Fetish Master

Author: h.coder
Version: 0.985d
Last Updated: 2015-01-30 16:07:51

Review by batmreload
Version reviewed: 0.97 on 2014-09-07 10:30:28

Excellent game engine, with a few crevats...The picture/text windows look quite a bit cramped makeing

the text unweildy.


However, i highly reccommend it simply because the author has taken the time to offer a "development"

mode that lets you play around with the guts. Soo many things can be customized!


I hope there are further updates to the game and game engine!

Review by Haunt
Version reviewed: 0.9x on 2013-11-13 23:09:56

I'll upgrade this review from a 4 to a 5 as soon as a few changes are made.

First of all - If you want to play this game do not use the Download link to the left. Instead use the download page at the author's blog as it has the most up-to-date version and also gives the password for unzipping the game.

Having said that this was a very addictive game. I probably spent a good 20 hours of real life time so far on this game. After all that time I 'think' I have managed to find / play all of the current content in regards to jobs, quests, fights, random encounters, and unlocked secrets. Furthermore, I have worked a girl at every job enough times that every one has unlocked the Task code for doing that job.

Jobs start out paying practically nothing, then pays roughly twice that after enough time doing the same job, then will pay a third salary value, and then with enough continued working at it will unlock the task so the girl can have it added into timeslots instead of Rest or Fitness. This means that you can stop proxying that girl and she'll still be giving money to you. The downside is that the value is far less than you'd get for doing the job yourself. Just as an example and without giving out a spoiler, one end-job salary gives 20-40 per time (20 for top tier, 40 for random chance bonus) and takes 2 hours to complete. Your daily schedule has 4 time slots which contains 6 hours each. So that means if you proxy work a girlyou can get between 60-120 coins per 1 time slot, meanwhile the automatic value your tasked girl gets is only 18 per 1 time slot. I suspect the rest of the money is being pocketed by the girls.

One current downside (as of version 0.94) to the jobs is that a few of them are still incomplete. You'll be told to go to a specific location or speak to a specific npc for the next part of the job and either the npc won't exist, or it won't respond to the player. Another downside is that the majority of jobs in the game 'seem' to require status checks before your contract can do well at them, but the stats it's checking are not currently checkable. For example, there is currently no visible stat for gender preferrence or sexual skill. (Which would be really useful especially when trying to partner your fully female and/or futa proxies with each other.)

The main reason however that I'm not giving this game a higher rating is that there are only a few ways of transforming the girls and I had to really work at it to find them. They aren't exactly easy to stumble across in most cases as is apparrent by the other reviewer below not finding them. I'd post what they are and how to get them but I'm really against spoiler-ing games as I feel it ruins the fun.

One factor that I have annoyance with (in version 0.94) is the agency contract system and what information you're given on the candidates. Frankly in its current state it neglects to inform the contract buyer about a lot of vital information. You have virtually no clue what her stats are prior to buying just as a quick example. (I say virtually because I 'think' a small part of the appearrance description 'vaguely' alludes to how strong they are, but it's too inconsistent and vague to nail it down.)

Review by Bluts
Version reviewed: 0.9x on 2013-11-13 08:48:31

I'll give 5 Stars to this game just because it has the potential, else I would have given 2 or 3... While playing it, it gave me the Pornarium kinda feeling ( which I like the most - gah I wish to see it finished someday ). So what do I feel is wrong with the game at this point:

First is - TF - well basicly I played the game for roughly 7 hours (360 days ingame) and I tried almost everything and couldn't transform my girl into anything ( only found BE and lactation ), tried searching forums but didn't find any info... It's a TF game afterall ...

Second thing is the limited areas to visit and the limited events while "searching around". Well I didn't try to play with futa ( personal preferences ), so I dunno if there r some special events for futa, also some r so rare that u may not encounter them ever if u r not persistend and loose hour after hour of "try looking at some other time" or sth like that...

Third - having only 4 enemies to defeat is kinda boring ( also one doesn't  give anything, not even included into a Q )

Fourh - We need to see some more stats of the gals - like how do we know if we trained them good and what they like and dislike, also temorary effects, ( we just know from the results ) which leads me to "Fifth"

Fifth - very hard to begin the game ( my gal left me at least a dozen times with no way to continue the game due to limited "c" )

Sixth - battle system - well I didn't find any use of the defend button also couldn't understand how 5 str totally change the outcome of the battles i.e. with less than 50 str I do very little dmg and take some serous one in return, while having more than 50 I do excesive dmg and take almost no dmg in return ... or did I miss sth ? ( at the end I had 140 str or sth like that and I oneshot almost everything ) 

Seventh - didn't rly found out why to bother having more than one gal at this point, when one is quite hard to raise


Well this game is beta version, but still has a long way to go. To be counted as finished everything from above should be touched and then the game can continue to grow with more stuff. I do hope to see it finished :)

Review by Sandow
Version reviewed: 0.9x on 2013-11-09 21:30:47

I liked this game very much, though it has not much content yet. Looking forward to next update!

Review by Danaume
Version reviewed: 0.9x on 2013-11-09 00:01:56

This is a very nice start to a game. Not that intuitive in places, and kind of hard to get started. My suggestion... post the password with the file for download, instead of having someone hunt through your blog for it.