Transformania Time (MMO)

Author: Judoo
Version: Alpha Round 62
Last Updated: 2019-03-11 20:03:36

Review by Yokou
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 51 on 2018-04-07 20:23:51

Transformania Time (TT) is a game that offers lots of transformations and encourages player interaction with others.  Each transormation is accompanied by it's own artwork, description, and with the TFs including TG, anthro, animal, inanimate, etc you have a lot to choose from with 700+ spells that are continually added by contributors.  You start out as a human (or object if you prefer) with a couple of spells and move around a tile based map encountering other players/npcs and picking up items/new spells along the way. 

The game normally operates on a round based system where you can perform a certain number of actions per turn until a new turn starts 5 minutes later.  This round based system can be slow to some but with a chat and messaging system you can still engage with people outside of the game's systems.  Every 5000 rounds however chaos mode begins for a limited time where the limited actions are removed and everyone is free to go haywire with spells.  It's a pretty fun time to experiment with everything the game has to offer until the normal round system is put back in place.  

There are 3 modes to start your character out in.  PvP is where other PvP players can attack you with any spell, Protection mode is where other players in the same mode can attack you with any animate form spells, and Super Protection mode where you cannot interact with other players in spell casting.  So if say you aren't interesting in becoming someone's clothing you have options to avoid ending up in such a fate.  There are RPG elements to the game as well.  Your character has stats and can level up by defeating enemies, completing a quest, or various other actions.  You can obtain clothes to equip by buying them or more commonly turning npcs or other players into whatever you desire to wear.  While clothes themselves do not boost your stats by themselves they can be augmented with runes that do boost various stats for if you're trying to take down tougher foes.  

Overall this is a great game with tons of transformations to experiment with.  It's hard to recommend as a single player experience but if you like to RP or just play with others who are into TFs as much as you then it is worth checking out.  Players are mostly friendly though you can always find yourself on the recieving end of a spell by someone who is up to mischief.  By creating your own bio people can more easily see what you want out of the game and vice versa.  And since the game still updates with new spells there is always something to look forward to when chaos mode ends and a fresh round starts.



*Tons of TFs to choose from here.  Everything from TG, anthro, animal, inanimate, and body part TFs are here.

*Art and descriptions for each of the 700+ spells in the game.  Not only are there descriptions for the forms themselves but you get nice flavor text as spells are cast against you as well as when you cast spells on others.

*Player interaction is encouraged in a good way and it's easy to keep up with people with the messaging system and chat room.

*RPG aspects give the game a little more depth without making it too complicated.

*The rules of the game are generally fair and you can set up how you want to play with the different starting modes.

*The game is all about having fun in a relaxed atmosphere.



*Not recommended for those looking for a single player experience.  There isn't a whole lot of story in the game and while there are quests they are limited in number.  There are dungeons with bosses as well but you will not beat them easily on your own.

*The turn based system can make the game feel slow but does give you time to talk with other players if you wish.  Again this also isn't as issue during chaos mode as the action limit for spellcasing is removed.

*If you find yourself as someone's pet or in an inanimate form you may find it very difficult to get out of them.  When you are truly stuck your only option is to start over (though all spells learned are retained.).

Review by Lilith69
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2017-06-07 22:49:52

Out right love it~ 

Anyone looking for random transformations should play this game

Review by Prince of Elsewhere
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2016-12-31 06:49:42

I've played this game for a bit of time now and I find it very enjoyable. One of the biggest pluses is the sheer amount of transformation options (there are over 600 tranformation spells in the game). The story is fairly simple-a tranformation mage war-with hidden complexities. It is true that this is not a quick game, and that it is best played when one has a sufficent amount of time on hand. The waiting can be a bit tiresome at first but ends up being a good time to chat and make friends (it is a MMO after all), or if your not feeling particularly social I found it easy enough to have another game open that I switch to when I am waiting for the clock to run down. Being an alpha it does have a certain unpolished quality to it but that does not hurt the playability. In fact it has one of the best things a game could ever have: the optioin contributing some of your own content to possibly be put in the game.

Review by ares76
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2016-09-20 18:36:50

Well, this could be one of the best games around here!...but...and a BIG, HUGE but: I never see another game letting you linger and wait like this one!! just find another level for what you can call "the brink of bordoom and despair"!!

