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The Exile of Aphrodisia

May 15, 2019: Version is released!

- Added an option on the New Game page to remove any player transformations you've already seen in past game runs, as well as an option to reset the list of already-seen player transformations.  This should help players discover all the player character transformations.

- The game saves your audio preferences inbetween game sessions, so disabling music, closing the game, and returning to it should keep music disabled.

- Added line graphs that show various pieces of party data over time such as party size, affliction count, gold, average health/morale/lust, etc.  This is visible on the Voyage page during the game and also shows after a game win/loss before the epilogues begin.

- Various small encounter text and logic fixes


Patreon backers can find the Debug version of the game from Patreon.

Join the guest Discord channel here.


New game features:
- Tagged all older encounters with the Transgender (male to female) tag where appropriate, as well as with some other appropriate tags.  Please let me know if you feel an encounter is missing a tag.
- The New Game page now displays the total number of encounters that can trigger based on the number of tags enabled and disabled.
- Party movement speed has been scaled up from an average of 3.2 km/h to 5.0 km/h.  The distances between landmarks, as well as abilities that affect party travel speed, have been scaled up as well to match the new ratio.
- Updated Shop UI to merge the Amount and Party columns into one
- Added a few options on the New Game page that starts the party out with some basic supplies and food.  The packages come in bountiful, standard, few, and none.  The package chosen has no effect on starting money and can make the game experience easier or harder.
- The New Game page shows the highest level skill of each profession at the bottom to assist in making more balanced parties.
- Reworked layout on the main game page.  Fixed an issue where the button jumps around when being clicked.
- Added a new party preset, The Androgynous Fellowship, by Duhad.  This party has an even balance of sexes and professions.
- Added the Village Apothecary to landmarks which allows you to heal party members, similar to how taverns and temples restore morale / remove lust
- Added 18+ consent page that appears when the game is launched.  Players must agree to the terms before playing.
- Not all landmarks will have all the features of others now.  The five features are the Tavern, Temple of Domumeris, Apothecary, Food/Item shop, and Sanctuary.
- The player character now uses food from the party's food stores.  By default the player eats .5kg food per meal, but this amount can vary based on the player's current form.
- The player page now shows how much food you eat per meal.
- Added a button to eject afflicted party members from the affliction detail page.
- Each section of the journey now has multiple routes that can be taken.  All routes take the party toward Niu Heym, but some routes are longer than others and lead to landmarks with a different combination of attractions.
- The Voyage page has been changed to show total distance traveled as well as the shortest and longest possible distances to Niu Heym.  The trail progression percentage on the bottom-right of the main page uses the average between the two.
- Removed the number of landmarks customizeable option on the New Game page now that the trail is no longer randomized.
- Restyled buttons and various frames with a new wood panel style
- NPCs always appear at a fixed landmark instead of being randomly scattered about the trail
- Added new NPC, Manara the Desert Nomad, who explains the desert.  Written by Duhad
- Added new NPC, Noemi The Ice Road Surveyor, who explains the ice roads.  Written by Duhad
- The detailed description for food types and items in stores now appears in a popup instead of at the top of the page
- Graphics should flow better with text now
- Added two traits, Affliction-Resistant and Affliction-Vulnerable, that make it party members with these traits have their afflictions progress more quickly or slowly
- Landmark services (shop, tavern, temple, apothecary, sanctuary) should now show the party's total money at the top of the page
- Fate epilogues for party members should present more cleanly and not have images push into other epilogues
- Some older encounters that repeat a party member's full name (first and last) all the time are updated to use the first name over the full name.  This is an ongoing process.

New graphics:
- Cowtaur by Unidentified-TF
- Succubus Queen and Slave by Wrenzephyr
- Dog Woman by Wrenzephyr
- Front page graphic of Niu Heym by Balile.  The final landmark also uses this image and not the generic village one.
- Chicken woman by Unidentified-TF
- Ice Fairy by Unidentified-TF
- Bee girl by Wrenzephyr
- Dragon Bride by Balile
- Reindeer by Balile
- Mummy Queen by Wrenzephyr
- Snow Nymph by Balile
- Magma Goddess by Balile
- Centauress Bride by Unidentified-TF
- Cat Woman by Unidentified-TF
- Love Doll by Wrenzephyr
- Mouse Woman by Witchy
- Shark Pirate Captain by Balile
- Wandering Bimbo by Witchy
- Player transformation female elf guide to naga by Luxianne
- Lust Berry Flower Girl (by Witchy)
- Caecalia (by Balile)
- Goat Girl (by Unidentified-TF)
- Sand viper priestess (by Balile)
- Player transformation female elf guide to foxwoman (by Luxianne)

