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The Exile of Aphrodisia

Version is released.

-Fixed a bug where players might see the generic end game epilogue instead of those specific to their form, such as with some succubus and harpy epilogues.

- Fixed a bug where Bull By the Horns text doesn't load

- Added an autosave feature.  By default the game is autosaved every 3rd morning, but the frequency can be set (or turned off altogether) when setting up a new game.


Version is released.  This fixes a bug where the Bull By the Horns encounter repeats.


Patreon backers can find the Debug version of the game from Patreon.

Join the guest Discord channel here.

Version public is now out as of November 26, 2018.  Scroll down to see the changelog.

This game is a downloaded Windows executable for 64 and 32 bit operating systems (Windows 7 and newer).

Exile of Aphrodisia is an adult transformation-themed game inspired by the Oregon Trail and the Odyssey.  Your task is to lead a party of humans across the fantasy continent of Aphrodisia, pursued by demons who seek to enslave the remnants of humanity.

The game is largely revolved around the concept of transformation of many sorts, including TG (transgender), anthro, animal, bizarre body modifications, inanimate, and more.  As a new species to the continent, humans are prime targets for transformations from forces of nature and other sentient races, as well as the gods and goddesses who watch over the lands, imposing their will and (often unjust) sense of justice.  As an elf hired to guide the party, it is your job to keep as many of the humans safe as you can to guide them to the dimensional rift in Niu Heym, the City of the Gate where humanity first arrived a thousand years ago.  You must keep your party healthy and happy, and keep their lust under control to stop them from surrendering their freedom to the demons.



November 26, 2018 (V0.1.12.0)


New Game Features:
- The highest unafflicted soldier and farmers in the party can result in bonus food gains (or penalties) from some scavenging results.
- You can now disable ambient sounds (birds, crickets, sounds the play while traveling) separately from the sound effects from clicking buttons
- Successfully guiding your party to the gate now also displays epilogues for your player character.
- Added choice when beginning a new game to select a party preset.  Party presets have consistent characters with consistent professions, skills, appearances, and backstories, and may present some unique challenges in the future.  There is currently one preset, The Daughters of Golorith, a fairly well balanced group of all women.
- You can now alter a party member's skill for their first profession on the New Game page.  The sum of profession skills will always be balanced to be 35 in total.
- You can now add an extra or remove individual members on the party selection page.
- New Trait:  Hot-Blooded.  People with this trait occasionally get into fistfights with others, lowering their health
- New Trait:  Nurturing Aura.  People with this trait occasionally heal others
- New party preset, the Man's Men, a balance party of all men.  Written up by Duhad
- You can now choose to add or remove individual traits for party members on the new game creation page.  Upon assigning a trait, the other traits that are exclusive to it will dissappear.  For example, if you make someone 'chaste' then the option to make them a 'nymphomaniac' will no longer show.
- You can now write your own backstories for characters on the new game creation page.
- You can now save your own party setup as your own preset.  New party presets will appear in the preset/party folder and will appear on the party preset dropdown.
- New biome, the Ice Roads.  The artwork for this landscape is by Balile.  As with the desert, the ice roads will come with its own set of encounters and challenges.
- Added Liters of Water and Bundles of Firewood which are consumed in the desert and ice roads biomes, respectively, at a rate of 1 unit per party member (included afflicted ones.)  These resources can be bought in stores or found via scavenging events.  Failure to have enough resources will harm party members' health and morale.  Be sure to stock up on these in landmarks early on.
- The trail is now slightly less randomand will always have the ice roads and desert stretches be grouped together.
- Reformatted layout of landmarks page to allow for graphics being worked on.  The graphic is a placeholder while the artist works on the graphic.
- Ambience shouldn't play in biomes where it doesn't make sense to, ie trickling water in the desert
- Added some more ambient files
- Added a new piece of music from Incompetech (https://incompetech.com/)
- Added 16 scavenging results for the new ice roads biome by both myself and Duhad.
- The party's best artisan now turns Spools of Linen into linen outfits of varying quality based on their skill level.  Doing so requires Spools of Linen in the inventory.
- When food is removed in an encounter, the remaining amount of food is displayed
- Removed "Transgender (Any)" tag due to redundancy
- Encounters / events can remove food based on a random roll between a min/max value
- Landmarks now notify you when you're above to move into a unique terrain that requires special resources (desert requires liters of water, ice roads require bundles of firewood)
- Updated the UI on the shop page at landmarks so that the party's available gold is always visible
- Added a small information bar that appears on the top of encounters, afflictions, and player transformations that provide some basic information about the party such as amount of food, gold, and party members
- It's now possible to replace a party member's affliction treatment from a weaker potion to a stronger potion.  For example, a potion can replace a minor potion and a major potion can replace a potion.  Effects do not stack.
- Added tutorial messages on certain pages (encounter, affliction, affliction detail, inventory, store) that explain some of the game mechanics in more detail for new players.
- Scavenge Yield is now a bit more transparent, displaying the current yield value and color it from green (high scavenging yield) to red (low scavenging yield)
- Affliction status is similarly more transparent, showing the percentage completion of the affliction along with appropriat red-green coloring