I get it: to make a game bigger than its actual content, bring some in-turns, real time style to it.

I won't mind, actually i'll love it...but, it's an edge and a balance to all that.

This game, let alone the 4 or 5 min turns, once you're defeated and become inamate object...well, then, my friends, take a nap, even the weekend free from it!!!

As an object - nothing to do.

The wait to come back in former self just don't worth the fucking unbelieveble boredom of it!!

no wonder from 1000 or so players, usually, daily are online around 100...people come, see, lost their patience and go away.

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm playing it only 4 a couple of days...maybe there are hidden ways in the game that kill the wait( damn, if they are, put'em up in big letters!!).

Shame!!...that could be a awesome game, but it just kill itself somehow...

Review by Alex-
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2016-04-19 16:48:46

You should play TT if you:

- Want to read relatively good TF texts (it's a rather text heavy game despite everything having a picture, and there's a good few spells with extremely good text)

- Want to find people into TF to role play with (other role play mediums such as f-list and the like don't have a focus on TF -- in TT you can already assume that everyone in-game likes TF to some extent)

- Have ample time to spend online (it's not the fastest game, and the turns last 5 minutes each. Rounds can last over a month, and transforming someone forcefully might take you an hour to several hours.)


I'd recommend against playing it if you:

- Don't like spending much time at all on a game (it's very not centered around instant rewards. Theoretically you could read the texts solo, but it'll take you half an hour or so per spell.)

- Don't like role playing or interacting with others at all (you can still play the game of course, but part of the depth is that it is an online game where you directly interact with others.)

Review by Preggy Sue
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2016-02-14 14:15:24

This is a pretty cool little game.I tried it out and ended up getting hooked on it for several days. Thoroughly enjoyable and everyone I interacted with was very friendly (even if they were trying to turn you into their maid). There is somethng there for everyone transformation wise. I recommend giving it a try.


For the record, I stopped playing this game and then dewcided to screw around with it for a bit. I lost a full day of my life that I can never get back. Horribly addictive

Review by BlueMoon
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 2016-02-02 16:54:13

More of a chat and RP tool, to be honest; I'd recommend if any only if you enjoy role playing; otherwise, there are some major mechanical problems, and as an actual game, it ranges from poor to just okay, depending on how lucky you are at finding things and other players.

Review by xvibex
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 27 on 2015-11-11 07:22:19

This "Game" is terrible in terms of any concept of a game. Its basically running around and figuring out which spells cause which pictures with some vague stats involved.

AI get distinct advantages over players by being able to preform all their actions at the begining of turns while players have to wait 30 seconds. Further more, AI can also leave a battle any time they choose while a player must stay where they are if they were attacked during that turn. AI also have a tendancy to gank even if another player is attacknig them. You can easily lose to an AI 3 levels under you in a 1v1 even with item stocks.

PvP is even worse, if you log out for the night and someone comes across you, you're as good as permanently transformed. Why? Because you're left in game for 30 minutes and there is even an indicator letting others know how long you've been idle. One can easily determine you're gone, change you, and by the time you get back you're premanently changed. Even if you're only gone a short time you lose 1% chance to change back per turn and only gain 1% per attempt when you're in the negatives, and you only get 1 action per turn as an item. Even if you are gone 8 hours and come back changed you're better off quitting because you'll have to spend 8 hours just to get to 0%. Granted it doesn't drop if you've attempted recently and you can attempt every few turns and get the cumulative % of those turns, but its still 8 hours you have to pay attention and pretty much do jack shit.

I give this game a 1/10 because it functions.

Unless your game is to troll other trolls there is nothing here for you.

Review by Slarkki
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 25 on 2015-09-09 13:41:35

I've been messing around with the game for some hours with default settings and um... not sure if this is a game. All I have managed to do is get a few levels (level 4-ish), found a gazillion spells and wandered around searching like a madman. But there hasn't been a single event yet that has made me think this is a game. I did some attacking on some NPC (I think) but that was entirely uneventful too. 3 attacks per 5 min cycle and that did practically nothing. The target was completely fine at start of every 'turn' even though I was at level 3 and it was a lavel 1. Yes, there were some minor exp gains for attacking but combined with the mana cost it just didn't make any sense at all.


