Strive For Power

Author: Maverik
Version: 0.5.7d
Last Updated: 2018-04-20 14:57:43

Review by leonais600
Version reviewed: 0.5.7d on 2018-08-10 16:33:04

This is good. It's a slave management game with a combat and exploration side in a cute fantasy setting with sex. I don't think it does anything new, The individual parts to the game are quite simple but putting them together makes it seem more involved. Overall it is enjoyable and feels nice to play. There are potions in the game that can transform people but I wouldn't particularly call this a TF/TG game

What it needs though is a longer tutorial! There is a lot of content in the game but players might give up before they find out how to equip new combat skills, for example.

Review by HDGoat
Version reviewed: 0.5.7d on 2018-04-26 15:01:16

For people who don't know you best change the constants first before you play, and options too it might make easier depending on how you want to play.

Easy normal or just extremely hard. If you leave at at what dev sets up at your stuck at hard/normal. You end up loosing money rather fast.


I kind wish you could change these settings:

Aging system -> its never been changed not even from original game.  You can't modify it where it reaches great settings and time still goes to crazy setting where you ageless child or ageless teen or adult that never dies?

Might want to do something about that dev if you have child with your surname what happens does that child take over everything and becomes the next kin that takes over your empire <- might be something think about.

I was think of this in sandbox mode if you could add to:

add other option which mean you make so player can modify how he or she wishes to make so. Brother and sister gets stale fast.

No other family member besides those two, no father, mother, no uncle, no aunt, no cousin very strange?

No backstory how you survived and got wimbeldon just says you made your way to your fortune. It makes question you can't go about say goblins razed your home and raped you or bandits came and raped you, you impregnated or you killed all bandits and raped bore a child. Dude that would been something interesting to see before going wimbeldon. No encounters or rape battles... there something you makes your game feel very static. You should really read a special post from one erotic gamer had to say on this issue.

Including the family part dang it but there nothing there no change in the whole change up just has no continution or anything going on. You can't really do much or go on dates with your family what heck is that. take family vacation hey I thought something for you dev.

No brother or sister takes vacation without you like why? -> I thought they liked you. recommend using this link) to use profile pics and whatever other information you need to survive the game.

I never really took on any quests I tried really but those quests either you amp up health on characters or find way to figure out what heck. its seem more you need alchemy labratory no nursery until later and money issue is problem, I think you should find way delete farm, its mindless idea unless you get way to use it for crops or find extinct plant to put there but that was just purely insane no plants means no income just mindless orgies.  I feel that was crazy you could use farm for growing organic know or treant growing potentials but that just me thinking outside box for you. You have to catch either fairy or some sort  forest creature(not a wolf) and some slime to combine together and create ent that kind makes any bad girl*someone unwilling to be good* into fertilizer its how I see it. rotten apples you see will eventually turn into something good but I wouldn't recommend doing this wimbeldon the city guard won't like you but maybe gorn, or those two. gorn is goblin town and frostborn is town that cares about gathering resources naturally as I think about it. <- that being greater tip up for game I recommend it for dev.

For dev you might want to make so you can grow the estate owning idea to expansion like other cities as well instead just freaking one. Summer or winter house hold would be nice in future that was just how I felt got kind boring. I kind like if your still stuck with siblings you could go on journey visit your second home and be called spouses instead have normal relationship with him or her.  It felt like it was odd everyday maybe that what needs to be done.


Interaction needs change, You need when you get all green, you need to have pleasure interaction possible, meaning one on one possible so makes interactions per day increased for group sex you had that part fine just idea what else to do with possible interactions I was thinking, read book, explore the mansion, or explore perimeter of mansion, learn to cook, multiple options for master to do so. Learn new spell? Learn combat new structure...


Facilities you might need change as well, I think pool, sauna, herbal hut-> alchemy lab, nursery you may need to put that added extension to if someone like player build infirmary it have already built in. No more of crazy hey I had go to town and blah blah well its only for limited time. what what if you had infirmary and you had assigned nurse I don't think so, it permeantly in there. What with crazy 500 smackers for baby to raised, why modify it down to something reasonable - hey we could drop that baby to church or sell to slave market. I know that sounds bad hey child was born what do you even if you don't have any money for it..the other idea I had drop off the butcher chop for cannibals...since you have price so fucking high.

