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Version: 5.6 (PHP)

Hard Times in Hornstown

This is Hard Times in Hornstown, possibly the largest fetish-themed text adventure on the internet. It has more than 13 million characters (2.6 million words!) worth of handwritten scenes and code illustrated with more than a thousand high resolution images and a player avatar which dynamically changes according to your choices. And you certainly won't be lonely, not with our 300 NPCs to meet, and greet and do kinky things with.

You can be male, female, straight, gay, bi, cis, trans or all of the above in a single playthrough. Your body and attitude changes with your decisions letting you be as masculine, feminine, submissive or dominant as you wish while you go through crazy sexcapades, committed relationships, threesomes, orgies and all kinds of kink-centric adventures.
There are many outfits to wear, jobs to try - both erotic and 'mundane with extras', sates to go on (there is an in-game dating app), and people to meet.
There is a huge number of storylines available (check the walkthrough: https://hornstown.com/walkthrough/), including  sissyfication, feminization, BDSM, leather, latex, sex toys, humiliation, objectification, cuckolding, erotic hypnosis, prostitution, bimbo/himbo content and a lot more.

The game is complete at this point but will continue to be expanded with new content indefinitely. Hornstown receives 200 000 characters (40 000 words) of new content each month without fail.

Patrons get big content updates 1 month earlier and get extra character customisation options at the beginning (they can start the game as a woman and a few other options).
All these options are available in-game for any player.

Higher tier patrons also get access to Hornstown Tales,
a series of erotic short novels set in Hornstown and written fom a first person perspective. They are freely available for patrons or purchasable on Amazon.

1.: Flowers for Trisha, a 135k characters long tale of feminization and sissification written from a man's perspective
2.: Seven Nights, a 110k characters long tale of venturing into the wolrd of BDSM, written from the submissive's perspective. Mm, Mf, Fm, Ff versions available.
3.: Mistress of the Circus, a 110k character tales long tale of hypnotism, humiliation and kink.

Last public content update: 29th of June, Hornstown 5.5



250k new characters, 40+ new images, a new complex dataable NPC, new chooseable doll models for the sex doll content
The Doll Emporium has new male and futa doll models to choose from and the storyline is expanded with new interactions and scenes.
Dean the sexy biker crashes into Hornstown (literally), with the beginnings of his long and complex storyline.
Sex dools, D/s content, humiliation, exhibitionism, vanilla sex, teasing, voyeurism and more!



Last patron content update: 28th of July, Hornstown 5.6


250k new characters, 15+ new images, a new location and much more Dean's storyline continues with more events and opportunities to get involved in the exciting life of the sexy biker.
The gallery guinea pig story line expnds with new scenes and opportunities to show off your kinky side!
Vanilla sex, BDSM, light D/s content, exhibitionism, whoring, sex toys, multiple partners, humiliation and more!
Bondage, sex toys, D/s content, humiliation, exhibitionism, vanilla sex, teasing, voyeurism and more!


Next update: 28th of July PHP version 5.7

Start as a stereotypical boring everyman and get involved in events beyond your wildest and kinkiest dreams !
Transform your character in a myriad ways as you meet and and get involved with the countless friendly, nasty, sexy, aggressive, submissive, weird and beautiful NPC dezines of Hornstown!

You can see the detailed changelog on our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/hornstown

(Available for public viewing)


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Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 5.52 (PHP) on 07/20/2021

Lately the links to simply advance the game lead to other websites not always having to do with the game. Hard Times in Hornstown has just gone from an interesting story and fapfest to a sell out that just wants to make money. If the game becomes more and more filled with publicity and random links to other websites, I think I'm pretty much done with this game...for good.


*usubscribes to updates and removes my like to this dwindling game into utter money grab*

Review by alexcross

Version reviewed: 5.5 (PHP) on 06/29/2021

It says this is an HTML game.  Looked interesting.  I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it on my non-Windows machine, but the unzip gives me HORNSTOWN.exe.  Maybe that's an installation executable, but ... hey, did I mention my NON-WINDOWS machine?  You know, a machine that can't run .exe files?  Well, that was a waste of time.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 5.32 (PHP) on 05/20/2021

Hard Times in Hornstown dismissed its off-line version at 5.01. It is now back.

- static 3D images, from customizable character, clothings, background to a city map.
- the main plot of the game is finished since version 1.0 (maid + sissy + body modification)
- since then, a LOT of new content is added and the game is broaden in scope
- full walkthrough from the author himself

- the new contents have taken away the focus from the main plot. Some of them actually push you away from it.
- not all of the new contents are of the same quality.
- most of the new contents is mutual exclusive to each other. It is more like a few dozen stories put inside a same time frame for the same character. To access them all you have to restart the game again and again.

That said, hornstown is definitely one of the better game in tfgamesite in term of completion and quality.

