Life Choices

Author: Burningsun
Last Updated: 2022-05-25 02:58:13

Review by Stormaggeddon
Version reviewed: on 2022-05-26 22:50:00

The plot sounds interesting however I couldn't figure out how to unlock locations.  The only places I had unlocked were the ones unlocked with the map.  I mean there has to be more then a park, pub, library, mall, flowershop, and a shop.  No explore button no nothing. oh and the second day I was raped in the shower at the apartment????? I mean I understand the bus stop, the park, an alleyway, but seriously in the shower in the middle of the day in the apartment building? I mean in 30 minutes of playtime all I have come across is working a boring job and getting raped. Maybe if there was a guide or better hints then I  would give it another go otherwise I am going to have to pass 

Review by senorsmut
Version reviewed: on 2021-08-12 03:27:37

I tried to like this game. I really wanted to like this game. There's so much about this game that I should like. But it's all destroyed -- and I mean razed to the ground in flaming ashes -- by a progression system that turns the whole thing into a grind. Oh and not just a grind, but a completely pointless and useless grind because no matter what you do you (or at least no matter what I've done in six very different playthroughs) all the grinding in the world just briefly staves off a bad end. 

In order to salvage this wreck and make it something worth playing, the jobs need to A) pay a lot more, B) provide actual progression that can keep up with spiraling rents, and C) allow you to work a regular job and get a side gig. Otherwise it's as brutal and pointless as any game I've ever played in any genre. 

There are a lot of good points. The whole thing is potentially interesting, and it potentially has potential, if that makes sense. But there's no excuse for a game to be this fundamentally broken. I'll check it out again if and when dramatic - DRAMATIC -- adjustments are made to the difficulty level, or a liberal cheat system is enacted. but until then I'd rather whack myself in the face with a board than have this thing on my hard drive.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc
Version reviewed: on 2021-04-24 00:11:15

Literally can't find anything good. Too much you gotta do, too expensive. A complete boring grind where the jobs suck and once you finally make it to the good scenes you get a bad end. At least add a cheat engine so we can skip ahead, this is one grind I'll gladly skip lmao

Review by Svetka
Version reviewed: on 2021-04-19 17:19:41

I like this game very much. I am looking forward to the sequel and know that there is a new version on Patreon. But it is a pity that the author has stopped appearing on the TF forum.
I want to wish him a) return to TF b) collect rather 2000 dollars, which he collects for a multilingual game. and c) translate the game in Twine 2

Review by Malhavok
Version reviewed: on 2020-12-03 11:12:05

Generally an above average game, but a little grindy at the start. However, the biggest thing that caused me to stop playing were:


1) Money is too tight on "normal". Maybe this is intentional game design, but with money being so tight there wasn't really anything to do early on other than go to work which is kind of boring.

2) It is incredibly frustrating to get "promoted" in a job past what your current skill levels are, which means that you then cannot work. It just doesn't make any sense. Instead, promotions should only become available when your skill levels reach a certain requirement. This happened to me three times in a row and I just gave up on playing. It's honestly the biggest game design turn offf in this game.

Review by anexia
Version reviewed: on 2020-05-22 13:04:35

It's a pretty decent game that is fundementally flawed by it's own progression system. It isn't the first time I've seen a issue like this either. A lot of games that are new have this fundemental issue when the developers are still hashing out "what works best", and currently the progression system for the business doesn't work at all, in my humble opinion. In this review I will cover that in more detail with hopefully some helpful criticism that will help the developer on their path to turning this decent game into something better, as well as pointing out some goods and bads about the game that I noticed while playing back in 8.7.5 (I would like to check 8.7.7 changes to see if it is worth spending three days testing it out again since progression is tediously slow in the game, but there is no noticeable changes from the the versions since the change logs are so barebones and basic, so not worth my time till I see some overhalls).

First off, the progression system, it is slow and tedious and sometimes works against itself. From what I can tell this game is a Life Sim that wants to give you the feeling of your choices matters, thus the name 'Life Choices'. Which is something I can respect actually. In fact, I love games like this, with way more hours then I care to admit playing GL, before this. However, the progression system extremely limits the choice system and the freedom to make these choices, especially when related to the work system. The work system would be perfectly fine with giving you bonuses for having higher knowledge in you work and being my profecient and presentable, however, this is where it goes awry when it implemented the consequences for making your own choices. The consequences for wanting to metaphorically "let your hair loose" and having a little fun with your character you play are quite dire in that you get wage cuts that eventually lead to being fired and forced down a prostitute path. This is something that I can't understand, since this essentially means you have no choice in wanting to be both a profecient and intelligent librarian that is also sexy as fuck and likes to have fun once in a while. It's either play a rich and steady, yet boring librarian, or follow your more base urge and give into temptation to be a absolute slut, finding no in between. By now, you can hopefully see where I am going with this. This breaks the illusion that you ever had a choice since it now breaks down into a path system that can't be deviated from to find a happy medium. This is only a single example of this happening in the game as well. Not to mention the way to upgrade your job knowledge you have to work, but if you knowledge drops a certain threshhold the boss of whatever job you have forces you away from work and gets mad at you for not working when they told you not to come into work. It's down right frustrating to even try to work around the system, and trust me I tried, spent days trying, but the current system in game does not accomadate players but follows what people in the gaming industry usually call a "Story Arc Formula" where it doesn't budge at all. This detracts heavily from the original purpose the game being a Life Sim with freedome of Choice.

Next, the good. The game has content, believe it or not, and the content is quite above average. The corruption system feels smooth, if not a bit slow, but enjoyable. The only issue is that once you set on the corruption system path it effects everything else in a very negative way that makes it hard to enjoy at some points (Losing your decent job, never being able to get a promotion, and being forced to prostitute yourself to pay rent or live homeless). This could just be because it is incomplete and not having the inbetween balancing factor implemented, but who knows, time will tell. More about the good though, I can see the quality implemented by the devs who take the time to actually work on their game and continuosly add content, while I don't agree with some of the systems in the game I can appreciate the effort they put into it. The scenarios you can get into are pretty interesting so far, and if you ever feel like the scenario isn't to your liking there is always a way to try and backtrack by choosing the correct option as key points in time, unfortunately this outright ends whatever "path" you were taking before which can be annoying sometimes. Jeez, it is hard to say good things without thinking about the bad that follows immediately after, and it is kind of frustrating when trying to give credit where credit is due for this game. Believe me when I say I actually did enjoy this game, and the only reason I keep calling out all the bad after is because it's issues I wish to see fixed to make the game hopefully better.

Finally the bad, and this one can be broken up into three parts, mostly covered before. The progression system, the balancing, and the content accessibility. For progression, reread what I posted above and you will see easily why it is currently in a bad spot. For balancing, it is a little more, but follows around the same line of progression, too much punishment with very little reward for making your own choices while being extremely rigid. For example, drugs and alcohol system is monitored by an addiction system that has a fast rise and slow fall. This in itself is bad, because drinking a couple of beers doesn't make you a alcoholic that has to then have a beer every day or face withdrawls, no most forms of alcoholism is more due to a mental stress issue, and for that system to work better and make more sense I believe a mental state system should be implemented as follows: More bad things that happen the MC (Main Character) the higher stress they incure, leading to MC being more vulnerable to uses of weed and alcohol as a way to cope with the stress. While having higher stress and using a substance gives a substantially higher "relief" of stress it also would skyrocket dependancy, because that is how it usually works in real life. Contrary wise, enjoying weed or alcohol socially while having low stress should have less affect (minimal to none imo) on the MC both on dependency and stress relief. This is only one example of a system that I believe would make the game a lot smoother in progression and balance. Content accessibility is probably the biggest worry about this game that I have, because it directly affected by the two aforementioned issues. This is because the system as it currently is, is very clunky, rigid, and slow. Being forced down different paths if you want to see certain content because it is typically locked behind certain levels of "liberty" and so on sucks when trying to enjoy a Life Sim game. Don't get me wrong when I say that some content should always be locked behind certain thresh holds because it only makes sense, but when 90% of the content is locked behind it with extremely detrimental consequences for trying to reach it makes the game just feel less like it is worth playing. In the game's defence, it is still a relatively new game so it is likely the devs just haven't had the time to flesh out other areas of content enough, but with the aforementioned 90% of the sexual content requiring you to fall into a slut path with no real alternative, you can see why I mention the "illusion of choice" here. This bottled up with progression in any direction takes hours of your time "grinding" in a Life Sim game is enough to deter a lot of people from actually reaching much of the content.

As a closing statement, I want to mention that I hope my review hasn't deterred you, the reader, from actually experiencing the game. It isn't a bad game in any sense, just has it's own issues being in the early stages of its developement, as any big games does. I can only hope that things get better from here because I truly have big expectations for the game to hopefully reach, if not surpass, GL in quality and content eventually. But, as they always say, time will tell.

