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Review by Snifflez
Version reviewed: 2022-08-05 on 2022-08-15 21:05:29

So boring, I feel like this game should be redone the people working on it might be new to this but I dunno seems like it with how this is going.

Review by Kolka
Version reviewed: 2022-04-03 on 2022-04-04 03:10:02

Without a doubt, one of the best games on TFG. Plenty of content, hilarious typos, plenty of media. I keep coming back every few updates just to try out new things that the various devs have added to the game, and it never ceases to amaze me. I've literally looked through every file for content, tried out every character interaction and quest, and I have to say that if you want a true female sim, this one is it. Granted, the setting is in Russia a little over a decade ago, but the content is still relatable and you don't really feel out of touch with Sveta's reality.

Oh, and did I mention mods? Yeah, turns out devs are busy devving, who knew, right? So, the wonderful people here at TFG have published mods for this game that greatly expand or add new fresh content. Better yet, you can make your own mods, and the game is already fairly mature content-wise, so there are many cool things just waiting to be created thanks to your amazing imagination.

Seriously, I can't praise this game enough. I hope that in the future, there will be a move to a custom engine, but QSP still works even in 2022. DPI scale support is meh, but you can adjust font sizes and certain image sizes in the game settings. It's ok for now, but eventally would be nice to have some love on the UI/UX end.

Anyway, go try it out, this game is a community love child and it needs your love NOW!

Review by Wendy
Version reviewed: 2020-04-10 on 2020-04-25 23:45:35

I figured I should actually write a review for this game. I've played it many times and in general have the same likes and dislikes each time I play it. 


If I had to rate it overall I'd give it an 8/10. It really is a good game with a lot of work put into it. I'll try to break my review down into sections.


Note: My review covers the schoolgirl start exclusively. I've dabbled with the other starts but didn't find them to be as fun as the schoolgirl start.




Pro: Lots of content and story paths. I've played this game probably half a dozen times or more and I still find new content all the time. 

Con: A lot of it is shallow. For example, you might upset Christina and become her little slave but it leads to a series of repeatable events rather than a continuing storyline. Some of the content is hard to access. For example, there is a man you can meet in the fair in the City Park who says he'll call you but in all my playthroughs he's only called me one time. 


They devs are constantly updating and adding new content or deepening existing content so it's hard to truly knock them for it. This is a labor of love and it shows. 




It uses real porn not art or 3d renders. This does mean that often your character looks different during sex scenes but it'd be unreasonable to expect them to have tons of scenes with the same girl. I think it's only fair to say it works as intended. In general the scenes are hot and well used for the moment they're in.




No complaints here. 



This is hard to accurately review. Lots of different writers have worked on this game. Some content is, I believe, simply translated from the original Russian. Some is all new content. In general the writing is very good. When it is not it tends to stick out and I suspect most of these cases are Russian translations as opposed to original work by any of the devs.



I personally don't much care for GSP player. I find it awkward and clunky. I also don't like the dynamic theme the game defaults to because at night it can be hard for me to read the text but that can't be changed so I'm fine with that. I've also noticed that on occasion the way fonts are colored or highlighted can make them hard to read. However, having played other games with this player I must say Girl Life is by far the most useable one I've played. I also adore the cheat menu after having done many replays. I like to skip to the "good" stuff instead of grinding so can go in and tweak things to my liking. 

Review by vitegram
Version reviewed: 2020-04-10 on 2020-04-11 23:14:08

The game is big, with a bunch of characters and features, but it has two troubles that turn a decent game into mediocrity.

The first is the protagonist's cardboard, with a transfomation start (other options looked superficially). There are no psychological breaks. It turns out like this.
On the first day - "I'm a man, only pants."
On the third day - "Oh, what a beautiful dress, it is convenient to fuck in the ass in it."

The second is magic and fights in general. They are generally not needed in this game. Absolutely alien to the general concept. Something like bicycle pedals for some reason screwed to a horse.

Review by HDGoat
Version reviewed: 2019-09-08 on 2019-12-12 06:16:20

It was not bad game with all mods working with one another only mod I could not work well for me was Prostitution mod, the chances of getting caught were too high there no way of finding new area where "role" sveta character can't just get bad chance or good chance it was something to think on, 

Or Fact of matter good thick make up percentage, to very poor thick make up its something for developer group to think on.


I had to find that older module of player meaning anyone trying to play it had use 4.2 it only thing that got video working and you may need to figure how to get video working in latest player so video, sound and picture works.  Some pictures did  not load.


Anyway I have admit I liked this game it made me really feel part of game with sound effects I kind wish Dance Friday night and Saturday night had different songs, they continue strange loop, there no slow songs, or cha cha song or anything and there events like people are so drunk they probably puking on dance floor. Nothing those events occur. Other event that doesn't occur is toilets are never addressed. 

Toilets you do not have strange encounters either women or men which I find if Sveta was attacked on both it make her more wary to enter restroom and have team devs think about "bear" mace or "home made Mace" or chance to buy expensive regular mace. Or cheaper variety would be string confetti.

Something people think about the only tools most russian women have is karate, fist and kick why not allow some karate and nunchunks. :D

Cheap wine, or other liquor is offered at kisoks would be nice. 

I feel there should more details in some those options besides age. 

Nutrition I noted that be worst thing to think of what is Regular food? Is it mystery monday? 

It looked most of time she ate buritoes, and it looked like junk food. Food wise is there healthy options for Sveta to eat?

Likes: fills void when you can't date can't be with anyone and is good masturbation material. 

Graphics if videos were bit more entertaining more sperm gush out baby. There no booby clutchy moments I was thinking when she was making her nipples massage she didn't get spied on by stepfather which annoyed me.

Sound: makes game amazing, I can imagine if there was short spell of sound raining but not too much. If we click on weather we see movie it would be cooler. Click link of her eating hearty food it associated with making eggs, sausages. something sizzles.


I dislike there are no car sounds. just highway noise whenever you get close, Train noises?? No farm sounds. Horse sounds or pigs. 

Wolves would make her fear more believable. If Sveta had car she couldn't take her family on any outings anyone find this weird?  Other crazy how come boyfriend gets go to places and Sveta doesn't decide where and what they going to do?

Orgasm climax is black or white screen anyone find that weird. Or it ends too quickly??

Side quest mod request:

Horny girl expositionist?  Sveta jogging in nude.

Possible only can happen in city in her main home town her mom would know, if happens in old town and suburban area would she get found out. 

Review by DarthSparda
Version reviewed: 2018-11-05 on 2018-11-09 10:09:14

An amazing piece of gaming!  So much content literally have to start multiple games to get everything.  But with that being said it lacks a guide even with the blank wiki pages that this game has you will have trouble finding anything.  Not saying that it's a bad thing but I feel really bad by skimming on through the story when something that someone worked hard to add to the game is there and you have no idea it was there in the first place.  I would like to support this game but not finding a patreon account for it.  Please keep up the great work with this project!!!

