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Version: 1.0.0

Baleful Bassinet

Have you ever regained consciousness only to find yourself dazed and confused by unfamiliar territory? I'm willing to bet you've experienced such a sensation before rapidly remembering recent events and recalling what brought you to your atypical slumbering spot. But what if you couldn't? What if you woke up in an overgrown nursery with absolutely no recollection as to how you arrived there?

To some ABDLs, such a situation would seem a dream come true. But what if you were surrounded by incorporeal phantoms and near inevitable demise around every corner? Your wildest dream is about to become a waking nightmare.

Welcome to The Baleful Bassinet...


Alternate Download: textadventures.co.uk (v1.0.0)


You wake up in a mysterious manor, with no recollection as to how you got there, only to find out that it's haunted by ghosts who wish to claim your body and soul for themselves. Can you escape from The Baleful Bassinet with your life and maturity intact or are you doomed to endure a second, never-ending babyhood?


Nanny Clairabelle: No Special Item

Maid Dorothy: Wants Flaming Feather Duster (Use Plunger on Stove)

Potty Trainer Maggie: Wants Training Pants (Search Changing Table)

Brat Cindy: Wants Tiara (Search Refrigerator)

Stairwell Ghosts are unfriendable.

Daddy Alec: Wants Cindy's Drawing (Library)

Governess Bethany: Wants Paddle (Study)

Nurse Ruth: Wants syringe (dropped by Sissy)

Sissy Bonnie: Wants lolita dress (search clothes in Wardrobe)

Playmate Caleb: Wants Cottony Cody (Search bushes until you find Pail & Shovel and then search sandbox)

Poltergeist: Defeat him in battle

Mommy-Domme: Wants your submission

Diaper Slave: No special item

Hypnotist: Wants you

Patient: Needs your domination


Zachary: Accepts Pudding Cup, though beating him up works just as well (works until you leave his room)

Scott: Accepts baby wipe, though beating him up works just as well (works until you leave his room)



Backyard: Use the sliding glass door in the kitchen while holding the white key, which can be found in the upstairs hallway

Laundry Room: Use the toilet while wearing the swim diaper

Attic: Requires either the nanny's blessing or the poltergeist's blessing to ascend the stairs in the wardrobe. Nanny's blessing is received by befriending all non-basement ghosts. Poltergeist's blessing is received by defeating all non-basement ghosts.



Playtime: Beat Ghost Playmate when playing with him by having the respective stuffy animated for every game. Reward: Stuffed Unicorn Doll or Stuffed Dragon Doll



Charm: Give rattle to Ghost Nanny

Fireball: Give flaming feather duster to Ghost Maid

Shock: Play with Ghost Mommy-Domme and pick the violet wand

1.0.0 Changelog (2/28/2019)

-The Attic! Are you ready to face the final challenge of The Baleful Bassinet? Ready or not, the end is here! 

-A New Patreon Bedroom Ghost Approaches! Be wary of entering Scott's Bedroom. This soccer star's rancid feet will have you running back to the nursery. Seriously, the majority of this character's content revolves around feet and the odor that wafts around them so if that's not your thing, you may want to skip this one. 

-In Scott's Bedroom, there is a poster that, when looked at, transports the character to a ghostly locker room where they are used as a human urinal. Upon returning, they have a cock-pacifier in their mouth which sporadically shoots cum and urine down the their throat. 

-During a diaper change, the nanny now has a reaction to the player having cum in their diaper since their last change. 


0.12.0 Changelog (7/31/2018)

-Added conditions and scenes in order to enter the attic. Even if you fulfill the conditions, you still can't enter the attic yet because the final boss isn't finished.

-Added domination for the poltergeist, January and Zach.

-Finished general flavor enhancement, though I had to be less thorough than I was originally intending based on currently having reduced time to work on the game. If anyone notices any scenes that they believe have uncanny, unusual or uncomfortable phrasing, I encourage them to report it.

-You may now cum or mess yourself during spanking scenes if your fetishism, arousal and/or bowel are high enough. Furthermore, spanking scenes now take diaper state into account. Spanking scenes are carried out by the maid, the daddy, the governess and the mommy-domme.

-The maid's enema attack scene now takes diaper fetishism into account.

-The potty trainer's death ending takes diaper fetishism into account.

-The daddy's arousal attack now takes diaper fetishism slightly into account.