Review by maiconneo
Version reviewed: on 2020-04-06 18:00:09

The best game i ever play in my life!

Story and scenery>

- History is a great excuse for the feeling of newness you have when you want to explore the city, many other games have small concepts and unfinished places, but not this one, almost no place has little content, I played several times, spent many days by the way and even today I still discover new gifs or events, and the number of attributes is balanced so that you have to go back more often in the same struggle to discover new things.

Differences in taste>

- Here comes the preferences of each one regarding the content of the game, it has a lot of gifs and images as rewards for playing for hours, an advance bordering on seduction with debauchery, you feel the progression of corruption, however ... it doesn't have as many texts as other games, which for me is perfect, but for some people it can leave a feeling that it has no history! precisely because you are the one who should trace it.


There is nothing very exaggerated or surreal in the game, many of the situations I would consider to happen in real life, or are told even in a way that you wanted it to happen.

For those who are in doubt, are wasting time, play fast, it is difficult to find bugs, or mistakes loose by the game, you feel free and if you like a super dense story full of twists and turns you can still give the game a chance just for fun!

Review by Noknet
Version reviewed: on 2020-02-21 18:21:37

I spent way too much time with this game only to conclude that it's boring.


It seems the flower shop job doesn't work at all (it said the player character got the job, but she never did), which leaves you with housekeeping or the library.


The library makes you less liberal somehow (not sure what the justification for that is), and you need to be MORE liberal in order to get the PC to allow anything even mildly sexual, such as letting another chick wash her back or washing the back of another that job works against your progress in the story if you want to see something different.  It also works against you if you want to become liberal enough to switch to the photoshoot job.

With the housekeeping job, I just found that I'd hit a cap where she needed to study more at the library in order to work, but she had to do that instead of working in order to do that, which made the boss that job leads to a dead end as far as I could tell.  I found it strange that the lack of houskeeping study didn't just keep you from being promoted - it kept you from working AT ALL.  Then your boss is upset because you didn't work...when she didn't let you work.  In what world does this make any sense?

  It didn't take me long to give up on that route.  The only advantage I saw in that route was that it didn't make you less liberal, so you could become liberal enough to go into the brothel (the content ended rather quickly there, though).

I've concluded that the only way to really advance into anything interesting is to figure out how to change the code of the game and cheat.  I elected to throw everything into the recycle bin instead, as I don't know if that would just lead me to discover that there's nothing interesting coded yet.

On the plus side, I did not encounter any broken images as the last fellow reported on version 8.7.2 - so that issue is fixed at least.

Review by edmantgoog
Version reviewed: on 2019-11-04 15:24:57

gonna be honest good game but all the images and gifs are broken

Review by chrisx
Version reviewed: on 2019-09-29 16:07:36

since theirs a good amount of interacial content id like and hope that eventually u would create some BBC mechanics and some job and scenarios revolving around said mechanics and BBC content also some BBC bf or 3 somewhere, mayb love triangle or even square ;P lol and one night stands in the club, take ur time on this since this is a whole lot more coding and time, and uve already done so much and have still more ud like to finish so just wish to see this kind of stuff implimented eventually, mayb next yr, it is a pretty big game and taken some yrs already and u have ur own life so do what u can and mayb u could make this eventually and mayb even expand on it :D

Review by GodfriedD
Version reviewed: on 2019-08-06 13:10:05

In my opinion this game is just too grindy with any erotic content basically being lategame. The game seems really fleshed out and has a hot premise but it's just too grindy to hold my interest for long enough for me to get there.

Review by Blauz.
Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 2019-01-16 18:25:51

"Life Coices" is a game published by it's builder an early yet far developed stage: it takes as of the published (.4) version the player from a flight fom the rural Lake District in lost Avalon (sorry, little political joke) to Amsterdam, where the main character a young woman can work in several jobs: until now the good gal can get to her 18th birthday. Jobs up and running are model and (to a lesser extent) florist: according to Burningsun the next version might have a librarian job as well. 

The big city live changes the girl, who must fight for her mind, her body shape and attractiveness and stay clean and attractive -at least as a model. One can work up to three times a week -there is already much of Amsterdam, the beach and a club in the game, with a health club open but not running yet- and earn the E150 one pays one's landlord every week. 

The game design shows a special feature combining a picture and a gif on most pages. Some fellow reviewer said: "You cannot tell a story with a gif!" Why not? It works fine and the large variety of gifs makes for a quite interesting gameplay. 

This life sim is quite fascinating, well written (I noticed 1 typo, and I read English better than I write) and has an already quite complete game system; an impressive feature for the first posting of a first game. Some details are -I am told- in the works: the looks depend as of now on the makeup, nailpolish and hairdo (with minimal but sometimes crucial add-ons from the beach) and cannot as of now rise beyond a certain level, which makes holding a late (43rd+) shift as a model unreachable unless on planned very carefully and executes flawlessly (have hygene 100 and looks 35 when you go to bed the day before the next shift, then go to the beach, swim ONCE to regain some of the sleepover smell, do your makeup and go model). Since there are three possible shift and ergo 2 possible days with a doubled looks-bonus from makeup, one can play the game further: but it gets more difficult than funny: and since the next versions will see to these porblems: why bother? 

I am waiting eagerly for the next updates and can wholeheartedly recommend the game for all you like life sims. 


@nyctelios: Click Character, then enable whatever makeup you want to use and voila! You are beautiful.

Matters like this can be asked in the game thread. 

Review by murch
Version reviewed: on 2018-12-01 22:55:39

The best game on here

Review by GameOn
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-29 20:30:50

My kind of game. 

Review by onur
Version reviewed: on 2018-10-08 14:18:03

Its the best Html game out there. But can you add more Henry scenes like,things get more intense every time for example, you can pay your two week dept to Henry and to his old friends as well.

Review by jheroe
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-30 10:41:57

New Review

Could you please tell when your adding more prerequisites to a scene than the previous version. I really do love making the main character submit to Henry (Have an middle aged and older men fetish) however with each update you seem to add extra things that need to be done. Originally you just had to not pay Henry, then you changed it to slowly submit to him by speaking with bibi. In this update after you speak with bibi you cant find henry anymore unless you find bibi first and thats frustrating. I know the first time you meet her during friday or saturday during the club hours but the second time i have no clue when to find her. Could you add changes on the change logs on things you added and things you must do to previous scenes youve made more in depth. Thank you

Also a little more interracial interractions would be nice. I like the guy from the flower shop but maybe some more interracials with blacks, native indians, middle eastern, asians. Maybe some different scenes with lizzy getting both a male bully or lesbian bully. A male best friend or female best friend. Ya know... getting into depth

Previous Review

Would love to see a pregnancy system where you know who the father is? I really want to get the main character pregnant from Henry and see a reaction and the story from the game if you ended up doing just that. Maybe make a whole new system where if you know who got the main heroine pregnant they could move in, and possiblye help pay bills or have more sexual content from them based off that. Maybe add more males with stories, great game no doubt. Do whatever you want. I can give some advice if you ever out of ideas, but its always your game and its great regardless. Waiting for future updates 

(Would love to see a scene where your father or older brother if you have one, comes into the game and you can seduce them into.... the wrong things). 

Previous Review

Okay, so heres my problem, the game is excellent except for one thing. It is far to hard for Sex Scenes to initate. It was much easier in 0.7.0 where you could just not pay rent and then let the landowner have you and eventually you would sleep with anyone. But now.... its complicated and takes much time.


The game is excellent though

Review by roy12
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-28 13:20:31


That would be helpful to have Cheat Version. I just finished the Maid route and it quite good. However, i want other route (Libarian/FlowerShop/Model) for more FAP content but i can't because my reputation is too high. The only way reduce it by visiting Priest at Church only at weekend (too much hassle really).

I don't want start over again as i have everything(lots of money, all household item, jewelry), i already unlock landlord content to reduce rent and hooker content. Took me a while but its worth it.


Review by spike123
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-25 16:36:13


This games is just plain awesome.

So much content, stuff to do and to find out.

Also to the people that complain about the difficulty or the grind, I recommend you to brush up your HTML Skills.

With a simple Editor you can customize the whole game. I for myselfe just created a "Cheat" section, where i can freely manipulate the stats of the character, including jobskills, daytime and some other stuff.

If the author is allowing me to, I could provide edited versions of the game, to help other people see more of the game, easier.

Just let me know.


Review by manarak
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2018-07-21 15:55:01

new review - version 8.5

I like this game and try out every new version. Thanks to the author!

There are two bugs stnading out in this version  - there is no option to leave the pub (and nothing  interesting happens in there)  and when you get rejected from the flowershop because you were recognized as a porn actress, there is no way to apply for other jobs or to get your job at the studio back.

Thanks for making this game!

Review by whoretensia
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2018-07-20 10:13:47

Absolutly love this game, but the last update has a lot of missing picture files, looks like you added the old picture archive instead of the new one?

