The Realm

Author: Sylen
Version: 0.5.8-fix
Last Updated: 2017-02-11 11:01:24

Review by Gilibertolo
Version reviewed: 0.5.8-fix on 2018-09-14 20:17:05

The Game right now it's modest in content but still very enjoyable, I hope that this game do not stop being updated as many games of this kind.

I just have one question. Can you survive the encounter with the Goblins without being transformed or raped?

Version reviewed: 0.5.8-fix on 2017-11-11 01:47:20

Fantastic game


tldr like coc but with photos.Fantastic art,This sylen guy is doing amazing work.


points that need betterment are the smut,its good but its kinda the same but again the game is fairly new.Give it a try and you wont be dissapointed!!



Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 0.5.3-fix on 2016-12-11 00:50:55

I haven't figured out how to save the game for later play.

Can anyone help?


I have been playing the game for some time. I made it to level 19.  But I could not save the game so I could turn off the computer. 

I read one person's note that you could begin out as female. My version doesn't have that option.  The author explains what strength, Con, Int, and Dex do. Typical attributes. But Doesn't state what role preception and willpower plays.  It has one quest that requires a drop of a pearl but after 19 levels an hours and hours of play the item hasn't yet dropped. it should be a low level quest.


The money drop and money earned is pretty stingy as a good drink could cost you more than 1/2 day salary.  I do like the  game but it needs more interactive content especially in the city.  no one comes up to you to interact with unlike some other informed 7 games on this site.  You're dress seems not to make a difference.  I wuld also like to see for weapons and armor how different ones effect your damage or defense.  Right now you don't know which is better a demonic dagger, a bronze dagger or a broken sword.  There is too much variables in the combat system to easily tell if one is better than another. 

The actions of patrons in the bar or the MC response to them don't seem to vary as the MC progresses.  There really is no one out to get the MC.  I still don't know if it is possible to to get into the castle district and there is no hits of what to do to get to be able to enter.  The one "bad" guy doesn't really try anything with the MC.  He doesn't change his options of what to talk about even after he says he wants the MC.


I do like the game but it need more work. The time for resting, waiting and sleeping needs to be reduced to make the game really playable for most people.


Review by Excanda
Version reviewed: 0.5.3-fix on 2016-12-10 22:53:00

It is a promissing game, but with the new update if you play a girl (don't know if it is for male too) you are unkillable. Your health just goes negative and continues. Also why add in a fuck option when it doesn't work.

Overal a good start

Review by FantasticSam
Version reviewed: 0.5.3 on 2016-12-03 15:18:11

Written for version 0.5.3. Pretty good so far for what it is. Unfortunately with lycanthropy being shelved at the moment, so is my intrest. That was one of the bigger selling points for me.

Review by sadarsa
Version reviewed: 0.4.8 on 2016-06-11 17:12:10

This game has a lot of promise... but it needs a lot of work still.

Review by somehopper
Version reviewed: 0.4.8 on 2016-05-02 09:45:26

this is a really solid start to a game.  the foundation is all there.  there are not too many bugs.  there are plenty of places to explore.  i look forward to seing how this progresses.  

Review by KandiKain
Version reviewed: 0.4.6 on 2016-04-13 12:26:17

This is a quick review of v0.4.6.

The demo is enough to get me excited. The layout of the rather involved interface should be familiar to anyone who has played a western fantasy RPG before. That is saying something for an Inform game. Navigation consists of exploring new locations, which open up areas that may be navigated in typical cardinal direction fashion. Fast travel to these places may later be used. This is cool. It is very FS in the implementation, and I think it works well. Combat is very simple for the moment, but I don't think it really needs to be complex. There are a surprising number of places and NPCs already created in the world. Much more than I would have expectedfor such a young project. Given further development, if the level of detail and interactivity of these places and NPC's increases I do not think that the game will run the risk of feeling like an empty world. Transformation content seems minimal at this time, but present.

Currently the game falls short in the areas of content, and polish. There is just not much to do yet, and the game has quite a few bugs (fewer than I expected though). I think this is all understandable given its stage in development, and I look forward to further versions.

Conceptually, while I don't see much that is new here, and it is hard to know if that will change given the current lack of content, the execution of whatever this game will become promises a good player experience.

Review by Senko
Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 2016-01-07 19:19:38

Well it looks detailed and interesting for those who know how to use inform, I don't so I could only wander around a bit couldn't even figure out how to pick up those potions at the start.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 2016-01-06 12:15:23

Interesting start, but still very early days and early beta. Ran into a lot of bugs (items not given on purchase, endless monster spawning, difficulty picking up potions due to name codes, etc) but that was expected as you forewarned.

I'm keen to see how this develops. I'll be watching your forum thread.