Beauty parlor is for tatooing okay I understand that but seriously you could make unlock when you see someone in town or carpenter he add to you estate. I rather see when you add to whatever estate is enjoyable. Like gorn or something. at place that oh so temperate its not enjoyable...

Wimbeldon is temperate zone or place that never seems to change, seems it good for humans, elves all forms of life, Gorn is a desert area, Frostborn is frozen wasteland and Umbra which I am not sure if unlockable is underworld. I am not sure there ever put amberguard is deep elven forest, and strange place one is swampy place where you could die you don't have magic armor and tools surive.

Gold I think sandbox mode you need to be able customize the allotment no more just giving to us that just crazy talk that allotment I couldn't upgrade everything I wanted to do. in story mode he just gives you 500 gold and that is not even enough...I think being researcher or farmer has better life really got think about it.  Gold customizing amount people wouldn't be so grumbling.  Money is crap shoot for those of us...who seen it I don't like sending my slave out yet because they stressed to easily I like mold them up before I put them out there to play with other ai.

Like another interaction with first slave would be hey how was your day today -> besides the same old talk interaction it might come out that it won't be so montous it depend where you send your slave to do. Branded slaves might forced or empowered to say lot stuff versus those who hide what behind their mind, Mind spell will have to used often when it happens.

I was thinking if dev could add you other option like father, mother and then other one as additional if f or male could you add additional family member as successors(twins poss.)? I feel game got really dull and tiresome for some reason.  I am not sure what you do with it might throw out my ideas. I could put on Itchio but I not interested hearing what other people had to say about my perverted notions...


 Overall needs to improve greatly it still has errors on my end I have wait until you improve greatly before I try it and they I pay for it damn it I wait for that moment..I want to see you improve at least some of these options they very tiny compared what other people may have wanted.

Errors that occured were during the sex said it could not find sex interaction part I like sometimes your game crashes and falls apart and I like what heck?

Review by foxdsx
Version reviewed: 0.4.41d on 2017-06-18 07:35:34


The game actually works well!!

the graphics and writing and porn is around 3/5

game side 4.5/5

Recomended for those who likes to brake in slavesand evil enough for some tf potions and craft in late game. And also for doms.


Review by bearclaw01234
Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 2017-05-21 22:56:57


Review by jamex590
Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 2017-05-20 20:25:13

if your going to make a free public access game that needs a password to decompressmake it easeir to find the password 

Review by tailmon
Version reviewed: 0.3.40c on 2017-05-17 16:10:47

I like it, needs improvement though, but I like it. However, I wouldn't consider this as a Transformation game.

Review by dercas
Version reviewed: 0.3.39b on 2017-04-20 16:51:03

Alright.  Since ver 0.3.35b and 0.3.39b are obviously patches...what version of the game am I supposed to DL to make all this work right?

Review by runetirius
Version reviewed: 0.3.39b on 2017-04-20 04:36:18

To start let me say I've been a fan of management style games like this one for a while now and it's nice to see others trying their hand at the genre. This one in particular has great potential and I've spend quite a few hours in game just screwing around with different play styles.

Now on to the criticisms I guess. As stated by many others the learning curve is indeed steep. I myself had to use CheatEngine and give myself nearly double the starting gold and food so as not to end up broke and hungry after the first week or two and I doubt that I would have taken the time to learn the game at all without this head start. 

Lately I've been having issues understanding slave interactions regarding loyalty(another common theme in the review section here) even with that early game bump. I understand you're likely working on very specific issues and rushing to add content so as to stay relevent, it's one of the most common issues indie developers have and I have fallen into that trap with my own projects. 

My suggestion is that you take some time to go over the action and item descriptions and try and be a little more descriptive of their effects. Same for the result descriptions after a spell like Mind Read or Sedate. I find myself spending all my mana trying to figure out how my slaves are feeling because there are isn't really any other physical or behavioral changes that clue us in on their development. Even if it's just a placeholder like "Loyalty++" or "Depravity --" it'll give your players a better idea of what their ingame actions are responsible for and give you a little check point to comeback later and swap it out for something more immersive.