11/9/2018 An update from my old review.  Great work to the whole team that worked on this latest version I'm just overwhelmed about the amount of detail that went into this.  Found some bugs with this new version but they were already reported in the forums for this game.  I'm very impressed at the rate that the team works on bug reports keep it up.  Keep doing what you guys are doing because when I think this game can't get any better you guys just keep coming up with new versions that blow my mind away.  Thank you for this amazing game!!

Review by Heskillia
Version reviewed: 2018-10-29 on 2018-10-30 01:32:34

It was quite a lot of file to download full files for image.

But dare I say it was worth it!

Review by nastya
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-09-18 02:06:17

PLEASE TONE DOWN THE RAPE or at least have an option to turn it off. Like others have said, the chances of these things happening now are pretty big, and not everyone likes that kind of content. I'd also say something about the scenes with Bandit, but these don't happen randomly AFAIK, so they're avoidable.

I've been playing this game on and off for about 2 years now - not for long though, because for me it's something that I play for a few hours then I stop as it gets repetitive. It's simultaneously addictive and repetitive.
There really is a ton of content, at least compared to other NSFW games (and I'm talking about commercial games with 3D graphics even). It is like an RPG where you make a character and change her stats. It's also Russian in origin so you get to experience life as a Russian woman, I guess. There are plenty of gopniks, in fact, in my observation most characters are gopniks, so yeah, be prepared to be talking to a lot of jerks. Despite my name, I'm not actually Russian, just interested in the culture. I have no idea if the country is represented well or not.
Girl Life is kind of pessimistic in my opinion because a lot of bad things might happen to your character. She can get addicted to drugs and get abused (many times) for example. She can get called names because of her sexual promiscuity, her bosses will treat her like shit, etc. These features are not necessarily a con, it's just that sometimes you want your character to lead a good life, I guess. I realise they might be fetishes as well, so not trying to kink shame here.

99% of the events lead to sex - consensual or not - and if you plan to have a goody two-shoes character who doesn't want to engage in sexual activity unless she has a boyfriend, it might be hard. I couldn't avoid sex even while trying my best, but then I don't know every secret or trick to playing this game well. Of course, this game is meant to be erotic but I usually like to play as a virgin, shy girl.

I hate to compare things but make it like Newlife where you can at least refuse sex - and in the case of rape, have a way to turn that off or at least tone it down, like mentioned before. I have had my character run away and fight some idiots, but I didn't get that chance all the time. I started a new playthrough a few days ago ("New In City") and I got abused on my first day.
I still don't know how some jobs work - I couldn't get my character to turn into a camgirl using the New In City start, but maybe that was my fault, as she was already a pornstar and stripper.

I wish there were more features - romance would be amazing, since the boyfriend system is kind of lacking right now. I'm waiting for the crime update as it might bring cool stuff. Add more things to the school, and non-sexual activities.
One thing I've noticed is that money either goes too quickly or I am doing something wrong. It's not uncommon for me to have 0 Rubles, and there are NPCs that steal my cash all the time, such as the gopniks.
More jobs would be nice.

The translation has greatly improved from what it was before, and things make more sense. You should add interactions with your family, even in the "New In Town" start - your mother could call you asking if you want to come back home... maybe the player could go back if they met a condition - if they lost all their money and had no way to pay rent.

I don't really understand how the appearance and confidence systems work (might have to check the forum). I had to use cheats to get into the modelling and pornstar jobs because I was apparently too ugly and not confident/exhibitionist enough. It was also kinda stressful having to shave all the time, put on makeup, etc for the stripper job and even after cheats I didn't get that much money or had chances for private shows.

Gadyukino was empty last time my character visited it. Not sure if that's changed but yeah, it was boring.

I like the way how your character gets addicted to drugs, it's rare to find a game that portrays addiction so that's cool. I also like the basic needs stats like hunger and thirst, even if sometimes they're annoying. Thirst goes down way too quickly though, I find myself spending money to buy drinks at restaurants or bottled water and sometimes that doesn't bring my thirst level up (glitch?).

Add more drugs and effects if possible, including psychedelics, cocaine and weed. I would like more effects from heroin (and an overdose). Like, actual withdrawal that drains your health or mental status instead of just text saying that you are ill. Maybe your character could be more confident on cocaine. IDK?

I'd like to see more friendly NPCs, and an actual friendship system (unless something changed and I haven't seen it?). People that treat you well, not snobby girls, jerkass strangers or stupid gopniks.
I haven't tried prostitution yet so I don't know how it works - is there a way to cater to your customer's fetishes? And maybe have female clients?

In regards to the images and sound, I don't use them (there's a way for text-only even if it's clunky) so I don't really care, but they were ok the time I tried them. The only complaint is that some images/videos have nothing to do with the text but that's normal.

There might be more things but I don't remember now.

Thanks for expanding the game.

Review by MiranCat
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-07-20 03:44:28

Great game, very fun with deails! Need updates please! More content will be more epic! Adding romance and more serious relationships will be fun too!

Review by hallsigns
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-06-05 17:13:57

One of the best games I have played on this site. Definitely a work in progress, but it is lightyears ahead of most games already on here. 

I lsee ot of complaints have been of the transgender start or of bugs recently... I honestly have had issues with both the New Girl start and the Transgender start, but as many people have stated, included those who are actively working on the game - the best versions are the School Girl start and the Cursed (Magical) School Girl start. Also - if you have issues there are tons of active players in the community forums that can assist. 

I mostly love how long this game is - I have been playing for over 30 hours at this point and haven't come close to unlocking everything - and so much is planned for the game if you look into the community pages. 



Review by jason12378
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-06-03 23:38:34

This game is terrible after the most recent update. You are most likely to get raped and there is nothing you can do about stopping it.

Review by misssin
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-06-02 07:46:04

Loving the game so far, can't wait for the crim aspect of the game to be added, also is there any way i can donate?? I've tried searching around but couldn't find anything.

Review by popcornrocks
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-05-29 19:36:29

@Demento56 The only start that actually has a car crash is the regular start. It is literally just you going to work as a dude and then getting into a car crash. You don't die, you are fully transformed into a girl. The only reason you have problems is becuase you just would not go further into the game. There are acctions that you can take after getting into the car crash, or maybe you have to wait several seconds, I don't remember as I normally play one of the school girl starts. You were just not patient enough to actually start the game.

Review by centerflag982
Version reviewed: 2018-05-28 on 2018-05-28 15:13:53

@Demento56 - Is this on the standard/transformation start? Because I'm pretty sure that one literally starts with the PC dying in a car crash...

Review by Demento56
Version reviewed: 2018-05-19 on 2018-05-24 20:58:09

I want to give this game a good review. Hell, I want to like this game, but it's literally impossible because I can't get past the opening sequence without instantly dying. No joke, I put on the outerclothes provided and then immediately die. The game helpfully informs me that I should pay more attention to my stats, but I've had a chance to make exactly one decision in the game (whether or not to take a telephone call). This has persisted across multiple versions of both the game and of QSP, and at this point I'm done trying. It's a shame, because I heard good things about this game, but it is physically unplayable.

