The Underworld

Author: SkyCorp
Version: 40
Last Updated: 2020-03-15 21:06:14

Review by Shaing
Version reviewed: 40 on 2021-04-07 23:09:09

First of all, if you read this:

Do NOT "buy" this game or support this developer.

That being said, what is "The underworld"?

Its a furry MTF sandboxy fetish game that, credit where credit is due, is being build from the ground up. The focus of the game is of chapters with a differnt TF each time with "puzzles" to escape and progress the story.

What is "The underworld" aswell?

Its a cash grab. Worse then candy crush, raid shadow legends and EA. Basicly like many others that wrote reviews here thus far, i bought this game years ago when there were only 2-3 chapters with the idea that as time passed more content was released and the game would be refined. Let me make myself clear. What i paid for, was a COMPLETED GAME. At first, progress even looked fine, even if slow. But that changed soon as the first few new implementations were made. By this point this "Project", I wont even call it a game anymore, combines the worst parts of gaming that popped up everywhere recently. A single player game with always online requirement, access to mods behind a paywall and the modders dont even get a cut (which is particular scummy), Day -1 DLC (again, the game is far from finished but there are still 2 "DLC" updates that only are there to get you to spend more money) and a freaking subscriptions basis so if you want to support the dev and get a nice game in return, too bad, you only get to keep it a month. 

Just how money hungry the dev really is becomes clear when the last story update was over 2 years ago and there is not even a mention of any work being done or even begun in that direction so by this point, there really only is a need to check in every year or so to be dissapointed again.

Never the less, the worst part of this experience truely is the fanbase this person build around themselves. Their community is just plain toxic, worse then even CS:GO or LoL and you truely dont want to be a part of that.

So PLEASE stay clear of this dumpsterfire and support better games and better devs on this site that actually deserve your time and money or even artist that do all sorts of kinky stuff but here it would only be wasted and even worse yet, encourage this bad behaviour.

Review by Leymoon
Version reviewed: 38 on 2019-09-08 10:41:12

While this was an exceptional game, with surprisingly good content and detailed transformations, even playable game overs, I would really just two or three versions ago(~v36) wholeheartedly approve of this game. In the past I would have said "the demo should at least be tried by everyone" as well - now it's best to avoid due to temptations and disappointment.

Personally I really liked the Dragon Queen and Dinoian chapters a lot, with the oviposition involved, while the cow chapter was to me the least interesting... and I would have jumped right on to the Whoredra dlc if it had not been a permanent 'requires subscription' thing... such a shame it's come to this.

...then it became obvious that the dev seems to have something against people who don't or can't pay constant subscrition. At first, backers got most content. Then you could pay once to get access to the 'dlc' content. Now you need an active subscription to access dlc content. I'm willing to pay when I can, when I can at least keep what I paid for. To me the ideal monetization would be much like so many others do nowadays, as in a "pay-per-update"-ish way, keeping the version available at the time subscribed, but needing to resubscribe when a new update arrives. Demo being public, and main game/dlc could still be a pateron thing, hell non-story content could even be a higher tier for all that matters... that would be so much better. And less pushing away to potential one time backers. however, unfortunate as it is, it seems like such a compromise or alternative isn't even something they'll ever accept even considering.

Considering that backing for this game has (apparently) been slowy dwindling over the last half year, I can only HOPE the dev actually understand that their agression has gone too far, before it's too late... just please, SkyCorp, if you read this, learn to understand that being too narrowminded and stubborn isn't going to help.


Bottom line and fair warning: If you try this and like it, it is pretty much the only one single player game out there that will require constant subscription every time you desire to play it.

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 37 on 2019-07-10 10:33:43

i did try this game a few years back and actualy forgot it by the next day.

paying for this trash is foolish


Review by meem
Version reviewed: 37 on 2019-07-09 20:13:38

not recommended till it drops the price. i probably wouldn't shell out that much for this unless it was highly praised, let alone having to pay that much per month. public/free version has far less content than the private branch and hasn't been updated recently.

Review by grimtriad
Version reviewed: 37 on 2019-04-13 18:27:45


Please don't play this game, don't support this developer, and don't encourage this kind of abusive behavior towards our community.


I had paid for this game years ago when it was still relatively new giving the author the benefit of the doubt.  It was expensive based on the state but also had some hard to find content that I really enjoy (forced non-human TF).

