This is the best RAGS game I've played since Cursed. It's also in my top 5 for erotic games overall. The story is interesting and implemented well. The art is great, and the models are well used. The gameplay itself reminds me ofclassic point and click adventure games. It's not overly hard or complex, (and I wouldn't mind if it were a little harder) but it's definitely not easy. It's got a nice balance, if a little on the easy side. Certainly a new favourite of mine, I hope the author will continue to update and make this game even better.