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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia


If the downloaded .jar file is not working for you, I also package the game as an .exe (and a 32-bit .exe), so you could try running that instead. You can find the links to the .exe downloads in my blog post: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/2022/06/version-044-release.html


Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • Several explorable tile-based maps.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 230 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



Here is my SubscribeStar page, for if you wanted to support the game's development. ^^



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Screenshot of an encounter with a wolf-girl.

An encounter with a wolf-girl during an arcane storm.


Screenshot of the game's crafting menu.

The game's crafting menu. You can craft potions to transform both yourself and NPCs. Clothing can be enchanted to apply slow-acting transformations, and both clothing and weapons can be enchanted with many other different effects.


Screenshot of an elemental's perk tree. 

The perk tree for a summoned elemental companion. This particular elemntal is named 'Helajyx'.


All items in version

Here are all of the items in the game, as of version All of the clothing and weapons can be dyed in many different colours.


Important: If you are using the .jar (and not one of the .exe downloads from my blog), then the game requires Java 1.8.0_172 (or later) to be installed on your computer! (Some earlier or later Java versions may cause the UI to bug-out.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 10, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.











For a more detailed list of patch notes from the last several versions, please refer to the README.txt file included within the game download.

v0.4.4 Patch Notes

Added offspring encounters to the bat caverns. (PR#1504 by Stadler76)
Fixed an issue where clothing management could sometimes throw a Null Pointer Exception. (by Cognitive Mist)
Fixed issue which was causing the message 'var timer not found...' to be printed to the error log. (by Cognitive Mist)
Fixed an issue where the AbstractSubspecies#getSubspeciesWeighting method was not working correctly, causing Subspecies weighting to fail and errors to be thrown. (by Cognitive Mist)

Added parser hooks for tattoo counter type, count type, and writing styles, and added a new addTattoo() method in the GameCharacter class, allowing you to add tattoos to characters and then add writing/counters to the tattoo.

Filled in all placeholder scenes for the content in the tavern, 'The Crossed Blades', and added a way to have sex with Oglix (after completing her beer-bitch barrel quest).
Added encounter to 'Dominion street', 'Submission walkway', and 'Elis street' tiles for when wearing the 'rental mommy/daddy' t-shirts, where a member of the public will offer to pay the price displayed on your t-shirt to have sex with you. The t-shirt must not be concealed by other clothing for the encounter to trigger, and it will trigger less often when higher prices are displayed.
Added the 'surrender' and 'Request transformation' action from Elis alleyway encounters to Dominion alleyway/demon alleyway, Harpy nest walkways, Submission tunnel, and Bat Caverns encounters.
Expanded random encounter content in Dominion alleyways, Dominion demon tiles, Harpy Nest walkways, Submission tunnels, Bat Caverns, and Elis alleyways, by making it so that after using 'offer body' or 'surrender' actions three times, the NPC will demand that you become their bitch, after which several new options will be available upon repeat encounters.

Added several more sticker variations for the 'rental mommy' and 'rental daddy' t-shirts, and allowed all colours to be chosen for the tertiary dye for the 'rental mommy' t-shirt.

Added armpit and intercural counts to the phone menu's sex stats screen.
Clothing stolen using the 'Steal' spell (which is currently not available to gain outside of the debug menu) now renames stolen clothing from character X following the pattern: 'clothing_name' to 'X's clothing_name'.
The trigger for talking to Roxy about firebombs (stage 1 of the 'Spicy Meatballs' quest) no longer requires you to have asked Axel about Vengar first.
Post-combat transformation scenes will now add/remove and alter the size of crotch-boobs.
Slightly adjusted encounter chances in Elis's alleyways, making it slightly more likely to encounter an attacker than finding an item, prostitute, or offspring.
Forced TF potions from alleyway attackers should now apply more drastic hair length TFs, speeding up the forced TF process.