Sending lots of love though, excellent game. Just played the online version, plays much better than the download.



Review by Subrenate
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2018-07-19 19:56:39

One of the best Games EVER  ... Lizzy ftw! ;-) (thank you, and pls. continue your "work" Kisses ;-)

Review by DarthSparda
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2018-07-19 19:21:49

Game is decent 6/10 quality so far due to lack of content.  Extremely long grinds to get anywhere and to unlock anything.  An insane lack of character customization I think I only seen maybe like 6 things that your character can actually use.  Char stats need some adjusting didn't know that jewelry makes people look sexy you would think fitness would make you look hotter but fitness does nothing so confusing and also how other stats work as well I just really can't make sense of them but with latter updates I can see these actually being more useful hopefully.  Love the idea of the game so far but just needs to work out some kinks which will take time.  Looking forward to how the creator developes the game in latter updates I can see this turning into an amazing game so keep up the great work.  Will update this review with future updates.

Review by SissyErin1052
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2018-07-19 16:58:44

I can't figure out how to get the images to work.  I've tried making a new folder, putting amsterdam in it and putting the html file on top of it.  I've also tried putting the html file in the amsterdam file, neither seem to work.  What am I doing wrong?

Review by PinkBishop
Version reviewed: on 2018-07-10 21:19:01

Abolutely love this game. Only wish it could be much much longer than it already is.

Review by elsa97
Version reviewed: on 2018-06-14 14:25:35


I have to say that I absolutely love this game !!! It has so much potential that I can't wait to play the next updates.

I have some suggestions though, maybe have already think about them. The phone has so much potential!  It could nice to improve her social life, allowing her to date people she met, even some random people. With the phone, she could get in touch with who she wants, calling them or being called, and get invited to parties =) Why not organising nights with friends, and even threesomes (or more)? She can also be called by random people wanting to do her, and why not, to harass her.

She can also be in relationships...

And maybe its just me but I don't meet the police a lot, more interaction with them would be nice I think.

I hope all these have been usefull and keep up the good work ;)


Review by horus7325
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-23 01:40:17

interesting game and good story i liked my only one but is in some points you dont move forward or backward and if you did not save you get stuck  and the game you had is going to the trash and back to start ( its a way of talking)

sorry for my english grammar, saludos

juego interezante y buena historia me gusto mucho mi unico pero es que en algunos puntos no te deja avanzar ni retroceder y si no salvaste te quedas atrapado y la partida que tenias se va a la basura y buelta a empezar ( es una forma de hablar)

lo siento por mi gramatica en ingles , saludos

Review by Burningsun
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-22 10:01:46


Review by Maimai
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Version reviewed: on Mon May 21, 2018 4:51 pm


Loving the game so far, however, I would love to see a changelog posted on the site between updates.


Hi Maimai,

Please click on the link 'Discuss the game' on the left hand side and you will find an extensive changelog.




Review by Maimai
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-21 16:51:35

Loving the game so far, however, I would love to see a changelog posted on the site between updates.

Review by Tyranthoser
Version reviewed: on 2018-05-06 02:32:10

Loving the game so far now, already unlock an ending (no.1) which I love, though it can use one or 2 more pictures in the epilouge for that ending. Biggest complain though is the real inability to lower my diginity without using RNG, though to be once you hit midgame dignity shouldn't be an issue. Also it would be great if a "back" option could be added to prevent reloading of the game everytime I want to see where the other choice leads to.

Review by BlessedGuys
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-30 09:05:42

when will the new update published?

Review by DarcWing21
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-26 00:13:23

The grind is real, but not terrible in my opinion. However, trying to lower one stat while raising others is a bitch. You get +Dignity every time you shower or go to work and there's no way to lose Dignity by intentionally doing misdeeds. Same with Liberal stat. Things that should raise the Liberal stat do, but then things that shouldn't lower the Liberal stat do as well? WTF? The images and gifs are topnotch and the interface is very decent. Just tweak the ability to raise and lower stats is my suggestion. All in all, a fairly entertaining game. Maybe give the ability to enter the seedier parts of Amsterdam looking for porn to lower Dignity or something, or the gloryhole thing at the club should lower Dignity instead of raising Hygiene..

Review by anyoldguy
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-24 18:30:32

@Maria94: The answer why is literally the first hint in the 'some hints' button. If you have questions, you should get a reply pretty quickly if you post in the discussion forum instead of leaving a "review".


This is a sandbox game that keeps expanding every update. It's quite grindy and some parts get repetitive, arguably more so now that you can't shortcut any of it by not paying rent, but every update fleshes out the city and careers a little bit more. Recommended for anyone who enjoys sandbox games of gradual corruption.

Review by maria94
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-24 12:34:28

i have to find the library to improve my stats, but i have no idea how to find it, after two weeks of the game looking for it, and no one tell a clue

Review by adamdark
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-16 11:44:26

I'm also having trouble getting the images pack to load on the 0.8.3 patch.  I followed the install instructions, but no dice.  Shame, because they've worked for me in every previous version, so something is definitely broken this time around.

Review by junkfolder
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-15 22:11:47

Still in early development but not bad. Shows some promise. I did encounter a bug where I got stuck going between the hints and version update list though.

Review by WolfsDrgn
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-15 12:15:17

I really like this game, there are some things that really irritate me.  With the posted "Play Now" link (ver. 0.7.2) the images are present, but no matter what I do I cannot get the images for the current update.  And, yes I followed your instructions for downloading all files.

I also agree that it is too hard to start.  I played on "Laugh" level to try and get a handle on what could be done, and game continued for 2years of play.  Played on "Easy" and cant get anywhere, I always end with "end 1" with in a few weeks of play.

Review by Kyrkby
Version reviewed: on 2018-03-14 03:36:05

Lots of content in the form of pictures and webms, but poor writing, grind, and a lack of direction makes Life Choices a mediocre title at its current state. 

The writing is subpar, there is nowhere around that. People act inhuman and there are a ton of things that just don't make any sense. A example are the jobs. Every job in the game lowers and raises some stats, and every now and then you get a crossroad of sorts which advance the plot where you can answer yes or no. If you accept, you continue your job, decline and you lose it effective immediately. One of the jobs is working as a model. It lowers your Intelligence(!) stat and one of the crossroads involves a coworker giving you a joint. It's not a big deal, but if you decline the offer you lose your job with some cringeworthy dialogue to go with it. It makes no sense, and to make matters worse the job progression is completely linear with no events to spice things up. I suggest looking at Girl Life and their implementation of jobs and school as a good inspiration for how events could be made.

The grind is real. You don't get much pay at the start and almost all of it goes to rent and makeup because every job has a "Looks" requirement you need to fulfill before you can start working, and the stat is increased by using makeup or wearing jewellery. In order to progress each job route you also need to study some courses whenever you can at a university since those crossroads I above also come with a skillcheck like Fashion, Botany and so on. If you fail to have enough high stats when that crossoad does appear you don't get to continue working. That's right, you get blocked from your job until you raise those stats which completely nullifies your income. It's bizarre at least, and insane at worst.

When you start the game, you have no idea about this at all. The game does inform you a bit about studying but it doesn't tell you explicitly what to study. The subjects should be self-explanatory (working as a model you should problably choose Fashion and not Botany) but I'd prefer if they were more specific. Things don't improve for a while since all the money you make go to makeup and rent and you're left wondering if this is all the game has to offer and in a way it sort of does. It takes a hilarious amount of time until you unlock sex scenes or even increase your Desire meter, a meter I didn't even know the player had. 

Overall the game is a good example of a ocean with the depth of a puddle. Lots of webms and images but with very little beneath it.

Review by girlslifesuperfan
Version reviewed: on 2018-02-28 10:54:46

I like this game concept, look forward to getting pregnant but the job requirements at the beginning are incredibly high as are the rental demands. It is a double whammy where most of my money needs to go in to make up to be able to successfully work meaning it is very difficult to make rent every week.



Review by DramaCoach69
Version reviewed: on 2018-02-25 14:07:44

I love this game, but it is a bit aggravating.  I spend most of my time buying makeup, and by the time rent reaches 255, my jobs don't make enough and I am out on my ass.  Hints said jewelry improved looks, but I have yet to find the mall no matter how much I run around town.  Also, seems a bit counter-intuitive with a decidedly anti-liberal bias.  Stealing the cell phone increases the players, liberal score and reduces morality, while turning it over does the opposite.  Oh well,  it is not enough to keep me from enjoying it, but getting past the incredibly slow and spendy process of applying makeup once the original supply has run out should be looked at.

Similar thoughts on not being able to purchase clothes for exercise or swimsuits for the beach.  I sense others are finding these, but I haven't and any suggestions would help.


I can update my previous post.  Once I discovered unlocking the mall with the map, things opened up nicely.  Disappointed with the seeming dead end my character met at the Loibrary, but I may have been tto bold with my choices.  Balan'd has been fun, but so far Lizzy has had no intercourse.  