Review by Yokou
Version reviewed: 2018-02-02 on 2018-04-07 20:55:43

Girl Life is a choose your own adventure type game.  Getting the game started up takes a lot of effort as there are lots of extra image packs to install.  The game was originally Russian but seems to have been translated into english for the most part.  This game is far more complex than any other TF I have played before.  There is a lot of stuff you can do and I found it very hard to get started as you aren't really guided to do any specific thing.  There is lot's of micromanaging that you have to deal with as well like buying food, hygienic supplies, and cosmetics.  You also need to keep up with a job as well as your money so you can buy the things you need and pay rent.  With all the things you have to keep track of I found it hard to actually find the content I was looking for which is the actual TF content.

Starting out there are 4 backgrounds to choose from which all seem to have different stories.  If you choose the male character you are quickly turned female so there is no gradual physical transformation to occur.  Instead the game seems to focus more on mental changes that occur with your character.  There are lots of stats to keep track of some of which I assume affect these mental changes.  Then there things like sleep and hunger in which you have to deal with.  There seem to be a lot of different things you can pursue in the game but starting out your options seem very limited and it's easy to get lost trying to figure things out.

Overall this game seems to have a lot of depth but to me it is too much so where it becomes complicated instead of fun.  The added image packs, sound packs, and gifs add a lot more visual aspects that you would usually see in a TF game.  The screen layout is pretty terrible and images can be cut off until you scroll down to see the rest.  Also, the music included in the sounds packs can be very loud and annoying.  There is an option to turn it off but it didn't seem to work for me so I muted the game instead.


*Lots of depth make the game more like a life simulator

*Added images, sounds, and gifs give you a lot more than just the text to enjoy.

*Seems to have a good focus on mental changes which is a fun part of TF


*Way too much micromanaging for my liking.  I'd much rather be able to focus on the TF aspects rather budgeting my money and health.

*The screen layout could use an overhaul.  There also doesn't seem to be a good way to keep track of important tasks like work that you need to do.

*Difficult to get started.  You aren't guided to do anything besides get a mundane job.  For a lot of the more interesting stuff it seems like you need to deliberately seek out shady things in the city rather than coming across them normally while going about your day.

Super annoying music at times that you can't seem to turn off even though there is an option to.

*The TG change happens instantly upon starting the game rather than being a gradual TF that happens as you progress.

Review by TomTew
Version reviewed: 2018-02-02 on 2018-04-07 17:07:23

Well i love the game. It is really good has a fair bit of variaty. altho if you go for a FF charicter you Gf turns in to a guy after they pick you up. Other than that it just needs some TlC with the pictures for the phone. other than that i havent found many bugs and the game seems quite solid. and is somthing that can be built on and expanded on if the dev so desires

Review by JessCorna
Version reviewed: 2018-02-02 on 2018-03-25 09:11:11

 It should go without saying but it is a great game and in my opinion the best on this website. I have been playing this game for around 3 years now so this reveiw is very specific and picky XD

There are a lot of things to do and I enjoyed it all. However, I feel like it is 'missing something' I'm not sure what but I think it's the lack of detail. But hear me out!

Don't get me wrong it is a detailed game but, it's a bit repetitive and not a lot of things progress for example you can get a boy freind but the only thing you can do (atm) is call him to go out, he calls you or you see him In the park and when you do one of these it's the same boring convostations and probably ends in sex. 

In my opinion attention to depth could make this game insanely good, for example going out with someone then if you break up with them they have completly diffrent attitude towards you (not just they dont like you but they feel akward and maybe want revenge sex) , but if you get back together there might be some changes a good one would be 'dimka' getting back together would make things even more ruff. ( Also if there is a chance to change the names and places to appeal to english/ american? i would love to put my input and ideas)

 For the game devs i once again stongly suggest you play these games and check out these porn stars and get some inspiration.

New life:


Life choices:



Mia Malkova

Dillion Harper

Bonnie Kinz

riley reid (is the character of sonia just for people who dont know)   :)

Review by grishan91
Version reviewed: 2018-02-02 on 2018-03-08 14:42:43

Well, first of all, good work guys, the game is amazing. I've played it on pc for 2-3 years now, I'm trying to play on my android device. I've followed the guide, and it work pretty fine. Only problem is the weight of the image archive, I don't mind the sounds, I usually play without them, but if I may ask, could you do an image pack for android with even a low resolution so it could be placed in low memory android device? I don't have access to a pc now, so it's nearly impossible to do it on a smartphone. Thk u and keep up the good work! 

Review by delargante
Version reviewed: 2018-02-02 on 2018-02-25 21:34:39

What can I even say? The amount of content in this game is just absurd. Some of the text is barely English and images can get very unrelated to the descriptions, but except that it is a very fun timesink.

Came for porn, stayed for the most detailed world in the video game history

Review by caramoore
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2018-01-04 22:01:13

@Sexxy117 In the game use the Cheat Menu - go to the Change Appearance selection and then the selection below your name there's an option to choose a Custom Avatar - select that to OFF and you'll get an avatar that changes depending on hair length and colour. Also head to the forum, there's a very active section for the game there with plenty of very speedy responses from the team. 


@Zer0zero Go to the Forum. Click the discussion link here. There's regular updates there and huge amounts of interaction from the Dev team. 

Review by Sexxy117
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2018-01-04 20:24:30

Great Game! It has 4 different starts and each one feels to me like it's own seperate game, can't wait to try them all! But does anyone know if there is some place/places to get a different avatar picture? Or Like some kind of character face image that changes as the game goes on? I currently just have the generic Avatar the game comes with.

Review by Zer0zero
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-12-21 10:12:18

This is ... amazing.  The depth and the breadth of this game is just astounding.  I wish the creative writing was better, but its translated.  If you're up for changing dialogue and/or sex scenes let me know.  Keep up the good work.


Please tell me this is being updated!

Review by santaira
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-12-16 21:41:00
This is the best game I've ever played. 
Great events, great story. Simply amazing.
I am very happy to think that there is still the possibility of increasing the content even more.
Congratulations to everyone involved and all those responsible for creating such a good game.

Review by Heskilli
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-12-16 16:11:22

I want a new update on this for my Christmas. That's how good I think this is. My cousins will come over and ask what are you playing? why doesn't it have any fancy particle effects and what not, and I can confidently tell them. "Boys and girls. This is the gem of the centry."

Review by girlslifesuperfan
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-12-10 09:36:29

This is like one of those ultimate life sims. I love it, my name shows it. I look forward to its continual development and hope it expands upon, eventually, the other aspects of life such as child rearing, relationships and other non-sexual aspects of 'life. Those things would greatly enrich the super fun sexual parts!