Anyway I'm looking forward to future updates and just want to say well done on the work you've done thus far, curves aside. If you'd like any additional input feel free to PM me, Debugging and Game Balancing are kind of my job and while I may not make anything that would fit this site, I spend enough time here to feel the need to give back a little.

Great Game so far keep it up.

Review by DumbOrphan
Version reviewed: 0.3.39b on 2017-04-19 04:45:25

I have played several versions of this game sice it first showed up, and they all have the same difficulties. To start off the basic scheme is stacked so heavily against the player that getting into the actual game play is grindingly unfun.  Someone commented earlier that food was hard because people are playing wrong, but really should you need 66% of your slave labor devoted to maintanence, even more now that cleaning the mansion is required.  It leaves too little resources available for progressing, namely gaining gold which is needed to advance the slaves abilities by small increments, and the mansion by small steps.  I can't say I am a fan of needing 3 or 4 competent specialized slaves that can only be acquired by random chance just to get through the early game fights.  Not to mention the resource investment to make them not be grossly outmatched by the enemies.  Slave interaction has also become more obtuse, with less ability to understand your slaves and act towards them in useful ways.  In the latest version I can not figure out how to affect thier loyalty at all, but i can make them gain/lose obedience, just by praising or berating them to recently.

My two biggest pet peeves are 1) interacting in jail, requires you to bounce out of the jail menu and reenter it to get to alternate prisoners, and 2) having my cook randomly spend my money on food when there is plenty.

I feel the game is too slow, grindingly slow. It is hard to want to play a game that feels akin to watching paint dry. 

Review by dramoxe
Version reviewed: 0.3.39b on 2017-04-18 07:42:02

Going to just chime in and say that the game itself is quite fun and solid.  However, the learning curve is so steep that most people will just slip down before getting anywhere in it.  Its especially frustrating because prior to the engine revamp the learning curve was quite reasonable, and after the engine revamp the learning curve just went vertical despite there not being any major noticable mechanics changes.

Review by Malhavok
Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 2017-02-22 21:47:00

I find this game very frustrating to play at the beginning because it's not clear what's happening in regards to what influences slaves obedience and lust, nor when someone starts "stealing" food and money (how do they manage to do this and so much and so often?!) what to do to rectify it. I ended up learning some things by trial and error, but frankly it's very off putting to not understand what effect your actions will have, or even to be able to figure out how to take corrective action. A great example is the money/food thief. How do I find out who it is? How do I stop this behavior? I don't really know when to apply the punishments or the praises and in the end and it's frustrating.

I think this game would be much more popular if two things happened: First tone down the negative snowball for slaves, or limit how much they can steal because it's not fun to have all your money evaporate in 4 days from the start of the game (what crap is this?!) The second thing would be to provide more information about when to do certain actions. At least I should be able to disceren when I should praise/punish a slave - something that is totally not clear right now. 

This game could be pretty good and you've clearly put a lot of effort into programming it, but the learning curve is far too steep and gives players a feeling of helplessness. Only the most stubborn people will push past this into figuring enough out in order to enjoy the game, and if that's the case, then why make it in the first place? 


TL;DR Lower the learning curve.

Review by LufiaLunar
Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 2017-01-28 23:45:26

Good game, some faults here and there do to pathing through the menus.I notice it says 2.7 up top, but there's also 6.6 aswell. I have tried both and would love it if you combined them together. I'm not sure which one i should play so I went with 6.6 mainly, pretty pictuers, more choices lol, mainly pretty pictures.

Found a couple bugs that really stand out. one of them is in regards to finding story related quest people. If you have a full mansion, and you succesfully recruit one of these people, you will go over the limit. this i noticed in 6.6, while in the 2.7 version you can increase your mansion size,6.6 has no way to increase size, but in 2.7 no pretty pictures lol.

You need to add combat jobs for your servants, like you did with the brothel and mage order. You also need a way to get magic power easier, cycling menus to hit the same 5 buttons over to get 2-7 magic is annoying, if loyalty,obediance and all that is high or in the green, their should be an option to spend X amount of energy to "GET" magic LOL

Skills need more work, since they barely tell you what they do. maybe a plus sign to associated jobs would help.

