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The Things We Do for Love

Hey, guys! I have always wanted to create games but was unsure where to get started. This is my first game that I have created with Twine. I am not an expert at it by any means but decided that the only way to learn would be by putting a game out there and ask for feedback.

This game is based on the lives of Tyler and Nicole, a married couple, trying to reignite the spark in their sex lives. You control Tyler's actions. Nicole is a freak of nature and loves sex. From time to time, she will ask the MC to cater to a certain kind of fetish. If the fetish is not really your thing, the MC has the option to refuse with only a small penalty to the love stat.

I am open to suggestions at all points during the development of the game and will be grateful to give you, the audience, a measure of control in the story and its contents. If you feel you would enjoy Nicole and Tyler performing certain sex acts do not hesitate to PM me and suggest it. However, I find that rape fantasies, urination on partner and incest roleplay to be major turnoffs. So, please excuse me if I do not include these. 
It contains a little more content than most authors present as proof of concept. Do tell me if I should pursue this or ditch this project. Post any positive or negative feedback here: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9106


I am back with a new update. Tell me what y'all think. Also, regarding a few points that have been raised.

~Daily Structure is boring. Why can't we get rid of it?

Because it is even more boring to write the same things over and over again. I had a linear structure to the story earlier and I quickly ran out of things to write for the waking up and going to sleep content. With this daily structure in place I can write an event for one part of the day and not have to write how the rest of the day passed. The problem with the daily structure is not the structure in itself. It is the fact that there is so little to do. Once I have sufficient content for the scheduledd events I will focus on making them interesting. In the meantime, the daily structure is here to stay. Hopefully with the introduction of the click anywhere mechanism for the pages with single links the game will seem les boring.

~Why is there a choice for the MC's race?

I did not want it in the game. But there are 'some people' whose immersion was broken by a little melanin on an imaginary person. If you are not one of those people, the comment in-game should give you an indication as to my initial position. I had initially considered adding choices for others too but decided against it. Removing the choice would not be difficult either if some people could find it in themselves to emphathise with 'fictional' characters that aren't them.


~Why is there so little tf content?

This is a game that has tf and not a tf game. The tf is one of the elements of the story but Ty and Nicole's chemistry is by far the more iportant ingredient. I have plans for more tf content but this game will not be a tranformation on every other page type. There will be tf when I write it and when I feel it is warranted. I am glad to listen to your criticisms of my game on a story front and a game design front but to complain about certain content that is there in the game but not to a degree you want is a different matter. I am sorry, I make this game for free and I shall make it however I want. You are free to tell me how you want things to progress but I am not obligated to listen to you.



This is a story of Tyler, an ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency and his relationship with his wife. The spark has extinguished in their marriage due to a succession of events. You play as Tyler trying to salvage your marriage while exploring your wife Nicole's fantasies and fetishes.

Tyler: The player. An ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency.

Nicoe: Your attractive wife. She works as a a lingerie model. Right now she is filling in for your secretary who is away on maternity leave.

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Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.27a on 08/14/2019

So as an artist I am going to tell you one thing. If the reception of your ideas leads to criticism you need to adress it. not make excuses. What can you tell me about the plan you have for your finished product that will make it feel less grindy/ What can you tell me in your process prevents you from increasing the TF Content. I would suggest that the fastest way for this game to lose audience is for the players to feel like we are ignored.


Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 0.26c on 08/12/2019

The game is not bad, but the tf content is scarce inbetween a ton of clicking. 

Review by mustava

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 10/22/2018

I would never have thought that I might be interested in an ordinary text game. But it happened, I'm amazed at the work that the author has done on this game. From the first pages he managed to catch me and not let go until the end. The characters feel like real people with real problems in their family life. And how you can influence their development through elections, though simple. But such significant for the relationship, it plunges into history and does not leave indifferent. For all the time of the game you are constantly scrolling in my head happened to the heroes of the situation, and what choices you took. This is fully revealed in the moments of everyday life of the characters: Morning communication, work, evenings spent together. While there is a week routine, you scroll in the head earlier elections, and wonder. Did I do the right thing? And what if this choice I put an end to a measured family life with his beloved wife? Many do not like the local routine in the life of the characters, many want a lot of action here and now. But for me, these moments are valuable, they add depth to the local heroes, there is a feeling that they are not just the characters of an erotic game, but real personalities. Which may exist in reality. Go to work every day, perform monotonous action in the evenings, and so in a circle all week bored. But also, it increases the value of moments spent with his wife in erotic adventures. When that happens, you start to believe in the characters. To believe that everything that happens to them can happen to you. Tired of the same type of weekly movements, return home to spend a hot evening with your beloved, diversifying both everyday life and sexual relations. I do not know needless to say after the above described about the erotic scenes in the game, but if briefly. They are at the highest level: diverse, intriguing, endlessly exciting and perverted. I hope the author will bring the matter to an end, because these games count on your fingers. Believe and hope that someday see the end of the history. (Please forgive the grammar, I don't speak English)

Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 07/25/2018

grind grind grind grind grind some action grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind more action.....


the game is laborious but has potential if you were to cut some of grinding down I started getting bored due to it. all work and no play makes tyler a bored player. 



Review by gergory

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 06/02/2018

I agree with just about everyone else who left a review; shit's too slow. I mean, if there was some actual substance to the work day, it might be justified. As is, though, it's more of an annoyance. Games are meant to be fun, whether they are a big AAA Modern Warfare shooter or a porn game still in Beta. If I am actually bored by a game I am playing, I generally find a new game, and that's exactly what happened here. The writing was decent, so at least I'll give you that.

2/5. Shows some promise, but is ultimately kind of boring.

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