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Version: 0.98 HTML file only

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Psychic Private Eye

A first-person account of a (male) Private Eye who gradually learns how to 'ride' in other creatures' minds, (see through their eyes, experience what they experience etc.) This opens a fair range of possibilities, and I have tried to leave the game as open as possible so players can explore the aspects of the game that interest them most. 

There are a few variables that the player has to balance to advance through the story. There may be more than one way to move the variables one way or the other. 

Update 0.98 essentially completes this part of the story, and the game. You need 0.95.2 image file and the 0.98 topup image files.

Update 0.95.2 is the image file (to 0.95.2) in one zip. 

Current update 0.98 

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE DOWNLOADING, or would prefer smaller downloads, please check the first post of the discussion thread for links to smaller downloads which you can combine with the HTML

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE the previous version of the game you can download the smaller "TOP UP" updates (past "Top Ups" also linked in the first post of the discussion thread.)

NOTE: If you have questions that you would like to have answered, please post them in the game's discussion thread.  It is simply not practical to hold conversations in the review thread.

The parallel plot devices are 
1. The private eye is contracted to hunt for an elusive woman. 
2. The private eye meets a psychic and learns to use his psychic powers (the story of how he came upon these abilities, and how they changed him.)

There are several side encounters, red-herrings, a couple of easter eggs, but the gameplay refers to the above storylines.

There are a number of ways to 'finish', and there are some side events, and other 'boss' events depending on the path you take.

You - The (male) Private Eye who gradually develops his psychic abilities through dreams. 

Conrad - The 'suit' who represents the corporate interest who hire you to find Dianne.

The Psychic - A gypsy woman who helps you deveop your dream powers, for reasons of her own...

Dianne - The 'mark' who I am contracted to find and deliver to the corporation represented by Conrad.

Fred - A corrupt policeman who sometimes helps me ... for a price.

Georgette - A mystery woman

Joe - An associate (informant) who has gone missing 

The Ferret - An associate (informant) who has gone missing 

William - An associate (informant) who has gone missing 

Various other incidental characters.

Charlotte - A personal trainer

Emma - A personal trainer


Some basic tips include:

The entire game is a kind of juggling act, trying to keep everything balanced as you progress through the story.

You brain is affected by use of psychic power, a brain burnout can result in 'death' (Game Over).

Narc (narcotic) use calms the brain, but overuse of narcs can lead to helpless addiction (Game Over).

Some kinds of foods and drinks can help offset these, but you can only eat/drink so much.

Everything costs money, and you have limited cash from the initial contract (if you take it) so, unless you are incredibly frugal, you may need to suppliment income by selling on the blackmarket. 

Every time you walk the streets there is a chance of being mugged. Several possible outcomes, including death. (Game Over)

Any use of the Blackmarket has a chance of attracting police attention, and possible jail time (Game Over). 

Progression often depends on develping your powers and revisiting old haunts when you reach a new level of power may unveil a new possibility.

There are a couple of 'Easter Egg' style asides just for fun, but you would be lucky to find them on the first playthrough.

Some endings allow you to continue to play on, if you have not completed the Dianne storyline. 

Changelog 0.96.2

You can now visit Conrad's pool (6 new passages)

Mansion kitchen events are now unlocked

Three more endings mapped (but not complete)

Minor bug fixes. 

Changelog 0.95 

Added 26,000 words (total 130,000) 
Added 70+ passages (total 510)
Added 200+ new links
Added 60 new variables (your old saves won't work sorry).

Many bugs fixed (thanks to play testers)

Sidebar images tweaked slightly to better reflect TF and arousal.

Painkiller slightly increased in effectiveness

There are now consequences if you try to use mind power on a prison guard and fail.

Now possible to be spotted by talent scouts in the strip club.

The final area of the game, Conrad's mansion, is now open! (Not yet finished but playable.)

Find out what old 'friends' are up to, and meet some new characters

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MikeMike

Version reviewed: 0.98 HTML file only on 07/10/2018

This one of the games that I would really like to recomend to everyone, but unfortunately is so riddled with dead ends and paths that leads to unending loops in the story that I find it hard to understand how the author can say that this is near complete.



-If you work as a stripper then don't say yes to go and work at the manson. it will kill the whole game and you will surely end up in a loop.

-If you have managed to find the mansion and been able to lure one of the guards outside so you later on can control his mind, then don't because you will find that you all the suddenly are not controlling him, but have been transported into the mansion - and you will very likely end up in a game over situation. 

-The pool at the mansion, if you have managed to fill the pool with chemicals and you get by it, then you will be stuck in an unending loop.

-Alot of text will not make sense when you get futher into the game. The character is still called male at the gym area (among other), Sir, Mister etc. are used through the game, even though the character have been fully transformed into female. Text arent deleted when wardrobe are updated (mall area)

-General repetition with areas that already have been completed once

All in all found about 15-20 other places in the game where you will end up looping, or will get to pages with dead ends - that should have had a path to either a game over, or a link to get away from the page - this is especially bad late in the game.


Now... I would love to recommend the game, and it IS very interesting and I loved playing the first part of the game, that didn't have a lot of bugs in it, so play it and try it out, but....


*** NOTICE *** it is possible to reach at least two positive ends of the game where you wont have to go much into especially the mansion area that are riddled with bugs, so just for that then you should take a look at it and play it.


Under "Stats" I never got to find anything that would increase the following items: Flash, Public, Whore, Whore job, Beach, Club, Pimp, Booth, Location - and they stayed blank through the whole game. Not sure if that is for future a expansion or if they actually have been implemented in the game and I just didnt managed to trigger these parts yet?? 






Review by SalaciousForm

Version reviewed: 0.98 HTML file only on 06/11/2018

There seems to be a lot of good to this game, but it needs work before I can recommend it. It seems to be one of those games where there's a specific order you're meant to complete things in, but nothing stopping you from not doing so, leading to very confusing and garbled situations where you're not really sure what you're supposed to be doing, or have done. There are also dead end links lying around.

Basically, there's a lot of good content, but it's a jumbled incoherent mess that really ought to be refined into polished fluency before I'd recommend it to anyone other than the most dedicated.

The game also suffers from extensive ability and/or need to repeat certain segments, but a relative lack of differentiation in the eye candy it delivers, making for a lot of tedious filler while you're ambling around trying to see if anything new is happening.

There's also at least one weird puzzle where you seem to pretty much have to just look up the potential answers, since the hints in the game are insufficient. Even then, you basically just have to guess what the answer is, and you only get a few guesses before being locked out of the puzzle. It's not too hard, I got it in my first guess, but others might not. I don't think it's mandatory, though.

Review by NekoNan

Version reviewed: 0.95 to 0.96.4 Image file TOP UP on 05/10/2018

Made me remember the movie called "Being John Malkovich" :D

Review by deluges

Version reviewed: 0.95 to 0.96.4 Image file TOP UP on 04/29/2018

The song password is not a Seether cover.  It's literally the most obvious song title.  I spent too much time trying to be clever before I realized this.

Review by Habef

Version reviewed: 0.95 to 0.96.4 Image file TOP UP on 04/15/2018

well written Story, good pics and good mechanics. a strong contender in the html section


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