I am really looking forwward to the next update and will pursue the other jobs as well.


Review by swells3674
Version reviewed: on 2018-02-22 20:44:39

For some reason I can't get the pics or gifs in the latest version to load. I can view them when playing v7.2 through the browser, but after downloading 8.6.2 they don't appear. Any help would be appreciated

Review by Anita
Version reviewed: on 2018-02-12 14:46:20

Story page:

"But a day after you turned 18 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with."

Review by dragonchiller
Version reviewed: on 2018-01-28 06:16:13

One of the best games of that kind, i realy enjoy playing it but how can i become the sex secens with the landlord? Is there any way to support your work on patreon? If not pls do something like this cause i want to support your great work.

Review by longlumber
Version reviewed: on 2018-01-23 02:05:56

Awesome game!! :D Thanks !!! Great work !!! Looking forward to where it leads !

Review by Yetisama
Version reviewed: on 2018-01-17 02:34:56

Love this game but I have a small problem.

I host a lot of the games here on a private server so I can play them when I'm not at home

But this one gets stuck in initializing. But when I run it in the server locally it works just fine.

I think I just forgot to turn an option on for the wamp server but I have no idea what

Review by aromabish
Version reviewed: on 2018-01-13 12:58:46

on the latest version Liz can't get pregnant. I had 156 creampies at normal and she didnt get pregnant. Opened game's code and didnt find any line which changes $prenant to 1

Review by Caljinaar
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2018-01-05 01:58:37

The Game in general is great! I this kind of sandbox game and the pics/gifs are well chosen.

Unfortunatly the game crushes (Bad file path) when i try to meet Bibi at night. I am using Firefox to play the game. Hope you can fix it with the next realease. :)

Review by Mori369
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2017-12-22 05:52:47

I really like your game and how it plays out, I just wanted to ask if it is possible to have a job as veterinary with some bestiality content. If you are not up to this fetish i can understand that too :)

Review by Takerough
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2017-12-21 21:52:25

After you dont resist hug from landlord and go to visit Bibi this occurs Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: Unexpected token )

Also  its kind of ripoff that after ending of content in flower shop job you have to start new job with low pay while your rent is is 280 or so. Or when cleaning job suck all your moral and then you get less money, cant really afford to buy and after sometime you cant even afford makeup without getting in huge debts with landlord. I like this game and I am very grateful for updates but after 0.8.0 and so on it get few major flaws. Hope you fix them after holiday.

Review by korc
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2017-12-21 20:08:27

0.8.2  broke the game, try to continue my save (0.8.1) ,  when i go to studio all my money (8565) gone, and cant earn money in studio, fix it pls.

Review by rez111
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2017-12-21 14:16:59

try downloading the 2nd link on the 0.80 version i think it was, the file should be called Amsterdam and be 500mb or so

Review by mistafu
Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 2017-12-19 09:06:27

Is it just me or do u get less money with 2nd lvl jobs where u need to study to maintain them?

U literally cant start as model, its impossible to earn enough money.

cleaning job earnings shrink from around 50 to !20! AFTER u have studied in the library which u needed to keep the job.


Besides that there seems to be an encounter which breaks the game as it just shows a black screen without a back button.

The Pub is just a placeholder and still breaks the game, just kill the link to it if it has no use.

Some of the random city encounters give random stats... sometimes u gain moral for doing something good sometimes u gain moral for doing something slutty.


The prerquirements for the jobs are insane, same with the prices for a couple of things u simply cant buy cause u wouldnt have enough money for rent, sadly u need said objects to earn enough money and so on

Review by stx06
Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 2017-12-18 16:04:25

This game features the misadventures of an 18 year old female living by herself after running away from home.  There are several ways that she is able to sustain herself, with mental corruption or without, depending on your choices.  Each job path requires you to stay on top of the relevant skills, for example, a model will need to visit the park or health spa to exercise, study fashion at the library, and make use of makeup/accessories from the mall to accentuate her appearance.  There are instances where a job may feature differing amounts of adult content, or the job may end, again, depending on your choices.  Will she rise to the challenge of independance, or find herself in a bad end?  That is up to you!

(I will not pretend that there are not bugs, but I am happy to say that the author has already committed to making a bugfix to address the reported bugs on the discussion thread.)

Review by -=DANTE=-
Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 2017-12-18 12:38:09

this version overloads the RAM and contains quite a lot of other errors

Review by xavia91
Version reviewed: 0.8.0 on 2017-12-18 02:20:25

I don't understand why all of a sudden I need 15 fitness for the model career, this totally breaks the game as I can't make money anymore and cant afford the jogging pants or w/e is needed

Review by Aestroin
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-08-31 10:33:53

First of all,


there is a few things that bug me tho, pls just see them as a suggestion.

- i would love to see in certain events that u have the choice to just let it happen, like the bus grope encounter or in the club the guy grope your ass (if your liberal and Dignity has the right stats)

- would be a nice option to do some favours to Henry to lower the rent, regardless if u have the money or not

- if its in the game then i am sorry but i didnt find the option, change the job, quit and find a new one, i hated some jobs in the playthrough because it raised or lowered the stats i tried to maintain and i could quit the job to change to         another one

- the booth in the club makes it way too easy atm to lower the dignity, in one night from 100 to 0?

- probably if possibly, it would be cool to make daily routines like have a breakfast and put on make up and take a shower automated, so probably at the beginning of the day you click routines and it does all at once

- more stuff to buy, after 90 days i had all i could buy plus the gold membership at the spa, but i think you are aware of that


But so far i love this game, i love the rng, love what you did with this game. i am looking forward to see other areas and even more content. ive seen your plans and damn i am looking forward to it, keep up the good work!


i also encountered a bug, if you go to the spa and you decide to work out your fitness you can literally push the clock to 38 o'clock and further

Review by Kyrus
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-06-16 21:56:14

This is a very fleshed-out game with a lot of good stuff in it:

-Huge amount of content & gifs

-The corruption is handled very well, and there's a lot of different ways to get corrupted

-Lots of detail & love put into depicting Amsterdam

-Still actively developed(it's been a while since the last update, but the discussion thread indicates the creator's still working on it)



That said, there's a lot of mechanics & events that serve to frustrate/baffle more than anything:

-What's the point of the 'guy touching your ass' event in the club? Why can't Lizzy just ignore him if her dignity is low enough?

-The water event at the bar wastes an hour by sending you to the dance floor right afterward

-Going home with girls doesn't reduce desire at all, even though the text makes it clear Lizzy got off from what happened

-What's the point of town events that kick you back home instead of returning you to the main town choices? It doesn't change anything, just adds a pointless click to keep exploring the town.

-Showers take way longer than they should, and it sometimes takes multiple hour-long showers to restore hygiene to 100.

-Each town area has a separate 'deck' of events that can happen, but there's not much difference between the Bijlmer area and the northern town area from what I've seen. And once you've unlocked key locations(the club, sex shop, and health club) and people(crack dealer, weed dealer), there's not much reason to wander town/the park at all except wasting time. It can actually be dangerous early on, since you risk Lizzy deciding to spend her rent money on a burger, museum, or bike rental.


I get the impression the creator wants Lizzy to act semi-independent of player control, but that just makes things less fun when it's for no apparent reason. By comparison, the events that trigger when certain stats/addictions reach critical values are more interesting, because there's a reason for them.


There's also some bugs that still need to be ironed out. The maid job in particular is very buggy - if your desire is too high(and it will be once you've hit the point that desire starts showing up at all) during some stages of the storyline, you get stuck masturbating & not getting paid when you go to work. But even if you go to work normally, you'll frequently lose money instead of gaining it, which I haven't seen happen in any other job. The game is also a huge memory hog in Chrome, to the point where it sometimes crashes the tab!

Review by ruthless69
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-05-24 20:47:00

Where do I start? Great game, I love it. I'll do the pros and cons. Beware the spoilers ahead.


- Huge amount of content

- Corruption

- Great Characters

- Good porn

- Re-playability



- Being a "good" girl has no rewards, or at least I haven't seen any

- Too many stats to manage

- No TF

- Very grindy (tries to keep to reality, but feels like it takes away from the fun)

- Ugly old men


Well done, I see that you've put lots of work into it. My main issue is mechanics of the game, i.e. stats. Too many to manage. Hygiene is OK, but I feel like having status like "sweaty", "covered in cum", "smelly" would be a lot better than having a flat stat in order to shower, still I think it's too deeply ingrained to be changed (personally, makes more sense). Morale and luck are useless in my opinion, as they require no work to keep up and lots of it to lower (random events should be random and only affected in outcome by your stats, like intellect, self-defense, fitness and so on).

