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Version: 1.0.4

The Exile of Aphrodisia

December 2, 2019: Version 1.0.4 is released! See Changelog for details!

Patreon backers can find the Debug version of the game from Patreon.

Join the guest Discord channel here.

I will work on creating a working Linux release later, and with any luck, a Mac version as well.

This game is a downloaded Windows executable for 64 and 32 bit operating systems (Windows 7 and newer).

Exile of Aphrodisia is an adult transformation-themed game inspired by the Oregon Trail and the Odyssey.  Your task is to lead a party of humans across the fantasy continent of Aphrodisia, pursued by demons who seek to enslave the remnants of humanity.

The game is largely revolved around the concept of transformation of many sorts, including TG (transgender), anthro, animal, bizarre body modifications, inanimate, and more.  As a new species to the continent, humans are prime targets for transformations from forces of nature and other sentient races, as well as the gods and goddesses who watch over the lands, imposing their will and (often unjust) sense of justice.  As an elf hired to guide the party, it is your job to keep as many of the humans safe as you can to guide them to the dimensional rift in Niu Heym, the City of the Gate where humanity first arrived a thousand years ago.  You must keep your party healthy and happy, and keep their lust under control to stop them from surrendering their freedom to the demons.



Changes to 1.0.4:


New game features:
- Entire human portrait system has been redone with new art and many more layers. The preset parties have been updated, however, any custom parties you made before this version will no longer load.

New encounters:
- Leaf Well Enough Alone (player transformation into dryad)
- Ceremony of the Stag (tf into deertaur) by Duhad
- Desert Jaws (tf/tg into female sand sharks) by Duhad

New art:
- Human portrait system, all work done by Balile
- Amber Fairy Statue, by Vjeol
- Hummingbird-winged fae, by Vejol
- Black panther, by Balile
- Mischevious goblin girl, by Balile
- Male elf to dryad player transformation sequence, by Vjeol

- Water elemental should now eat 0 kg correctly instead of .5 kg


Changes to 1.0.3:

- New Player transformation, male elf into a hypermuscular male werewolf, by guest writer Lamarcodon and artwork by Vjeol
- Added Chubby Anocanda Girl graphic by Balile
- Added Albino Sand Viper graphic by Balile

Changes to 1.0.2:

- A Dark Passenger fate epilogue should display text now
- Party creation / customization should now display the skill associated with each profession again
- Various spelling fixes

Changes to 1.0.1:

- Fairies Know Best and Put Right Once What Went Wrong should not trigger when mtf or ftm tags are disabled
- Fixed text issue with Peaches of the Flesh displaying text for wrong sex
- Spring Harp gives 5 skill bonus instead of 53
- Various spelling and grammar fixes

Changes to 1.0:

New game features:
- Added new terrain, the Magnoliophyta Jungle, an alternative route to the desert.  Stock up on Bottles of Bug Repellent to keep party members healthy and happy.
- Added 14 jungle scavenging events by both April by Judoo
- Losing party members at the end of an affliction now incurs a consistent party-wide 10 morale penalty, similar to losing party members in encounters.
- Certain encounters where you can help characters may reward the party with Marazan's Blessing, a temporary boost to all party member's skills. Similarly, denying help to those in need may result in gaining Marazan's Displeasure, a temporary penalty that lowers all party members' skills.
- Overhauled food system. Each food type now belongs to one of six food groups. Having a variety of foods between the six groups offers bonus health and morale while having an insufficient variety has a small health and morale penalty.
- The player and party members will eat an equal share from each available food group and receive the full bonus or penalties associated with that food type.
- Added new purchaseable food item, dried fruits, that represent the fruit food group and stay good for 720 hours.
- Added new purchaseable food item, dried vegetables that represent the vegetables food group and stay good for 720 hours.
- Salted meat is now more expensive than other fresh foods.
- Added new trait, Light Eater. Party members with this trait eat .25 kg of food less per meal.
- Party members with the glutton trait eat .35 kg of food extra instead of .5 kg.
- Removed the choice whether or not to eat oldest foods first as well the ability to prioritize or deprioritize eating foods. The foods expiring soonest per food group are always given priority.
- Party members with the lowest health are prioritized to be fed for each meal.
- Party members who leave the party due to low health, low morale, or high lust can now get one of multiple unique fate epilogues.
- Added route from Well of Sleeping Spirits and Dusty Cliffs to The Jungle Exploration Station.
- Added route from Crimson Hollow to The Desert Checkpoint.
- Added a new landmark, Cantor's Ascent, which connects the end of the jungle back to the greenlands.
- All lost party members now have a fate epilogue written primarily by Duhad.
- Divine influence effects now stack, meaning multiple effects all provide bonuses or penalties
- Food descriptions now include what their effects on health, morale, and lust are, if any
- Bonuses from equipment or positive divine influences display in green on party member name cards while negatives display in red
- The Voyage page lists all encounters you've witnessed so far
- Shop page now shows the food type icon beside the food name
- The running game icon in the Windows open app bar now has a custom icon instead of the generic Electron one
- Pausing the game and viewing player / party / food / voyage / action/ inventory pages, then returning back, does not automatically unpause the game anymore
- Added additional artists credits on the About page
- Jungle biome now has unique audio ambience noises
- Equippable item descriptions show what professions that can use them as well as how much bonus skill they provide
- Food descriptions show any bonuses or penalties to health, morale, or lust
- Added new party preset, the Heads Held High party, which is a wealthy 20-member party full of low-skilled and affliction-vulnerable former noblemen and women. This present is intentionally very challenging.
- Disabled Date with a Dragon player transformation encounter due to artwork not being complete on time. All other player transformation sequences are fully illustrated.