Typo fixes.
NPCs with arm-wings who are added as beer-bitches to 'The Crossed Blades' will now correctly have a 'barrel' clothing item applied to them.
The 'Encourage cum on X' action is now correctly disabled during armpit and intercrural sex for characters who are the one who's about to be cummed on (this is a different action to 'Request cum on X', and is intended for third party participants).
Fixed issue where arctic wolf-morphs would correctly spawn with pale skin/white fur, but incorrectly-coloured nipples, vagina, and anus.
Brittany (the bimbo harpy matriarch) now correctly has 'tanned' skin colour instead of 'light'.
The 'Between legs' sex positioning action in the 'sitting' sex position is no longer available while targeting taurs (as taurs should not be able to make use of the sitting position slot).
Fixed issue where Kruger would sometimes switch into an unsuitable sex position in his sex scene.
Fixed background error being thrown when loading a game in which your character was in Submission.
Fixed issues with the offspring encounters in Submission using the same dialogue as Dominion's alleyways.
Fixed slight inconsistencies in bat cavern encounter dialogue which were referencing Submission's tunnels instead of the caves.
Slimes who want to transform the player into a slime using forced TF will now correctly generate a slime-TF effect to apply (instead of producing a TF effect which always did nothing), then in subsequent encounters they will now generate the correct racial potions for their desired TFs.
The transformation menu no longer displays duplicate 'Loose' buttons under orifice capacity when gape content is turned off.
Fixed bug where skin colour preference options were not working.
Offspring from a human mother and a human father will now randomly choose between one or the other to have their genetics based off of, instead of always choosing the father.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 08/01/2022

i dont know if i just missed it but it wouldve been nice to be able to choose which position my character takes during sex in the character creator, playing through the prologue as a male attracted to males and for the first sex encounter I was stuck in a loop of the npc trying to bottom and then me having to reposition so im the bottom not fun

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: on 11/29/2021

I've finished playing the current version to the end of content. Finished every main quest available and most of the sidequests and romance quests. Game resembles CoC and its descendants a lot.

Gotta say, its definitely a game worth playing. It has a decent amont of content, but what I liked most is that its a very complex sandbox. There is a lot of mechanics like sex, magic, enchanting, transformation, slavery, travel which interact with each other and allow multiple viable character builds. It makes it quite a decent game, even if you dont count porn in.

Now onto the negative sides:

  • There is a lot of stuff you cannot do without a mouse. No one handed mode.
  • An overwhelming amount of mechanically pointless cosmetic options. There are rabbits with normal ears and floppy ears (exactly the same otherwise). You can apply lipstick and make it glow. You can use makeup. You can color items in one of like a hundred different colors. Just for pink there are about 6 different shades, and then there are also things like coloration patters or glowing... And all of it has no mechanical point, its just flavor text and icons. I'm not against abundance of options - I'm against lack of mechanics, just to clarify. After all developer somehow made wings and horns matter (wings allow another mode of travel and special options in quests, horns are used in combat and sex).
  • There is no weight to anything. No permanent consequences (except demonification and sliming). Transformations are cheap. If you want a catgirl slave with some rare fetish its often faster to just grab a closest rat morph or whatever finds you in the crime regions and feed them a custom tranformation potion that will grant them necessary appearance and fetishes. Underneath the transformations all slaves are just carbon copies of each other, even the ones you get in special quests. There is no difference between slaves you bought on market or captured in combat other than initial trust/obedience values. Your kids are also exactly the same, whether you got them from a random hobo rapist or from your own aunt.
  • Lots of items which are exactly the same. There ARE items which feel different, they are a few unique items from quests like hypnowatch, but most items only differ in appearance and cost (a few more rugged items may have +1/+2 physical resist but thats it). I'd expect that maybe more expensive items would have higher enchanting capacity or something, maybe appearance would matter and wearing goth boots would be liked by some and disliked by others but no, there is no difference between goth boots, sneakers and high heels other than goth boots granting +1 physical resistance.
  • Lots of niche content that wont be liked by anyone except that one guy who paid gorillion money to the developer. It can be avoided of course, but that requires you to know what it is. Thats how I stumbled upon that centaur ass kissing facility, what the hell was that even about. It wasnt truly bad, it just left me confused as to why would dev do this, why invest so much effort into this thing nobody will bother playing.
  • Development is slow. You play game once every couple years and forget about it while the dev spends 90% of time stuffing it with meaningless shit he gets money for. You wont notice any new content in just a single year.
  • Game is unbalanced. Once you figure it out and get a few levels combat gets too easy, you can easily destroy enemies ten levels above you with a couple spells. Money are abundant if you undress your enemies and sell their clothes. Consuming items regularly can maintain potion effects forever. Jewelry changes value upon being recolored so you can buy cheap jewelry, turn it into platinum, then sell it back at ~20% higher cost. Best used on necklaces that cost over 200k, free money every day.
  • Many more minor things, like sex transformation having no effect on anything except a tad differnt sex mechanics: NPCs dont care about you changing sex, MC doesnt care about (just uses a different name); slaves being largely pointless, sealable items being easily escapable by spending essense, which is so easy to acquire that its basically free. Etc etc etc

Still, this is a good game overall.

Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 0.3.13 on 03/11/2021

I want to love this game, but the updates are so sporadic, and being handled so poorly, that it's hard to imagine it ever getting back on track. Showed a lot of promise, but it's stalled super hard.

Review by Silky_Layla

Version reviewed: on 05/28/2020

An absolute "Masterfully Crafted Game" and and incredible story... and the sex system... Very hot.

I only wish that the NPC partners you can have could also have "Vicky's" (from arcane arts in the shopping arcade) attitude and... "Forceful nature?" Specifically the fact that she will ignore your half hearted protests and then... "She then bucks back a little, and you let out a startled cry as you're pulled along with her" ... Yeah, that's extremely hot... More... Much more of this flavor please... and the dirty talk... Great dirty talk, though you could use a few more humiliating lines in there while being called a girl when, ya'know, you're not quite one? haha You know what I mean. I love elements where they really make a bitch out of you. But really, all the other flavors in there too, also very well done and you for sure have a lot already.

I can't imagine how long and difficult it is to program and code a game like this but the effort and love you put into it very clearly shows, and the writing... Just awesome!

OH, and the clothing and gear system... Honestly, as much as I love all the super hot kinky stuff and all the flavors you offer, the actual game and combat is really awesome, I normally am not a fan of that kind of stuff in sexy games, but this game is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I can actually powerhouse my character into a god, and IT STILL flows with the story sooooo well.

AMAZING DETAIL, Keep it up. Seriously, and what a great story.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 01/21/2020

Lilith's Throne is one of the games on tfgamessite that is with quite a ton of replayability.

If you haven't look into Lilith's Throne for a while, I am listing some of the more important changes:

  • there are a ton of new customized clothings to the point that the filesize was doubled comparing to 3.1.1
  • the enforcer uniforms are reworked, as well as the related quests.
  • pc perks are totally reworked. they are now less essential and more fun.
  • there is now a cap for benefitial enchantments.
  • a few enchantment is added. the more important ones are level drain and vibration.
  • a side quest (axel) is added.
  • other game engine changes

Some people criticize the enchantment cap... so the author add a way to turn it off at the option menu.


previous version review

Hands down, Lilith's Throne is one of the most well made sexual education game on tfgamesite, to the point that I feel like there is a little bit too much information. The customization of your character is... well, *amazing*. You could easily spend like half a decade on creating your character. Then within the first few minutes of the game, you could be transformed into something else. If you do not want that to happen, you'd better be very combat ready before working on the main quest.

Storywise, the game is a bit of an old-school. The gem, or fault, lies within the sexual encounter mini-game... The number of actions you can pick is... well, *amazing*, too. To start a sexual encounter you pick your opponent (if there is more than one). You click the inventory to undress your shorts and the rest of your clothes that matters, piece by piece. You click your opponent's inventory to remove her clothes piece by piece. You then check out her fetish list; check out your fetish list to build; mentally pick your genitals to use; pick her genitals to use; pick a position; pick a method; calculate the horny state and orgasm rate; pick a mental state; pick a pace; pick a breathing rate; FINALLY, pick your action, click it a few times and Boom! Your character hits the tide within seconds. What a man! (joke, but not too far away from the truth...)

With all the complains (lol), it is still fun because it is one of a kind. If I am doing this for science, I would have rated it a GPA of 4.0 or a grade A+. I guess everyone should have check this out. The pickings could be fun. Who knows?

P.S. Aside from the above, this game has great GUI, a good mapping system to explore, a good shopping system, a good combat system, a good enough story, quite a good flow, and good potential, or else it won't get that 1k+ likes. I was just complaining about the few glitches of it. Don't take this one review too seriously.

P.P.S. Version has the quests in Submission finished, sort of a like a major wrap up. Some of the mysteries were resolved. There is quite some reading to do to understand all that. Anyway, it is a good story transition to the World Map where you are about to deal with the bigger problems... which is not implemented yet.

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