Morale have not once have had an impact on my play-through. Needs more things that lower it and specific ways to raise it. For example, a psychologist (can be a manipulative perv), talking to people, going to the pub or a club, museum and so on would help raise it. Working, chores and bad events would lower it. Or it needs to be removed all together.

And now we come to the holy mess that is desire. Where do I start? Lizzy gets way too horny, way too quickly. You need to cap the desire gains to a very small amount, or streamline them to an overtime gain and events. Seriously, I went outside, came back into the house and got 40 desire for doing nothing and spending no in-game time. Also reaaaaaaaaaly need a button to make Lizzy masturbate, as going to work horny is annoying. Perhaps have her landlord catch her. Or when she does it in the shower she can be caught by one of the other residents.

Then we have work stats, experience and knowledge. I think combining them into a single stat would be a lot better. For example, Job Skill would be a combination of your knowledge and experience, and is raised by study and work itself. Will also make calculation for income and events easier since there is only one variable.

It feels like there is much needless micromanagement as well. How about going to kitchen and eating breakfast automatically once? Food doesn't seem to be as important for Lizzy as it perhaps should be. Hunger would be an interesting addition as well as cooking. But it could make game more cumbersome than necessary.

Next is some UI things. Needs better wording for the choices maybe? Sometimes it's hard to decide which to click based on the highlighted words as there is no clear indication of what is going to happen. But that's what save system is for so no biggie. Also would it be possible to have stat numbers in color on the right side? Then we have old men pictures. Would it be possible to have an option to disable them or have them replaced? Because nothing kills a mood faster for me than a picture of an old man.

Now onto the story aspects. I think it would be great to as you get richer to be able to get a much better apartment. Maybe even several different choices depending on how much money you are willing to pay. You can then add a bit of micromanagement like washing dishes, cooking, washing clothes and so on. Maybe even get an option to take a boy or a girl to your apartment and so on.

I only tried the cleaning job and photo shoots as library and flower shop is next on the list for me. Oh boy, Balans is a slippery slope. I haven't yet figured out all of the choices yet. Maybe on the next play-through or two. So far, I like it a lot. Photo shoot is too predictable I guess and while porn is good story is a bit boring to me. But I guess there isn't really much you can do there. Once, I am more aware of all the story choices I will review them a bit more. So far so good and you did mention more content for the story is coming so I am interested to see.

Review by xboxgamerfl
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-05-01 19:18:40

For those of you that are having trouble with the pictures, there is no bug. This might be obvious to some people who actually read the description, but it says: "03/01/2016 - V 0.7.2 Small update again to get rid of some small bugs and dead ends. Download this HTML version and the Data pack of V7"

So just click the second link for V7 and that is the download for the images

Review by skyline_pj
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-03-23 20:40:52

I mean makeup :(

What the hell?

Review by Fur-man
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-03-11 12:27:11

its a good game but you need to short out the money in the modle job I start at a 100 erous then I go down to 7 whats going on? and why dose getting a cab cose EVERY erou you have?

Review by karissasissy
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-02-25 10:46:01

The game is great but I just wanted to mention a pretty game-breaking bug that actually lost me a 2+ hour run because I'd forgotten to save. 


If you click on the Hints list and then click on the Version list it sends you into an infinite loop of being unable to play the game.

Review by Luccia87
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-02-15 06:39:02

The game is very good and the story written too but I, in particular, have missed more variety between the days. The photos and videos are changing but do not change the text at all! And this is the bottom line! If between the days in which it is necessary to repeat the tasks something was changed of the text making the protagonist fall more in the whoring would be fantastic. I have also missed scenes and tasks at the bus stop, in the bus, in the sex shop, in the mall and especially some people who come and make me requests like that you show the pussy, open your lips, show me the tits and things for the style. A character that makes the protagonist more submissive.

On the other hand, when the model work is terminated, you couldn´t start with another job? For example in the Library... does not give you choice and continue here having finished the the job of model gives enormous possibilities. An idea... an Hospital? for treatment of STD and several gyno exploration would be possible?

In general the game I like a lot and I look forward to more content. I have loved it and played it every night. A way to fulfill fantasies without degrading yourself in reality. When is a new version? That would make me very happy!

Review by freya102
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-02-15 00:59:45

I like where this is going. But not sure, I feel like the Fitness club membership might be totally broken. None of the options even work in the fitness club and it keeps booting me out back to Home all the time.

I especially dislike the fact that the rent arbitrarily goes up constantly, I thought the point of doing the dishes was to pevent that- which is vastly misleading. There should be options to do other tasks to prevent the rents going up like repairing the aircon, plumbing ect for the other apartments (as this would then result in meeting your neighbours beyond the public shower).

The game has a lot of potential but its not balanced in the slightest and suffers from some of the worst grind that you'll find on this site because its arbitrarily pushing the numbers ceiling Its blatant padding the game out. That said it could be a lot worse.

The game gives you a lot of freedom actually all things considered and it does a lot of things that other games haven't properly mastered yet, like having the inventory items actually mean something with regards to progression instead of just being placeholders.

I mean theres fun here. The visuals are fantastic. I just wish it was a bit more polished.

Review by Forti
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-16 22:06:01

I came to this game because it was supposedly highly recommended and reviews posted on this site concur... but after playing this game for several hours, all I can say is that I'm not seeing why it is so highly recommended.  Let me also state I have tried this game on Normal, Easy, and "Laugh" difficulty modes.  Forgive me, numerous fans of this game.  I have much experience with games of this kind (To name a few: Corruption of champions, TiTS, New Life), so I came in knowing what kind of game it was. 

I realize that it is still in 'early' development, but the game has far too many dead ends that you only find out about after playing for a few hours (saying that something is "##%" complete in patch notes doesn't help on this.  If a career path is not completed and will cause you to lose days, you should either state so at the beginning of the path in a note or allow the player to be able to find a new job during the path instead of keeping them locked down to it).


+ Lots of small fmv's or gif's of a naughty nature

+ Apparently has a good amount of naughty content, gamewise.

+ "Hint" section supplied in game that goes very in depth on stats and thier importance as well as items, thier use and whether or not they are implemented yet.  very helpful.


- I have yet to reach hardly any of the naughty content.  I've seen some people doing things in the park.  I've been molested in town.  I've been perv cammed.  Everything else is beyond my patience level (over 8 hours of gameplay) to reach.  To reach this content, you evidentally need to follow a very linear path through the game, which I have yet to find.

- Far too much content is either RNG locked or dependant upon stats that are beyond your control ( Dignity, I'm looking at you )

- Lots of bugs (ex: took a look at "hints" to get some info and when I left the menu, I had lost a full day in game )


My 2 cents worth of advice that would vastly improve the game:


My feelings/rant:

Prepare for bitching and moaning, for I am butthurt.  This game has potential... so much and it upsets me that my experience has so differed from what others evidentally have.

I mean, let's be real.  This is intended as an adult game.  It has lots of naughty fmv clips to depict things the character sees but to actually participate you have to jump through obscure, pre-programmed hoops to just qualify.  Past that, you're against an RNG that seems stacked against you.  Don't qualify for the event but encountered the scenario?  "Sorry, here are the requirements for this event and btw, take this stat penalty to make it harder to qualify again in the future!  Have fun with your 9-5 job in the morning and don't forget to do the dishes!"  I mean it.  Your dignity starts high and needs to be way low in order to qualify for sexy stuff or to get drugs (It's not terribly difficult to get cocaine, around the mid to high 70's, but the addiction and penalties aren't worth it when starting out).  Dignity loss is far too easily countered in the game as well.  Lose 5 points off dignity cause you were groped on the train?  Okay, just turn your nose up (automatically) at a naughty billboard and regain half that amount.  Then find (and keep) someone's lost cell phone or find a lost wallet (and keep the cash therein) and that'll restore more dignity(?!?).  Dignity is a nearly constant see-saw in this game that can only truly be circumvented by drug use... but not cocaine.  Pot and beer bring down dignity, but cocaine is the gentleman's drug.  No dignity loss there.  Since when is it a dignified action to steal and not undignified to do cocaine lines in a public bathroom??  The drug system in the game is unbalanced as well.  Don't get me wrong, it's cool that the author had the forethought to add them, something that rarely happens.  But enjoying 1 beer a day does not make a person an alcoholic.  Pot is not that addictive of a drug.  I agree that addiction penalties should be present, I like that.  But Beer is not a poison and niether is pot.  These shouldn't be lowering my health everytime I take a drink or a toke.

Also, public restrooms are healthier for you than the one at home (you restore health using them), even tho they decrease your hygiene and are the one place that you can do cocaine.