The agreement with that purchase was that I would recieve future content for free as I supported the game.  Patreon came out about a year later and things started to change.  The first change was to create what is effectively DLC, so that the developer could start charging for content other people created.  As if this wasn't irritating enough, most of the content was advertised on TFGS as new content, and not as DLC that required a subscription to get.

So I eventually caved, picked up a subscription as one piece of content was really appealing only to learn the dev has multiple levels of BS.  Instead of just having Patreon charge me up front and adding me automatically, a script has to run, and will only run near the begining of the month after I pay.  So even if you want to play the DLC content, you have to wait until the dev gets around to letting you...  So, after realizing I would have to wait a month (as this dev consistently puts out updates shortly after the month starts) I backed out of the pledge as I already didn't like that I was paying a second time for something that felt should be provided with the core game (if the dev wrote it) or for free.  This is literally the same way the players feel when day 0 DLC hits or when devs start charging for for player created mods, except, the game isn't out yet and yet it already has DLC...

As if this wasn't enough abuse to people that have already shown their support, I'm now locked behind a time gate for new content as I'm a legacy user...  Instead of showing respect for the people that were willing to overlook the obvious flaws, I feel like I'm getting spit on instead. 


This dev is a real piece of work.  Please do not support them.

Review by aegis7
Version reviewed: 36 on 2019-02-02 21:52:25

A solid game completely ruined by a relentlessly greedy developer. Writing those words I feel like I'm talking about one of the big gaming controversies that happened this year, but instead I'm writing it about a fetish game. 

For some background, back when this game was first released it showed a lot of promise and I could see the potential for it to grow into something that could rival other games of this type, notably Corruption of Champions and Flexible Survival. You can even see my original post on this game on the second page of the discussion forum. Incidentally, most of the issues I raised there still exist, 4 1/2 years later. 

Anyways, I was caught up in the excitement enough to (somewhat foolishly) buy access to the premium version at the time, which involved a single (quite steep) payment. However, I was satisfied with the content I recieved and was thought of it more as an investment into the continued development of the game. 

Flash forward, and the developer has now switched to a paid subscription model more akin to a MMORPG than a singleplayer RPG-esque game with a moderate amount of content. Effectively, for $10 a month you gain access to the newest private version of the game. However, once that subscription lapses you not only lose out on new content added, but you also cannot play the singleplayer game you downloaded anymore. Private builds connect to a server to check your login credentials before alowing you to play. A side effect of this is that you cannot play if you are offline, even if you are a currently subscribed backer. So we can add always online singleplayer games to the list of gaming contreversies this has unwittingly ripped off. 

However, as an original backer, I got access to all these new private builds without needing a subscription. So while I very much disproved of both the model and pricepoint, it didn't personally affect me, and the content, while being slow to release, was still pretty good. But then he released modding. Initially, I was all for it. Crowdsourcing content can be a very helpful boon to games like this that have a solid foundation but lack content. But the trick is, in order to access the mods, you need to be currently subscribed to the game. That's right, we can now add paid mods to the list of greedy moves. That being said, this is actually worse than Bethesda though, because as far as I can tell, there is no compensation being shared with the mod makers. I would be paying Skycorp money to access someone else's content. 

And I would have to pay money. Because even though I was once of the first backers to the game, I do not have access to the mod menu. I would have to go and pay $10 a month JUST to access this new content. The final kick in the balls is how the developer now seems to be putting in new update sized content that he developed behind this new paywall he's erected.

Let's take a second and discuss what the game actually is in more detail. It's an open world RPG-esque game similar in scope to game like CoC and FS. The setting is pretty generic, basically what would happen if Umbrella was run by extreme furries. It's got a limb focused TF system like FS, and suffers similar issues with lack of detail or noticable player reactions in the majority of them. The story itself is probably the strongest point of this game, as each chapter focuses on one TF in much more detail. Overall, these sequences are well written and designed, and really where this game starts to come into it's own.

However, this is where the distinction in builds really gets felt. The public build is woefully out of date in comparison to the private build. Most noticably, it contains only one proper story section, while the private build is up to chapter 7 by now. As a result, the public build is incredibly low in content by comparison, and once you've completed that first story section (Maybe 10-15 minutes) you've basically seen all it has to offer in terms of good content. The rest is just padding and a feel undetailed TFs thrown in haphazardly. 

Strip out all the greed from this game and you have a very solid competitor to some of the largest games on this site. But all the greed that's being shoved down our throats takes that foundation and completely undermines it. There is no reason that the developers should not be able to profit from this game. Many on here rely on Patreon or similar to support them. But the key difference is that they don't undermine the quality of their own game to do it, and they price their games accordingly. This game, and the release schedule behind it, is in no way worth $10, let alone a continual $10 a month just to keep accessing it once you've started. 

