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Version: 0.5.2c


A transformation game created by AnonymousMan using the RAGS engine.

Updates and update notes can be found at anonymousmangames.blogspot.com

Note: This game uses RAGS 2.4.16

The Player - You are a man in your mid-twenties, transformed by a woman as a punishment.

Maria - The Mysterious woman you met at the bar.

Vivian - Runs the Jewelry Store in the mall.

Genevieve - the stylist in the salon

Due to the freeform action in this game, walkthroughs are not applicable.

Please see the Cursed Wiki for possible actions in this game.


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Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: on 12/12/2020

If there's one thing that leaps out about Cursed in the tail end of 2020, it's that RAGS is horrible. It has not aged well, and it was never ideal for these kinds of games in the first place.

While Cursed does an OK job of working around it, RAGS is never helping, and the navigation systems constantly annoys.

The basic premise is that you're instantly transformed into a woman and have to live a normal life. A rather sad, lonely, normal life at that, because there are very few characters you can form any kind of relationship with.

This is complicated by the oddity that you are transformed by the slightest whim or thought. See a woman with big boobs ... you could get big boobs. See a tall woman ... you can get tall. The slightest stray thought can turn you into a freak. A single encounter with a dominant can turn you into a submissive doormat. Except ... when it doesn't ... because random!

In terms of gameplay, Cursed is ... deeply flawed ... you invest hours and hours in grind to eventually get different irreversible outcomes, many of which are only accessible at random.

A few games have copied this kind of thing since. Some take on more of the Cursed concept than others. They have a nicer user-interface, and usually more and better things to do.

Hard Times in Hornstown is probably the best game with a lot in common with Cursed, and No Money Down Blues is probably the most obvious example of copying the thoughts-create-transforms approach, and is a far more fun and interesting game - flawed in some ways, but not as flawed as Cursed. Neither game has the whole Cursed package.

Cursed was probably awesome back when it was written, but things have moved on. It seems to lean heavily on ideas from Girl Life, which IMHO is fundamentally composed of tiny needles of sheer horror hidden within a massive haystack of pure boredom. Girl Life has a lot of loving followers who probably find that statement absurd, so I'll be more specific. GL and Cursed are both fixated on simulating tedious details of day to day actions of normal life. And in both games, most of the time those actions are incredibly mundane and uneventful, and sometimes, rarely, very rarely, something weird happens that takes the hours of time you spent grinding boring mundane chores and turns everything upside down, and the next thing you know you're being gang-raped by an entire crack-house of junkies, or you're dead, or you're a cat! Cursed has that kind of mechanic ... you labor away hoping something interesting will happen, but when it does it comes out of nowhere, you don't get any meaningful choices and it's virtually game-ending. And in Cursed, the sex scenes aren't even written most of the time! Not just sex, but many other important or potentially interesting scenes were never written and are just "Blah blah placeholder..." ... and I mean this literally. It really says that, or something very close to it.

One day you can find the game has declared your character "shy", despite the reason you're wearing dowdy clothes is that you have no money. Reading a couple of magazines and putting on some higher heels cures you of shyness. Everything feels arbitrary and changes come on suddenly and without warning. There are very few interactions with NPCs, and what is there is limited to a few pre-canned scenes with no choices involved.

A more recent take on this type of game is Accidental Woman, which retains most of the flaws of its predecessors and adds happiness mechanics that make you constantly kill yourself if you don't follow some non-obvious paths to avoid it. It's a genre that is beset by questionable game design choices and an OCD-like obsession with simulating the most uninteresting tasks in uninteresting ways. While some other games let you do those dull tasks, they always add some erotic element, but the simulation genre seems to abhor anything that would make those tasks more fun, or relevant. I guess some people really like that, and if you're one of them, Cursed may be perfect for you.

In 2020, or 2021, I don't think it's worth going back to RAGS to endure a game that drags on forever only to reveal it was never finished. No Money Down Blues is finished (sort of), and much more enjoyable to play. Hard Times in Hornstown will probably never be finished, but it's so big, there's so much to do, and the interface is good, so it's overwhelmingly a better choice. Either of those games is dramatically more fun than Cursed.