I assume PvP is the ONLY thing that matters in this game and I wonder why that isn't on by default. I mean there just isn't anything meaningful to do at all with default settings. Your actions are limited mainly by 'action pool' that regenerates a bit every 5 mins and is thus in essence Wait to Play game but as I said there seems to be nothing worth doing. This may turn into something interesting at some point but at the moment I just can't understand the point of wandering around collecting spells and experience that in essence do absolutely nothing.

Review by Daeos
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 25 on 2015-09-09 10:53:56

Messed around on this for a few hours. Contrary to some of the other reviews, players were actually pretty nice and helpful. I popped into chat to ask about game etiquette and they said for the most part all you have to do is ask people to stop if you want to be left alone. There's also a PvP mode toggle if you're fine with randomly being TF'd.

As for the game itself, it's very supportive to RPing if that's your gig. Otherwise you can kinda just wander around fighting NPCs and finding things. Most of the entertainment presumably comes from interacting with other players. Worth trying out, even if only to have it browser tabbed while doing other things.

Review by torinas
Version reviewed: Alpha Round 24 on 2015-08-13 00:49:44

I've been playing this for the last few hours, and it's pretty fun.  Unfortunately, I picked a fight I couldn't win about an hour into it and got transformed into an inanimate object.  As it turns out, casting weaken first isn't the best strategy.  You need to be hitting them with the spell you want to use on them over and over while maintaining your own willpower if you want to win a fight.  I -could- start over, but where's the fun in that?  The game gives you the option to fight the transformation (or accept it), though it will easily take over an hour.  Each turn is five minutes, and each attempt raises your chances to successfully fight off a transformation.  Given that I started at -12%, that's -at least- one hour as an inanimate object. 


Great fun, loads of potential for RP and it will probably only get better as it gets more and more updates.

Review by Lashek
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-24 23:58:19

Not a bad game, I made it pretty far in during the first wave and avoided being transformed into an inanimate object.

Inanimate transformations was the only deal-breaker for me, as it takes away the fun aspect not being able to do anything except start over. A minor nitpick though, as the whole idea is to be the last character standing.

I'd recommend giving it a shot!

Review by Foxpower93
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-24 21:57:27

A really interesting game in doing encouraging the tf community, fans and artist alike

Review by Fakefire
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-14 10:49:24

Seems good. I kind of messed up on it by making another character after messing up the first one (choose the wrong gender at the start), and kind of have to wait for one of them to be turned to an animel or an object. I would kind of like to see a character deletion or rest. but other the that seems like a cool game. Will give it more starts (if I can) once my character(hopefully the messed up one) get defeated.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-13 03:01:06

Well, to the two 1 star reviewers down below, I arnt in any of the groups and I didnt get "destroyed".


To survive the game, here are some tips:

1) Do NOT random fire inanimating spells until you are powerful enough. If you do, you get gangged, dont cry. You can always level up with animating spells which usually do not draw group fire.

2) If you want to inanimate someone, wait till they are alone, and weak, and out of AP, MP and will. Do it in a few quick runs.

3) Game reset at each turn #2000. So there is no point stocking up spells and levels and planning big. Just follow #1 and #2 and have fun. Turn all the guys into bimbo blonde and laugh behind your monitor.

4) when you see the few harsh people with a righteous mind who know better how the world should run, run for yourselves if they have a higher level.



I think this is the first, that actually works, MMORPG game on TFGamessite. There are definitely a ton of items that can be improved but what is already there is gamable. It is always the interaction between real people that make a game interesting.

5 star for being the first, and having 1000+ people that already registered, and have an idea submission form.

Review by Soulfeaster
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-12 21:54:26

This is a game that I have been hoping to find for a long time, a game where you can transform other people, actual people. Now just saying this now, from what I have seen there is no sex but that doesn't matter, that makes this better! This is a game where you explore for items and spells in order to fend off enemies or just attack random people (that's what I did on my first try). Now this may be a game where there is no plot, at least that I have seen, but it is a great game that I plan on going back to playing after this. The game gives you a limited number of attacks so that you can't just walk around transforming everyone you see and being a blood bath of sorts. This is a great game that I have to say is a must play if you enjoy tfs. Now if you excuse me I have some chaos to cause!