Stay away from this game until the developer stops trying to squeeze every last penny out of players. 

Review by kithrin
Version reviewed: 36 on 2019-02-02 18:53:17

i played a previous vertion, and havent felt the need to play any new one, becouse story for public builds hasnt been updated in YEARS.  and i'm not going to pay 10 a month for suchg slow updates, with such little content.

Review by Shard
Version reviewed: 35 on 2019-01-04 17:59:30

AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS (Until something changes)


Most games on this website are free. Several of the best are. This game however, was not.

Back when you could buy the game outright, I decided to pay for it, despite the uproar it caused by being an incomplete flash TF game with an asking price. Cause I liked the writing, of course.

A bit later. You can no longer buy the game, and it costs $10 a month to retain access to it. Those who bought the game early, thankfully, can play it just fine.

Still. $10 a month, for a single player flash text game that still isn't finished yet. Even if this was a real game, and not a (barely) interactive novel, a subscription in order to access it is utterly absurd.

Flash forward to now. The first update has been released that is blocked to Legacy users, available only to people who rent the game. A 'mod' technically, even though it's made by the game's author. If Legacy users want to play it, they have to pay $10 a month to rent a game they already own. It's DLC in Early Access.

I didn't regret buying it when I did, but I do now, given that subscribing late now gives more benefits than buying early. I tried airing my greivances as calmly as possible in the Skycorp Discord, but I was impolitely (by the author's friends), then (by the author herself) politely ignored, forcing me to put this review here.

In the former case, I was treated as someone who wanted something for nothing, when, in fact, I simply want the game I paid for, without any pieces sliced off. In the latter case, the author admitted that the original pricing scheme was a mistake, but made no mention of trying to fix it.


I understand the pressure that comes when something becomes more than a hobby, and deeply apologize for any stress this causes you, but the facts remain:


The last content update was in September. If I had been subscribing since then, waiting with bated breath for this subscribers-only update, I would have spent $40. For 7000 words. If you're going to treat this like a job you should be paid for, then you need to treat it like one, or admit it's just one of many TF text games that doesn't have enough to warrant a pricetag.



Review by Gromelon
Version reviewed: 34 on 2018-11-17 15:41:37

A game that by all rights shouldn't exist. Creator asks for 10$ per month subscribtion for a text adventure with a development speed so slow Newlife looks like a fast project in comparison. And despite Patreon-based games with full public builds month behind being the norm, he has the audacity to update public version very rarely, AND cut most of the content out of it. In the world where Patreon-based creators spend a big percentage of the money from their supporters to commission art, voice actors etc to improve their games, this kind of pure money grab can't be allowed to live. As far as I am concerned, anyone and everyone who actually pays to support this kind of practice has commited a crime against logic, goodwill and common sense.

Review by Kei-chan
Version reviewed: 34 on 2018-11-16 05:39:49

I don't normally post reviews, but I'm going to make an exception here. While I'm not entirely opposed to paying for kink stuff, as I've paid for paycomics and a game or two in the past, the payment system for this game is completely insane.

Updates are glacially slow, the public build is rarely updated, and when it is, features none of the content that's been added over the years, and despite these issues, the game requires an active subscription to play. That's right, you have to pay monthly to play this single player flash game. If you, like me, go in thinking that subscribing will get you current and past releases, but leave you out of future releases unless you continue to pay, you are mistaken. No, if you subscribe for a month, then cancel, when your subscription ends, you can't even play the version you just paid for. It's also worth noting that this game requires you to be online and connected to the internet to play, as you need to log in to a server on boot.

I've never felt so outraged as when I booted last month's private build up only to be greeted by a message telling me to resubscribe if I wanted to play this build that I'd already paid for. Ridiculous.

Review by uso15
Version reviewed: 34 on 2018-11-16 00:41:01

With this latest update fixing my main gripe (no easy way to access mods), this game continues to be fantastic! Ordinarily a pay game on this site rings some alarm bells, I can assure you that for what it is (furry TF game) it's worth the price for the private build.

Review by somehopper
Version reviewed: 33 on 2018-09-17 23:52:27

What is going on with this game?

it had a solid premise with an initially quick dev time, but it has totally stagnated on the public releases.  whats more the private part of the game has changed from a one time expense to a monthly payment where you don’t even get to see the content until the first of the following month.  even weirder, you loose access to the parts you have already paid to see if you drop off their patreon.  to top off the strangeness, all of this is built in flash, so its all in a dead language that many browsers have dropped completely.  

its also troubling to see that using the chapter select options seems to prevent you from accessing the previous sections.  