New encounters:
- Secret of the Piranha River (tf into piranha mermaid) by Duhad
- Look, But Don't Touch (tf into rose alraune) by Duhad
- Parrot Talk (tf into parrot woman)
- The Warrior in Bronze (tf into six-armed, six-breasted bronze golem)
- Herbs in High Places (inflation)
- A Show Fit for a God (mtf and ftm TG) by Duhad
- Black Wings in a Dark Night (tf into fruit bat girl) by Duhad
- Turn Around, Turn Around (tf into chameoleon girl) by Duhad
- The Fountain of Youth? (mtf / ftm TG) by Duhad
- Sacrificial Adjustments (mtf TG) by Duhad
- Tyrant King Requires A Queen (tf into tyrantsaur) by Duhad
- The Once and Future Queen (player tf into summer fairy queen) by Duhad
- The Moth Moonbridge (tf into Blue Sister mothwoman, silver winged moth wildpeople)
- A Little Bit Fruity (tf into Animus fruit)
- The Cave of the Crystal Cocks (ftm TG, tf into crystal cock statue)
- Sugar and Spice (mtf TG, possession)
- Webbed Lies (mtf, tf into anthro poison dart frog woman)
- The Most Dangerous Prey (tf into raptaur huntress) by Duhad
- Hear me Roar (tf into panther)
- A Dark Passenger (tf into male vampire) by Duhad
- The Wardrobe War (absorption into butt/breasts, various inanimate, tf into horse, tf into cow, male to female TG)
- Wishful Thinking (tf into chubby anocanda girl) by Duhad
- Mighty Small Hunters (tf into goblin women) by Duhad
- Gone Native (tf into Mesozog elf heroine) by Duhad
- Jungle Japery (tf into happy and grumy clown girls) by Duhad
- The Rainbow Mother (tf into amber fairy statue, tf into hummingbird-winged fairy)

New landmark NPCs:
- New NPC, Juan the Jungle Explorer, found at the Jungle Exploration Station, by Duhad
- Old Gregor the Fisherman, found at Angler's Hollow, by Duhad
- Marlene the Human Ex-Bandit, found at Tomb of Gromlith the Great, by Duhad
- Zamir the Sand Viper Merchant, found at Ironhart Oasis Fort, by Duhad
- Zac-Kuk the Mesozog Huntress, found at Mesozog Temple City, by Duhad
- Claiborne The Dark Elf Slaver, found at Hero’s Plummit, by Duhad
- Sigeweard the Wildmen Elder, found at Whispering Crevice, by Duhad
- Mariam the Vampire and her Servant Karkinos, found at Sanctuary of the Bones, by Duhad
- Tulip the Elf Bard, found at Hollow Mountain, by Duhad
- Avraham The Dwarven Warrior, found at Clan Hammerhand Fortress, bu Duhad
- Millio the Elven Guide, found at David’s Tower, by Duhad
- Rowen the Clockwork Girl, found at Silent Stone Springs, by Duhad