Review by swa022
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-11-21 20:35:35

I LOVE the intro music^^

Review by roy12
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-11-05 16:02:59

Review from 0.5.3

The biggest and best game i ever had. Tons of content, multiple choices and at least we got cheat menu in it. Currently playing 0.5.3. version in two gameplay (slutty succubus sex crazed bimbo Sveta and bisex partygirl volleyball schoolgirl Sveta).

Review from 0.7.0

More content than i ever imagined, it was great. Altough i have lot of question, there is one concern me. There is no cheat for resetting reputation/fame status (flirt. cocksucker, slut and etc), only way i found to reverse it by go to church every Sat/Sun.

Review by kaylynnx1
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-10-25 21:14:35

10/10 This game is by far the largest, most comprehensive transformation game I have ever played.  There are a few glitches here and there, but given the enormity of the game, that is to be expected.  For example, I noticed that when Niko calls you "M'lady" the option to throw up is missing.

Review by doraemon000
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-10-04 09:34:33

I don't know how to feel about this game. It looks like it has a lot of things to do but I got lost and after renting an apartment I was walking around the city for days looking for that apartment and I couldn't find it. 

Review by Stevie71
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-09-15 16:17:00

It's a great game. The lingerie options are welcome, but could contains some pantyhoses or stockings and garters, or complete matching lingerie sets.

But the game is really worth the time!


Review by Carowsonge
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-09-15 15:04:04

Awesome. I could switch to the new version without any serious problem. Although, my  antivirus program took away the qspgui.exe as a potential threat, I could get it out of quaranteen ... That, and I was a bit confused because of the size of the new image library, but after  I read about it in the forum, I was reassured. I assume you reorganised the directory system of the game, because, compared to the older version, there seems to be less directory and image.

I love this game, and am glad to follow this grand project. This game lets me do whatever I want, it would let me do more, but unfortunately I tend to invest myself into my character a little too much, so most of the time I don't dare to explore all the possibilities. Another thing, I wasn't really concerned with the image library size because i tend to make a lot of saves, and my save folder with time is ussually getting bigger than my image folder xD, but the change is welcome.

I'm really glad I found this site, and especially this game. 

As for the other comments, I downloaded the magnet link version of the update, and that qsp player was automatically in English, at least for me, and after i got back the .exe from my quarantine (...), it played the .mp4 extensions too without problem, so go to forum.

Review by SoniyaFemboi
Version reviewed: 2017-09-13 on 2017-09-14 10:16:50

Love this game but the new update is not working for me. It's not playing the mp4 files with QSP 0.4.2 and I can't find the 0.3.2 version anywhere on the internet. A little help would be really appriciated.

Review by butterduck
Version reviewed: 2017-07-03 on 2017-08-24 22:19:44

Game seems dope af, however I have a problem where Alt + L doesn't change my language even when selecting english.

Review by gault57
Version reviewed: 2017-07-03 on 2017-08-17 21:07:05

New Update for Underwear ?

I know its cool..but in the game people will let them charactar wear the underwaer??  lol


I love this game...cant wait more update about BIMBO.



Review by Counter-Terrorist
Version reviewed: 2017-07-03 on 2017-07-26 15:40:45

Top notch game right here! So much content and a dedicated team. One of the best if not the greatest game on the site. Keep up the fantastic work!

Review by AliSlut
Version reviewed: 2017-07-03 on 2017-07-18 00:34:37

Love the game.  Tons of content.  Really wish there was more of a slow sissification/feminization aspect to it instead of the instant change.  Also, it's really difficult to get anywhere without cheats, but the cheat menu is easily accessible.

Review by beccara
Version reviewed: 2017-07-03 on 2017-07-06 07:43:43

Hey. I love you creators. Best game i have played here.

Thank you so much for it.


But i do think there is a bug of some sort concerning the Shoesystem.

Whenever i buy new shoes, it doesn't matter if flats or heels, the pain scale is suddenly maxed and the healthbar is at 30...something health.

At first i thought it would depend on the heelsize, because tbh anyone who wears highheels for the first time cries out of pain.

But it turned out to be the same in midhigh heels and even flats.

And i love that you want to come close to reality as much as possible but it is kind of annoying to die from wounds on your legs/feet or on a whim when you do something else, like getting raped because your healthbar is so low.


I don't know if someone already reported this issue or if it is only me who's got this issue. I already tried to locate the codefragment and maybe try to fix it myself but i am currently swamped with collegestuff. So if any of you've got a solution i'd be very pleased and happy.


Greetings Becca

Review by LittleJonson
Version reviewed: 2017-06-29 on 2017-07-02 05:29:19


This is the only game of this genre that is actually playable and complex. Not nearly as what i would want it to be but nonetheless the only one i found that actually tries to reach my expectations.

I have played the previous version long enough and the changes in this version are pretty noticeable and deserve credit. But it;s still a buggy game and you still get to dead ends with no more options and no way to get back so only thing remains to reload a previous save and the most annoying and game breaking jump such as getting to unlock new options and characters at random without any sense somewhat like mid branch, only available on certain pages and not available on others. This gives you the feeling of playing on multiple time dimensions.


For some reason the shower gif is not playing properly. Redownloaded and still the same. It plays but the pixels around the girl are all white. I suppose is something about how QSP is playing it because if i run it from the folder it is displayed correctly.

Added the old gif to fix this incoinvenience.


@JoeW, create an account and you'll be fine. The extended limit is far more permissive.


Got stuck in a school window. Told off the noisy classmates. Actions window is empty and can't continue, had to use emergency exit.


Review by Sirius
Version reviewed: 2017-06-29 on 2017-07-01 17:45:40

Lots of good stuff here. Some things are a little grindy and could stand to be a little more automated (eating, bathing). Also, it did seem like if one exercises a lot (as seems heavily encouraged, to improve stats) it is excessively difficult to eat enough to avoid rapid weight loss. Oh, and a pet peeve of mine; sex doesn't make a pussy loose. Pregnancy, perhaps, age definitely, but sex, definitely not. Tightness is largely a matter of muscle strength (which is why age, which generally produces muscle atrophy, produces looseness), and lots of sex is most likely to strengthen the muscles. Lots of prostitutes with very tight pussies out there. I guess the transformation community includes people for whom loosening is some kind of fetish, and people can have whatever unrealistic fetishes they like (I certainly do), but since I don't share that fetish, I wish there weren't so many games with loosening mechanics.

Also, sometimes feels like there's too little choice in what to do. I get that writing out branches is a lot of hard work, and there's only so much one can expect, but in many cases the branches exist, but the game automatically sends to you to A if you have these stats and B if you have these other stats; I'd prefer more cases where the player can actually choose (especially if the character has high dominance, it seems it should be entirely up to them what to do).

Review by chijon72
Version reviewed: 2017-06-29 on 2017-06-29 20:29:31

Oh my... more new clothes, tats, and piercings plus SHOES?! I'll be shopping for the next few days!

