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Version: 0.05.3

Non Monstrum

In the world of Ealia, the changing winds blow through the continents of a fallen empire, bringing forth a great power shift to a dying land. Etrus, a land where monsters roam, killing, raping and pillaging. Luckily a great group of warriors, called the Hero’s Guild, are battling against the monsters as well as the forces of evil.But now these winds of change swirl around a single hero, a hero who will soon die but bring forth the carriers of the winds in Etrus. How will the wind blow? Will Etrus survive the gales? Play as a carrier of the wind, the hero transformed: Lily the slimegirl. 

Current Fetishes: Lesbian, Futa, Oral, Anal, Inflation, Monstergirls, Lactation, Huge Cocks, Happy Sex, Unbirth, Slime Tentacles 
Optional Fetishes: Trap 
Planned Fetishes: Pregnancy, Birth, Lesbian Incest, Genderbending, Polyamorous Relationships.
Not Catered to Fetishes: Vore, Gore, Filth, Lolicon, Rape, Corruption, Mind Control, All Non Consensual Sex 
Warning: There is some Non Consensual Sex in the prologue for story reason, but otherwise, the rest is all consensual

Lily: Kind and empathetic by nature, Lily is not one for violence, but her innocent and naive mind often lands her in trouble, not to mention being a smilegirl often means that she's forced to fight others, but her unconditional kindness and want to do no harm draws others to her, making people forget and forgive that she is a monster.

V0.05.3 Quinn Update


- New predate and date for Quinn
- The two more sex scenes(Grace & Sophia)
- The fourth main quest

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by danime91

Version reviewed: 0.04.17 on 05/28/2018

Really, mind control, rape and "all non-consensual sex" are listed under Forbidden Fetishes, but the very first thing we see is a bunch of women who were mind-wiped and turned into breeding machines and being raped over and over again by slimes, then the heroine rapes the bandit leader, then this goddess character justifies it, using some common rape apologia arguments. I'm not saying don't have rape in your game, but don't pretend it isn't there when it is. And also, at the moment the heroine and the goddess are not coming off as sympathetic characters. Like, I'm actually hoping for the heroine to fail and the goddess to go back to fading into oblivion or whatever she was doing before the heroine came along. I'd suggest putting in a choice later in the game to either work for the goddess or turn against her.

Review by AnUnknownMan

Version reviewed: 0.04.17 on 05/04/2018

Crashed getting out of the magic shop screen. The error said something about length. seeing as how the first time I played, on a previous version, it worked fine, it is probably not too common to find such occurrences.

Review by kokkim

Version reviewed: 0.04.15 on 04/08/2018

The game is overall very nice (albeit occasionally somewhat tedious), but my biggest issue with it is the lack of any artwork or sprites during the unbirthing scenes. The text detailing the whole scene just feels like a cock tease.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: 0.04.15 on 04/02/2018

Interesting game. But the intro was a bore. There was no need to make it 8 slimes to kill.

Review by Datawungui

Version reviewed: 0.04.14 on 03/18/2018

I love the crap out of this game. The characters are interesting, the story so far is pretty good, the lore bits are intriguing, and the scenes are sexy. Our slimy protaganist very likeable in an airhead sort of way (given her past this is not surprising). The only real issue I had was the clunky dialogue. It seems to have been written by someone who is not a native English speaker. There are lots of spelling errors and quite a bit of dialogue feels stiff and unnatural. I considered going through every instance of dialogue and making a corrections document, but I'm making the assumption that the creator will have someone proofread before the next release. If this turns out not to be the case, I will contact the creator with a dialogue cleanup.

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