New encounters:
- The Cursed Bottle (mtf TG, bimbo)
- Fun and Games (begins player transformation from female elf to foxwoman), including five Instincts Kick In events
- Music Haze by Duhad (player transformation from female elf to faun)
- The Caverns of Gold by Duhad (tf into gold statue, dragoness)
- The Dry Desert River by Duhad (tf into crocodile wildwomen, lizard monsters)
- The White Wolf (tf into wolf) by Duhad
- Keeping Warm (tf into pine tree) by Duhad
- Frozen Beauty (tf into ice sculpture) by Duhad
- The Ice Queen Cometh (tf into ice wraith) by Camellia
- The Skald's Tale (tf into female reindeer) by Duhad
- Under the Painted Sky (mtf ftm TG) by Duhad
- Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (tf into fur bikini) by Duhad
- A Giant Problem (tf into ice fairy) by Duhad
- No Nuts But Bolts (tg into female golem) by Camellia
- If I Were a Bee (tf/tg into Queen Bee) by Roxanne
- Coming of Age (tf into mushroom girl) by Duhad
- What's in the Box? (tf into mimic girl) by Duhad
- The Great Whiter One-Eye (tf into white bear) by Judoo
- The Fox and the Mice (tf into mare) by Duhad
- The Midnight Desert Rose (tf into albino sand viper) by Duhad
- The Call of the Mountains of Madness (tf into tentacle dog) by Duhad
- The Viper, the Demon, and the Diplomat (tf into clockwork maid) by Duhad
- Finding a Cure (mtf into bimbo, lust berry flower girl) by Duhad
- Dullawhat (tf into dullahan) by Camellia
- The Dying Flayme (tf into fire elemental)
- Peeksy's Pets (tf into goat-girls, goats)
- The Hungry Guardian (tf into ice serpent / vore)
- Awooo (tf into wolf girl)
- Symphony of Souls (tf into sapphire harp)
- Freeze Tag (tf into snow nymph)
- Chyka’s Courtesans (mtf TG into elf courtesans)
- Bull by the Horns (player TF into hermaphrodite minotaur)
- A Thief of Ice and Fire (mtf TG into dragon girls)
- Cumstellations (ftm TF)
- Molten Hot Goddess (tf into lava elementals) by Camille

New lost party member epilogues from these encounters:
- The River Crossing (by Duhad)
- The Foggy River (by Duhad)
- Of Mice and Dwarves (by Duhad)
- Night Swimming (by Duhad)
- Lift to Live (by Duhad)
- The Huntress' Ambush (by Duhad)
- Demon Hound Master Attack (by Duhad)
- The Fairy Grove (by Duhad)
- A Proper Lady (by Duhad)
- Under Heel
- The Spider Nest
- Free Samples
- Mushroom Mischief
- Come Play With Us
- Light on the Feet

New end-game victory epilogues:
- "The Adventure Continues" by Dhuhad
- "Free to Fly" by Sara
- "A champion of Hope" by Duhad
- "Legend of the Lover"

New debug options (debug/patreon releases only):
- Added option to filter encounters by their name when launching an encounter from the debug window
- Added options to give the party 10 water or 10 firewood to be used in the desert / ice roads

New artwork:
- Landmark graphic by Balile
- Desert Landmark graphic by Balile
- Sphinx (by Luxianne)
- Vampire Countess (by Luxianne)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by babyluka21

Version reviewed: on 12/05/2018

With the AR themed notably added, will this game have age regression down to a toddler or that of a baby? Even if it results soon-after to a game over and whatnot, I know a dozen sites that are into Age regression themes that would love to support this :P!!!


Future Edit 12/5/18: And now after trying this game, I can safely declare this a GREAT game! The transformations arewell done and fun to discover (out to add a gallery or something to see all transformations and possible endings), and i really love the artwork! This is seriously worthy of being on Corruption Of Champion's rival, with all the fun game mechanics and whatnot. I never played Oregon Trail but i know of it's legendary difficulty, and this game is no exception. I'll be rooting and trying to finish that awesome quest and eventually win the game, but overall this game is a must for everyone who loves both text base games and monster-transformation games!!!

Review by x45

Version reviewed: on 11/20/2018

An excellent game indeed and greatly enjoyed. Been hoping somthing like this would come out for a while so I was glad to have stumbled accross it :)

Review by needpred

Version reviewed: on 10/29/2018

Sometimes when I choose an option everything disappears and I can not continue so I have to close the game
it would be good if they fix it is a great game and not being able to enjoy it 100% is sad

Review by BBgun20

Version reviewed: on 06/30/2018

I agree with danime91, it's a cool little game and it would make it even cooler if afflicted party members stay partially afflicted even after getting cured.


Review by beast5200

Version reviewed: on 06/22/2018

Your Downloads are broken or something. I follow the link and go to download then select the version i wish to download and I just get a malware warning screen for w3g3a5v6.ssl.hwcdn.net. I click view this sight anyways and I get a blank page with a yahoo search bar embedded at http://search.dnsadvantage.com/main?. So I can't even play it. It might be something on my end though. I'm not sure.

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