The teamwork and drive behind this project is impressive, and things are shaping up very nicely. This game is well worth the massive download time and slight setup hassle, having tons of content to explore.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc
Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 2017-06-17 14:44:51

10/10 Kekshit


I get to be a gopnik. Best game ever


Heals on ground when slavs squat around

Review by SemperVigilatuns
Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 2017-04-10 04:47:03

Updated As promised.

Finally managed to get the images downloaded, took some time, but probably worth it.

To start, this update seems to change quite a few things!

I first noticed that many passages are either cleaned up, or drastically cut down in length, and seemingly simplified. As I like to explore all parts of the game, I tend to use cheat mode, keeping arousal high. That seems to be gone, however. Not a huge deal, if you're playing the game legitimately, so I can sort of place that as a very very mild irritation, mostly just because it means I may have to manually raise the arousal for certain events to trigger.

I guess the public sex with the pet dog is gone? I noticed that I was never confronted by him, which is odd, after looking further into it, I either couldn't find how exactly the path progresses, or, less likely, it's gone. Seeing that change, I investigated the previously named 'Pirate', who is now named Bandit. Similarly, there was no point at which my character was forced into having sex with Bandit. I am sure that it is possible,and I just can't find it, since I didn't dedicate more than 15 or so minutes to trying to find a path. Moving on~!

I found the more comprehensive clothing system welcome. A set definition for what clothing violates whcich rules of the school was nice, but seemed to be mostly for show, since, as far as I could tell, there was little effect on the world, given that nothing special seemed to happen at school.

The skill system is all sorts of complicated now. It seems to be set up so certain skills are based both on other skills, and some attributes, which is a nice touch of realism, it makes sense someone who is athletic can likely fight well, after all, just like it makes sense that a pole-dancer would be, at the least, a decent dancer in general.

I mostly enjoyed this update. I haven't fully explored it yet, but I'm confident it will pan out very well, based on what I've seen thus far. Good job!

Review by maria94
Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 2017-04-07 06:43:26

i don't know why, after following all the steps i can play it but i can't see the images

Review by Forge
Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 2017-04-03 23:02:21

I would love to give this  a review but I also can not get images to load.

Review by worldbong
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2017-02-07 15:32:46

This game is simply genuis. Great gameplay and perfect storyline(s). The fun fact is that it can completely be altered by the user! Keep up the great job guys.

P.S I can help with translations as Russian is my mothertongue. Unfortunately i'm very bad at coding soif you need text translations please do forward them to me It would be a pleasure and an honor to help in anyway possible to make that game even better!

Review by cascarino22
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-12-28 19:55:07

Simply the best game I ever played

Review by tranzet
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-12-21 20:39:53

Wow, just wow! This game is amazing and I am enjoying it very much! There is a few things I'm not sure of but I'm yolo'ing my way through lol. This game has an awesome story, role play, and much more than what I expected when I donwloaded it. This Game is in my top five and ranking number one on that list. "If" I could change/add anything, it would be to add more SheM/Transex to the the game ( I know theres one.. but there isn't much too it though saddly). Maybe I would even ask for some male on male stuff (if I was asked lol). Still I love this game and I'm even playing right now and thought it be nice to leave a good review. Thanks for the game and had work to everyone who has put time and effort into this game!


Review by sanjafeth
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-12-01 21:03:00

First things first, this game is well produced and is well worth your time! I really like the style and format of this game, and I want to love it, but I am a little frustrated at present. 

As a casual player, I found that there is not really any internal documentation to nudge a beginner in the right direction. Even when things go to crap, you aren't quite sure what could have been done differently. I get the sense that, with a few pointers here and there, the gameplay could be very enjoyable indeed.

Review by Wayne
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-11-28 18:20:33

Like to Try it But downloading it would be a hassel Couldnt The Auther Just Create A Torrent For the Gamre put the game along with the Reqierd image packs INto a Torrent5 and Than seed it to pepole who whant to play it it would save time  haveing to download things inderviguly 

Review by Sara98
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-11-03 13:57:38

Thanks for this game, im so happy to find it that day. I follow this game since the vertion 0.5.0 and its the best game i play of this kind and also play it every time i can do it. I really hope you keep adding more stuff to it. Thank you very much for this.

Review by manarak
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-10-21 06:39:59

one of the best games around!


another very good game I enjoy is "happyend", but it is not listed on this site.

Review by ADIDAS
Version reviewed: 2016-10-20 on 2016-10-21 01:29:25

 Love the depth of this game, thank all of you who have a hand in expanding this already expansive game.

  Agreed Bootyman, you can almost feel the blood splatter from the meat tenderizer everytime the English language is butchered. Lol, still needs lot's of work. But this is amoung one of my favorites due to the fact that it puts you in the drivers seat of what it feels like to be female.

Review by Becky Russell
Version reviewed: 2016-08-02 on 2016-10-09 14:22:31

Ok, where do I start apart from first of all thanking Kevin Smarts and every one of the team for all of the time, effort and work they have invested and continue to invest in this version of the game.

As other reviewers have said this game is huger than huge, I first played the original Russian game a couple of years ago and have continued to play on and off since. There are regular updates indeed, if you don't mind a few bugs, there is an update of some sort or other  whenever Kevin updates the master build on the Gitlab page (pretty much daily) and new images are added weekly by Nutluck.

The game pretty much has it all, Dom and sub, incest, beast, mind control, school, sports events and competitions, consensual and non consensual sex, slavery, becomming a porn star, pregnancy and probably a lot I have forgotton or haven't found yet. There are thousands of images (be warned there is some beast content but these can be deleted, indeed there was an image pack download without these) and numerous quests/paths to follow which also change depending on your Dominance or submissivness and relationships with NPC's.

There are 3 alternative starts to the game, I would recommend the schoolgirl start or cursed schoolgirl start as they contain the most content including family and friends and all other content can still be accessed.

You will also find a rather nifty cheat menu which does come in handy as the game is so big you may want to play a particular path trying out different stats rather than starting over..

There is some dodgy but also extremely funny translations from the original game which are still being worked on by the team, I know some people don't like that but I still smile when I remember receiving my first facial from an unexpected person and all I could say was "groo gaskers" whatever that means!

All in all I would recommend trying this game, it is a huge download but worth it. One of the best games on the site.


Review by super_tramp
Version reviewed: 2016-08-02 on 2016-08-02 16:50:23

Your changelog says 2016-07-02 instead of 2016-08-02.


Probably one of the biggest games let alone life-sims on TFgames site. Perhaps one of the biggest text games of all time anywhere. (Though I could be very wrong) I played the last update and was surprised by the amount of content and possibilities. In fact, this game along with a game called Sophie's Choice inspired me to do some a little side project of my own.

You can go to school. You can go to work with multiple career choices. You can go to college. You can get your drivers liciense. You can buy multiple cars. You can buy lots of clothes. (though honestly the clothing options are more of a personal preference than an actual cosmetic effect) Hell, you can even play serveral games within this game. From bowling to online MMORPGs. There is pretty much every kind of realistic sexual situation you can think of. (EVERY KIND except maybe vore/gore) You can just download the visual content and have more porn gifs than you could shake a stick at.