All in all good game, hours kinda fly by since, You will be grinding. This game requires you to plan at least 4 days ahead since your choices are really limited at the start. Some job choices seem really good for your servants, But they are a TRAP. after starting over several times I found that once I set up my servants in a certain way. I was golden for the rest of the content. Now just need LARGER mansion lol. so many Waifus to Train.


BTW found a Centaur Prodigy, That was Head strong. Mentally she was a coward... I laughed LOL


Now for 2.7 I think its more Advanced? The menus and the screens really annoy me alot. when im in the mansion its really hard to see and read whats on the screen. The game is alot harder in 2.7 So i recommend players to try out 6.6 first it has most of what 2.7 has to offer. 6.6 seems more polished in regards to writing, while 2.7 seems like an actual Alpha game, with new game mechanics. This also allows you to see how much the game has progressed.

One bug that literally pisses me off so much that you need to fix!!! is when you make a mistake in the combat group, somtimes all you have to do is click on their name again, well for me that character gets greyed out and become unusable for the rest of the game.

Once i get my fill of 6.6 ill try to seriously combat 2.7 and do an additional review for it since i barely got past the starting zone, keep running out of food to fast lol.


Thanks and keep it up. maybe add some pictures to 2.7... :)



Ok played until I reached the end of 2.7. The game is both combined, its just feels harder to navigate. Theirs also pictures but they are background pictures only so far. I never even noticed until i was about to turn off the game and head to bed. I started off with the servants going to the store making money and getting exp, since its a little bit more grindy but in the end you can start rolling in dough that gets converted into food. Also it doesnt lower any of their obediance, just make them wear sundresses and play with them all, give them massages until they love you lots and you wont ever need to use a brand. My starting girl became 18 levels ahead of me by the time I completed the main quest arc, or what we have till now.

Some things to point out is the windows. if you hover over courage in their stats, you just barely read what you need to do to raise it. Confidence though you cant, it has a scroll bar but you can not select it with out the window disappearing. Selecting a job for your servants is the same, while highlighting certain jobs you cant read what the requirements are for them. Having a laboratory is another point, same with the farm. its like the game expects you to know you need management skill. instead it just tells you "dont have enough skill".

I also like the fact you can alter yourself, but its mainly cosmetic and does nothing for you. Same as before though, theirs no Combat orientated job, it justs makes combat easier. with the new stat system inplace, it makes it shows in a round about way how strong your servants are.

Would like a book in the library to tell me where you can find individual races. Using sabastian isn't a problem. It just needs more explaining. Farm for example, Sabastian explains about human woman is the best for it. No explanation on what you need to do. I wonder if this is the puzzle aspect where you are aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out what to do? another example: special Trait, pretty voice=vocal occupation better charm. Out of all the jobs listed nothing states about using a voice. Im thinking singer or something right? but there's no such job listed. So what do I do, I Guess Prostitution works... Maybe? You can hear the girl then right?

Pregnancy came as a surprise to me, since I didnt even notice when the starting girl got pregnant. She just gave birth one day. Yeah I understand now that I can inspect them, but thats a whole other window i need to go to. Hardly use that window for anything except "Virgin or no virgin". Which leads me to another thing that stuck out for right now. Had a child, threw into the warp hole thinga majig thing to make them grow faster, came out a futa. OK fine up to there BUT she was not a Virgin! How does that work. Its not like i picked her up off the street, or bought a slave girl. Its your daughter, sorry, shes not a virgin... What did that Warp hole thing do?

Last thing Explain Experience!!! Certain races Require 100 exp to level, while others require about 200-300 experienece to level once! Nice touch regarding skill points though :)

SO I'm Glad I finished the game, or whats it has at this point. I recommend this game if you have time. Be patient, their are multiple ways to go through the game. I still stand on playing 6.6 first, then 2.7, so much easier to handle. Once you get confident about what you need to do then tackle 2.7 since it is the newer one using a better engine.

Thanks for listening, and have a great time.

Keep up the good work Author.

Review by mysteriousforce
Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 2017-01-28 12:07:17

Nice game. What I like most here is that there is freedom about who the MC is (unlik e.g. Free Cities). You can be a trappy boy and get fucked in the ass by futa slave, you can be a qt girl and cuddle with your sister, etc.