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: 5.31 (PHP) on 05/16/2021

I agree with others that the "fake" download link is disingenuous, and ought to be against tfgames site policy.

While it's understandable that the author wants to monetize this game, the combination of no download and increasingly aggressive attempts to force you to pay heavily on Patreon have rendered this game effectively dead to me.

Sure, go down that path, but don't pretend that there's a download that doesn't exist and just takes you to a site designed to persuade you to pay.

Nobody likes being lied to or tricked, so that's just awful.


As for paying. It's not an option I can justify, though others may feel differently.


It's a pity, because I liked the variety of scenarios that were available in HitH.


HTiH is a sandbox style game that adds in some longer plots. This creates a flexible style of play where you can just wander around looking for opportunities to sex it up, or get into ongoing relationships that head in varied directions.

There's a huge amount of choice and alternatives, and the plots range from short to very long term.

The writing is generally good. There are some typos, and in the version I played, a persistent issue with showing numbers instead of underwear types, but it's still in the top ten percent for writing quality, compared to other popular games on the site.

You have a lot of freedom in your play style and starting character. The coverage of kinks and preferences is incredible. Also, it avoids the constantly nasty quasi-homophobic style that crops up in some "sissy" games, and the toxic sexism in some female-PC games. It's more like Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space, where everyone is just really happy to have sex, and they don't spend their entire time judging you or putting you down. I'm not saying there's no place for those kinks, but there need to be games without them, and HTiH offers that.

There are a few NPCs who will insult you, or treat you badly, but they're tied to specific kinks where that makes sense. Furthermore, you're always given a variety of actual choices in how to react. It's not like some games where the choices are meaningless.

There's a stat system, but you only have a vague idea of your stats most of the time, which is fine. The stats seem to gate content in complex ways, and that results in different experiences in different playthroughs, if your stats actually vary. If you want, I think it's possible to max out all the stats however you like, but it takes time. Unlike some other games, the stat system is doing what it should, and creating consequences. It's all well balanced and hangs together as a whole.

If there's a downside to HTiH, it's that it tries to please everyone, and so tries not to offend anyone. Some games turn the volume on extreme content up to 11. HTiH hits more of an 8, at max. This results in some of the content being less impactful than it otherwise might, and flattens out the overall experience of the game. I think this is a trade off from some of the issues I mention above, so I wouldn't say it's a flaw, it's a design choice, which has some up sides and down sides. There's a lack of stark contrasts, but to be fair, many games with extreme content lack contrast too, because they are mainly extreme content, and you can get accustomed to it.

There's a lot to like here, and a lot to play with. The author can continue to add new plots and NPCs as they please, expanding the game in various ways. Right now there are several major paths you can play that are like lightweight versions of well known games, and you can usually jump out of those paths if you get tired of them, or mix them with other content. The down side on this is that those paths tend to be much less deep than games that focus on them to the exclusion of everything else, but you can't have everything, it would be impossible.

There are a few things missing, and a few things that don't work as well as they could. Shoes are not even a thing in this game! A great pity. Also, bra is not an underwear item you can buy; they also do not exist. Outfit choices are overall quite limited, and some fairly "obvious" outfits are only available as part of specific plots. There's a shortage of bimbo and humiliation content - though there is some - it's under represented vs sissy and vanilla sex. The maid plot is also limited, and though there are tie-ins with other plots, they are not impactful or consequential. The dating app feels a little redundant sometimes. It's sometimes quite hard to get dates compared to just walking around town, or doing your job. The NPCs don't give enough clues as to what they're really looking for, or it's random, I just don't know. I often ended up on dates with NPCs who seemed an obvious bad fit, while obvious good fits turned me down. Reactions to your clothes and makeup are limited, especially when they are unusual or extreme, there just isn't that much consequence. The financial system is also a little iffy. Your upkeep increases without obvious reasons, and you have no way to check on that, or reduce it. If you go into negative cash the game instantly ends.

A money lender or other mechanic with consequences to stave off instant game-end by cash defecit would be a plus. It would need to balance carefully, but sometimes you can get robbed and game-over almost randomly. There are quite a few services where prices are only available after signing up. This seems a bit of dirty trick.

I liked the gimp plot, but it seemed to be broken and wouldn't progress at the mall. There was a bug where working as a gimp and then re-entering the shop and asking about "more" would set it into a contradictory state, where you get the dialog to ask about the job but are also told you'd already done it. Sometimes even when it's working properly, the gimp is at the store, despite you being the gimp.


I think almost anyone could play this game and get some fun out of it. No matter your interest, it's likely to have some support, but it can sometimes feel a little shallow. It's definitely a game that goes broad rather than deep, but there's nothing wrong with that; developers have to make choices about what to do, and the choices made by the developer of HTiH are more consistent and well planned than most.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 5.22 (PHP) on 04/25/2021

"Pay me money so you can use the female character"

Get the fuck outta here

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