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Version: 0.2b


Warning: As of now this game does not contain any physical transformation! The main character is the one causing the transformation, not the one being transformed!

This game takes place in the hometown of the main character, to which he recently returned after a longer absence. This is a small city in a fictional country roughly placed in the present time. The game considers itself a sandbox, with the main focus of the main character seducing, subjugating and corrupting his surroundings (especially the female part).

The following themes (additionally to the content flagged in the database entry) are currently present in the game and may cause discomfort to the player, so be warned:

  • death of parents (only occuring in the past)
  • incest (only stepfamily)
  • blackmail (committed by PC, avoiding makes content unavailable)
  • murder (committed by PC, mostly easily avoidable)

Since I am in a constant struggle with the "Add download link"-button: Should there currently be no link provided, please look into the first post of this game's thread. There should always be the most up to date link.

This game considers itself a sandbox first and foremost. That said, there is still something similar to an overarching plot (kind of a main quest, if you will).

The main character has the following objectives:

  • reclaiming his father's heritage
  • amass wealth and power
  • building a harem


Main Character: You (name selectable) a young man on his journey to subjugate a town.

As this game considers itself a sandbox first and foremost, there exists a large cast of characters with partially negligible roles.

Characters with sexual content directly involving the PC implemented:

  • Chloe, your stepsister
  • Emily, your stepmother
  • Charleen Garry, a police officer

Characters with sexual content not directly involving the PC implemented:

  • Random Event Girl #1
  • Leona Sumner, a stripper
  • Kelda Dickens, a stripper

If you play on easy or medium difficulty, check your notes on your smartphone (available through the menu on the left). They contain a lot of hints. If you want to learn about the game's mechanics, use the manual (also available through the menu). If you still have trouble, please look into the forum thread.

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Review by EllilikesD

Version reviewed: 0.2b on 03/23/2018

It's a shame that there hasn't been an update to this game in about a year. It has alot of potential.
I think the only issues that I had were not really being able to complete any storylines, but that could get worked out in the future.
Please keep working on this.

Review by dedale101187

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 07/08/2017

Version 0.2 is bugled

Review by ranker01

Version reviewed: 0.1c on 03/25/2017

Good start, just need more interraction with the world and the characters in the house.

Review by Sfred632

Version reviewed: 0.1c on 03/14/2017

Pretty good start, I'm excited to see where it goes.


Couple of bugs though:

-The note that says Rough up Emily has no way to get out of it.

-Once you've subjugated your entire household, there is a message that pops up about the new objective, which doesn't go away and appears on every screen.

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.1c on 03/13/2017

0.1c seems to work fine.  There needs to be more options for building up des/sub with Chloe, but it looks good.



Version 0.1 included more functionality with the in-game smartphone.  That seems to be missing from 0.1b.

The game has promise!

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