I see people in other reviews complaining that they run out of food fast, that's because they are playing wrong. Scavenging for food is an easy job which requires no skills, and if you have 2 food scavengers (even the shittiest possible) for each non-scavenger person your food stock will (on average) grow. If you have specialized food scavengers with advanced skills or hunters or something like that its even easier. In the very beginning just get 2 slaves (starting one and that orphan girl you meet in the town) and set them to food scavenging, that is enough to make you self-sufficient. 

Training slaves is rather simple, just place one into a prison and they will grow loyal by themselves. Don't beat them - it will make them obedient but they will lose stats and will be very hard to train into something useful later on. Don't try to rape them unless you're sure it will work - they will hate you a lot for that. To prevent slaves escaping just check if their loyalty indicators are deep green and send them back to prison if they become light green or yellow. Resources like food and gold only restrain you in the beginning, as you progress it becomes much easier.

Review by Illanya
Version reviewed: 0.1.41 on 2016-12-13 18:03:14

The game has a nice setup, but it's resource management could use some rebalancing. Money is hard to come by, working in store only grants like 14 to 20 ish, and thats just about the same as you need to spend on to buy food. Pretty much the only savings margin you have is the random event that you actually get food from the work in store as a bonus (so no need to buy stuff-> more savings.)

Also without any ways to actually improve a slave basic stats, its very hard to train a decent slave. Your random generated slave just needs to have the right stats high anough and in the right combination to actually learn something over novice lvl. Meaning half of the slaves you get is pretty useless. nevermind even fulfilling a train slave quest for some extra cash grab. My suggestion is to actually ad some basic stat lvling system so slaves develop the skills they use a lot. This makes it better possible to train a slave for a role, ex, combat slave, sex slave, smartass that kind of stuff and to train a slave to the direction your quest guy ask for.

Fighting mob in the wild takes a huge burden on a single slave, basicly it's 1 battle, and a few day spending rest in personal room and with a nurse to get back to full again. meaning its very hard to actually start crafting anything from your alchemy set (which cost a 250g to unlock on top.)

Atm you are just grinding cash in the hope to get enough to buy the next 200 food, and hope you can get a sellable slave in the meantime. 

Review by ares76
Version reviewed: on 2016-10-23 13:36:09

Awesome game!!...easily a beta, lots of content...I hope for new updates..

Review by Legionnas
Version reviewed: on 2016-09-02 10:28:55

Good game to play. Nine out of ten.

current bugs or problems encountered:

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: on 2016-08-23 11:12:53


An enjoyable game. I liked the pictures included with this version and how they fitted the scenes, along with the added help in setting the world for the player when going through the initial avatar creation. Seeing them too during the game with NPC and enemy interaction was also nice with the option for custom pictures being a good choice if the player was unhappy with the default image style.

Interactivity is solid: the game engine is working well and I didn't find myself having to go through too many screen levels, with the shortcut buttons available greatly helping for those necessary "grind" moments to improve your team. The quests available so far were enjoyable and the writing to back it up (while I've seen spelling mistakes) is good. Transformations in the game are many and varied, but I don't think I've seen them all yet (despite really abusing the "Mutate" spell for kicks) and I thought that was impressive. Amusingly I even saw multiples and that is rare in a game that isn't furry-only (Thumbs-up! It is a nice novelty TF and it fits the game).

Depth in the game was alright for the current version release, but I know that I am spoiled because of the frequent updates of this game and what we all know is coming up in future releases so don't take this one too harshly.

Strongly recommended. May even end up being one of the top HTML games at the TFGS database.

Review by Argenom
Version reviewed: on 2016-07-31 16:44:16

Honestly, the game at this point is really really fun.  I've played a ton of Free Cities and this really goes in a direction that I've been craving for quite some time.  I very much look forward to seeing what gets added in the future.

Review by Smetanol
Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 2016-06-04 15:23:15

As far as game goes, it's very promising project.

Game is very mechanic oriented, writing is also fine and there seem to be nice story attached to it, it's in very young state though. Game is very young and creator puts alot of effort into the game. It's mostly bug free, version 0.5.4 more than playable.

Overall it's very enjoyable piece, I'll give this game 9/10 for this version. I have to say that I compare this game to other strong games of this website, such as Loki's corruption. This game much better than average of this website and if I have to compare to average games, it deserves 11/10.