My main gripe is how difficult it is to get to anything interesting in this game.  After reading forums and reviews, being a model is the route you want to take if you want to be a tramp and have sexy adventures, but to do that, you need Fashion and fitness to be at 30 to just get your foot in the door.  Fashion, you can only build it 2 points at a time during the time you are typically at work.  Fitness, you need to rely on RNG to get the fitness advert to be able to go to the fitness club and either pay 75 for a day of access (which incidentally will send you back home automatically several times during the day, costing you 18 to get back) or pay 400 for a week or 2000 for a year pass.  Or rely on RNG to give you small fitness gains while in town.  "But why don't you pay then?"  Cause you're either being randomly robbed in town or robbed by your landlord raising your rent on a regular basis every few weeks.  While working at the Flower shop, I was barely keeping ahead of my rent on Normal difficulty.  This said, the cost of the Healthclub is INSANE .  Per google: "The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58, and out of that amount, about $39 per month goes to waste due to under-utilization. Jan 1, 2016"  Euro to dollar rate: 1 euro to $1.06 .  It should not cost 75 for a single day or 4000 for a full year.  Maybe it's the fact I am american, but Gyms offer most or all of these ammenities but do not cost anywhere near this much.  If you expect the player to be able to save this much, then maybe add in the ability to buy a car, or better yet, a better apartment where I don't have to look at a picture of someone's grandfather each game week.


Long story made short: There is far too much in this game that is out of the player's control and it feels more like a naughty "choose your own adventure" book that has large and massively tedious parts with repetitive reading before you get to any good bits than an adult game.

Review by Doombug
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-16 08:13:06

Love this game, but it slows down the long you play. It takes several seconds now just to change scenes. At the start everything took less then a second but after over a year in game things have slowed down considerably taking several seconds to do anything.

Review by downloadu
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-13 11:50:14

Version 0.7.2. Verified that with

>= 30 Fitness,

>= 50 Looks,

>= 75 Hygiene

>= 50 Energy

+ not on period

+ pumps

+ dress

+ 15 euros


 I can enter the club.


Great game. Many thanks to the author.

Review by Godsmancer
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-08 11:46:18

While playing I accidentally selected Hints and then version list. Now I can't get back to my game because return sends me back to  Hints and the return on Hints send me back to Version list.

Review by cgiAlexis
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-05 11:48:44


Quality game that slowly unfolds. It's like a lot of other games though I've yet to explore the pure-clean path (I wonder if you can make as much money on that, hope you can)

Good fun, loads of content for the long haul despite being very unfinished. I'd love to see the author finish this game fully first before moving onto other cities


Review by Redangel
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-05 03:11:02

Pretty much the simplest way to sum up this game is that it's still only on version 0.7.2, I just spent 14 hours non-stop playing it, loving it, then misclicked the sleep button instead of shower, missed work, got fired and I decided to restart. I could probably come back in 15 hours with a similar review, but I figure that sums it up.

Wonderful game,

Still more to add,

WTFBBQ You're planning 3 more cities,

A misclick got Lizzy fired so now I'm sad

Review by patrickrlund
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-04 18:54:52

Great game

but in 0.7.2 I run it a bug at the club: (not sure where I should report bugs)

Required for entry: 30 Fitness, 50 Looks, 75 Hygiene and 50 Energy is required to be allowed into the club as well as nice shoes and a dress.

not on period

My stats

Desire 98
Intellect 59
Hygiene 100
Health 100
Energy 100
Looks 95
Reputation 19
Fitness 63
Morale 100
Luck 87
Self defense 0
Dignity 82
Liberal 8

Review by tweak0322
Version reviewed: 0.7.2 on 2017-01-03 20:57:43

Love the game. Only thing i would suggest is that you add the study level requirements for each promotion to the text somehow when your boss tells you that you need to study etc. Rather frustrating to grind it up without knowing exactly where you will be safe to stop so you can spend your time doing other activities or to get fired because you have to miss a couple of days to study since you didnt go high enough

Review by ziztazlut
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-29 06:57:14

Very enjoyable game!

I noticed a couple bugs in version 0.7.1. When using cocaine in the park bathroom, the game reaches a "dead end" and I cannot go to any other screen.

The other bug is minor, I had to rename the SSHop folder to SShop since I'm not using OSX and my filesystem is case sensitive.

Review by Dominantgene
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-28 22:53:58

I think the game is from I've played of it so far. I would like to make a suggestion(though maybe it's to personal cause I'm not using a computer to play this) is there any the stats,inventory,etc. be set up so you can minimize it?(again might just be my problem) It's just every time I get a phone whether I buy it or find one at some point I can't progress cause the words are behind the "contats list" either way the game is amazing and I can't wait to see where it goes from here

Review by navigator_dan
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-24 18:44:13

Not a review, but just a hint for new players. If you use 0.7.1, makes sure to download data file of 0.7.0 as well. Otherwise, no pictures.

Fappy Xmas.


Review by poiman
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-24 17:39:30

there is a bug report section?

i wanna report a bug!


i got notice after getting a promotion in cleaning job

"Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: missing ) in parenthetical"


Review by HypnoKitten
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-24 16:05:44

Fantastic start of a game in the slow-corruption life-sim genre, with lots of work put into it and lots of room to grow! :)

Review by JoeW
Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 2016-12-22 21:44:57

The pictures in the html file will not load vor v0.7.1


Review by sanjafeth
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-12-01 20:59:23

This game is among my favourites, simply because of the ongoing nature of the gameplay. It uses images and gifs cleverly, keeping the wall-of-text problem to a minimum. Some of the mechanisms are not explained early on, so I had to play it for a while to figure out how they work. This would be frustrating if 'losing' were not just as fun as winning. :) Keep up the good work!


Review by Jindo5
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-11-26 15:03:01

For a game called "Life Choices", there aren't really any choices. The only real choice is "where do I go now?" as for what happens and what you there, that's entirely up random events, with you having no control over the result.

Sure, there's a lot of content, but the lack of control often leads to the player randomly losing money because they went for a walk through the city, looking for the Club, only to get robbed. THREE. TIMES. IN. A. ROW! And unlike other games like Cursed, you don't get the option to even TRY to defend yourself, you're just robbed, oh well! Too bad! Have fun telling your creepy landlord that you don't have the money the pay him this week.

So basically. I like the content, but the lack of actual choices is a pretty big turn-off.

Review by hobbes09
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-11-16 01:17:27  Maybe the initial curve is a bit much and it even out later, but this girl is stupid.  Don't want to walk around town because she keeps losing her purse or having her purse stolen, or spending her money on things without player input when rent is due up.  Then apparently the only way she is attractive is if she puts on a stupid amount of makeup over and over again, to which good luck finding without a guide and good luck affording between rent and all the cash stolen from you.  There's little in the way of choices present here, you go somewhere, an interaction happens without any input or character reaction, and on rare occasion you can decide between a couple options with little in the way of what those options entail.  Frustrating and boring is the name of the game the first week, with ridiculous stat modifiers and affects and no incentive to play further.

Review by ares76
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-09-22 22:16:17

Along with Escort Dreams and Therapist, made in same engine, this easily stands in top 3: more content than Therapist, less than Escort Dreams, Life Choices is one one of those games I can't wait new updates!!

I know that there are people who prefer only text-based games with no pictures or gifs, but in my humble opinion, that's adds 50% charm to any game.

So, keep going!!...looking forward for more and many updates!!

Review by shroudy
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-22 14:45:53

First off, the "reviews" for this version are not reviews. Most of that stuff belongs in a discussion thread. However, to answer the "bugs" you are finding:

You need to buy the map from the shop, go to your inventory, read the map, then you have access to the mall. This was in the discussion thread.

Makeup, although logically the same, is not the same in game as lipstick and nail polish. Makeup is its own item at "Ici Paris" in the mall. So to get a full stat boost you need Makeup, Nail Polish, and Lipstick.

As Nova25 said this is a good runner up for "Escort Dreams" and I'm excited to see where it goes. I believe this is an excellent start.

Review by danget
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-22 07:13:35

So I read that the mall has jewelry that can improve looks so you can work passed the point you run out of makeup. However, I can't go to the mall, so either it's bugged or it is based on an event. If it is an event, its really hard to trigger because I spent 2 entire games trying to find it and I couldn't. I look around the city and the park. 

Review by XHollow1
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-22 00:54:18

keeps saying i ran out of make up so the makeup stat drops to 5 and the hours it takes to get minimum for the job screws me over. i bought enough make up for 40 days both nail polish and lipstick

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-21 15:03:00

This kinda reminds me of the (pretty much abandoned) 'Escort Dreams' game.

Review by CrazedHarmony
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-21 02:24:19

Alright, I love this game and think it has a lot of potential but wtf happened to the make up section? I was wasting a ton of money to buy lipstick and nail polish and ketp running out of make up because it was only giving me +5 for looks. Is there some place else where I buy a real stat enhancer or is it just fucked all to hell now?

Review by Neonerd
Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 2016-08-20 20:10:11

I think You should dowload the seond link under the 6.0 build as images, then download one of the html builds. got the 0.6.2...

