Author: EngelsElfe
Version: rev12
Last Updated: 2016-11-16 20:13:23

Review by sissymaid_louise
Version reviewed: rev12 on 2019-07-14 22:59:10

First of all,  I have to admit that this is NOT a game more of a story,  second of all English version goes as far as page 7 tgen stops I tried german version but got bored of copy and paste into Google translate by page 14. 


If it's a game you were aiming for I give yiu 3 out of 10 if it is a story then I give you a 5 out of 10 as it's a stoty .

Review by ff87
Version reviewed: rev12 on 2019-07-14 14:02:52

More story than game. Nice touch to start with growing hips: growing tits is too obvious for the MC.

Review by Slarkki
Version reviewed: rev12 on 2016-11-17 05:32:00

For now the English version is quite short and contains no choices. It is great to see the game is slowly being translated to a language I can understand but apparently it will still take plenty of time. But in all honesty there is pretty much nothing to see here for now unless you understand German.

Review by hellboundroar
Version reviewed: rev12 on 2016-11-17 01:22:44

Dunno if this qualifies as a review, but here it goes:
If you select "english" as language, the "you" option is completely in german.

Also in the "english" version of the game, when you get to the 7th page of the prologue (and, you have a typo in "Prologue") there's no option to choose, leaving the player efectively stuck without chance to continue.

Besides those things, this game seems to go in a good direction :)

Review by LaraL
Version reviewed: rev10 on 2016-06-21 03:24:31

Wuhu ein deutsches Game :D Gibt mir vielleicht die Motivation auch mal eines zu schreiben :)

Bis jetzt super geschrieben, weiter so! :)

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: rev7 on 2015-09-15 08:12:08

Nicht schlecht. Ich bin interessiert zu sehen, wo die Geschichte geht.

Gute Arbeit so weit!

Review by tertia
Version reviewed: rev4 on 2015-06-17 05:16:00

Wenn man von den Rechtschreibfehlern absieht - es gibt genügend, ist die Story recht solide aufgebaut.

Einmal Sex, einmal Selbstbefriedigung und noch keine Transformation, die nun hoffentlich endlich mal kommt. Ich weiß nicht wie oder wann die einsetzen soll, aber irgendwie freue ich mich darauf, das es endlich 'beginnt' da wir ja schon Wissen das Mircos Vater zu Gewalt neigt, seine Mutter der Konfikt zwischen ihren Kindern egal ist und das valerie einfach mal mit dem besten Freund (oder einem der besten Freunde) ins Bett geht und auf die Gefühle ihres Bruders scheißt.

Da der 'mental cahnges' angeklickt ist, denke ich wird sich das nicht nur in dem Gemüt des Protagonisten wiederspiegeln, sondern auch in dennen der anderen Charaktere. Ich hoffe es jedenfalls.

Das du als Author(in) mehr auf Natsuko stehst, legt nahe das du mehr ein "Arsch" Typ bist als ein "Titten" Typ. Dennoch finde ich gelingt dir die Beschreibung von beidem sehr gut.

Review by FollowBob
Version reviewed: rev1 on 2015-06-08 11:52:25

My german is horrible, enough to get the general idea but not good enough to really help out translating... A random idea may be I could run a copy through google translate and then work on making the english side (which is my first laungage) make sense, but I can't garuntee if I do that I'm going to convay exactly what you want or promise to not miss small details that may be important later.

Review by sathirran
Version reviewed: rev1 on 2015-06-07 19:26:58

Yup, that's definitely German.

Review by master-ka
Version reviewed: 0.1rev1 on 2015-06-04 14:04:47

German story ... something new here :)

There are some typos (at the beginning name is "Micro") and some gramatical mistakes. Biggest problem: story stops rapidly after first setting of "Anal" (use Twine check to search for mistakes).

Up to now, project is quite short (maybe due to exception) - but story sounds promising ... please keep on ;)