Review by lebutcheker
Version reviewed: 0.0.3b on 2016-05-19 19:32:56

This game has great potential, it already has a pretty solid framework for a lot of content.

Some thoughts:

-I would like to suggest a saving to file option, or at the very least the path where the game makes the saves to backup files( was unable to find it and lost progress on browser cleaning).

- some more intimacy options( for example replace caress with caress breasts, pussy etc) and some variation on the scenes depending on the race would be neat( eg milking female taurus).

- is there a way to expand the mansion to allow more servants?, if not then mansion upgrades would be neat.


And lastly is there a blog/thread for this game to follow progress?.

Kudos, i hope to see more of this in the future.

Review by morgolon
Version reviewed: 0.0.2b on 2016-05-11 21:57:28

Version 0.0.2b is pretty great! It's not as complex as either Free Cities or Jack-o-Nine but neither is it as overwhelming, which I think is why I stopped playing both of those games. Some might consider that a minus, but I think it's a plus. Just in any other kind of artform, what one chooses to leave out is as important as what is included.

I particularly like being able to slowly discover/shape the traits of the differents servants, not merely be told/dictate what they are right away.

On the downside, there are some not-amazing UI choices that require certain tasks skillful navigation of menus, but I'm happy to write that down to the fact that there are two leading zeros in the version number.

All in all this is pretty excellent, and I hope we get more updates soon!

Review by ibrahimlamis
Version reviewed: 0.0.2b on 2016-05-10 15:37:09

It's a very nice game with huge potential. For some reason i've been unable to use the debug option. It just opens a page with its description. How can I use it please? Or has it not been implemented yet?

Review by cyberfux
Version reviewed: 0.0.2a on 2016-05-08 04:57:06

Not bad, but why can't one sell the followers any more?

Review by ninjasmurf73
Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 2016-05-05 01:29:43

Great start unfortunately huge amount of errors/bugs. Do not know if there is a forum post for this game yet. just a few examples girls features/traits end up mixing up i.e Lisa was human with cute face after getting another female Lisa is now a bland elf girl, says you can have six girls but only four are visible  to interact. Really liked this game until this started happening after 30 minutes or so of gameplay. Will wait for future update. 

Review by bigbru
Version reviewed: 0.0.1f on 2016-05-02 17:27:43

I've player a lot of games on TFG and i can say you have a really well made project.

I've played FreeCities and your game would be a nice alternative, the fantasy theme have a lot of potential.

I hope you'll keep working in it.


Review by NovaLeo
Version reviewed: 0.0.1f on 2016-05-01 13:57:00

I already love it. Layout is good, the game really has great premise.

As i assume more TFs are to come, it has basically everything you'd want from such a game - managing, quests and a crafting / shop system.

I really recommend playing this!

Review by Yato
Version reviewed: 0.0.1e on 2016-04-30 16:00:22

It looks AMAZING. Would enjoy getting some tg tf potions. Sadly not enough content to satisfy my hunger. For concept alone I give it 9/10.

Review by Nevermore
Version reviewed: 0.0.1d on 2016-04-30 12:54:50

Okay, the good first. I like the concept, a lot, and capturing different slaves is already pretty fun. Text for the rough stuff is fun, though it will get old as it simply repeats. Still a nice internal visual. Dominating and controlling is good, and I think this has a lot of potential. So I'm going to be looking for this in the updates column when I check in here.


 Now I can't save, that part is failing and that might need to be addressed. I use internet explorer, don't know if that has anything to do with it. And I'd kind of like there to be a way to hunt around town for captives, maybe get in trouble with the law, however instead of just that one event, actively hunt. I do like the hunting grounds for Ancient and Mystic places, however even more places to acquire slaves would be lovely. Also, ways to dress them up, and additional options for their living conditions and the rules that govern the household.


 So mostly it's more content... most of what's actually there I rather enjoy thus far. Maybe make capturing slaves an actual combat thing, requiring spells or such. However yeah... look forward to more.

Review by jacejnr
Version reviewed: 0.0.1d on 2016-04-30 11:07:43

0.0.1d version does not work properly in 45.0.2 verson of firefox, page comes up with backgrounds and boxes, but no text appears, seems to work ok with chrome