New encounters:
- Lost Pirates (tf into sharkwoman captain) - by Duhad
- The Springs of Hylanana (tf into water nymphs) - by Judoo and Duhad
- Clucking Pox (tf into chicken women)
- Horsing Around (player transformation from male elf into centauress) by Duhad
- The Forming of Water (player transformation from female elf into water elementa) by Roxanne
- Date With a Dragon (player transformation from male elf into dragoness)
- Pride Cast in Gold (tf into golden dragon statue) by Duhad
- The End of the Road Inn (tf/tg into busty waitresses) by Duhad
- The Mysterious Vault (tg) by Duhad
- The Beautiful Butterfly and Mysterious Moth (tf into butterfly nymph / butterfly) by Duhad
- Cowgirl Blues (tf into milking cowtaur) by Duhad

New fate epilogues:
- Makscum's Pony
- Lorelai's Cumslave
- Starfall

- The best scout in the party now has significantly more impact in determining the party's speed bonus.  Previously this value was neglibible.
- Fixed a bug that greatly decreased the odds of some of the newer player transformations from triggering
- Fixed game not saving or loading
- If I Were a Bee displays correct text instead of duplicate text
- Item detail popup should now work for the selling items panel
- Noemi The Ice Road Surveyor NPC dialogue options should now direct to the correct text
- Encounters that only have one stage should now display the effect logs below the encounter text.

Version public is now out as of November 26, 2018.  Scroll down to see the changelog.

This game is a downloaded Windows executable for 64 and 32 bit operating systems (Windows 7 and newer).

Exile of Aphrodisia is an adult transformation-themed game inspired by the Oregon Trail and the Odyssey.  Your task is to lead a party of humans across the fantasy continent of Aphrodisia, pursued by demons who seek to enslave the remnants of humanity.

The game is largely revolved around the concept of transformation of many sorts, including TG (transgender), anthro, animal, bizarre body modifications, inanimate, and more.  As a new species to the continent, humans are prime targets for transformations from forces of nature and other sentient races, as well as the gods and goddesses who watch over the lands, imposing their will and (often unjust) sense of justice.  As an elf hired to guide the party, it is your job to keep as many of the humans safe as you can to guide them to the dimensional rift in Niu Heym, the City of the Gate where humanity first arrived a thousand years ago.  You must keep your party healthy and happy, and keep their lust under control to stop them from surrendering their freedom to the demons.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: on 05/14/2019

Pretty good game but ultimately not that satisfying to play, especially for a fetish game. The gameplay works great for what it is and there's some good writing(despite many typos) that provides great world building and character. The characters are definitely the best part of this game and you really do feel bad when you lose one. Unfortunately losing them is due to them transforming, making it something you want to actively avoid, which for a game like this... really sucks. Like, I get why in the premise of the story but it's no reason for them to either become useless and leave or leave for arbitrary reasons. It would be nice if they still stuck around to help out and everything, considering that would make more sense most of the time anyway. On the topic of transformations; the player ones are really unsatisfying and usually work against you and end up being a pain to deal with most of the time. This would be so bad if I really dug them but all of them seem to take agency away from the player and lead you down a set path unless you blow money on crystals to prevent it the whole journey. On top of this, you can almost never see what you look like, you're stuck with one transformation whether you like it or not and they almost never appeal to your preferred fetishes. I played through the game several times and only dug one of the transformations with one time me quitting and restarted immediately after getting. Having to restart each time you get something you don't like ends up being a tedious waste of time so you just end up settling on one that doesn't offend you.


Overall a good game with some great writing moments but overall very unsatisfying to play due to how events add up. The PC needs a lot more control and transformations shouldn't all be negative and avoided.

Review by Narg

Version reviewed: on 05/09/2019

I really like this game, but I wish there was an option to toggle what kinds of TFs happen to the guide, given that you can do it for party members to a certain extent.

Review by babyluka21

Version reviewed: on 12/05/2018

With the AR themed notably added, will this game have age regression down to a toddler or that of a baby? Even if it results soon-after to a game over and whatnot, I know a dozen sites that are into Age regression themes that would love to support this :P!!!


Future Edit 12/5/18: And now after trying this game, I can safely declare this a GREAT game! The transformations arewell done and fun to discover (out to add a gallery or something to see all transformations and possible endings), and i really love the artwork! This is seriously worthy of being on Corruption Of Champion's rival, with all the fun game mechanics and whatnot. I never played Oregon Trail but i know of it's legendary difficulty, and this game is no exception. I'll be rooting and trying to finish that awesome quest and eventually win the game, but overall this game is a must for everyone who loves both text base games and monster-transformation games!!!

Review by x45

Version reviewed: on 11/20/2018

An excellent game indeed and greatly enjoyed. Been hoping somthing like this would come out for a while so I was glad to have stumbled accross it :)

Review by BBgun20

Version reviewed: on 06/30/2018

I agree with danime91, it's a cool little game and it would make it even cooler if afflicted party members stay partially afflicted even after getting cured.


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