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Fantasy Slave Trainer

Fantasy Slave Trainer is a game that emulates the slave trade of a fantasy world. The player gets to play as a brothel owner (only one available at the moment), slave breeder or a slave trainer. Slaves all have their own personalities and characteristic so the player must keep that in mind while they're interacting with slaves.

Development blog here.

If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs please use the discussion thread to notify me about them!

FST – New Game Direction + Upgraded Sex | FST Public

The game is going to be changed from a “Fantasy Slave Trainer” to a general fantasy world simulator. For most of the game’s development it felt like I wasn’t making any real progress, rebuilding the same game systems over and over, sometimes making the game worse. The player will still be able to build brothels, own slaves, train them and everything else currently in the game but those will all be options rather than requirements. Whether you want to be a bandit, an adventurer, a slave trainer, etc, you’ll be able to take up multiple occupations to fulfill your fantasy desires. I’ll be releasing rapid-fire updates for the foreseeable future, until I’m content I’ve caught up on missed updates and the game is verifiable different from where it is now.

The first thing I’ve done is completely change the sex system. Its basic right now, but it has thousands of possible unique lines. Its a free-form system, so you’ll be able to control both your character and your partner’s. There will be a more combat oriented sex system added later.

Check my Twitter for updates!


  • new sex system
    • the player has a stamina, arousal, libido and stimulation bar
    • actions reduce stamina and increase arousal
    • stamina can be restored by resting
    • once an orgasm is achieved, libido is lowered
    • once libido reaches 0, stamina can’t be restored
    • stimulation will slowly rise from actions
    • once stimulation reaches new thresholds, arousal will increase at higher rates
    • loading time between actions almost completely removed

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Review by Seph56

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 10/09/2018

*verbally berate slave* THIS SLAVE IS NOW MINDBROKEN

I love the similarity to Free cities, but the balance is currently so poor and it requires so much micromanaging that I'd much rather just go play that. I get this is a work in progress, as opposed to the apparently now dead FC (apart from mod communities), but I think I'll take a pass on this until a much later version number. Right now it just isn't fun. Too much hassle for vague "you fuck her butt, the end" sex scenes and little variation.

Review by langel123

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 09/14/2018

Really loving this game! I came here hoping for a game similar to Free Cities and found this fantasy themed game. It isn't yet all that developed compared to Free Cities but it's still early days and I have high hopes for this game.


So, I've updated my version from 5.1.0 to 5.7.0 and right from the beginning with my first slave, I run into the Kleptomaniac event. Two options, one harsh punishment or light. I choose light punishment as my slave isn't the worst. And I get greeted by a blank page with the title Kleptomaniac. So basically your page here either is broken or you didn't implement it. Please fix this. Had to go back to start of the end of the week in hope of avoiding this event as I don't want to destroy my slave's mind.

Review by gatot

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 08/02/2018

This game is cool! You can buy slave and do whatever you want with them, but I wish I could interract with important NPCs in the game and get quests from them. They're saying the same thing over and over again its boring lol. Oh it'd be awesome if you could add some kind of relationship level, too. Just saying. 

I wish the player character could level up somehow or get traits or skills. I know this isn't a RPG but having skills, such as negotiation, etc would be nice. EXPs are gained when completed mission, or succesfully trained a slave's sex skills to 'perfect'. 

When I clicked 'status', I noticed that my character's sensivity hasn't raised a little bit no matter how often I have sex with my slaves. It stays 'very weak' even though I already on the 20 week. Is that normal? How can I increase it? Also, can you add description about medicine used in the game? It's nice to know the difference between Remedy, Panacea, Ether, and Pasithea. Btw, are clothes limited to jewelry? I want to dress up my slaves lol!

I can use transformative items on my slaves just fine, but when I use them for myself and click 'end week', the items stay untouched in my inventory. I guess this is a bug. Oh, if you could... please add option for players to whore or get milked XD. I know this is kinda out of the game's goal, but still... *wink*. 

I know it's still in alpha, but can you add more places, like big cities, capital, etc...

Thanks for the awesome game!

Review by wulren

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 07/23/2018

Very well done but its a shame when a game of this quality dont have graphic, picture, drawing


if you can't use drawing you can have "pictogramme" just to show the evolution of the body (breast size, hair lenght, cock lenght, size butt) or a skill level



Review by daedal

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 03/29/2018

game needs options to increase lip, ass and hip size, hair, etc. could look at games like free cities for better body options (or pregmod ;) )

pregnancy would be nice too and game lacks depth at this point, quickly lost interest going forward after i got a stable income. events would be great to spice up the game. 

tfs could be faster

otherwise its probably my favorite slave trainer game, and i dont even normally like them.

also needs ways to improve looks

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