Sandy Claus 2015

Author: Sorrow
Version: 1.01
Last Updated: 2016-02-24 18:16:54

Review by anyoldguy
Version reviewed: 1.01 on 2016-04-28 09:26:17

Entertaining short game with multiple endings and good graphics.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 1.01 on 2016-02-25 10:17:31


Writing is enjoyable, changes are many and varied with the multiple endings that are possible to reach. While not the competition winner entry, it still came second and is very good.

Another fun, short interactive story from Sorrow.

Review by pumphalo
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2016-02-02 18:07:22

This is a cool conecept and i do like the game. I juat wish i knew what the knew thing was in this new version, other than that keep it up.

Review by Senko
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2016-02-02 06:00:41

So far its more setup than story but the beginings are definately there as was said by other reviwers the graphics are nice (obviously made or at least chosen specifically for this) but like I said not really enough there to judge properly yet. One of the transformations is either unfinished or a futanari and I honestly have no idea which and I was surprised the parents didn't swap gender. Still when there's more content its definately worth a look.



Still fairly linear, I think I found the new content (The fact you say TransFURmations makes me feel I'm missing something) but its still all or nothing as it were and the ending is still the same.

Review by triton631
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2016-02-01 17:55:02

Great start and great art! Seems 1 brother will lose the argues now, hope for some forced and pregnacy here. :D

Err cant find new content of 0.8 ver, any help?

Review by Lerianis
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2016-02-01 15:17:55

It is strange but it appears that 0.8 is the same as 0.4. I have not been able to find any of the new content in the game (I keep on getting that "All the female family members are in the pudding club!" ending).

That said this is a very good game and would do well with some new content.

Edit: I found the new content (the area where it was hidden was a little unintuitive) and it appears the game is moving along quite nicely.

Review by paulrusso26
Version reviewed: 0.44 on 2016-01-20 18:20:40

first the game is great love the idea and characters. now my suggestion for more player freedom if u want it is to maybe limt the changes so insted of all of them changing just the twins or parents or sister then repeat with the second set then u can make endings based on who was changed like an ending just for the twins or the twins and parents by doning this u give the player more choices meaning more freedom for the player but that just an idea and i cant wait for ur next update

Review by ntns55
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2015-12-27 17:43:02

10/10 love it to death.
The art itself made me lose my breath.

Review by Laristopa
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-12-15 01:35:46

Such a fantastic start, I think this could become a real 10/10 game! The concepts are properly in place and the transformations are just getting good. Here's hoping for more soon!

Review by Althalus
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-12-09 19:06:33

i like whats here so far, looking forward to an update.

Review by literknight
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-12-09 16:36:48

As pretty much everything says, this game is short! Very short indeed! BUT(t), it's also fairly well written and the media is amazing. There are currently just three transformation scenes (five people in total get changed), but they're really good. Can you tell that the writer is slightly unfamiliar with English, even without the disclaimer in the game? Yes, but it's subtle things, not gross misspellings and such, just slight phrasing things that don't always translate exactly the same from one language to another. All in all, I really like it and look forward to more.

Review by soap1
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-12-09 14:42:13

Very raw in terms of content but what's their is cool. I'm looking forward to where this goes as the 3d art looks good and the story seems festivly fun!. 

Review by The Kansas Kid
Version reviewed: 0.1 on 2015-12-09 13:44:17

I'm liking it so far.   Hope there will be some choices involved in the future but as it stands right now I'm eager to see how this comes along,  I do so enjoy some festive hijinks. <3