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Version: 0.1.5

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Rapid Estrogen Surge Syndrome
by hawke56

Rapid Estrogen Surge Syndrome is the first game I'm trying to create. It was fomerly named A New life but I renamed it due to a other game that was named similarily. It is a erotic text game. You take control of a young man who is down on his luck and gets involved in a freaky lab accident that cangches his life drastically as he gets feminized by it. Having lost his job and everything he (now rather she) resorts to some desperate means of making money.

The game will eventually focus on making money via prostitution, as well as on building relationships with the various characters you can meet. Right now the game doesn't have much content yet. I'm almost done with week one and you can meet some characters that will end up being important later. The early story is a bit linear but after some time you can actually make more choices that aren't purely cosmetical. I will attempt to build upon that in future releases.

In any case I hope you enjoy "Rapid Estrogen Surge Syndrome"

You take control of a young man who is down on his luck and gets involved in a freaky lab accident that cangches his life drastically as he gets feminized by it. Having lost his job and everything he resorts to some desperate means of making money.

Beware of light spoilers:

Main Character: A young man who is down on his luck and gets involved in a freaky lab accident.

Nicole: A sucessful businesswoman who runs a chain of women's clothing stores

Mr. Jackobson: The landlord of our main character

Mr. Doyle: A rich businessman that likes to spend money on hookers in his free time.

Alicia: A young enthusiatic whore that doesn't let her hard life get her down.

Rory: A young 18 year old guy who might be struggling with his gender identity.

It's really not that hard. You just click on whatever action you would like to take.

Relationship-guide (Beware of spoilers):

Here is how you get the most affection for the potentially romanceable characters:


  • Give him a blowjob when he offers that instead of paying rent.


  • Agree to give yourself a female name when she asks if you want to do that (Don't type in the same name as your original male one or you will just annoy her instead)
  • Get frisky with her in the chaning room when you are fitting on clothes
  • Choose any of the avaiable makeup options at the beauty salon during week 1 before meeting her on your way to work
  • When you meet her on your way to work tell her the truth and then go with her to listen to her proposal
  • Agree to become her sub and let her lock you in chastity
  • Buy the Dildo at the sex store like she wants you to


  • Get the classical bimbo look (slutty makeup, pink lipstick and platinum nlonde hair) at the beauty salon before you meet her (you meet her in the "Streetwalking introduction" event)
  • When you meet her tell her right away that you are a trap and not a full girl
  • When she asks you if you want to join her in worshipping a clients cock agree and then take his load yourself and share it with Alicia
  • When she invites you to go to the cinema with her agree.
  • When watching the movie she will voice her appreciation for one of the male characters. Tell her that you prefer one of the female characters or tell her that you think both the female and the male character are hot. That way you will tell her that you are indeed interested in women.

Arthur Doyle:

  • Get slutty makeup (but don't go for the bimbo look. So either don't get pink lips or don't get platinum blonde hair) at the beauty salon before you meet him (you meet him in the "Streetwalking introduction" event)


  • Get classy makeup at the beuaty salon before you meet him (you meet im in the "a shy guy approaches you during streetwalking" event.
  • Agree to go to the beach party with him
  • Stand up for him when the jerk jock is mocking him
  • Offer him one free session with you after the beach party


  • Name changed from "A New Life" to "Rapid Estrogen Surge Syndrome"
  • Added 2 new whoring events where you can work for new clients
  • Added 2 new Events for the Nicole romance path
  • Added 1 new event for the Alicia Romance path
  • Added the start of the Rory romance path
  • Added 1 new event where you buy some groceries
  • various typos and bugs fixed.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 10/17/2020

Pretty good overall except for the writing, Expect lots of transgendered woman, trap-girl and transexual persons

Review by Prince of Elsewhere

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 01/07/2019

Given that there is so little game there I can't really give a proper review. It looks like there is the groundwork for a good selection of choices and paths even if the current snippet is quite the railroad. I enjoyed the Rory storyline the best of what was there and I look forward to the possibilites of that relationship.

Review by zeroman

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/27/2017

I really like the opening of the game and hope you will continue working on it.


Some remarks:

1. You really should change the name as there already is a game out with a similar name.

2. The test is placed to far in the middle for me. COuld it be moved more to the rigth?

3. Some text is hard to read (Blue text on black background). Would be better to user brigther text colors.

4. Currently, the game seems to be a little bit too linear. The options are more pseudo-actions. That should change once the content grows bigger.

Review by Smut_Peddler

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/26/2017

Oops, posted on the wrong game. >.<

Review by brandonkmax

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/21/2017

This is a intteractive story. I really enjoyed the path that it is taking, but i would as it was suggest in another review to change the time to something different. I would love to see where to take this story.

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