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8.13 (PHP)
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Version: 8.13 (PHP)

Hard Times in Hornstown


Hornstown posterB

This is
Hard Times in Hornstown, possibly the largest fetish-themed text adventure on the internet. It has more than 13 million characters (2.6 million words!) worth of handwritten scenes and code illustrated with more than a thousand high resolution images and a player avatar which dynamically changes according to your choices. And you certainly won't be lonely, not with our 300 NPCs to meet, and greet and do kinky things with.

You can be male, female, straight, gay, bi, cis, trans or all of the above in a single playthrough. Your body and attitude changes with your decisions letting you be as masculine, feminine, submissive or dominant as you wish while you go through crazy sexcapades, committed relationships, threesomes, orgies and all kinds of kink-centric adventures.
There are many outfits to wear, jobs to try - both erotic and 'mundane with extras', dates to go on (there is an in-game dating app), and people to meet.
There is a huge number of storylines available (check the walkthrough: https://hornstown.com/walkthrough/), including  sissyfication, feminization, BDSM, leather, latex, sex toys, humiliation, objectification, cuckolding, erotic hypnosis, prostitution, bimbo/himbo content and a lot more.

The game is complete at this point but will continue to be expanded with new content indefinitely. Hornstown receives at least 200 000 characters (40 000 words) of new content each month without fail.

Patrons get big content updates 1 month earlier and get extra character customisation options at the beginning (they can start the game as a woman and a few other options).
All these options are available in-game for any player.

Starting from January 2022, people can also support us directly at https://hornstown.com/crypto

Higher tier patrons also get access to Hornstown Tales,
a series of erotic short novels set in Hornstown and written fom a first person perspective. They are freely available for patrons or purchasable on Amazon.

1.: Flowers for Trisha, a 135k characters long tale of feminization and sissification written from a man's perspective
2.: Seven Nights, a 110k characters long tale of venturing into the wolrd of BDSM, written from the submissive's perspective. Mm, Mf, Fm, Ff versions available.
3.: Mistress of the Circus, a 110k character tales long tale of hypnotism, humiliation and kink.

Hornstown Poster

Last public content update: 4th of August PHP version 8.1

325k new characters, 20+ new images, a new storyline and another one continues.
Meet the Rutherfords, a well-off couple from the neighbourhood, who are in a desperate need for a handyman and maybe something more!
Get deeper into the anonymous BDSM society on the city streets, meet new people and get invited to an especially depraved event!
Exhibitionism, sleeping around, D/s content, sex toys, bondage, threesomes, and more!

Last patron content update: 4th of August PHP version 8.1

310k new characters, 30+ new images, a new storyline and another one continues.
The bodyguard is a challenging new opportunity for anyone who wants to watch over an insufferable youngster while dodging - or not - their attempts to paint you as a nasty pervert to get you fired.
On the other hand, being a nasty pervert is all but a requirement for round two of the Depravity Games where you fight for the honor of meeting the devious Mastermind.
Exhibitionism, D/s content, sex toys, humiliation, bondage, threesomes, and more!

Next content update: 4th of October PHP version 8.2

Last bugfix update: 28th of September PHP version 8.13
- Fixed a bug that would prevent certain NPC images from being shown in the game
- Fixed a bug that made the Red Light District inaccessible for some players
- Fixed a bug that made the second stage of the petplay content occasionally not trigger
- Fixed a bug that made your stalker disappear sometimes during the stalker storyline
- Updated several location images in the game


Start as a stereotypical boring everyman and get involved in events beyond your wildest and kinkiest dreams !
Transform your character in a myriad ways as you meet and and get involved with the countless friendly, nasty, sexy, aggressive, submissive, weird and beautiful NPC dezines of Hornstown!


You can see the detailed changelog on our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/hornstown

(Available for public viewing)



Review by Shirubaurufu

Version reviewed: 8.11 (PHP) on 09/16/2023

Have tried several times to DL the game, whether registered or not, it just takes me to a blank white screen that does nothing.

Also, in trying to play the game, again whether registered or not, the character image breaks when attempting to change literally everything/anything about the character.

Review by GallagherPJ

Version reviewed: 8.01 (PHP) on 08/09/2023

Not a bad game, though once you get onto specific paths it becomes quite grindy. 

Another issue for me is how easy it is to change the core personality type between Dominant and submissive. 

As long as you have the money you can pay the hypnotist at the fair to make you more one or the other. 

One other downside (for none Patreons like myself) is that updates, while said to be publically available on the following update (so a Patreon update in January would be public with the February update), often aren't. There are several items which have been added in recent months which are still not available to non-patreon gamers even though the game stated they would be available the following update. 

That all said, it is still a somewhat enjoyable game and worth playing a few run throughs to enjoy the various routes you can go. 


Sadly the updates do not keep to the stated schedule. 

At time of writing this (09/08/2023) the home page lists the last update as being on July 5th and the next due on August 4th. 

So, somewhat disappointing, especially since changes aren't available public users (as opposed to Patreon supporters) until several updates past their 'release'. 

Review by Rabena

Version reviewed: 7.81 (PHP) on 06/19/2023

I can not give positive feedback, cause this game is incredibly slow. Even is not possible to play offline.

Review by Derping666

Version reviewed: 7.64 (PHP) on 05/05/2023

It's good if you like short stories. Other than that, it's not a particular deep game. It's a sandbox with miles of 2 inches of sand. It has nearly all of the fantasies you can think of. But no deeper plotline. The avatar system also needs a lot of work. Locking shaving the body behind a paywall makes the character look really grotesque when the character is partially/transitioning female and disinclines me from bothering to play more. 

Review by Cordite

Version reviewed: 7.63 (PHP) on 05/04/2023

Great game full of short stories to hop in and out of though I do find myself starting over a lot, but there are so many options that it didnt get tiresome. The walkthrough is great for when you want a specific response.

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