Whorelock's Revenge

Author: orcm
Version: 0.331
Last Updated: 2018-11-13 13:42:33

Review by captplague
Version reviewed: 0.331 on 2018-11-23 23:13:42

The game is on the cusp of being something truly enjoyable and titilating, but it suffers from the sheer amount of redundant clicks and exhaustive effort required to access the fun and unique features of the game.


1. The chests that are full of potions and clothing items appear once every ten minutes of playtime, far too rare in all honesty. Open the chest and most of the time it is either a trap, or empty.

2. The clothing items you tend to get are cursed, which is understandable and sometimes desireable if you want a bimbo playtrhough, but they cant be removed at all unless you find a certain NPC that is nearly impossible to find. This makes removing clothes and adding new items, well, impossible.

3. At this point theres really no reason to drink potions or put on clothes. Yes, it is a roguelike meant to destroy the player overtime, but theres literally almost no point in strategizing or "playing". You would have the same result playing as if you randomly mashed the locations and options on the screen as you would playing like an intelligent humanbeing - a fucktoy "lose" ending.

4. The fun, which is in transformations and watching your player transform, is for some reason held back. Most enemies just fuck you, almost always. The curses you get are almost always to fuck you, reduce your stats, or send you to another place in the dungeon. The transformation curses are only consistent if you get Fell Embraced, and even then its slow and boring.

5. By the end, unless you save hack, your stats are so low that you literally just masterbate incessently and ask to get fucked...which is techinically fine...except its click happy party where you just click "next" until your player finally gives you a choice.


In conclusion: More transformations, less clicking. Add a real "map" like in other rougelike games. More interesting enemy interactions / options. More chests, more clothing and clothing removal options.


Review by HansFranz
Version reviewed: 0.331 on 2018-11-19 15:09:10
The game is meant to be unbeatable and frustrating. Playing the game will show you why this generelly wont work in good gamedesign. The author designed a dungeon crawler game which revolves around navigating, charakter development and pretty pictures. Then he made orientation in the dungeon impossible, made any transformation utterly random and installed a blinding game mechanic which disables the pretty pictues with little to no counterplay available to the player. You could replace the whole gamemechanic with a RNG buttom to show a random scene. Quite sad, as it would be an appealing game otherwise.

Review by domindthis
Version reviewed: 0.331 on 2018-11-15 06:55:50

The biggest problem that this game has is the lack of a goal right now. There isn't really any way to move forward, and all you can essentially do is have random encounters with guards, being imprisoned and other shenanigans like that, until you decide you've had enough. This, however, is something that I imagine will change once you add the final few missing areas. Personally I don't really mind the lack of a map, since I coped with that for the RAGS version, and the addition of the fast travel as well as the fetters' guidance is usually enough for me to find my way.

All in all, the addition of the items and their enchants, the various potions and a lot of new encounters made this update a noticeable improvement over the previous one, but those who didn't really know how to progress might be better served waiting for the final areas to be added, since at that point you'll have a clear goal to progress towards. 

Review by kithrin
Version reviewed: 0.331 on 2018-11-14 18:04:19

much of the complaints i have have been said, but i would like to add thjat after a while errors start cropping up.

Review by morplees
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2018-05-27 04:01:30

Played on the RAGS 1.14 version.

The game is absolutely impossible without a map, but if you're just playing for the rape scenes then it's fine. Not good, but fine.

Review by pokehigh
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2018-05-21 12:36:55


If you want to walk endlessly in a loop of getting raped, play this game. If you want to actually be able to do something else don't bother. There is absolutly no way to get where you want to go and all stat reductions are permenant and eventually you will end up with a charecter with all 1s for stats. The artwork and writing are decent but those are the only redeeming qualities of this game.

Review by GoudDeal
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2018-04-27 22:21:34

Well everything has been said. The game is good but impossible and frustrating. Going through the draenerei territory, get fucked first room, lose ALL constitution juste to make sure that you CAN'T escape the other ones. If you DO escape the other ones, then you make your way through the randoms rooms WITHOUT ANY CLUES of where you're going (Yeah 'cause North - Northest for elvs, West for orcs etc. ARE NOT CLUES ! If you go south you will find a dead-end and if you come back on your way you might not find ANY single room in the direction you want). And if by mistakes, you get jailed, you just get teleported to a random locations WITHOUT ANY CLUE of where to go or where you are. Well... That's if you even manage to escape of course. And on top of that, RANDOMLY, you might get lost while entering a simple doorway (U WOT MATE ?????!!!!) and get teleported to "the start" of your area. Or crossing a tavern, getting drunk and lost again.


And all the thing that i've just listed ARE ENDLESS ! You'll find this pattern over and over and over again.

So I don't know, the scenes are cool, the game is cool BUT FFS THIS IS NOT DIFFICULTY ANYMORE ! THIS IS JUST STUPID ! We just want to play the game, if it needs to be challenging why not, but right now this is just stupidly hard and not interesting

Review by 20xx
Version reviewed: 0.11 on 2018-04-21 06:26:40


RAGS version with much content still disabled. If you don't mind the RAGS interface you'll find that it will have everything the new html version will have for a long time to come.

