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Servant of the Empire
by ada krane

With the Wizard King’s demonic pact about to be collected he calls for sacrifices of his people. Women and men are trained and transformed beyond into sexual playthings for the underworld's perverse desires. You are a young foreign man taken from your noble family as payment for your parent’s debt. You have become simply property of the Kingdom, bound for slavery until you can pay off your parent’s debt. 

How much of yourself will you give up to be free of your chains? 


This Version of the game is one update behind the one available on Patreon. 

Saving is now ENABLED
Console is DISABLED
Cheats are DISABLED

  Patch Changes:

  • Changed Valel tone when gossiping.
  • Added new rumors to Valel.
  • Added something to Nehmo.
  • Barracks work is slightly more varied.
  • Fixed getting stuck in corridor if stones aren't moved.


Nehmorielle (Nehmo) -- Half demon girl prisoner with pink skin.
Roke -- An beautiful elf boy prisoner.
Valel -- A posh new recruit for the guard.
Arello -- An bawdy old blind auctioneer for the slave market.
Sergeant -- A guard that revels in sadism and lust and uses his position to sate it.
Captain -- The administrator of the prison.
Guard One -- Tweedle Dee
Guard Two -- Tweedle Dum

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: on 10/03/2018

This game is unfortunately a casualty of Patreon's morality policing. 

There is the skeleton of an AMAZING game here - it's really atmospheric, the writing is great, the art looks fantastic. But then Patreon nuked the creator's page and the project just died. Still worth checking out, but there's not actually a lot of content in here.

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: on 12/21/2017

Absolutely adore this game, and teach time I find it again the new version is a bit better, a bit deeper.  It is not perfect - minor text issues, the usual unlock-path problem where you keep doing things / grinding because you don't realize something you did opened up a new path... But overall love it.  And again, one of those that breaks the mold and touches on topics beyond the usual found everywhere else.  Not everyone's kinks, but great for those who do have them or who are far enough down the spiral that they're looking to be challenged.  Plus... Demons are cool.

Review by Unlikely

Version reviewed: on 10/06/2017

This is a very good game. It's polished, atmospheric and really hot.
There is a lot of content and even though it's mostly linear and repetitive the writing is solid and varied, there are a lot of attemps made to spice up even the most mundane events. I liked the slow paced approach the game takes and that the NPCs reacted to your choices. Even though there is a heavy focus on MtF there was a fair bit of MM content, you don't just get turned into a girl 0.3 seconds in. I hope there will be an option to remain male in the future.
I haven't found any game-breaking bugs although there were a few textual ones. (string variables showing up incorrectly like "paledick" "ruggedface").
All in all a very enjoyable experience, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Review by Lariun

Version reviewed: on 09/09/2017

I saw a lot of bad reviews so I had to say something. I downloaded this game just to try the Unity engine, as I had never played a game using it before. I was pleasently suprised and I really enjoyed this game. The Author has fixed the save issue and now the free version allows you to save your games. The writing is well done.


That said, I would like to see a way to grow larger breasts and in general more effect from the femminization products available.

Review by Jindary

Version reviewed: on 07/13/2017

I agree with the others, no save so I wont play it again myself.  But good job so far.

For me it kinda comes down to customer service, I would pay more to go to a store that treats me better then a cheaper store with bad service.  The no save feature reminds me of the store that doesn't really care about you.

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