Review by cursed_spark
Version reviewed: 32 on 2018-08-11 05:20:28

can't get this to work for the life of me when i click download, it just opens opera browser and downloads its self again... when i open the downloaded version it proceeds to download its self again, don't know what to do...

update: NWM! i was downloading the phone  version, i clicked the lower link and it works now....

Review by lilymoncat
Version reviewed: 30.03 on 2018-05-30 14:53:08

I've played the free part and liked it fairly well, but not enough to pay $15 to play the rest.  There's a metric fuckton of better done games that either charge far less or don't hold half the story hostage in a 'private' version for over two years expecting people to pay for more and of it.  Sorry, but I've got better things to buy then this.

Review by Sunseeker
Version reviewed: 27 on 2018-03-23 19:37:22

This is an alright game, there are some obvious elements on the "game" side that seem to be missing (such as some kind of equip screen) and transformations are incredibly fast (basically a "stage" goes by every move or two).  There is a story here, but it is thin and the speedy transformations do little to aid the story-telling.  While others objected and there is now choice, I for one liked the initial aggressive reaction, as it felt appropriate for a darker setting with a highly infectious transformative virus that caused its victims to essentially be exiled from society and forced to live in the sewer.  Still, more choice is always good.

I played up to where the public demo ends, I'm not sure if the author intends to allow further public access to private material later on, but the material on hand and a couple reviews that the "paid stuff" is better is not IMO enough to warrant shelling out real money.  Worse, the recent developments seem to be distractions from the story and the game itsself, added because the folks paying money would rather have them than the material the author was working on, a direction I've seen in other games that stick content behind a paywall, and not a direction that encourages me to spend money on it.

Review by missrachellane
Version reviewed: 23 on 2018-01-18 14:49:47

I can't say anything for version 23, but for version 22, played all the way through and it's pretty good. Gave it a fair shake despite not being a fan of some of the themes but overall what is here is quite enjoyable. It's very well written and absolutely worth a play. Once more becomes available I look forward to taking another look at it, and possibly becoming a researcher. My only real problems are the fact you can't pick any clothes up without putting them on immediately, no storage spaces (which makes sense but I'm kind of a hoarder in games), and no local save file so you're required to log in for cloud saves. The save thing is a good feature but I also haven't found a way to load without restarting the game completely which requires you to log in to load. Regardless, give it a shot.

Review by Perri
Version reviewed: 22.5 on 2017-12-22 20:11:40

I'll probably come back later with a more in depth review later, but put simply, It's got great ideas, with pretty good execution, though the content up until the dino chapter is relatively tihin.

Review by Sarimax
Version reviewed: 20 on 2017-08-30 16:11:36

I'd like to say that, if there's any major turn-off for me on this game, it's the complete and utter reluctance and xenophobia your character has in the beginning of this game. it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and detached to the character, to the point of them feeling unrelatable.

Other than that, the game really caters to me in every other aspect, and it's really fun to play. I'd recommend this game once you have a choice to not be so against furries.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 18 on 2016-05-14 10:54:34

v18 (Public):

I've played through what's available on the Public build (free) and what i saw was interesting. The story can seem a bit threadbare, but it picks up over time as you meet people and learn more about the world you're in. The transformations are varied and there are multiple ways to trigger them, which can sometimes catch you out if you trip a TF change that's almost impossible to avoid. And the main characters that you run in to for the most part (at this version release) okay, with filler "merchant" NPCs on the side to cover the core elements.

Would I pay for it? Maybe, but the extra content I'm missing out on right now if I pay isn't enough. Sure it looks interesting, but for the set price I don't see the value of money there for me to do it.

Perhaps with future updates my opinion on the paywall will change. But as of right now with the free version it's certainly worth a look.

Review by darth123
Version reviewed: 14 on 2015-11-28 02:27:54

Good game. I'll play it again sometime.

Review by HelloworldIizded
Version reviewed: 14 on 2015-11-26 23:15:53

To the people complaining about the $15. The game is free. If you want to play the private build that's another story.

Now, on to my actual review.

I like it. It's a great game and has a lot of potential. The map seems to be disorganized a bit, but it's very minor. A few bugs here and there especially at this one part.

Here's a story of how I stumbled on to the bug.