Review by DeadJokr
Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 2016-08-19 13:43:15

Not sure if you fixed this in the 0.6.1 but i think the dealer is a wizard because whenever you go to him its turn back time by an hour. Also keep up the great work did more content in 1 month then some people on the site in 3

Review by super_tramp
Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 2016-08-18 19:57:48

Addressing person below me:


My bug report is in your forum entry now.

Review by Sophi12121
Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 2016-08-18 09:28:59

can u pls put the file with the images back up as well as show how to make them work

Review by ecchidaooa
Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 2016-08-17 16:54:15

hi there. i loved that game since it came out. but in this version i only get +5 looks when i restock with makeup and lipsticks. also i know you reduced the gif size but to me they are now too slow to call a GIF. 


Edit: nevermind. it seems that makeup is only bought from the Mall not the small shop.

Review by Dazric
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-08-14 13:39:17

All links are dead.

Review by deanec64
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-08-12 15:05:46

honestly for what their is, this is pretty impressive. 


some small suggestions. 

be able to visit landlord. fuck him day or night and pay rent at same time. 

can't wait for Pregnancy.

college, and or more jobs availability


Review by Darkarhon
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-08-02 17:20:34

Like this game, its fun and interesting looking forward to the next updates

Review by Militant Pasta
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-29 07:33:52

I really enjoyed this game however I have just one issue which is the game could do with a stable method to lose dignity. I found it quite challenging to lose dignity when doing the library job. Wandering town can either increase or decrease dignity and the same goes for enjoying the park. Going to work in the library is a stable way to increase dignity. Not being able to maintain a low dignity meant that when the second person attempts to blackmail you, I just end up with a raise because my dignity has recovered any losses by simply doing my job and even showering.

Review by rimistarfire
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-24 11:24:49

I want to get into this game but I cant play without the images. Can someone pls do a "for idiots guide" please :) sounds like a great game but I just cant figure out what file needs to be where.

Review by Anonymous329
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-24 06:11:10

Just a short review / more of a bug report tbh:

1) You should point out in your primary post, that the ZIP files need to be decompressed first.

2) You should not name the folders "Amsterdam" and "Amsterdam1", when you try loading the pictures stored in "Amsterdam1" from "Amsterdam" (as happened for example for the "home" pictures).

3) You should take very good care for filename usage. Asking for a file "Amsterdam/Home/shared Kitchen.jpg" when its path/name is "Amsterdam/Home/shared kitchen.jpg" confuses real operating systems (means everything outside the Microsoft Windows desktop world).

4) Just a hint: Empty spaces in filenames when being called from a browser into the local filesystem is always a bad idea. Different browsers on different OS might have issues with that. To avoid it, never use the "space" character for files. Replace it with an underscore, unless you can be 100% sure, who is going to use your product/game.

Not much more to say as of now, due to the issues at hand. I would like to write more, when the game doesn't require half an hour of preparation time (reading posts how to get everything working/moving and renaming files/...) - But I am looking forward to it.

Review by mikebizt
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-20 14:34:29

seems that the phone doesn't work! great game...keep up the good work

Review by bobbob9999
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-19 02:35:32

Loving this game.  It's got the feel of Escort Dreams, but with so much more depth.  Can't wait for more content.

For people having installation problems - as the author says, download V0.5.2 into a new folder (eg. Downloads\LifeChoices), and then unzip both V0.5.0 downloads into a subfolder called 'Amsterdam' (eg. Downloads\LifeChoices\Amsterdam).  That will get your images working.

First time I played, I ran out of money very quickly, and then was unable to continue my photo shoot job because I couldn't make enough money to cover my rent, and then had no way to raise my fitness stat. 

It would be nice to know what each shop purchase will do to aid you.  For example, I'm guessing buying a bed upgrade gives you an earlier start to the day.

Discovered the same dead-end bug in the club that killed my progress.

There doesn't seem to be a way to use your phone yet?  I had a few girl's contacts, but no way to call/text them.

Can't wait for more content!

Review by niki78
Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 2016-07-17 15:21:41

cannot get the giffs to work in the game, please provide more detailed instruction in how to set it all up for us Noobs

Review by Shinentai
Version reviewed: 0.5 on 2016-07-16 16:39:19

It's a good start. The basic outline is there, it just needs more events and for them to be a little more fleshed out (i.e be more than a single sentence with a gif) One to watch, certainly.

Review by Hama74
Version reviewed: 0.5 on 2016-07-16 01:31:54

In order for it to work you need to put the folders with names from Amsterdam1 into Amsterdam folder and leave only that folder "Amsterdam" is what the games is looking for.

 Burningsun just name the folders Amsterdam and Graphics or something 

Review by zeroman
Version reviewed: 0.5 on 2016-07-15 16:38:40

I like the game, but with the latest update the monry system is totally broken.

I already have 600 Euros dept and have only spent money for the jogging shoes...... despite going to the photoshooting whenever possible.


Review by metamorpheus
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-15 05:41:52

If you worship the Random Number God, you'll like this one. If you don't like having little more to do than experience random events that have no tangible impact on anything other than the character's money, you won't like this one. If you don't have the better part of an hour to "play" before you wank, you really won't like this one.

Review by bicuriou23
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-13 21:55:59

Love it so far.

Review by josemanuel93
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-07 14:36:13

An amazing game by all means BUT I have a few suggestions:

Modify the "Looks" so jobs/events are not so demanding or scrap it out completely.- At first it is quite simple to fulfill and complete the photoshoots but once you've advanced it becomes nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get to the goals (I managed to get the 40+ photoshoot event but grinding your way to the club is truly an annoyance). Also, add some sort of "natural beauty" modifier so the shower/sleeping does not take away ALL your "Look points" once used

Review by Kendall9000
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 18:09:48

Like other people have said, the looks stat is broken - the way it works makes no sense. Why would washing/swimming reduce your looks at all, let alone reduce them so far that you can't work or enter a club?

Unless I'm missing some way of increasing looks, once the photoshoots start demanding looks over 35 the game becomes unplayable.

Review by zephyr
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 14:28:52

Create a thread for your game in the forums so people can actually discuss it.


gamebreaking bugs: Going to the beach and selecting Nude brings you to a black screen with no way out.

After a certain point when doing photo shoots (3 some blowjob), you'll get a screen with the photographers picture with no choices, no way out.


A ton of pictures are broken. Anytime you try to try on clothing, youll get an error with the description of the bikini. The only 2 outfits that work are bikini and stocking, everything else brings an error.

Multiple times when waking up you'll get a broken picture. When flashing your tits to the bouncer, youll get broken pictures

Review by mlreta
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 13:55:43

Chrome on Win10: Error: <<print>>: bad expression: Unexpected end of input when trying lingerie set or clothes from other stores. Also, some stores with no back option, so those are dead ends.

Also, when going to photoshoot, I got: Required: 15 Fitness, 30 Looks, 70 Hygene and 45 Energy., but stats show: Fitness 15, Looks 32, Hygiene 100, Energy 100. I have no option to go to a spa, so only way to gain fitness is to get a +2 at a jogging session.

Other things: where is the club? I don't have any option to go to a club, and I'm currently 80 days to birthday, on June 2.

Review by MadPrince
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 12:39:42

I'll start straight away with the bad :

- The "looks" stat is extremely important while also being handled extremely poorly. Not only does it almost reset every day to 0, which makes no sense, as there is such a thing as natural beauty, but the game doesn't give you away to fight that change. The game seems to want the player to do something to boost the effects of makeup : as it's possible to get more than 25 (I have managed to get 32), but this gain seems to be related to a hidden stat. All-in-all, at it's current stat, the stat itself breaks the game.


Move past that however, and this game has great potential :


- Money-making is fine. I haven't had a single problem paying rent. Some clothes/shoes cost a lot, but the game does seem to want you to take it slow, which is a preference thing. For myself, the pace of the Modeling job was pefectly fine, having went up to 36 experience until the "looks" issue blocked me from progressing

- It should be relatively easy to add content. As the game is not locked behind a character with a clear past or a very specific concept, new events are simple limited to the author's ideas.

- Gifs are great, and while not necessary to a good game, a few gifs can make scenes much easier to produce, letting the images speak for the author.

- Honestly, I've actually had fun playing this, even in it's beta state and glaring stat issue. I'm pretty confident that as soon as that issue is solved, people are definitely going to enjoy this game a lot more.



On a side-note to Author, you should open up a thread on the forums for your game. It might solve stuff like understanding why the makeup stats gain vary, or simply getting ideas and feedback that is not necessarily a review.


Review by thepenguin99
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 09:17:32

I like the game overall.

You really need to look at stat balances though. Specifically her looks. It seems like there is no possible way to raise the base looks above 0. You get +35 for doing makeup/hair in the morning if you have had your hair done and have lipstick but that gets taken away every day from shower/sleep. The +1 changes you get from getting a tan at the beach also get taken away immediately next time you shower/sleep. It would make more sense if going to the salon gave you a base looks boost for a week or two. Not just increasing the amount of +looks you get from doing makeup. Also, showering and sleeping shouldn't remove that. Same with getting a tan or aquiring nice clothes. Fitness boosting activities should probably also have an effect on looks to a certain extent.

