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Version: 3.4

Tales of Lust and Delacroix 2: A Brand New Day

Tales of Lust and Delacroix 2: A Brand New Day is a transformation game created in the RAGS engine by Red_Gambit. It is the sequel to Red_Gambit's previous game, Tales of Lust and Delacroix.

Breathing a sigh of relief, you get out of your car and stare at the rather impressive looking hotel that you'll be staying in. The fact it's not a complete dive like the ones you're usually given certainly makes you feel a bit better too: After all, you're not sure how long you'll be staying in town.

You're Jacob Taylor, known well in circles of lunatics and tinfoil hats as a reporter on the television show "Mysterious Mysteries". The show itself is a well known joke, one that's happy to report on any paranormal activity, no matter how flimsy the evidence might be. You never thought that after completing your Journalism degree that you'd be covering images of the Virgin Mary appearing in burnt toast.

There have been rumors flying about in the circles you travel about a little college town called Delacroix, and the odd occurrences that have taken place there. Unfortunately it was mostly rumors and hearsay, evidence so slim not even your bosses would take a chance on it.

But last week, you received an email with several attachments from an anonymous tipster. The files contained held enough evidence to convince your superiors to finance a trip to the small town and see what was going on. Ordinarily, you wouldn't be so keen to take a cross country trip for work alone. But this is different, and you have a personal interest in the matter:

Your brother, Kane Taylor came here for a new job six months ago. You haven't heard from him since.

Pulling your bags from the car, a fresh sense of resolve fills you with strength. You're going to find out what happened to your brother, and get to the bottom of what this town is hiding.

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