IF there was a real voting system rating 1lowest-10highest, it would definitely recieve a high 9.73. As this was original a Russian game (hence being set in Mother Russia) translated into english, some of the dialog is still untranslated and some of the dialog is translated into broken english. Honestly though, most of those untranslated sections are during sex scenes and if you don't understand what they are conveying then perhaps you shouldn't be playing this game.

What else is there to say. If you haven't played this game and realistic sexual encounters are your kind of thing, then you should definitely give this game a try. There is no possible way you can regret it.

Review by MrBrooks
Version reviewed: 2016-04-18 on 2016-05-11 16:07:46

I love this game. Thank you so much for creating a better English version of it. Can't wait to see what else you guys will add.

Review by Worian
Version reviewed: 2016-03-21 on 2016-04-07 16:11:10

(V 0.4.2)

Short version : awesome game.

Long version : this game has a ton of content with great photos and gifs. You'll still discover new things after dozens of hours of gameplay, and even more content is being added with each release.

It's a sandbox life simulator game. You go through each day, managing your stats and discovering events. In the original start you're a 34 yo male transformed into a 18 yo female. In the alternate start you are a 15-16 yo girl from birth. This game is on the realistic side, so if you want a game with lots of magical, supernatural or SF elements and transformations, that's not it.

You are free to choose what you want to focus on and how slutty you want to be. You can be a total whore. You can be a "normal" girl discovering her sexuality. You can be a prude, conservative girl who wants to keep her virginity and avoid "impure" activities (you would miss most of the sex content if you do that, but it's POSSIBLE ^^).

If you don't like some of the content/fetishes, it's usually easy to figure out how to avoid them. Don't want to be a bimbo ? Don't dress like one. Don't want to see rape scenes ? Don't get wasted or follow strangers to isolated places. Don't like incest ? Don't seduce family members. Don't like heavy bdsm ? Stay away from the bdsm club. Don't want to see bestiality ? Then don't start doing sexual things to animals. Simple, really. ^^

Also, very useful cheat menu if you want to reduce the "daily routine" aspect and focus on discovering new events. Cheats for infinite money, no need to eat/sleep, disable period/pregnancy/stds, change body shape, change stats, restore virginity and many more.

Biggest flaw as some others have said is the translation. Definitely room for improvement there, but it's being worked on. Most of the time you'll still understand what's going on even if the english isn't good. Some bugs too, but hey it's in development (and free). Make multiple saves and you'll be fine.

This game is so huge you'll probably need some time to figure things out at first, but it's definitely worth it IMO.

Review by elfscout
Version reviewed: 2016-03-21 on 2016-04-05 05:19:10

this is not a review.


zadkins2 you also gotta make sure you unpacked the image folders correctly, inside your /images you should have



and so on

if you have for example /community imgs - no beast/ then you need to move the contents into the main images folder, same goes for all other image packs 

for better help visit forum link mentioned in description

Review by zadkins2
Version reviewed: 2016-03-21 on 2016-04-03 06:36:29

I for some reason cannot get the pictures to work in QSP. My folder looks just like the image you showed, do I have the wrong file or did I do something wrong?

I enjoy how free the game is, I wish the images would work for me.

Review by Randomize
Version reviewed: 2016-02-11 on 2016-02-28 17:25:30

First of all, the game is huge, it has so much content that I still manage to find stuff I've never seen before after playing houndreds of hours. Hell, it's so huge that I started to comb the files for things I've missed, events that needs certain triggers to unlock and so on, and while doing so (and by going through the pics), I realised that there are tons of things to do in the game that I've never even knew about, which means that the game is still deeper and more subtle than most professional 100 million $ AAA+ games could even dream about.


The major flaw of Girl Life is the translation, which is just as bad as the other rewievers says. Trying to do something in the game while trying to decipher text thats part random gibberish, part broken english and part russian slang, makes it is hard to keep track of what you're supposed to actually do when you need to trigger an event. Also, lots of the content is based one beeing there at a specific time, often while wearing a certain attire, while at the same time having a certain set of first your own personal reputation AND a similar reputation/relation with the npc. Not to mention your own looks and state of mind needs to be within the specified range too, and on top of that, stats such as int, str agil etc, needs to be within a specified range too, having too high or to low int for example, and the event wont trigger. This of course makes the game extremely hard and time consuming if you want to explore it completely, and that's just one of the two paths the game offers. Also there are a few bugs here and there, which is understandable in a game as large as this and most of the time, you can get past with the help of the cheat menu, which is a godsend help if you manage to fuck up an event or make a misstake somewhere.  

You see, this game has two diffrenent starting points, each with different jobs, careers, school, friends, npc:s, places, events, reputation, clothes etc, which even intertwines if you spend a couple of years in the game. Now imagine trying to advance 1-2 years of ordinary school and only then are you at the starting point of the transformation path, without the transformation quests and npc:s of course. This means you've already met lots of people, formed relations with them and done lots of stuff that might lock you out content you can do if you start with the transformation path. Also going through the whole schoolgirl start until graduation takes ages (literally) if you try to do anything other than eating, sleeping and going to school. Now add the huge ammount of different activitys you can do each day (a lot of them depending on previously mentionend set of reputation, relation, time of day, week, month), npc:s to meet, form relationsships with, jobs to try and so on, and you can easily see why there is enough content for hundreds and hundreds of hours, and still you can keep coming back for more.

Writing: 3/5 - Would be way higher if not for the broken english.

Photos: 4.5/5 - Great, thousands of photos and lots of qt:s files, even if they sometimes dont fit the occasion at all and often show different pictures for a npc:s each time you meet them.

Story & Content: 5/5 - I'm not here for the TF stuff, I usually dont care about those in the tf games I play, I just want to play as a sub female mc in an adult life sim/game, with lots of freedom of choice and fetishes to explore and enjoy. This game gives me all of that and more! Even better, is the fact that this game is russian and the cultural difference between Russia and the West, makes this game way less stale and preditcable than most other life sims/adult games I've played, and I have played lots of them the past 4-5 years. 

Verdict? Easily one of the best adult games and life sims I've ever played. If the broken english ever gets fixed/translated, it would be even more amazing. But dont let that stop you, the game is both playable and enjoyable in it's current state due to the sheer amount of content is has and most of the broken english can be understood anyway, even if quite a few sex scenes are hilarious rather than sexy thanks to this. 

Finally, I want to say thank you to all the people working on translating and fixing this wonderful game, you are doing an amazing jobb, keep it up. :)

Review by Bootyman
Version reviewed: 2016-02-11 on 2016-02-18 03:50:51

The translation is a clusterfuck but the game has a ton of depth and content.  If the translation was tightened up a lot then it would easily be amongst the top five games on here, it's still up there despite the translation.

Review by vizard
Version reviewed: 2016-02-11 on 2016-02-16 15:21:43

It definitely is fun but some pics/gifs dont show. Is there maybe a bug or could their have been a mistake in the download/installation?