-The mommy-domme's hitachi scene now takes diaper state and diaper fetishism into account.

-Ghosts no longer have to be hostile for the player to use the dominate skill.

-You can no longer hand the poltergeist an animated stuffy.

-Edited the scene where you learn domination to indicate that domination doesn't work on the “grown-up ghosts.”

-January now properly introduces herself after you defeat the hypnotist.

-Fixed bug which was allowing you try to dominate Zach or January, even if they were already dominated.


0.11.0 Changelog (6/30/2018

-Enhancing writing all around for every scene in the game. This includes added scene variation depending on a number of variables, including diaper fetishism, infantilism, diaper state and wearing certain pieces of equipment. This is still a work in progress. Thus far, I have completed every non-ghost related scene as well as the nanny's scenes. July should shear up the massive undertaking of re-reading and partially re-writing every scene in the game. Because of the nature of this update, there may be an increased number of typos. As usual, please report them to me if you find any.

-Added an examination table to the infirmary, which lets the nurse heal your wounds, if you have any.

-The Nurse now has a new play scene.

-Added a continence system. Having accidents, including because of interactions with ghosts, tends to reduce your continence, as does using your diaper when your bladder or bowels are less than halfway full. However, using your diaper when bladder or bowels are more than halfway full increases your continence. Properly using the potty or using the “hold it” skill increase continence as well. If your continence is at low enough levels, the governess's play scene will drastically increase your continence.

-Restructured inventory capacity. Being over-encumbered now has multiple stages. Stage one reduces attack when carrying more than five things, stage two periodically lowers health when carrying more than 10 things and stage three prevents movement when carrying more than fifteen things. As always, organization increases your carrying capacity by 5.

-Restructured diaper leaks. Now, your diaper can instead hold four wettings and will leak briefly for every wetting thereafter and of having an unrealistic, constant flood.

-Restructured the way that diaper rash works. Mild rash now increases your humiliation while a severe rash causes you pain.

-Baby wipes now remove any rash you might have or be developing instead of cleaning up your diaper. It didn't really make sense that you could suddenly make your diaper clean with a wipe.

-The syringe is now usable. It heals and arouses the player.

-The lolita dress is now wearable. It periodically reduces infantilism and humiliation but increases the infantilism and humiliation gain from using your diaper.

-The training pants are now wearable. Wearing them over your diaper increases your continence by one every turn. Because you can only wear them after being able to remove your footy pajamas, you'll have to find a way to unlock them that doesn't include giving the training pants to Maggie in order to make use of them. Also, clothes pile in wardrobe now has a chance to get your zipper unstuck.

-You now have to press a key during the prologue to continue after expressing reluctance to awaken.

-I Finally stopped ghosts from attacking you after using most passive commands. This has been the most requested feature in-game and I apologize that I took so long to implement it. If anyone has any examples of actions that still allow the player to be attacked that feel unjust, please report them to me.

-Attempting to speak eloquently and failing now causes greater infantilism and humiliation increases. Furthermore, there is now a cool down time before a character is willing to try again.

-Hold it now does 10 damage to you instead of 5. Trying to use it twice in a row also fails. In other words, after holding it once, you need to go, either in your diaper or on the potty, to try holding it again.

-Decreased health of Playmate by 5 and attack of playmate by 1.

-Added messages that inform you when your humiliation is effecting your attacks.

-Re-balanced arousal somewhat. More sexually provocative ghosts have their hostile arousal scene initiated at lower levels. Furthermore, Arousal Cool Down now only activates while moving through rooms, crying in a fight or attacking.

-Added a buffer turn between when submission wears off and when you're attacked again.

-Unique respawn statements are now used for each ghost.

-You can no longer return to the bathroom from the laundry room without wearing the swim diaper.

-Stuffies no longer take a spot in your inventory when animated.

-Clean mode's penalties are slightly less harsh.

-Removed the dollhouse. While I still plan to do something with it in the distant future, it's presence has caused too much confusion.

-”nap” and “rest” now allow you to sleep while in the crib.

-Fixed an extremely long-standing bug which was preventing the bouncer orgasm scene from initiating.

-Fixed a bug that was allowing you to use baby wipes or the potty while wearing plastic pants.

-Fixed a bug that was allowing you to remove the pacifier gag.

-Fixed a bug that was preventing the speech-effecting attribute of the pacifier when wearing the paci-gag.