I think the only reason to play Cursed now is historical curiosity, which is basically why I looked at it. Cursed was clearly influential on the entire tfgames ecosystem, so if you want to understand that better, maybe you need to play it. If you're thinking of playing it for any other reason, I advise against it. While playing Cursed helps understand why AW has gone down such a bad path, it isn't a huge amount of fun in itself. If you're going to endure an old-fashioned clunky interface you may as well play Trap Quest, which offers far more choices and feedback.

Then again, you might think the unreasonable time investment required to get some of the weird transform outcomes is worth it. Or you might just really like that simulation of mundane chores with lots of mouse clicks genre.

The gameplay is woefully uneven, and often non-existent, erotic content is not written, the interface is awful, and you frequently run up against missing or incomplete content.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: on 04/18/2020

A TFGS classic. While the game is in a state of eternal development limbo, there's more than enough content to keep you busy. Story content ends around the lab heist, but it's a good bit away from the start. Definitely recommend if you haven't tried it already.

Review by knerf999

Version reviewed: on 10/16/2017

Not sure if the game is still in development or not.
But i'm sure it doesn't matter, it might not be finished but there's enough to keep your dick wet.

Review by Cptn Spalding

Version reviewed: on 07/02/2017

   This is the game that brought me to the gender bender game gendre dance. I started playing a few years ago and by virtue of it's writing it's still lightyears ahead of most games out there in this gendre. I love this game so much which is why it pains me to see it sit for so long with no update. There are aspects of this game that are begging to be fleshed out ( like the magic aspect). Anonymous Man ( the author is known for taking lengthy hiatus from the writing of Cursed (usally attributed to IRL events, which shouldnt be held against him) which is why I am still hopeful for an update in the not so distant future ( I check his blog everyday just to see if he's been active).

   To those about to play Cursed for the first time, the story may seem a little bit dated but it doesn't detract at all from the quality of the game. I've played it for 3 years and going by the wiki I still haven't gotten through all of the content. The sex scenes are a bit  short but descriptive enough to fap to, but what really sold this game to me is the main story ( being forceably transformed into a women then either resisting your new life, enduring it, or embracing it) and the traits which you can develop based on the choices you make during the course of the game. There are very few adult games which go into detail like Cursed does.

  Please Anonymous Man, I hope you find the time and the desire to work on Cursed again because a game this good deserves to continue to be developed.

Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: on 03/19/2017

This is one of the most involved, well-developed games on this site. While the initial TG transformation happens within the first few minutes of gameplay, the transformations that happen afterwards are a nice, slow burn that require you to perform a number of actions to trigger them. It's challenging and written really well. The transformations themselves are among the most detailed, descriptive and sexy that you'll find on the site. It's a definite gem, but like many gems it does have its flaws, and you should be aware of a few before spending the time with the game.

For one, be prepared to spend a lot of time with it. The slow nature of the TF content means that you have to do a LOT of repetitive non-TF actions to kill time and keep your character healthy, alive, and housed while you wait... And you can wait a long, long time (and I'm actually understating it, I think). The sheer amount of text needed to advance the story can push RAGs to its limit, slowing the game engine down to the point of frustration.

If you do manage to trigger a subsequent transformation, at this stage in development they don't seem to affect the game in any way that matters. Just for example, let's say that you transform your character into a dragon-woman. The description of your character will make it very apparent that she is very clearly non-human at that point, and yet the non-player characters don't react any differently, the sex descriptions remain exactly the same based on your gender and equipment, and the barest minimum of new content is unlocked. The same is true for the cow transformation. So the TF is supposed to be its own reward, but once you've achieved it there's not really much incentive to keep playing.

Don't get me wrong: It's completely playable, and figuring out how to trigger a TF is half of the fun. I just wish there was more consequence to doing it. I was a little disappointed that the game still forces your digitigrade or hoofed character to wear shoes at certain points even though the text clearly states that they are not physically capable of it anymore (stop covering up those sexy animal feet, yeesh).

I know, I know, it sounds like I'm nitpicking, and I guess that in a way I am; but it's because I really like this good game, and want to see it develop into something great.

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