Review by lurkingbutpleasant
Version reviewed: 2016-02-11 on 2016-02-14 22:09:36

This game has a staggering amount of content available.  I've been playing around with a lot lately and still feel like I've only seen a fraction of it.  

Review by fuzzbuddy
Version reviewed: 2016-02-11 on 2016-02-14 21:16:42

Great game! There's still a lot that needs to be translated / edited for word choice and grammar, but I appreciate the work done so far.
I love how many pictures there are, and I like how so many interactions have many stages to progress through.
One significant issue was that while getting dressed for school ended up being an option in the morning, it didn't seem to prompt on all school days, so there were days that I missed school without meaning to and then that ended up changing the game. School would sometimes happen (or at least be an option) on weekends too even when there weren't weekend school events.
Another strange error was having the mom want proof of virginity every now and then despite her knowing better.

Review by aadajo
Version reviewed: 2016-02-01 on 2016-02-03 06:27:39

how do i get the pictures to display in the game sry for being a noob people

Review by shroudy
Version reviewed: 2016-02-01 on 2016-02-03 01:48:20

After downloading QSP, and the game files, I noticed my 7zip program was extremely out of date, and that is why I was getting errors. That's just a friendly tip to anyone encountering what seems to be "corrupted files".


After getting everything installed, I was amazed at the content of this game. There is simply so much to do, although it does move along at a slow, grinding pace.


The only 2 things I can say I'd change after about 10 hours of playing is a better translation, and more description of what certain things (clothes) do. For example, certain dresses expose your butt, while others (which LOOK shorter to me) don't.


Overall I'd say this is a great game, and I look forward first and foremost to a better translation. Unfortunately I don't speak Russian, so I am of no help there. Make sure to save every 1-2 minutes or so, just in case a translation doesn't go the way it sounds.

Review by eroticlg
Version reviewed: 2016-02-01 on 2016-02-02 22:59:20

Getting the game:

Downloaded qsp player. Crawled through threads finding multiple versions claiming to be "most current" though dates were all over the place and the main thread isn't updated with most recent links, and has many people adding their "translations". can't download files bigger than 1g without also installing toolbars and bloat in my browser (please add alternate links for future players PLEASE). Finally was able to get the player, image files, game file all downloaded. Almost lost motivation to even download multiple times because so tedious and unorganized.

Actual game:

All machine translated. No way to understand actual story and I would have no idea what was going on if I hadn't read the IGDB page. Female start throws you right in with no real explanation.

Lots of pictures and events. Really just tonnes of content and a lot is repeatable. Kinda boring if you try to play as non-slut and very grindy. Hard to keep image up if you go full-slut. Nothing worth while in between.

UI sometimes breaks if you try to change text size or window size. Still a lot of bugs so SAVE OFTEN.

No real ending or Bad Ends. Very little TF.


Overall rating: 5/10     Not worth the trouble of downloading yet. Maybe in a couple of years if update schedule doesn't change.

Review by Trundle
Version reviewed: 2016-01-24 on 2016-01-28 22:10:23

Gave this one a try, and I can safely say that it's not for me. Honestly, the content is all over the place. The game moves at a glacial pace, though there is a large variety of events to explore, many of which I'm certain have variations based on the 3gb or so file size of the accompanying images that can come with this. With a somewhat buggy interface, fiarly unclear instructions, and an incomplete, and sometimes hard to grasp translation, I'd give the group more time to work the kinks out of this one, the programming kind, not the fetishes.



Content: 6/10 Activities you can participate in range widly, and not all of it is translated sometimes.

Pictures: 9/10 Very well implemented, and a HUGE variety of them for the game to choose from, it was incredibly rare for any selection of text longer than a paragraph to not come with an accompanying photo.

Gameplay: 5/10 Standard RAGS-like interface, nothing hugely wrong, nothing hugely right

Overall 6/10 Give the Dev team some more time to iron out the game, it's very clear that they are wroking incredibly hard to get this game in working order, and they deserve to be commended for that.

Review by kzdah
Version reviewed: 2016-01-24 on 2016-01-26 01:23:41

the only   tink i dont like in this game is  you need to add images and is hard because  you got errors and the game is  strange whit some options

Review by Saveloy
Version reviewed: 2016-01-24 on 2016-01-25 22:23:00

It seems the Quest Soft Player is considered a malware and many other things by internet security programs. 

Review by thepizzazz
Version reviewed: 2016-01-24 on 2016-01-25 20:33:38

Where do i find an updated image folder for this game?

Review by MadPrince
Version reviewed: 2015-10-03 on 2015-10-04 17:14:45

I feel like this game needs a thorough review, as it's kind of hard and confusing to get into at first and might scare away some people. Now I'm no expert, so bear with me, but hopefully I can shine some light on this gem. The first time I played I really didn't give it a chance. I opened the game in a rush, didn't pay attention to stuff and had a hard time trying to understand what was written most of the time.

The second time however, I took it slow. Took the time to figure things out, understand how the game works, and I gotta say : This game is better than it looks. If you want a tl;dr version, this game is the love-child of "Escort Dreams" and "Cursed!". Take "Escord Dreams" pictures and high amount of sex and add it to the daily life of "Cursed". If that's not enough for you or you haven't played those games, keep reading.


I'll start with the good sides :

-Everything leads to sex. And the amount of events that can happen is insane, to the point where I wish there was a wiki to track what you've missed, because every time I feel like I'm done somewhere, a new event pops out.

-Pictures. They're hot. And relevant. Fact is, even though the translation is painful to read, the pictures do a good job of rounding up what's happening.

-It's easy to find something to do. In some games like this, at some point everything gets repetitive. "Wake up, go jogging, work,some time to yourself, sleep" and while the start of the game suffers from this a bit, the sheer amount of random events helps pull the player through, and once you reach a certain point, you really get the option to wander around some new place and explore its events.

-Customization. You'd be surprised how many different oufits are in this game. Add hair, Piercings, Tattoos, Skills and overall fitness (that basically works as a "workout until you reach your desired body then stop", which is fine to me), and you can definitely have some fun there. I guess there's magic too, but I'm no fan of the plot and mostly stay away from it


And now the bad sides :

-The translation. It is, without any doubt, poor, and I'm being generous. It's not uncommon to have to click on an option to know what it does, simply because the text is either not traslated or makes no sense. Luckily, the save and load features are instant and it's easy to simply check it. Overall, I don't think it's unplayable : Most of the stuff is either readable or a simple save, check it, load if bad.

-The game definitely is frustrating to play at first. The translation is poor, the plot they strap unto it is basically a Naruto ripoff, and some of the mechanics are definitely annoying at first (I'm looking at you, Mood statuts). They do give you an idea and various tips as what to do at first however. And while these mechanics make the game slow to start and a pain to manage, it is luckily temporary : after 2-3 weeks, most of your problems should disappear or at least becom much easier to manage.