As far as money and the photoshoot job. She should get more money as she agrees to show more skin or do naughtier activities. I don't care how dumb or self loathing a chick is....she shouldn't be making the same amount for a fully clothes photoshoot as a nude one.

Review by Spino2308
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 06:40:56

The Basis for this game is great however there is room for massive improvement.




A very good base premise with great room for advancement, think something like Escort Dreams with a slower advancement pace and less of a rotating chain of events due to a larger world. Would love to see more and some improvements.

P.S. a debug or cheat mode could be nice purely from a messing around perspective

Review by ADIDAS
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 06:23:06

One problem that I immediately notice with this game is that when you increase the size of the text it tends to fall behind the images on screen so they are no longer visible. Also when shopping at the mall, when your in the clothing botique when you try on any clothing the caption says you try on the bikini. I don't know if this voids the affect the clothing should have on your characters appearance.


There are way to many randoms events when walking in the city or the park. I found the way to advance through this current version of the game is to save and walk either in the park or the city to get the desired random event that alters your stats to your liking then save and repeat but due to the high amount of random event that are coded into those areas it takes away from the game. Also this game loses points in the story telling aspect. You are presented with the bare minimum amout of text the author is willing to contribute to the game then the author let's a short 3 second gif tell the rest of the story. GIF'S SHOULD NOT BE YOUR MAIN STORY TELLING ENGINE IN THIS GAME. Put some effort into it instead of offering little text then throwing gifs at the player "look at this, you fill in the blank" but if that's the kind of game you'd rather play then by all means.


Also while palying I recieved this error message "Apologies! A technical problem has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.

Error: unable to store key "history.67c1ce71-abae-402d-9d40-cf2baf6f2eae"; sessionStorage quota exceeded.

Stack Trace:
KeyValueStore</<[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:2823
KeyValueStore</<[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:1757
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:30125
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:27964
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:117:3192
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:9555
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:116:7577
[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:48:6392
n.event.add/[email protected]:///C:/Users/Brent/Downloads/Life%20Choices/Life%20choices.html:48:3202"

Review by torm08
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 05:54:42

Some where in here there is a great game but it is burried behind horrible balance issues. Money is too hard to make given the cost of everything. Random encounters are more often negative than positive and further cause problems with money. Looks and hygiene appear to bounce around all over the place. At one point I was getting +35 looks for doing my make up next minute +28 meaning I couldnt do photo shoots anymore as I needed 30 looks. No money so couldnt join the gym. Really just take a look at the balance these games are intended to be fun not a chore!

Review by r3ck5
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-06 01:24:07

Pretty good so far. Some slight changes would make it even better (lots of broken pages that requires you to load back from a previous save instead of having a Home button, Lizzie's age, the nearly complete loss of Look when you take a shower, etc). I've encounted some broken images sometimes even tho the image themselves are in the folder, so I'm assuming that there's a broken piece of code somewhere.


Also, I dunno how far the photoshoot storyline goes currently, but I've reached a bit where it just ends. Only get Donnie's picture at the top and no text. 

Review by Leilanz
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 21:54:20

Interesting premise, but needs a lot of balance. Personally, I feel that some things are overpriced for the money we can earn and the weekly rent has me always in negative numbers. It doesn't feel like you accomplish anything when you cannot earn enough to get into the gym in order to advance in the photoshoots because each Thursday I have to lose 150€ even if you don't have them. Throw in the frequency with which you are robbed and it kinda feels hopeless.

Let's hope next update does something to rebalance this... or at least make the damned rent bi-weekly... At least that way you can get to earn more money with which to grow somewhat past the basic. 

Review by giesbr65
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 21:18:27

A neat game although it could definatley use refinement in the looks mechanics and such, as well as consequences for not being able to pay rent other than just giving us a negative balance. I look forward to more content other than the one page encounters. A discussion topic on the forum would also help tremendously for feedback.

Review by soldatoflife
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 19:35:57

Interesting game so far.


But, this bothers me : 


"Sorry Lizzy, you know the drill. Clean yourself up. Go home and have a shower or something ok?" Donny says. You nod and turn around. Required: 15 Fitness, 30 Looks, 70 Hygene and 45 Energy.


Intellect 33
Hygene 100
Health 100
Energy 100
Looks 35
Fame 20
Fitness 15
Morale 100
Luck 57
Self defense 1
Dignity 97
Libiral 21
Photoshoot Experience20

Weedaddiction 11
Cokeaddiction 14


It appears I have all that's needed, yet the game says I don't have what it takes....

Review by Joe Steel
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 16:21:29

This is another life sim, and one well-suited to Twine.  Other than using the eye-tearing white-on-black default font colors, the interface works well.  A few images don't appear, and there are some dead-end choices (and no back button), so save often.  Images and gifs work well and suit the subject.

It is, to some extent, a time management game, but time isn't really short, so the player can mess around without harming progress.  There are insufficient means of improving beauty and fitness other than some random events (the health club doesn't work, for instance, nor the nail salon), so you will need to do some save-scumming to get those random events to, for instance, get enough looks and fitness to go clubbing.

The game is generally very intuitive, though the relevance of some of the stats tracked is not clear; what does "intellect" do, or health, fame, luck, self-defense, dignity, or liberal?  Ditto the addictions. Should the player want those stats to go up, or go down?  Perhaps that will become more clear as the game advances in development.  I had no serious doubts as to what actions to take and what effect they had on game play, though, and that's very admirable in a first cut of a game.

There are a satisfying number of random events in the game, so the game rewards just wandering around between shopping and working, which is good, because that's all one really can do at this point!

The "looks" system is the one that needs the most immediate help, IMO, followed by the hygiene system; immersion in water melts good looks (you can suntan for an hour to get +4 looks, but if you swim you lose 10 "looks!"). Taking a shower gains +40 hygiene, but plenty of activities cost more than that, so, as a model, my toon was showering for three hours a day!  Looks should be partially permanent and partially based on things like cosmetics (those looks can be washed away), and the shower should restore all lost hygiene, not 40 points of it.

Lots of things don't work as they clearly will later on (inventory, stores, the phone, etc), but I won't go into those because one cannot expect them to work at this point.  

All in all, I found this fun to play even as is, because of the random events (yes, it has the de rigueur mass transit fondling scene :) ) and the progression of the photo shoot job.  Even the changes in stats I couldn't understand the impact left me with some satisfaction. 

I'd recommend this to anyone for a simple playthrough, and I'd recommend that the life sim people (not me, generally speaking, but I'm always worth a look at a good game even if a bit grindy) should pay this one some close attention.  I look forward to more.


Updated:  just realized that the MC is not yet 18 in the story.  That needs to be fixed.

Review by Rein
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 14:25:43

I managed to snag it before it got deleted, and there’s a lot of good work done. True, there are several problems – The club location never unlocks, two mall locations lead to dead ends with no way to back,  several beach events lack proper pathing, pub isn’t working, and the florist job simply stops at a certain point. Also the health club advertisement chance is atrociously low. There are also some cases when the game randomly gives you 1k Euro, or removes/adds money went the event suggests it should be the other way around.


But what is working, is awesome. I’m looking forward to 0.5


If there is a way, I’d suggest making the “go home” option appear on the side menu. It’s somewhat annoying to have it mixed with the others, giving how much clicking needs to be done. 

Review by 17dead
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 13:54:43

so why was the game removed? is it not a beta and there for unfinished?

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 12:04:30


So far an interesting game, but as you've said it has a lot of work left to go until completed. It was really annoying trying to find the right shop that sells the sandals and hitting dead-end stores that have no "Home" placeholder button; this always forced a game restart or load from a save.

Setting aside that bug/beta catch, the writing so far is servicable for a beta, I found the scene set well enough with the image supporting it to keep you interested in the game and what places I could visit looked promising for future encounters.

I found no TF/TG so far on this version playthrough, but I'm sure it's to come later. And it seems very easy to get addicted to drugs with little more than poor chance meetings.

Still I am interested to see more. Please continue.

Review by Ard Galen
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 09:02:23

The game at this point is like a lot of other life sims: promising, but a bit grindy. You have to do the same actions over and over, but that was to be expected in an early state of the game. That said, it looks well made and plays pretty good, aside from the one thing i mentioned earlier. The only issue i ran into is that you can get stuck in about 2 or 3 shops at the mall, as well as one event at the beach.

Review by Saphrali
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 07:31:26

The download requires a decryption key.. unable to play atm.


Review by Isel
Version reviewed: 0.4 on 2016-07-05 07:29:46

This is not a review, but since you have no thread linked to the release of this alpha, I'll say it here: your download is password protected, and I can't download it.