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Version: 0.587

Version: 0.585

Version: 0.577

Version: 0.54b

Version: 0.52b

Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.7

Version: 0.3.2

Version: 0.2.990

Version: 0.2.980

Version: 0.2.96

Version: 0.2.8

Version: 0.2.7

The Hero We Need

The Hero We Need is an erotic rpg game full of transformations and 'bad endings'. It revolves around the transformed heroine Bernida cursed with womanhood, who must travel the fantasy land of Magisteria on her adventure in order to stop evil Users, save others and ultimately defeat the evil Demon Queen, Dark Lord Heliot. Currently with well over a hundred bad endings, the game includes Corruption, Hypnosis, Transformations and Heavy Transformation elements, mental changes, twinning/cloning, assimilation, latex and rubber. Additional non-game over endings and transformations are unlockable via the "Purification System" that allows you to earn purity points by purifying corrupted subjects, which can be spent on costumes, special potions and additional erotic scenes once properly unlocked. Features extensive spritework and added artwork throughout the game.  

The game is currently a work in progress and constantly updating, players can get beta testing and newer updates not quite public yet from Patreon support. 

Link to the Game's Discord: https://discord.gg/7JUe8sz

Current TFs include: Bee girls, fairies, elves, sylphs, oni, slaves, lolitas, plants, drones, sexdolls, villagers, horses, anthros, bar wrenches, demons, bunnygirls, prostitutes, mothers, daughters, schoolgirls, villainesses, ninjas, copies of other party members, brides,  gold statues, goblins, queens, sorceresses, librarians, nurses, goddess worshippers, nuns, priestesses, jesters, witches, dryads, portraits, skeletons, zombies, slime girls, ghouls, furries, dancers, secretaries, tour guides, princesses, kappas, cows, sentries, frogs, Harem girls, latex and rubber beings, possession, thieves, dogs and hellhounds, becoming minions and twins of villainesses, angels, bat-minions, cops, Kunoichi, geishas, spirits, vacbed patients,  nymphs, and lots more.

Patreon version: Chapter 5.925 - Sunnywood Expansion, Forest of Disharmony Egg Mini-quest and the Glades

Areas available as Patreon Exclusive: Heliot Gaiden, Ambrosia Gaiden,  Sunnywood Glades, Clepsydrale, Verishire, Lewd Lounge, expanded bonus art Gallery

Current TFsite version: Chapter 5.87 - Cleaflow town, Phantom Forest, and their various events so far

Areas available publicly: Eden, Aerotown, Atlas Isles, LumaQuest, Nightgale Woods, Ingrissvern, Boarding School, Library Temple Goblin Caves,  Temporal Path,  Elvenmire, Egrisway, Haunted Mansion,  Zombie School,  AnthruBaysia,  Sunnywood, Cleaflow, Phantom Caves,  Fey Dungeon, Bee Dungeon, The Omake Room

* - This is location is essentially finished and completed, or near complete.
* - This location has heavy development/ample progress but will be still Updated in the future.
* -  A location more recently started, underdeveloped, will pave way for future content.
* -  Patreon fresh, newly introduced 

Now with a new expanded Map!


The adventure continues...

Oridinary schoolkid Bermuda just cannot catch a break. First he's transformed into a girl by a dark evil demon. Then he's pulled into another world where he's told that he's destined to defeat her! With only a kooky court and mousy maid as her initial supporters, "Bernida" has to set a corrupted world right and stop darkness from swallowing all. What's a girl to do but travel across continents just to get his man card back?

Bermuda/Bernida - An ordinary dorky highschool kid. He got turned into a girl and found out she was the Chosen One.

Maid - A quiet maid is also the Chosen One, apparently.

Ambrosia - The mysterious, maternal guardian of Eden whom trains Bernida and starts her off on her journey.

Heliot - Heinous Demon Queen. You've gotta train lots to beat her up.

Luma - Another party member you meet, whose life was that of a mousy mechanic prior.

Abyssina - A humble priestess girl in training.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by babyluka21

Version reviewed: 0.5.925 on 12/05/2018

5.8.7 isn't working- after the scene where the two are fighting each other and it cuts to a whole group of demons, it crashes after saying failed to extract some facial set or something 

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.587 on 10/01/2018

5.85 doesn't work. I just receive blackscreen on startup.

Review by AnAwkwardImam

Version reviewed: 0.582 on 09/24/2018

This is probably my most favourite game on this site. The MC themes are delivered in a variety of ways that feels intriguing and stimulating and the way they were written and executed there was nary a scene which didn't sell its TF. the game's use of RPGMaker's effects and sprites to execute these MC/TF scenes were surprisingly effective in their simplicity and I found them very engaging. i particularly enjoyed the player character, main antagonist and luma; i found them to be well defined characters and their interactions i found to be very interesting.

the gameplay is a tad repetitive, with some areas being a little frustrating. the forgetful meadows was just too much for me to get thru on account of how rapidly enemies would spawn and i encountered a few bugs that halted my progress (e.g. the gravemaker boss not spawning). additionally some puzzles were a little hard to get my head fully around but for the most part didn't ruin my enjoyment. i also wouldn't mind seeing some rpg elements simplified a tad such as items or skills to possibly streamline the gameplay elements. 

if you enjoy MC content, good writing and the fragile and ever-changing state of the human psyche under great duress i highly recommend this game.


tldr very hot fun game, lots of great things, many good scenes, play it 


Review by hathios

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 01/02/2018

Game version 0.4.

I am stuck in the labyrinth with Luma this happens after our Heroine has a split personality and it you unlock the ending #68 - 'Putting the past Behind us'.

I try every possible way to get out but I am stuck and can't find a solution.

I even tried to prevent this event to happen but I end there this means I am stuck and impossible for me to beat the game and that sucks.


The hints next to entrance is not helping. I don't understand it.

Review by Saveloy

Version reviewed: 0.4.71 on 11/01/2017

Note to self: you can beat the first User, but the game doesn't like it one bit. At all.

Writing here is good enough.

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