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Working for Your Bully
by ZZZoom

Hey all, it's Billy Mays here for another weird porn game featuring a protagonist everyone inexplicably wants to abuse and sissify on sight. Inspired by Perverted Education, Arthur Saxon's CYOAs, way too much interactive porn and Dr. Cox from Scrubs.

Fetishes include:

Humiliation, oh dear sweet Jesus so much humiliation
Watersports (avoidable, see walkthrough)
Also some penis in vagina sex snuck its way in somehow, I don't know how that happened

There are a dozen or so sex/transformation sequences in there, so it should keep you occupied for half an hour or so. 15k words.


0.2.1: Removed scat content until I can properly wall it off for the readers who don't like it.

0.2.2: Fixed typos. Added more typos. Breasts should only be mentioned once you, y'know, have them. Also, there's a new scene with Ruth and Henry. To find it, do Jennifer's work for her on a Saturday when Stephanie's depravity is 5 or higher.

0.3: Added several new scenes. Added 12 exciting new bugs; collect them all


You: Madison, a rather effeminate 23-year-old who's having some difficulty finding a job.

Jennifer: Your highschool bully and new boss.

Chad: Her boyfriend and fellow bully. No content yet.

Your dad: Alpha male who hates his effeminate son. No content yet.

Your mom: Super-feminist who wants you to finally get a job and move out. No content yet.

Stephanie: Your girlfriend since forever. Will eventually slowly transform from a prude into a slut, but a lot of content hasn't been written yet, so she currently goes from "sex only with the lights off" to "fucks anything that moves" in 0.2 seconds.

Your fellow interns: Not much content yet.

Ruth and Henry: Your "friends" from the local swingers club.

If you want to avoid the watersports, avoid letting your horniness reach 3 while Jennifer's perversion is at 4. All other such events are clearly signposted.

If Jennifer's depravity has reached 5 and Stephanie's has reached 6, you've reached the end of the available content, unless you're playing a later version and I haven't bothered to update this introduction.

Game is pretty linear right now, and should consequently be fairly self-explanatory.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 06/20/2019

A great start. The game has a great concept and starts out of the gate strong. However after about 20 minutes the game seems to not know what it's doing and just force feeds you an attempted continuation. A remodelling of the mid game and continuation of the story would greatly improve this game. 5/10.

Review by Imytholian

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 11/26/2018

I suppose it's part of the fantasy or whatever but I just can't get into these types of games where the main character has the willpower and self worth of wet tissue and constantly gives in to the demands of the cast of selfish, nasty characters that surround them. I would really like to see the MfT content in this game but I already hate Stephanie and Jennifer too much to want to continue.

Review by AliSlut

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 07/18/2017

Really loved the game so far.  

It's a bit repetative, and still has a lot of placeholder content, but what is there is creative and well written.  Really looking forwad to any updates for this one.  The content ended jsut when things started getting good.  Excited for what new feminizations will happen.

Review by SterlingElectra69

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 07/12/2017

This game is BS!!!! First off the main charcter has a controlling girlfrined and hes been with her since high school. Second if she tells him that she doesn't like the smell of cum of the feel of it, why is she having sex with another guy, who happens to be married. Stephanie denies him penetration, calls him out on his penis like it a bad thing, but she denies him sex all the time. Second, ruth and henry turned their son into a girl and into their personal sex slave, i'm sure the son did not agree to it. Stephanie seems to love having Henry's dick in her vag but doesn't even allow her own boyfriend to have sex with her, just lick her hairy vag and a**hole. Yet she says sorry for doing another guy and continues to have sex with him. Stephanie's guy didn't even want to wear a chastity cage. If the two of them would just have sex then the main guy wouldn't have hard ons all the time. Honest;y if i was a guy and in his place then I would've broke up with her unappreciating self, who turns out to be a little slut, because she didn't really care about my needs when she only cared about hers and he seems unhappy with their relationship too. I don't get whwy he hasn't broken up with yet.

Review by zeid1980

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 05/09/2017

Nice start,hope you continue.

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