This is an extension to my previous one. I came back to check this a little and I saw massive hate about the community of it, while it is true that it is hard to rest easily, all you have to do is find an off branch area to rest, also it is obvious people will attack you, everyone wants items so they can have better stats. So just because there are people taking it more serious does not mean it is a crap game. As an example I left my level 5 character out in the middle of the street for 3 days without logging on, I was not attacked once. Also the game resets so that people who reach higher levels don't feel oppressed because there are some people who team up on the higher levels plus it gives everyone a chance to get to the top. So I can understand if you dislike this game but I would suggest giving it a try, if you do not like it, you do not like it, if you do, you do. Simple as that.

Review by SimonMoon5
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-11 15:39:01

Agree with Illyia.

A moderately decent game, utterly ruined by the community of people who gang up on you in ways that you can't hope to resist. If you're not part of that group, you won't have any fun playing this game.


And the game also has no real purpose, getting reset after a certain time (so you lose all progress on your character).


And you have to be on the computer all the time or else you'll get killed.




Review by Illyia
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-05-09 17:00:33

Good game, however the reason for the 1 star is the crap community.

Basically unless you become part of the group of people that constantly play the game your not allowed to do anything without them threatening you or even just destroying you outright. They create their own rules and run out anyone who doesn't obey them.

Game great potential

Community its worse than Call of Duty Kids, thats all that needs to be said.

Review by Ladymystral
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-04-26 23:02:38

This is a mix of very very good, one big missing feature, and one bad point. The gameplay is fun. The build is well done. The messages are sexy and fun. It's simple yet challenging. So seriously, I think this has the potentially to be amazing. However, right now, for me it's not playable. It needs chat for one thing. It's fine to be able to message, but you can't really play if you can't talk to the folks in the room with you. The big thing, though, is losing while not being logged in. That's just not right. I had one person who would not attack while I was in game, but if I logged for even a minute, they attacked. And they chased me down, and finally "killed" me while I was away. I logged with 100 willpower. That simply shouldn't happen. There needs to be a safe room, or something. If there is, and I missed seeing it, then I'm sorry, and I'm wrong. But if there isn't, you can count me out until it's safe to not be ingame.

Review by Dopefish
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-04-25 09:57:02

Gameplay is far too slow, I don't play porn games for the gameplay or steady progression, I play them to get off. I want to get some transformation smut going without having to wait 15 minutes for my action points to refill.


Other than that complaint (which is rather major, to be sure) the game has a lot of good things going on! The writing seems to be solid all around, the systems in place work really well, the variety of spells and items, the multiplayer aspect is really interesting and overall it's just a rather fun game to play at this point. If only it was a bit faster so that I could actually get my rocks off, too.

Review by igotbetta
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-04-24 19:02:19

This is a pretty nifty set up.  The pacing is, unfortunately, rather slow, but due to the perma-death nature of the game as it currently stands, it isn't undue.  The slow pace allows for you to get your turns in without needing a great connection, and saves you from being mobbed while you are offline...  But perhaps a better defence would be to limit the amount a person can be transformed on a daily basis, rather than allowing an infinite number of spells to target any single player each turn.  (I forsee some folks building up some hit-crews or botting with the current system)

The ability to actually turn another player into an item to (hopefully) protect yourself a little better with is, very innovative, and adds a feeling of accomplishment to it.

The art is pretty nice, and adds a nice bit of flavor to the experience.

I can't think of any other pvp game to compare it to on this site, although this may qualify as a slow-paced GMUD at the present time.  I'd suggest looking around at how some of the more popular "pvp-oriented" MUD's handle the whole "perma-death penalty".

I give the game a 4/5 because i think you have a fantastic foundation, and are definitely going in the right direction; but I see flaws how the gameplay currently flows.  Hopefully some sort of happy medium can be achieved, or the system can be changed a bit.  (Perhaps some sort of player "revival" system in which you keep some of your xp / spells from your previous life would allow for a more aggressive game speed.)

Review by joeberan
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-04-24 18:37:41


I believe this game is a first on this site. I can't think of any other multiplayer games here, and for that accomplishment alone it warrants looking at.


This game has a very impressive amount of high quality content, and works surprisingly well considering its complexity. Pacing is a bit slow, but I don't take off points for that because I can't imagine any way of speeding it up and maintaining a viable multiplayer experience. Definitely worth a looksee.