A Growing Girl

Author: a-sea-lion
Version: 0.2
Last Updated: 2015-08-13 00:08:57

Review by Nist
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-18 09:31:04

Its an interesting idea for a game. Could use some more infomation for those of us not in the know about what everything is supposed to do and it would be nice if you could focus in on different directions. ie you might want to aim to win the races, or make your body more toned

Review by Three Beers Down
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-17 20:32:06

My first review here, so I hope it's informative and constructive!

I really liked this game, and I recommend it if you like muscle growth, even somewhat! There's mention of other growth/expansion, but it's background flavor. It does the really important thing - it gives a sense of investment of time and reward on that investment, instead of just clicking mindlessly to get to the next advancement (at least, that's how I found it).

My biggest criticism is that, sometimes it seems unclear about what's finished and unfinished? For example, using Instagram or Exploring does seem to indicate placeholder text that something will be added in the future, but when I would go other places (like walking at the school, or going to the Beach) nothing ever seemed to happen, and I either struck out on the random events or nothing's there yet.

Maybe this is related, but I found the books confusing as well. Is there a way to read them after I buy them, or do they just give an instant bonus I didn't realize? They can be kind of expensive in the early game, for something this unclear...

Back to the positive, the art is simple but it works, giving a sense of place and character. The writing is good, describing places, people, and oh my gosh the expansion in nice ways.

Really looking forward to more!

Review by DAZTFG
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-17 17:20:45

 Good game, lots of freedom to go about things how you want. Do you spend your time earning money so you can get gym trainers and better equipment , or spend your time  working out with what you got. Money seems to be tied to muscle level so there is a real element of working through the tiers efficiently, resulting in a real game aspect of  hitting goals in shortest time possible.

Review by knexman
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-15 16:15:12

Fun game. Still a work in progress. Starts slow but progresses quickly. Enjoyed the growth and money earning mechanics. It is broad and diverse but not too deep as of yet. I would enjoy more complex relationships and alternative money earning potential. I look forward to seening this game grow as it updates.

Review by revv
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-14 05:57:31

Life simulation of an aspiring female bodybuilder.

+ Customized sketches for the player, town, and some npcs

+ Lots of Stuff to buy / Broscience

+ Rudimentary relationship(s)

+ events while exploring / recurring events

+ bugfree


- easy and grindy (initial release)


Review by Shoggoth on the Roof
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-08-13 02:14:04

Interesting idea, though somewhat repetative at the moment.


The picture once you reach the current final stage of muscle development doesn't work right now.