New graphics:
- Mimic Girl by Vjeol
- Deer Boi Dancer by Vjeol
- Exotic Flower by Vjeol
- Ice Sculpture by Vjeol
- Fire Elemental by Jveol
- Cumslave by Vjeol
- Male elf into centauress player transformation sequence by Vjeol
- Succubus Queen by Luxianne
- Sister of Midnight by BeingObscene
- Minotaur Bull by BeingObscene
- Mist Spirit by BeingObscene
- Golden dragon statue by BeingObscene
- Unicorn by Luxianne
- Tentacle dog by Vjeol
- Ice Wraith by Vjeol
- Fox Tail by Luxianne
- Female elf to water elemental player transformation sequence by Vjeol
- Crystal Cock statue by Luxianne
- Crocodile woman by Unidentified-TF
- Chicken-Cow hybrid woman by Unidentified-TF
- Pregnant Dragoness by BeingObscene
- Rose Alraune by BeingObscene
- Frankenstein Bride by BeingObscene
- Female elf guide to faun bard player transformation sequence by Vjeol
- Female elf to summer fairy queen, including animations for 4th and final steps, by Vjeol
- Six-armed, Six-breasted bronze golem by Luxianne
- Jungle parralax scrolling background by Balile
- Six-armed, six breasted bronze golem by Luxianne
- Sapphire Harp by Wrenzephyr
- Poison Dart Frog Woman by Luxianne
- Raptaur by BeingObscene
- Tyrantsaur by BeingObscene
- Monster lizard woman by BeingObscene
- Piranha mermaid by Balile
- Goblin huntress by Balile
- Chameleon girl by Vjeol
- Happy and grumpy clown girl graphics by Balile
- Female werewolf by BeingObscene
- White Wolf by Balile
- Parrot woman by Luxianne
- Blue Sister mothwoman by Vjoel
- Harem bimbo by Wrenzephyr
- new icon for bottles of incense
- Lacy pink panties by Luxianne
- The demons Makscum and Lorelai by Luxianne
- Vulture harpy by Wrenzephyr
- Butterfly Nymph by Balile
- Marble statue fountain by Bluebell
- Silver mothmen by Vjeol
- Furry Bra and Panties by Balile

- Fixed an unintended holdover behavior that gave the male elf 80% of being selected by default.  Now both male and female elf guides have a 50% chance of being selected.
- Fixed a bug where randomly added party members from certain events don't have a name that corresponds to their sex
- Fixed pronoun issues with summer fairy queen Put Right Once What Went Wrong instincts kick in event
- The pre-made party presents should no longer have an extra "The" in the front of the name
- NPC dialogue text should now mix in variable blocks of text correct, ie no $PC_species$ or $PARTY$ mistakenly appearing
- Fixed incorrect message when party needed terrain-specific recources but had none
- Fix for the shop not showing the correct amount of food of a given type that you already have when there are multiple groups of food with different spoilages for that food type
- Various item and food description spelling corrections. Corrections to introduction texts.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Jondei

Version reviewed: 1.0.4 on 12/03/2019

Easily one of the better games on a site filled with unfinished garbage, low effort patreon scams and so on. Can safely say that this is neither of those and isn't even among the abundance of abandoned games either as this obe seems to be getting regular updates and everything. A pleasant, somewhat nostalgic feeling lewd game that's easy to play and enjoy for a good few dozen hours even with all the content that's in it at the time of this "review"

Play it bois.

Review by BlueMoon

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 10/22/2019

Easily one of the best games on the site. Very fun and, for this site, unique gameplay (easiest comparison to make is Oregon Trail), lots of interesting transformations, and high-quality writing and art. If you haven't tried it yet, then you should; this game's a real treat.

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/07/2019

If you enjoy Oregon Trail and enjoy monstergirls, then this game is for you. Sometimes the game can be frustrating as all hell, but it can still be fun. Just prepare accordingly when going through the frozen mountains.

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: on 05/14/2019

Pretty good game but ultimately not that satisfying to play, especially for a fetish game. The gameplay works great for what it is and there's some good writing(despite many typos) that provides great world building and character. The characters are definitely the best part of this game and you really do feel bad when you lose one. Unfortunately losing them is due to them transforming, making it something you want to actively avoid, which for a game like this... really sucks. Like, I get why in the premise of the story but it's no reason for them to either become useless and leave or leave for arbitrary reasons. It would be nice if they still stuck around to help out and everything, considering that would make more sense most of the time anyway. On the topic of transformations; the player ones are really unsatisfying and usually work against you and end up being a pain to deal with most of the time. This would be so bad if I really dug them but all of them seem to take agency away from the player and lead you down a set path unless you blow money on crystals to prevent it the whole journey. On top of this, you can almost never see what you look like, you're stuck with one transformation whether you like it or not and they almost never appeal to your preferred fetishes. I played through the game several times and only dug one of the transformations with one time me quitting and restarted immediately after getting. Having to restart each time you get something you don't like ends up being a tedious waste of time so you just end up settling on one that doesn't offend you.


Overall a good game with some great writing moments but overall very unsatisfying to play due to how events add up. The PC needs a lot more control and transformations shouldn't all be negative and avoided.

Review by Narg

Version reviewed: on 05/09/2019

I really like this game, but I wish there was an option to toggle what kinds of TFs happen to the guide, given that you can do it for party members to a certain extent.

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