Review by seden
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2017-09-08 12:51:21

Quite looking forward to the twine version then, hope the process will go without to much hassle.

Review by Aubreyc
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2017-01-04 20:09:18

To all interested the creator has seemed to put a major pause on Whorelock's revenge to focus on their other game No Haven.

[ creator's post on the subject: [url]http://bedlamgames.tumblr.com/Whorelocks%20Revenge[/url] ]

Review by Hallucination
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2016-12-08 03:15:28

I like the art, but the game is so aggravating I might just take up torturing small animals.

Review by sadarsa
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2016-07-23 14:07:54

Have to agree with what the others are saying, this is a really good game conceipt, but it needs a lot of tweaking because as it is it's beyond difficult and bordering on impossible to win. This game could be great, but as it is, it's just annoying, especially since you spend far more time just trying to escape from your cell than you do actually playing.

Review by saviorwq
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2016-06-26 01:44:32

A huge BUG, whenever you attribute less after the event, load, attribute will be same less

 Sorry to my bad english !

Review by JuankiMan
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2016-02-25 02:32:42

Great idea, impressive amount of work, horrible execution.

As it stands, this game is exclusively for those who enjoy losing. Constantly.

The game works on a simple d20 system in which you make flat rolls against your stats, so to succeed in a check you have to roll less than your stat. However the game assigns utterly ludicrous "difficulty" penalties to every single roll, to the point that a +10 is actually rather common. With stats averaging 11-13 that means that you'll spend most of your playtime flat on your face getting pounded by literally everything. Add to that the so called "ambush races", which always inflict a back-breaking +20 penalty to fight or flight rolls unless you have a specific perk AND succeed on an agility roll; so unless you have a high intelligence to bluff your way out, getting stuck in their territory turns the game into even more of an insufferable chore.

And the worst part? The only thing you can do with enemies is avoid them, either through strength, speed or guile. You cannot in any way turn the tables and do some pounding of your own. Currently the game exists only for players with an extreme submission fetish. Everyone else, abstain.

Review by Mammaphilia
Version reviewed: 1.14 on 2016-01-25 02:42:49

Very enjoyable game! The various stats and perks work nicely, lots of nice... "interaction" and the images really add to the atmosphere and scenes.

The imprisonment madness mentioned by other reviewers seems to have been fixed - imprisonment rarely happens to me in normal difficulty.

It would be nice if there were more intermediate stages to breast expansion. Currently it happens a bit too quickly for my taste. (Also, maybe it could have some positive effect additionally to the negative ones - charisma perhaps?)

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 1.11 on 2015-08-08 14:48:27

Enjoyable game, but the amount of times I was imprisoned was crazy after I caught too many cursed items reducing my Charisma, which left me open to ambushes.

Review by TheHighborne
Version reviewed: 1.11 on 2015-08-08 11:53:11

I agree with orpheonix, especially because there is no interesting content after the second or third imprisonment, the scenes are very short and presented without pictures, it's pure grinding.


The rest of the game is very interesting, sometimes a bit confusing and the balance between grinding and interestint content could be better, but that just leaves room for future updates and enhancements.

Review by orpheonix
Version reviewed: 1.11 on 2015-08-08 00:37:17

Loved the gameplay and then I was imprisoned by Orcs and when I did escape....Orcs imprisoned me. Then I managed to get away 5 screens, *WHACK* and I am imprisoned again. The imprison function needs to be scaled back. Its a great game but holy hell, imprisonment really ruins it. I like it as a punishment that can happen but not as frequently as it does.

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 1.11 on 2015-08-07 19:30:38

This game isn't bad. I would even say it's good... but that would be liying through my teeth, which are currently so strongly mashed together that I fear I might break a tooth.



It's a freaking ORDEAL ! Good gods ! This has to be THE worst damn feature of this whole damn game !

Over 20 times. Yes, TWENTY. TIME... in a row was I put into prison, took 10-15 tries to remove ropes, having to rest, trying to escape, failing 4-5 times, each time having to try to remove ropes (each time trying many times), then trying again and again to escape (often after resting... again), then either be put back to prison immediately OR... what is twisting the knife in the wound... FINALLY escaping only to be ''caugh'' again ONE SCREEN LATER ! Again !


If the... semi-random-but not always-but sometimes completely semi entirely-this game need to tone down the randomness moving through the rooms a TON... doesn't kill this game, the Prison(imprisonement) system sure will do the job.


Damn frustrating. Damn shame for the rest that is good in it.

Review by Vandrig
Version reviewed: 1.1 on 2015-08-07 12:18:19

Really enjoying the new format except for one major thing.

I'm constantly imprisoned and it's tiring to escape (mentally). The escape mechanic, even with Escape Artist, needs some balancing. While getting raped i jail is kind of hot, it gets boring fast.