-Fixed bug that was making Speak & Spell beep every turn you could use it instead of only beeping on the first turn it becomes usable.

-Fixed a bug which was causing book trap scenes to play out after other traps were activated.


0.10.0 Changelog (5/31/2018)

-The Padded Room! Are you seeing double or are you just hallucinating? Being delusional would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Perhaps a padded room is just where you belong. Either way, it very well may be the last place you step foot into.

-Ghost HP on the status bar now changes based on whether or not you've made a ghost friendly.


0.9.1 Changelog (5/8/2018)

-Fixed bug which increased humiliation by 2 per turn for no reason


0.9.0 Changelog (4/30/2018)

-The Toy Closet! Crystal, the diaper slave may not attack you on sight but if you decide that you want to play with your new sister, you shouldn't expect her gentle demeanor to last. Warning: Crystal's scenes include messy diaper face-sitting, which I understand isn't for everyone. Just as a reminder, all of the basement ghosts are technically optional.

-Added The Mommy-Domme's play scenes.-Changed The Daddy's greeting if you were dominated by The Brat.

-Fixed a variety of domination-related bugs. -Enhanced the prologue by making the language smoother and less jarring.

-”use” and “sit on” commands now works for the rocking horse, baby bouncer, high chair and crib.

-Snacks now fill your hunger and bowels less and decrease your humiliation by 1.

-Coloring book's description makes its use more obvious. With high enough arousal and infantilism, it can also now decrease your diaper fetishism.

-Fixed a bug which caused animated stuffies to attack whether you actually had them with you or not.

-Fixed a bug that prevented the skunk from stunning the enemy-Fixed a bug which allowed you to enter the diaper genie while on the rocking horse.

-Fixed a bug which was causing previously animated stuffies to still have “animated” in their name.

-Fixed a variety of typos


0.8.0 Changelog (3/31/2018)

-The Dungeon! Will you leave with your freedom or are you destined to be a slave? What has your freedom ever done for you anyway?

-Increased player's starting health from 15 to 20.

-Increased the maid's attack from 1 to 2 and starting health from 5 to 10.

-Increased all ghost re-spawn times from 10 to 15 turns.

-Sleeping now heals player's health to 25.

-Altered description of crib to make using it a little clearer.

-Altered the flavor text for sleeping.

-Changed The Governess's surname to Gilroy.


0.7.0 Changelog (2/28/2018)

-The Laundry Room! A terror unlike anything you've faced dwells below the house. Do you have what it takes to defeat it?

-The nanny breastfeeding scene has been enhanced a little.

-The Ghost Governess's baby ending now includes The Playmate.

-You can no longer eat or drink while wearing the pacifier.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Centende

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/07/2019

Baby stuff and diapers are my cup of tea so this was delightful to me! I really really loved this game and I hope to find more games like it, great work!

Review by songnar

Version reviewed: 0.12.0 on 08/09/2018

I am absolutely a fan of this game and have been following it as the author has updated it over the last year.


You can definitely tell that this is a labor of love, and possibly some lust? LG_Stephy certainly has a knowledge of and a love of the subject they are writing about here and that resonates throughout the entire piece - as an ABDL, myself, I can positively feel every bit of what is presented here.


This is absolutely one of my favorite text-based games ever.

Review by Jpmaggers

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 11/01/2017

I'm so glad to see this game updated after a rather long quiet period. It really is an amazingly immersive game, with lots of great writing, and greatly imaginative ABDl/Diaper related predicaments. I highly recommend this game to any fan of the ABDL/Diaper genre, and look forward to seeing more development of this enjoyable game. All in all, it's rather adorable.


Good job, and keep up the good work :)

Review by rinblanche

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/11/2016

Despite being an early build, I am repeatedly reminded about how much there is to see, try, and do. If you play, do keep exploring. A straightforward run will not yield a true sense of what this game offers. The juxtaposition of cuteness and nightmare is gratifyingly unique. When was the last time a ghost story involved cribs and colouring books? Definite points for atmosphere.

Review by sepraslay

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/07/2016

This game stands out for showing decent promise for how early it is, as well for having a clear example of what it aims to be. For those avoiding it for a distatse in diaper content who will likely never play this, this is an adventure game where you examine, search and take every item, and use them to solve logic puzzles. While I understand this won't have a massive audience due to what it is, this game has a lot more going on then most bare bones html games that never get finished and are uploaded all the time.

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