-While not a bad side per se, do not expect much from this game if you're not gonna try to have as much sex as you can. You can definitely avoid it for a while, but the game is filled with sex at every corner. The innocent virgin act will definitely have to drop at some point. Not to say you can't play it slow and gradually make your character a slut, but if you do you'll have to shy away from events if you plan to do so. Luckily, events are usually repeatable, so shying from something now is not gonna blow your fun later.


In the end, I definitely recommend this game. If you're not in a hurry, don't mind having to play around with diffente options in the game and just try to have fun, I can garantee that this game is, without a doubt, worth the effort.

Review by Rosie455
Version reviewed: 2015-09-16 on 2015-09-20 00:06:48

This update was amazing but how do i find the BDSM Club?

Review by cyberfux
Version reviewed: 2015-09-16 on 2015-09-18 10:47:44

I really like the game, but:

When i use the computer the game crashes (Line 361, Cede 112 an end is missing)

The translation is ARGHLAGH RussianEnglish or what?

Why can you look at cars but don't buy them?

Review by Pandora13
Version reviewed: 2015-09-16 on 2015-09-16 10:57:55

I can see what the game is going for, and I like the idea. My only problem is the poor English translation. The translation make it hard to progress in the game or to understand what's going on.

Review by Maruda
Version reviewed: 2015-09-12 on 2015-09-14 13:09:28


1. Your arousal needs to be high enough to trigger the sex option.

2. To increase your relationship with your stepdad, you have to interact with him, chat with him, visit him in his garage and such.


A repack has been uploaded to

Review by Lerianis
Version reviewed: 2015-09-12 on 2015-09-13 21:49:23

Good game but the thing sucks big time. Even after making an account, still limited to 64kbps. Not good for a download that is almost 600MB's.

Edit: Okay, make that limited to 4kbps.... no way you can download this thing in a reasonable amount of time.

Review by lonerider456
Version reviewed: 2015-09-12 on 2015-09-13 05:50:48

Wow, amazing game. Really wish the translation was better though, there arew a lot of words and phrases out of context. Still, loved the game. Keep the updates coming :D

Review by Detterius
Version reviewed: 2015-09-12 on 2015-09-12 21:49:00

So, I've played the original one (in Russian) and game was pretty good, but had quite a few bugs mostly related to story mix-ups (Texts from one story line appear in the other one). Didn't encounter them here so far, but I didn't play much. Regarding text, it'll take a lot more work, for now it's mostly auto-translation from what I can see and that's a no go, imo.

For those who did the translation, if you kept centimeters why swap kilograms for pounds? And just FYI, 1 kg ~ 2.2 pounds, it's not 1:1. 

Example from the game: "You are 170 cm tall, you weigh 40 pounds." - Spooky skeleton. ^_^

Review by Turbofun69
Version reviewed: 2015-09-12 on 2015-09-12 12:59:59

I am really glad that this game was updated .This has to be one of my favourite games with lots of replayability 

Review by fatmanspencer
Version reviewed: 0.2.5e on 2015-05-12 13:28:23

I remember playing this game in both broken english and the russian versions. I am really really glad that someone i finally putting this into full english. Keep up the great work guys, and please keep it up

Review by Kate Southerland
Version reviewed: 0.2.5e on 2015-03-01 18:11:54

Quest doesn't run on Mac.

Can the game be played on the quest site in the browser?

Review by Althalus
Version reviewed: 0.2.5d on 2015-02-26 01:33:59

0.2.5d: English is just to broken to play right now. Also, after following the instructions to get images to work I still get none. Edit: Shit, I'm just a dumbass and didn't realize that the image archive is nested in like three folders inside the zip file.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.2.5d on 2015-02-25 22:41:54


@ibrahimlamis: btw, put the qsp files and the images "folder" in the same directory. not the qsp files and the "images" in the same folder.




I tried the standard start. It must be the "Broken English" translation of the original story. The english is... comprehensible, barely, so if you want a background story you can read it. Note that the story is silly. There is also a bug that kick you out. Don't try the magic attack. Quick Start will bring you straight to the meat which you start off a life as a girl with ugly face and hairy legs.

I then tried the alternative start. This time you are 15 years old school girl with a sister, a mom and a stepfather. This should be the "school" game. The starting statistic of the character is quite different from the other and the town seems smaller. I didnt give it too much time so I am not sure. By the way, English in this story is broken too. Some images are missing or link broken.

Both stories shared a similiar Character Detail page, which is hard to follow. There were too many figures to manage. Your makeup, your hair, your body hair, your stomach, drinking water, getting fat, getting job, getting raped. You need to worry about shampoo running out, food running out, washing powder running out, razer running out, makeup running out, lips gross running out, sunscreen running out. There were clothes stores all around the place, all selling different clothes. I was quickly drowned by all the micro management and lost the focus of the game.

Playing the game for about 1.5 hour and I found this game very similiar to the game FemSim which was only published not too long ago. It was using the qsp engine as well. It looks like a slim down version of Girl Life cutting out bits and pieces leaving you a smaller town to explore and less trinkles to manage, say drinking. You still need to cook yourselves meals and sleep for the night.

All in all, this looks like a overly complicated simulation game engine with two games hosted. I dont think I have given them enough time before I made this review, given the scope of the games are huge but the first impression is really so-so. The GUI is poor and the map hard to follow. If you do not follow the eat-drink-find-a-job advice, you will probably gameover within minutes.

Looking at the bright side of the picture, the game is huge. It is a real life stimulation game. It is so big that there are numerious possibility. May be someone will find the jewels out of it.




The manager tells me that the store needs a girl consultant to work in the evening. Salary small but stable.
Begin work on the next working day after employment.
Details need to work 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) at 2:00. Salary - 800 rubles per day. Work need to come in 15 hours. Salary paid every week on Friday according to hours worked. 3 for truancy fired from his job.
If operating conditions suit me, I can now fill in the blanks and sign documents.

Can somebody fill me in? Whether this job works at 2am, 2pm, 3pm or the evening? It is 800 rubles per day for 4000 rubles per week, or 800 rubles per 15 hours a week, or 800 rubles per 15 hours a day? I mean if it is 15 hours a day my character need to be there in the morning at 2am working until 3pm? or 2pm working until 5am? or 2pm working until 5pm for 15 hours a week?

Review by ibrahimlamis
Version reviewed: 0.2.5d on 2015-02-25 12:55:10

For some reason my images are still broken and I did as you suggested. I put the game and images in the same folder


Review by patang
Version reviewed: 0.2.5d on 2015-02-25 11:33:17

Interesting start so far. Obviously, the translation still needs some work. 

The main issue with this game seems to be balancing Willpower, income, and costs, which so far I don't think the game does correctly. You lose Willpower too quickly by working, and don't gain much money towards buying many of the incredibly expensive items in the game. The Mood level also seems to be off balance, such that you can only stay in a good mood if you can constantly on drugs. Finally, there were some passages in the game that could possibly be construed as incredibly racist, but perhaps that is just a poor translation.