Great job otherwise, keep up the good work.

Review by GnarlyNash
Version reviewed: 1.071 on 2015-07-22 04:33:47

This may well be the best rags game I have played so far and I've played a bunch, there's already so many events and alternatives and they are very customised to your changes.

All I can ask is that you continue to work hard because it already has so much potential and is going in the right direction and it'd be such a shame if it became just another dead game. Good work!! 

9/10   (A very high nine)

Review by d101232
Version reviewed: 1.071 on 2015-07-20 19:43:47

i like what your doing with the game and i hope your adding more to it maps npc(that won't rape you) shops currentiy etc i'll give it 9/10 for it but with high difficulty level it makes unajoyable for some one just starting to play it and i tend to get lost  

Review by Kate Southerland
Version reviewed: 1.071 on 2014-12-30 16:44:54

About a third of the Rags games won't load for me and this is one of those.

I get an error, when I try to run the game "This Rags File Is Unreadable."

Dunno why.

Review by somehopper
Version reviewed: 1.063 on 2014-11-27 00:38:02

I have been following this game for awhile and it has really come a long way.  this last update is truly impressive.  it went from a "simple" 10 room dungeon to one that feels like it has hundreds of rooms.  it truly feels like a labyrinth.  there are a ton of opponents, items, skills, starting characters.  this game is absolutely massive.  

the one negative about the game is that it has major balance issues.  easy is hard and the harder difficulties are impossible to win.

perhaps adding a super easy difficulty that cut dice rolls in half before modifiers would be a relatively quick fix.  for balance you might want decrease experience gained from encounters.

on easy i find i lose 50-70% of my first encounters, and it tends to go downhill from there.  combat is broken down into 5 options, attack, run, talk, seduce, and submit.  after about 10-30 encounters i will end up with a non removable ring gag in my character making it impossible to use talk and seduce.  almost nothing removes the gag and if it is removed it ends up back in your mouth almost instantly.  the other bondage items definitely take away dexterity preventing you from effectively outrunning anything and i think they sap your strength too.  many of the other bondage items can be taken off by yourself or by a monster but one failed encounter or activated trap means that you have 3-5 more of them added on and some of them never seem to be removed.  

putting something like the altar in COC in every section that would allow you to remove one binding every 20 turns would do a great deal of good to restoring the balance for bondage items.  there are certainly enough opportunities for them to get them put back on you.  

navigation is kind of a nightmare.  this might get better as you learn the dungeon better but i find it really difficult to make it to the trolls and almost impossible to find the humans.  when you do get to them you are likely to get quickly imprisoned and when you escape you are back in the mid or early stages of the dungeon.  

this is a mixed bag.  as infuriating as it is i love that the game really feels like its an navigable labyrinth 

there is no apparent difference in difficulty between any of the different monsters in the dungeon.  most games the early monsters are incredibly easy to fight and the ones deeper in the dungeon are much harder.  

even with all my complaints i still give this 5 stars.  i have no idea why this is not up in the community favorites.  even the much smaller last incarnation of the game that also had balance issues was a fantastic game and this is such a huge improvement.  


Review by Kahaan
Version reviewed: 1.051 on 2014-08-12 03:13:11

An excellent game.

However, to put it bluntly and crudely; you're fucked nearly regardless of what you do. Even on Normal there is only a slim chance of passing the roll of the dice in a confrontation, and the Fel-Fetters keep sapping Strength, Agility and other stats at a few turns intervals. While this makes it the perfect game for those who enjoy the fantasy of not being in control/having others' will imposed upon them, it is frustrating for those who are used to such games as Corruption of Champions, and Flexible Survival, where there's at least a better chance of getting stronger without turning into a slave.

On the upside, where CoC and FS end their game when the champion is enslaved, you have a chance to escape in this one.

That being said, I have only played through the game twice, so there are likely solutions and scenes which I have not yet encountered.

In conclusion; four out of five stars.

Review by CourtneyHC
Version reviewed: 1.03 on 2014-05-29 01:51:41

Totally awesome game. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Review by slythaarget
Version reviewed: 1.03 on 2014-05-08 22:51:59


Review by mocken999
Version reviewed: 1.01 on 2014-05-01 17:35:05

The game is ok but I'm increadably annoyed by the fact when the game asks you to pick your race there is no are you sure option and there is no desicrption of the races that you can choose till after youve choosen resulting in my having to resart the game almost a dozen times while i looked at stats trying to decide what race to play.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.01 on 2014-04-30 03:11:36

It is a five star fap roullette, which is complete to play.

However as an RAG game it is too early to be called done. The game mechanism is well, poor. You need to see the boss, but the boss is not showing up until your character reaches a certain level??? before that all you can do is to pick a race to rape your character in the coming round??? For every two rapes you raise a level. For every two level you get a perk... well, at least it is not working for me.

To sum it up, you can call this a random porn story teller. Somebody may like it but it is absolute not my cup of tea.