I went to fight the Naga Queen and I won. I picked up the Golden Cock Ring and wore it and wore the C Cup Latex Bra, which caused my lust generation to skyrocket. I didn't realize this until I was caught masturbating by the po-po and was beat over the head. Then I got my humanity back because I needed to start the Dragon Queen quest. And then the police came and I was knocked unconscious. Then I went to get the Cock Ring curse removed. Once I got the Cock Ring curse removed, I couldn't get the Bra removed because my acceptance went down to zero for some reason. So I went to start the Dragon Queen quest first and while my transformation was starting, I went back into the sewers to fight and get my acceptance up. But my lust generation was still too high so that I accidentally ended up losing to a slug girl. I had the prompt to resist or to give in to the slug tf so I decided that I would still end up as a dragon anyways if I gave in, so I gave in. But once I became a slug girl again, the movement buttons disappeared. I could interact with the sleeping slug girl (which did nothing) and use my items and masturbate, but I couldn't move. I masturbated for ten to fifteen turns straight (thank goodness for the high lust generator, which also increases lust when I look at the sleeping slug girl and when I look at my inventory) until I realized that this was gg for me. I then rage quit and proceeded to write this review. Thanks for the game while I could still move.

Other than that one minor setback everything was great.


Review by Shmoj80
Version reviewed: 11 on 2015-03-05 22:52:21

The content in the game so far is quite good, although it needs polishing in places.


The main negative thing surrounding this game is the paywall. Is it worth the money? In my opinion, not yet. Big word being yet. If the updates keep coming and are of the same quality I have no issues having spent a few bucks on this.

Review by Kips
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-01-11 22:37:00

Honestly, when I played this game a few months ago, it was a neat little game. There was some content that was clearly meant to be there but missing, and I'd like to come back to the game. However, I'm not paying a single cent to experience your game to beta test it. I have no idea WHY you thought this was a good idea, seeing as how the game is literally in its alpha stages. I would consider it if the game had a large amount of content, but unless you somehow managed to fit in at least 10 times the content you had a few months ago in such a short timespan, it's not worth a single dime.

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-01-10 20:59:16

Switching to charging people for the game while it's still relatively early in development?  Sorry, not going to pay to beta test this.

Review by EipokKruden
Version reviewed: 9 on 2015-01-10 20:47:42

Your first priority really should be engine functionality such as a Save system. I played through under v4, but I just can't bother to play through it again in a single sitting for every single update. Until you add saving, I'm going to have to wait.

Review by navigator_dan
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-17 17:51:42

Interesting, but as others mentioned current fonts are too small. Hope the author will change them.

Review by Doubleclick
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-17 01:48:22

I'd say this is a promising game.  I managed to 'beat' the game, but I didn't really beat it the way I wanted to, so I do hope that as this is developed, there will be multiple endings involving how you deal with the providers of cursed objects.  Maybe I want to play the sub to a certain sexy dragoness, just not in the cursed form she chose for me. 

Drop rate for the cock-shrinking items was very low, so that could stand to be improved. 

Enemy / NPC variety could stand to be improved.  Foxes are nice, but despite cats being mentioned, you never encounter one in an interactable form nor gain the ability to become one. 

I'm curious to see if the section that takes place in the corporate building will be expanded into its own quest line - there were hints of something deeper going on. 

In short, it's not a great game yet, but it looks like it could become one.

Review by kash420
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-17 01:02:01

I stumbled on this game as it seemed to be getting a lot of attention, so I figured it was worth a try. More or less, it was worth it. The game is well thought out and designed, offers a map, controls and combat functions one would expect. Though I do regret the absence of any sort of character progression (skills) and there is an obvious need for more content (as one might expect from an Alpha/Demo), However the writing is good and people can still probably get an hour or so of enjoyment out of it as it stands.

All in all, it's worth a try. Hopefully the author continues his/her work and fleshses things out more so.

Review by Lakis
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-15 20:42:18

This game has truely been an enjoyable play through, the story is enjoyable, game itself is cross-platform because of flash, and the current variaty of scenes and what can be done is really enjoyable.

I really don't have anything bad to say 'bout the game as a whole.

I do really hope that this game keeps going and doesn't just idle or become abandonded. That would be such a loss.

Review by MrBwSBwS
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-15 17:21:08

Super enjoyable and well-done game! I can't wait for the next installment. Please don't keep us waiting or abandon it!

Review by Spino2308
Version reviewed: 4 on 2014-10-15 06:55:04

A good game but if the game could give you a little more guidance in what to do next after each thing that would be great