The Monster Within

Author: Lily
Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 2015-05-29 20:09:19

Review by Ramses
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-07-03 16:39:55

Great start so far. As with all lilly games it leaves you wishing for more :)

Review by Leona
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-06-09 16:15:55

I am really enjoying this one and I hope to see it continue soon :D! It is one of the best experiences I had here recently.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-05-31 22:49:20

A good Lily's game currently at early alpha. Since it is hosted online, there is no reason not to check it out.

Review by sathirran
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-05-29 22:40:11

I really like this so far. It's still early, obviously, but there is a variety of interesting scenes, many of which could be the basis for an entire game (Seriously, the flesh crafter could be an endless source of weird and interesting transformations). Unfortunately, there isn't much depth yet, and most of the transformations and themes only last for the brief encounter. Still, it's very promising